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Change and Cherry Blossoms Chapter 6: I Love The Rain

"I'll kill you both." Sesshomaru said and was gone just as quickly as he had came.

"Why'd you tell him about my powers!?" Kagome demanded as soon as he had gone.

"I figured he needed to learn a lesson. He thinks he is the best of the best, he thinks he should be king. I had to show him that it IS possible for someone to be better than him, and what better person then you?" Inuyasha explained carefully.

Kagome just grumbled a reply and they set off walking again. He smiled at her. Even if she did have greater powers then him, it was ok.


No one was at the hut when they got back, even Shippo seemed to have tagged along with one of the others' jobs. Inuyasha smirked. 'Perfect, finally I'll get some time alone with Kagome...'

Noticing his smirk, Kagome smiled back thinking the mirror of what Inuyasha was thinking at that very moment.

Inuyasha picked her up in his arms and carried her into the hut. Setting her down lightly on the futon next to the window.

Just as they stepped foot into the hut it seemed, the rain started to come down. They watched in wonder as it came down in sheets and buckets.

"Wow, well now another excuse to stay in here together!" Kagome breathed, watching as it rained not just cats and dogs but horses and elephants.

"There's going to be flooding, good thing we are on high ground." Inuyasha said.

"I love the rain." Kagome sighed.

"Really?" Inuyasha asked. "Why?"

"I dunno, but ever since I was little I always loved hearing it hit the roof, watching it come down, and even running around in it." She said wispily.

This made Inuyasha feel even better about the situation. 'She even happy, she's enjoying herself.' He sighed contentedly.

"Inuyasha?" said Kagome.


"Do you think Sesshomaru meant it when he said he would kill us both?" She asked nervously.

"He's not one to back down on his word, but we can take him together, so don't worry." Inuyasha smiled confidently.

"But I don't want to fight." Kagome whispered. "Inuyasha, I may have a lot of skill, but I am not used to having all this power yet! It's kinda weird in my mind."

"What do you mean?" He asked worriedly looking over at her.

"It's not much, there's just this kinda numb feeling there, like you know the feeling you get when you should be doing something, but you don't know what it is?" She screwed up her face in thought. "I could swear there's something I am supposed to be doing, and it's important, but I can't figure out what it is."

"Maybe your mind just isn't ready to accept what it is." Inuyasha offered.

"But what happens when I figure out!" Kagome worried.

"You'll do it. Kagome, no matter if you like it or not, it's your duty."

Kagome just sighed.

'Damn! This wasn't supposed to happen, she was supposed to be all happy!' Inuyasha groaned to himself.

"My wish was already granted... can't it just be over now?" She whispered.

"It'll be over soon I bet. Then we can just focus on raising the pup and searching for the jewel shards." He was trying to be as logical as possible. "Stop worrying about that... c'mon lets have some fun." Inuyasha leaned over and started to nuzzle her neck. He slowly pushed her over and crawled on top of her gently.

"Hey!" She giggled, pushing him off of her and getting on top of him. She looked deep into his eyes for a moment. 'I can't help but thing there's something wrong here.... There's something.... There's something I should be doing.' Kagome was now staring off into space.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha was a little worried.

"Mm? I'm ok." Kagome mumbled suddenly as if snapped out of her trance. To make up for it she leaned down and brushed her lips against his. She then pressed her lips against his in a passionate kiss. He snaked his arms around her protectively. No one would take HIS mate away from him.

Inuyasha continued the kiss until Kagome had to have air. She gasped for breath as he stared at her lovingly.

As if on impulse, Inuyasha swatted at his cheek and emitted a low, annoyed growl.

"Myoga-jiji...." Inuyasha was more than a little mad, interrupting him and his mate, I don't think so! Kagome wasn't looking too happy herself, but she remained silent.

"L-Lord Inuyasha!" Myoga stuttered. "I have just seen Sesshomaru traveling away from here looking rather miffed! I thought I should tell you."

Inuyasha growled again. "Kagome hit his with an energy blast, he was quite mad and so he left saying he'd kill us both." He paused dramatically. "Now, if you value your life, you'll get far away from here NOW!"

"But.... Lord Inuyasha!" Myoga squeaked. "Oops.... Have I interrupted you in your mating ritual? Gomen nasai, I'll uhh.... Be leaving now! Ja ne!" Myoga hopped away quickly, though not without some very nasty growls from Inuyasha.

He calmed immediately when he felt Kagome's fingers caressing his ears. When she was satisfied that he was completely calm, she got up off of him and let him sit up.

Inuyasha had the look of a disappointed puppy about him, and had he a tail, it would be dropped sadly to the ground. He was hoping he'd get a little pleasure, and Myoga had to go and ruin it. 'Just like him....' He grumbled sadly to himself.

Noticing that Inuyasha was a little more then sad that Kagome had ended their little session, she immediately gave the reason.

"Gomen ne, Inuyasha. I think I smell someone near." She whispered, looking out the window. "They smell familiar.... But I can't put my finger on who it is..."

Inuyasha, not having noticed anything now sniffed the air, catching the scent Kagome was talking about.

"Kagura...." Inuyasha spat, getting up and pulling Kagome with him. "What does she want with us."

They went to the door just in time to see Kagura's black and white feather drop her noiselessly on the ground. She toted a black and white umbrella which kept her dry from the rain.

"Awww, how cute." Kagura cooed. "I just had to come see for myself. You two mated eh?"

Inuyasha growled and was about to jump forward to tear her apart when Kagome put a hand on his chest.

"What did you really come here for, Kagura?" Kagome yelled through the rain.

"I have heard that you have gained some new.... Powers." Kagura walked to the door, ignoring Inuyasha's deep growls. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" She asked cutely.

Kagome grudgingly motioned in the door and stepped aside for her to enter. Kagura closed her umbrella after shaking the water off outside. "Nasty weather we're having isn't it? Make is hard for me to control the wind." She sat down at the table, and Inuyasha pulled Kagome into his lap protectively as he sat down across from her. Smiling at this action, Kagura continued.

"So, Kagome. I heard you humiliated Great Sesshomaru." She giggled. "He deserves it, I went to him for an alliance and he rejected me."

"Why do you care if I have powers or not?" Kagome spat.

"My my, you could be a little nicer to a guest." Kagura laughed. "As you know, I no longer associate myself with Naraku. I, unlike him, have a heart. I have come to give you some information."

It was Inuyasha who spoke then. "What kind of information?"

"Like the fact that Kagome is in danger, which is of concern to you I would imagine." Kagura's expression was serious. "There are many individuals that were.... Interested.... By Kagome's power gain. You see, there are already many youkai that would like to take her as their mate, I believe even your brother has not rejected the idea."

Kagura was cut off by a possessive growl from Inuyasha.

"I have come to see the extent of these powers." Kagura continued over the rumbling.

Kagome head snapped towards the window. She stood up quickly and looked out the window expectantly. She held her right arm up, and a charge of electricity immediately formed around it. She waited another moment, and shot it out of the window. A scream could be heard outside and then an explosion. The scream ceased.

Kagura smiled. Kagura beamed. "Very good."

Kagome snuggled back into Inuyasha's lap and glared at the youkai sitting across the table.

"Why, may I ask, should it concern you." Said Kagome.

"Because I have come to ask you for an alliance. Though I have managed to separate myself from Naraku (don't know if that actually happens in the series, gomen!) I still can feel his strong feelings. Right now he is.... Shall we say, excited."

"Excited?" Inuyasha promted.

"Hai... It seems that Naraku has also considered taking Kagome as a mate, and the news of her powers has allowed him to make up his mind. Kagome, he is not one to ignore his desires." Kagura addressed Kagome, with a worried expression.

Shivering all of the sudden, Kagome clung to her hanyou's neck and snuggled her head into his neck. Inuyasha responded by wrapping his arms tightly around her.

"I will not let him, Kagome, I won't." Inuyasha whispered.

"I would suggest you mark her, Inuyasha. It may discourage some of the youkai that are after her." Kagura motioned towards Kagome as the said this.

"Hai." Inuyasha pulled Kagome's head away from him so he could look her in the eye. "Is that ok, Kagome?"

"M-mark me?" Kagome whispered.

"Sou desu. There's a little spot on your torso where I have to bite you. The mark stays there and tells all other youkai that you are mine." He explained.

"Ok." Kagome lifted up her shirt so he could mark her.

"Ahem." Inuyasha cleared his throat loudly, clearly wanting Kagura to turn around.

"Very well." She said, and turned around to face the other wall. She heard a little 'eep' and then Inuyasha told her that she could turn around again.

"That being done, are you willing to ally with me against Naraku?" Kagura asked.

"We must wait until the rest of the group gets back so we can discuss it. Come back in 3 days and we'll have our answer." Inuyasha said.

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