This is not my bed.

I don't even have a bed.

Mezil, the Vampire of Time, sighed out loud at his predicament. The sky was blue with sparse clouds. Breeze rustled the tall grass. Rays of the annoying morning sun warmed his face. Instead of the clean sheets of a mattress, he's lying on a patch of golden flowers. They almost couldn't hold the weight of his adult mass.

Worst of all, he knew he's in foreign territory. The air smelled different. The humidity levels didn't match. And, he was certain he didn't retire for the morning with his magic-imbued black tailcoat.


Not good. I don't sense a mindlink with her.

Mezil sat up. He checked his body for any clues about this mysterious predicament.

I have my gun and a spare ammo cartridge. My brooch is pinned in place.

No wallet. No phone. But, I have a single debit card. It's not my usual one either.

Looking to the left, he found his cane lying on top of a picnic basket. He hoped that it was not his sword in disguise.

Further inspection revealed otherwise. With a slight twist, he managed to unsheathe the blade from its discreet scabbard.

Damn. My licence to carry this weapon may not apply in these lands.

He fixed it back. Hoped that he would never need to resort to his standard gear in this misadventure. The police from his homeground territory already had split opinions about his arsenal, let alone a foreign force.

What's in the picnic basket then? He opened it.

The contents were as miserable as a certain stumpy skeleton with an obsession for ketchup. All it contained was a sweet bun, a bottle of mineral water, and a printed instruction.

'Head East to Waypoint.'

…East. Towards the sun. This. This is a horrible prank.

Groaning won't help. He'll have to reach this 'waypoint' with limited resources. He took a sip of fresh water, ignoring the bread for now. He's so filled with 'salt' that it's killing his appetite.

He slung the basket over his shoulder and walked east.

After ten minutes, Mezil reached the edge of his previous flowery environment. He had two choices: to either follow the small road into a light forest, or to climb on a hill to survey the area.

The latter option seemed preferable to him. So, he detoured up the hill for a better view.

The silhouette of a giant mountain loomed above a quaint town. There's something familiar about the scene. The shape of the terrain itself rang the bells of his memory.

Then, he spotted its denizens. Walking about in their daily lives were people who're not in the shape of humans.

In other words, they're Monsters.

Isn't that Ebott Town?

No. It only looks like Ebott Town. The rest of the surroundings don't fully match. Either way, I should head there. Everything's better than getting stranded in the wilderness.

Hmm. If only my wife was here. It would be nice to have an impromptu vacation together.

Down the hill he went. The imbuement of Blue Magic in his legs made the descent easy on his men's dress shoes. It would be wise to keep that side a secret as long as possible, though. One never knows how this world reacts to magic.

From there onwards, it's a morning's walk to monster civilization.