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Okay, well if you've read my other work, you know that I tend to do AU stories. This one is different only in that it is even more outrageous than normal.

PLEASE note that this is not related in any way to Saviors from the Past, 'cause that would be icky.

This is set in my own little future with no Vong. Chewie and Anakin are still alive.

Paradoxial Padawan

By: Escapistone


Jaina sighed as she tightened down a bolt on the generator. Anakin grunted beside her. They had foolishly volunteered to help out Luke in restoring the old Lars Homestead on Tatooine.

"You know, why don't we tell Mom to buy Uncle Luke a new power generator for his birthday? I think that there is a better use for our talents than fixing this hunk of junk all of the time." Anakin whined.

Jaina contemplated lecturing Anakin on the importance of all jobs, but could not bring herself to do it. Not when she felt the same way.

The doors to the power room swooshed open. A pair of bare feet were followed by a clunking pair of tiny boots.

"Ben and I thought you two might want something to drink." Tahiri's voice floated over to the two workers.

"I brought cookies too," Ben added.

Anakin grinned up at his girlfriend. "You are an angel."

Tahiri smiled. "What about Ben?"

"Ben isn't an angel. He's a manly man."

Jaina smacked her brother on his arm. "Five-year-olds are not 'manly men'."

"Says you," Anakin replied as he stuffed a cookie into his mouth.

"Jacen's a manly man," Ben said, "He told Tenel Ka so."

Anakin choked around his cookie. "Sweet mother of Sith, I did so not want to know that."

"Ben, sweetheart, you really shouldn't eavesdrop on your cousin Jacen," Jaina reprimanded.

A pair of defiant eyes blazed at Jaina before the young Skywalker's lips formed into an impressive pout. "Sowwy."

Anakin shot his sister a 'You did it now' look. Tahiri stifled a laugh as Jaina hugged the young boy.

"It is okay, Ben."

Ben nodded and smiled. He wandered around the room while the others sat and discussed academy gossip. He was in the middle of rifling through a box of parts when Tahiri called him to go. Quickly, he bounded back towards the others a funny shaped part in his hand. Ben was almost to them when he tripped over a cord. He fell against the broken generator and instinctively used his hands to soften the fall.

Ben did not hear the shouts of exclamation from the others. All he heard was a faint buzzing sound. All he saw was a blaze of light before he fell back on his rump.

Three young Jedi Knights stared in horror at the place where Ben Skywalker had just been standing. This was not good.


Ben got up and wandered around the room. It was the same room that he had just been in, only it looked newer and the generator was softly working. A woman walked into the room. Her eyes widened in shock at seeing Ben.

A short scream came out of her mouth which promptly sent Ben into tears. Quickly she moved to reassure the young boy.


Two days later, young Mrs. Lars was toting Ben around with her while she did the errands. She smiled politely at the vendor as he bagged her fruit for her. Her husband had just moved to the area having been given a bonus by a large company to start a moisture farm. As a result, no-one knew who they were, so walking around with a five year old brought no suspicion. People simply assumed that he was theirs.

She turned around to find that Ben had mysteriously disappeared. Her frantic search was mercifully short. Ben was talking to a strange man in a dark robe.

"Excuse me." She said frostily as she grabbed Ben's hand.

"I apologize for your worry, Mrs…" The figure began.

"Mrs. Lars. Who are you?"

"Mace Windu. Your son there is extremely talented."

Mrs. Lars sighed with relief when Ben did not correct the other man. After his initial night with the Lars' he had not given out any information beyond his first name. Mrs. Lars had assumed the child had gone into shock and blocked out his memories. At least, she thought that was true based on the psychology class she had had when she was eighteen.

"He is not for sale. Go find another child to fulfill your depraved needs." She bit out angrily.

"What? You misunderstand."

Mrs. Lars prepared to scream as the larger figure began to move back his robe only to realize that he was not exposing himself, but that he was exposing a lightsaber that hung from his belt.

"You're a…"

"I am, and your son has amazing potential. May I come to see you and your husband?"

Mrs. Lars nodded blindly and gave Mace directions to the farm.

Five hours later, she was discussing the matter with her husband as Mace did further test with Ben.

"It is the perfect solution. We aren't ready to handle a child. The Jedi will take good care of him."

"What of his parents?"

"Love, you found him in the generator room. His parents are probably dead or slaves that abandoned him so that he could be free."

"Yes, but we don't know for sure."

"Look, if his parents come looking for him, we can simply have them call the Jedi. It isn't like we have a whole lot of choice in the matter. Jedi Windu thinks that the boy is about five. That means this is the only chance we have; they won't accept students after that age. Besides, when are we ever going to see another Jedi on this world?"

"I suppose that you're right. Why don't we go tell him that he can take him?"


(Much Farther in the future)

Luke forced out his frustration for the fifth time as he pieced together what happened. He was certain that Ben had not become one with the Force, which meant he had simply been sent to another place. At least, that was Luke's theory.

Mara had gone ballistic and had stalked off to her room to meditate. Tahiri had been flooding the Force with so much guilt that Luke had to send her off. Now, he was working with two very guilty but determined Knights who were piecing together what happened.

Luke rubbed his temples as he looked at the diagnostic readout again. They could easily duplicate the reaction, but they were not looking for duplication. They were looking for a way to get Ben back. That was going to take a lot more time.


A week later, five Jedi were standing around an unrecognizable generator. Theoretical technology had been combined with the original process to make a machine that would hopefully pull Ben back.

An odd blip showed up on a screen. Anakin looked at the readout.

"Well, that blip should be Ben. That is his Force signature, and I think that it is strong enough that we can lock on to it and pull him back."

"I hope so." Mara muttered.

They had attempted to pull Ben back five times already, each time, they had run out of power. This time, they had hooked up as many power sources as they could buy on the wretched desert planet.

Luke took a calming breath and pulled the switch. A vague pulsing sound ripped through the room as electrical currents filled the machine.

"It's working!" Jaina cried as she watched her monitor.

They watched in fascination as the bright dot grew brighter as it pulled on Ben.

"Sith Spawn," Anakin swore, "There's something interfering with the transition."

Luke shook his head as he reached to shut the machine off. It was better to shut it down now then to have his son plastered across the galaxy. A shock ran through his hand as he touched the controls. The machine surged and refused to be shut off.

Luke vaguely felt Mara tug him away from the machine before it exploded in a burst of energy.

Cautiously, the five Jedi lowered their Force created shields and looked at the desolation. There, in the middle of the room, sat a bewildered twenty something male. His golden-red hair was short and spiked except for a small pony tail in the back and a long, thin braid hanging over one shoulder. Blue-Green eyes squinted suspiciously at them.

"Ben?" Mara's voice strangled out.