A/N This was written for lurkingwhump, which should indicate the amount of pain and angst involved... Six chapters in total with a Kurt and a Jane POV in each. Plan is for weekly drop on Saturdays.


It happens in a flash. A moment he can never unsee.

Weller and Jane are searching a warehouse for illegal weapons when they come across four terrorists and end up in a face off where they're outnumbered two to one, with no back up on the way. They both manage to pull their weapons first but can't aim at two targets at once. The terrorists recognize their advantage and start to spread out slowly, making it even more difficult for Kurt and Jane to keep them all in view.

Weller is scanning the room for any solutions when he sees a quick movement in his peripheral vision, yells to warn Jane about the goon attacking her from behind. Unfortunately, that distracts him for long enough that he is also rushed by the largest of the criminals, gets tackled to the floor.

Kurt responds automatically, punches his assailant in the head while trying to get his gun hand free. He's rewarded with a fist to his orbital bone, then an elbow to the sternum. Still, he's managed to keep his weapon in hand, just needs to wrestle himself into a position where he has enough space and angle to shoot the man that's currently trying to choke him to death.

Weller squirms under the grasp of his huge opponent, barely able to breath. He can feel himself start to get lightheaded as he struggles to get his gun hand free. The situation gets close to desperate as his vision starts to grey out, his body burning for air. Kurt puts everything he has into one final effort, somehow manages to wedge his gun under his opponent's gut and pull the trigger.

Almost immediately he is crushed by the dead weight of an enormous man, still finds himself scrambling for air even without the pressure on his windpipe. Weller pushes himself up a bit to catch his breath, still half stuck under his unconscious assailant. He takes the time to look around and assess the situation, sees two things at once.

One, that Jane is doing fine, had already knocked one her guys out and was about to take down her second attacker, winding up to deliver a final kick. And two, that he is about to get shot in the head by the last of the terrorists unless he can escape his current conundrum.

Kurt pushes hard against the weight draped all over him, just manages to free himself when it all happens at once.

Jane is about to tackle the guy aiming his gun at Weller when a fifth man steps through the doorway behind her and swings a metal pipe right at her head. Kurt hears the dull ringing thud of metal on bone as he scrambles to his feet, sees Jane fall, clearly already unconscious before she even hits the ground.

He resists yelling out, hollering her name despite every cell in his body screaming for her. Tactically it's the right move as both goons turn to watch Jane hit the floor and forget about Weller for the moment. He easily shoots them both while they're distracted, then somehow resists the urge to murder the man who had struck Jane. Quickly he secures all the still-living criminals and calls for EMS before hurrying to his wife, his heart in his throat.

She's still out cold, which wasn't surprising considering how hard she had been hit, then the way she'd struck the ground. Weller winces and pushes back angry helpless tears as he pictures it in his mind. He knows it's not the time to freak out, let his emotions take over. Even if he can't stop it from playing on repeat in his mind. Even if it breaks his heart to see her lying there unconscious, blood flowing from a wound left by the broken piece of piping.

"Jane!" he yells, shaking her on the shoulder. "Jane, wake up."

When he gets no reaction Weller double checks that she's breathing, that she has a pulse. Thankfully she seems to be breathing normally, her heartbeat steady. He then quickly takes off his tactical vest and his shirt, uses it to stem the blood running from her wound.

Once he's got the bleeding under control Kurt tries to rouse her again, calling her name, pleading with her to wake up over and over until it's clear she's not going to just get up right away like usual. Jane's normally so resilient, manages to dodge serious injury despite taking on multiple opponents at once. But this time she hadn't been able to protect herself at all, had been too distracted by trying to save him.

Weller gazes down at his wife with panicked eyes. Her head is already beginning to bruise and swell where she was hit, blood still leaking from her wound. Now, the tears are starting to form as his anxieties flare. The last time he'd watched her fall to the ground he had almost lost her to ZIP poisoning, the re-emergence of her former personality. Of course this situation is completely different, the result of an injury and not an invisible, insidious disease. And rationally Kurt knows that the ZIP is no longer a problem, that Jane is as much herself as she ever was. Yet seeing her laying there unconscious still triggers the fuck out of him, makes him massively freak out. Even more so than just the regular panic of seeing his wife's skull get bashed in with a piece of metal, not being to wake her up.

He caresses her face, keeps putting pressure on the wound while mentally begging her to open her eyes. Weller desperately wants to just pick her up, curl her up in his arms and kiss everything better. But he knows that he can't risk moving her spine when she clearly has a head injury, possibly a neck injury as well. All he can do is follow first aid procedure, kneel behind her while stabilizing her spine. Stare at her from above and murmur sweet encouragement at her; trying to convey all his love and concern through his voice, his touch.


Consciousness fades in, dark and roaring.

Her head is cracked, throbs with overwhelming pain.

She knows this feeling, hates it intensely. The pulsating scream in her skull, the never ending headache. For a moment Jane thinks it's back, that the cure didn't work. Then she realizes that she's injured and bleeding, that her head hurts both inside and out. She reaches for the pain and finds Weller's hand instead, his familiar fingers intercepting hers and bringing them back to the floor.

She wonders what happened, her mind still fuzzy. Distantly she hears Kurt calling her name, his voice dripping desperation. She wonders what's wrong, why he's so upset. Forces herself to finally open her eyes and finds that she's staring up at him, right into his terrified blue irises.

"Jane!" he breathes, his voice half relief, half concern. "Hey."

He runs his thumbs over her cheekbones, caresses her so lovingly that she tries to reach out for him, only to realize that he's holding her immobilized in c-spine. Which means he thinks she hurt her neck in whatever happened. But she only feels pain in her head, which isn't being helped by lying on a hard metal floor.

Jane tries to sit up, feels Weller gently push her back to the ground.

"It's okay, Jane," he says soothingly. "Just stay down until the paramedics come. You got hit in the head really hard and then you fell. Do you remember any of that?"

Jane frowns, flashes of the fight sparkling in her mind before everything becomes piercing white, bores into her screaming skull. She screws her face up in agony, brings her hands to her temples and tries to squeeze the feeling out of her head.

But the pain doesn't stop, gets to the point where she feels vertigo even with her eyes closed. Then all of sudden her body tells her it's an emergency and she manages to haul herself off the floor, propelled past Kurt's restraining arms by urgent waves of nausea. Jane only makes it about two feet away before she throws up the meagre contents of her stomach, then continues to dry heave and spit up acid.

Weller comes up beside her as she's ejecting another round of bile, saliva dribbling from her chin and coating her hair. She tries to push him away, disgusted at her own state. But of course Kurt drapes himself all over her, rubs her back and cleans her face off tenderly.

"Sorry," she mumbles, sure she needs to apologize for something.

"Hey, it's okay. I know you don't feel good," he whispers in her ear. "You should lie down again. I'm still worried you injured your neck."

Jane shakes her head against his chest, doesn't want to lie on the cold floor. Not when she has Kurt there, could be warm and secure in his arms instead.

"I don't want to lie down, my neck feels okay," she says. "I just have a headache."

It's the truth, or at least some of it. She doesn't tell him that the pain is blinding, that her vision is still screwed up, that her guts are still in upheaval. Partly because she doesn't want to admit it to herself, that she messed things up by getting hurt. But mostly because he is clearly already worried enough, his eyes ablaze with concern.

Weller sighs, scrutinizes her with a deep furrow in his brow.

"Yeah, I bet you do," he replies, his tone coated in empathy. "I'm so sorry. I'm pretty sure he fractured your skull."

Well, at least that would explain how she feels, Jane thinks. But she wonders why Kurt is so sorry, other than the fact that they're both covered in her puke, that he has to deal with her injured self. Of course he acts like he's happy to do it, like it's a privilege to take care of her even when she's spewing all sorts of gross bodily fluids.

Jane cringes at the thought, tries to pull herself together enough to act more normal, stop freaking Kurt out. She takes a few deep breaths then tilts her head up to look at him, apologize for worrying him. But of course right then everything starts to spin horribly again, this time to to the pulsating stabbing beat in her head. And all she can do is shut her eyes to the world, grind her jaw in protest.

"Hey, hey, Jane," Weller soothes, his breath warm against her skin. "It's okay. Everything's going to be okay."

She trusts Kurt. But she is not even close to okay, feels shivery and weak throughout her body.

"Come here," he says, tugging her with him as he settles back against a wall.

Weller sits with his back to the wall and Jane finds herself facing him, securely ensconced between his legs. His arms are wrapped around her shoulders, her head snuggled into the crook of his neck. Her eyes are still closed tight, as if that will fend off the relentless pain. He rubs her back soothingly, repeatedly tells her she's going to be fine, that he's going to take care of her.

Of all the things she knows, that is a fundamental truth. Kurt will always protect her; will stop at nothing to keep her safe So Jane lets herself huddle within his grasp, be cradled in the warmth of complete security. Breathes in his scent and tries to find shelter from the pain.

The crack in her skull doesn't let her rest but Kurt's touch, his steadiness brings her a small measure of relief. She loses all sense of time, drifts on the comfort of his voice. Settles into her husband's warmth until they're found like that by Zapata and Reade and EMS services; Jane securely tucked into a half-dressed Weller, both covered in her blood.