Clark and Diana had been wed for five years. It had been ten years since the couple went into semi-retirement as members of the Justice League. After their marriage and with Queen Hippolyta's blessing the couple had chosen Washington, D.C. as their hometown. Diana continued with her duties as Themyscira's ambassador to the United Nations when she passed on the title of Wonder Woman to her sister Donna while Clark after his identity reveal worked as a scientific consultant to various government think-tanks.

It was a cool Friday afternoon when Clark arrived from work at their home within a suburb just a few miles from the nation's capital. In one arm he carried a bag of groceries. With his free hand he entered a series of numbers on a keypad beside the backdoor. Clark went for the kitchen as the door opened. He took off his coat, laid it on the back of a chair and rolled up his sleeves to wash his hands. Clark opened a cupboard and took out an apron with 'My Husband is a Superman' printed on the front as he started taking out the ingredients he needed from the grocery bag. Diana had requested Clark to cook roast lamb for dinner. Diana was not much of a meat-eater, she usually craved for seafood or salads which somehow surprised Clark.

Diana had arrived at exactly 5:30 in the afternoon. As she entered through the front door and walked into the living room she could see Clark meticulously setting up the dinner table. "Beloved, I'm home!" Diana called out as she ran to Clark and embraced him from behind.

"Hello, Princess. I missed you," said Clark as he turned around to return Diana's embrace and kissed her forehead.

"You're so silly, Kal. We just saw each other this morning!" said Diana as she giggled and kissed Clark's lips.

"I can't help it, Di."

"Is that our dinner I smell, my love?" asked Diana as she took a whiff of the smells coming from the kitchen.

"Roast lamb with two sauces: mint and cranberry, mashed potatoes, a green salad and strawberry ice cream for dessert," replied Clark.

"Yum! You spoil me so, Kal."

"I love doing it, Di."

"You should go get changed. I'll have everything ready in five minutes," added Clark.

As Diana went upstairs to change, Clark started plating the food and carefully arranged it on the dinner table.

During dinner Clark noted that Diana had a bigger appetite than before. He made a mental note to ask her after dinner. When they were done with dessert, Diana said, "Kal, I have something to let you know."

"What is it, Di?"

"I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby!"

Clark goes over to Diana to sit beside her and places his hand on her belly. "This is the best news I've had today. When did you find out?"

Diana places her hand on Clark's hand and replies, "A few days ago. But I went to Hessia to make sure. We're having a baby, Kal."

"I love you, Di. Thank you."

"I love you too, Kal."

In Olympus, Ares watches the exchange between Clark and Diana from one of the scrying pools within the now burning palace of the gods. Scattered within the palace were the bodies of his fellow Olympian gods.

In his hands he tightly held the spear called the God-Killer. He had learned of the spear's existence millennia ago from an ancient scroll he had found in his travels across the cosmos. The weapon had been well hidden on a desolate world whose name had long been forgotten. That world was riddled with traps designed to dampen the desire of any individual to acquire the God-Killer. When Ares had finally come into possession of the spear, it had cost him half of his legions.

As Ares closed the scrying pool, his thoughts were now on the one being he would use the God-Killer on, the man who had defeated him time and time again, Superman!

Saturday evening after having dinner at their favorite restaurant, Clark and Diana walked hand in hand along the Reflecting Pool of the Lincoln Memorial. They got the occasional request for a picture or an autograph from tourists which they happily obliged.

"I can't wait to see her, Diana. I can't wait to teach her all the things I know. Maybe we should go to some shops tomorrow and buy a few things for a nursery. I've got a lot of things I want to do. I just can't wait!" said Clark.

"You're being silly again, Kal! Its still too early to say if our child turns out to be a girl or a boy. But yes, I want to go shopping with you tomorrow."

"I just feel our child is gonna be a girl. She'll be like her mom, brave, intelligent, beautiful. I think she'll have both our powers. I'm rambling again. But it doesn't matter whether our child is a boy or a girl. I will love him or her just the same."

"I know you will make a great father, Kal."

"Just as I know you will be a great mother, Diana."

"I love you, Diana."

"I love you too, Kal."

Clark and Diana then share a kiss under the full moon.

"Such a touching scene. It sickens me to the bone, Kryptonian!" said Ares as he materialized a few feet from Clark and Diana. He was on a chariot pulled by two black mares.

"What do you want, Ares?" asked Clark as he instinctively positioned himself in front of Diana.

"Is it not obvious what I want? I want you dead, Kryptonian!" replied Ares.

"How were you able to enter this realm without Zeus's permission?" asked Diana.

Ares reaches into a bag within the chariot and brings out Zeus's head. On Zeus's face, a look of surprise. "Zeus is no more!" Ares said as he laughed.

Ares throws Zeus's head to the ground and reaches for the God-Killer. "It was so easy taking Zeus's head. He never knew what felled him. Now, I shall have your head Kryptonian!"

As the words came out Ares's mouth, Phobos and Deimos appear behind Clark and ensnare him within an enchanted net. Clark struggles to get free when he realizes that the net is enhanced with Gold Kryptonite. He feels the effects instantaneously. Clark manages to call out to Diana before he blacked out, "Get away from here, Diana!"

Clark wakes up tied to a post in the center of what seemed to be a junkyard. He overhears Deimos and Phobos talking. "That Diana put up quite a fight! She fucking broke my nose!" said Deimos.

"Ha! Fucking loser! She would have killed you had not father intervened. That Diana is a hellcat while you are a fucking pussy!" Phobos berated Deimos.

"Enough you two! Get Diana from the warehouse and string her up beside the Kryptonian," bellowed Ares.

Grumbling, Deimos and Phobos head for the back of the junkyard.

"Gold Kryptonite! Who would have thought that was all I needed to defeat you?" said Ares as he took a handful of Clark's hair to look into Clark's face.

"Just let Diana go, Ares. Your beef is with me. She is not part of this!"

"Yes, she is. By merely being associated with you she is!"

"Please, Ares. If you want me to go on my knees and beg for her life I would do it. Please give our child a chance at life!" Clark pleads.

"What! She is pregnant with your child? This certainly spices things up, Kal-El!"

Phobos and Deimos drag out an unconscious Diana from the warehouse and tie her to the pole beside Clark. She slowly comes to. "Kal?" she calls out.

"I'm here, Diana. Look to your left."

Diana looks to her left, "Kal!"

"I'm going to get you out of here, Di."

"Ares, what about it? Let Diana go."

Ares takes a long pause as if to consider Clark's request. He shakes his and says, "NO!"

Ares then plunges the God-Killer into Diana's abdomen. Diana immediately feels her life essence drain away.

With her dying breath, Diana managed to say, "I love you, Kal."

Tears of anguish filled Clark's eyes. "Diana!"

Ares steps in front of Clark and stabs the God-Killer into his chest. A gasp escapes Clark's lips as his head falls to his chest.

"Cut their bindings and leave their bodies exposed to the elements, let the vermin of this land feast upon their flesh," said Ares as he left the coliseum, feeling victorious.

So close to death, Clark could hear an alien voice speak to him,

"Kal-El of Krypton, you have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps."

As the Red Lantern ring attaches itself to Clark's ring finger, Clark's Kryptonian blood is infused with Rage Plasma. His wounds heal at an astonishing rate but his mind is clouded with rage.

He looks to his right and sees Diana's lifeless body. Again he is flooded with anguish which slowly gives way to rage. "Diana!" he howls to the skies.

Before the rage could consume him, Clark carefully scoops up Diana into his arms and rockets into the sky.

Clark lands on the foyer of the Themysciran embassy. "Donna! Please help me!" he calls out.

"Kal-El, I'm here! What is it? Gods! Diana! What happened to her?" Donna kneels before her sister's lifeless body.

"Ares! God-Killer!" said Clark. He was slowly losing his ability to speak because of the effects of the Red Lantern ring.

"What happened to you, Kal-El?" asked Donna. Seeing Clark's irises glowing red and the blood like substance dripping from the side of Clark's mouth.

"Don't know yet. Get revenge or die trying," Clark managed to reply as he rocketed into the sky leaving Diana with Donna.

"Kal-El!" calls out Donna.

Clark arrives at Olympus. His transformation into a Red Lantern finally complete. He had increased in size and his irises were now permanently red.

Clark does not notice the burning palace nor the bodies of the Olympian gods Ares and his minions had killed earlier, his mind focused solely on one thing: revenge.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here. I thought we left you for dead! You are one durable fellow!" said Deimos.

"Careful, brother. Something is not right with this one," warned Phobos.

"AAARRR!" Clark growled as a stream of Rage Plasma spewed forth from his mouth hitting Deimos on the arm. Deimos screams in pain as the flesh of his arm was completely burned off.

"I told you to be careful, Deimos! Step aside while I handle him," said Phobos as he stepped forward.

Clark growls as he blurs into Phobos. He pummels Phobos with successive blows to the head which disorients the god. Phobos falls to the ground belly up from an uppercut by Clark. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Clark mounts Phobos and sprays him with a torrent of Rage Plasma. Phobos's scream was cut short as he is burned to death.

Deimos watches the scene in horror. Clark stands up and points at him which causes the god to run in fear of the Kryptonian. "AAARRR!" Clark growls as he gives chase.

Catching up to Deimos, Clark releases another torrent of Rage Plasma on the hapless god. This time, Deimos was not able to scream.

"One more to kill," said Clark as he uses the back of his hand to wipe the plasma dripping from the side of his mouth.

"Kryptonian! Impressive work on my two sons, Phobos and Deimos. Saves me the trouble of killing them myself!" Ares laughs menacingly.


"What's happened to you? You look different. No matter, I am about to end this now!" said Ares as he throws the spear towards Clark.

Clark's power ring projects a force field which deflects the spear. "This is not possible! What sort of power is this?" shouts Ares.


Clark blasts Ares with his heat vision which was augmented by the Rage Plasma. The blast melts Ares's armor and burned through his skin causing him to slump to the ground. For the first time in his millennia long existence, Ares felt the touch of primal fear.


Clark picks up the God-Killer, looks at it for a moment and approaches Ares who sat on the ground.

"Do it, Kryptonian! I will show you true valor in the face of death!"


Clark plunges the spear into Ares's chest.


Clark falls to the ground from exhaustion. He goes into a deep sleep as he is engulfed in a red force field. The Red Lantern ring propels the now unconscious Clark into space. His destination Ysmault, Homeworld of the Red Lanterns.