Takes place after season two.


"Jeez Kai, would you slow down? We're trying to infiltrate the place, not make it roadkill."

Kai groaned. "Tell me again why Sensei sent you of all people to accompany me?" He growled revving his bike to go faster.

"It's simple," Jay began, "Cole is a dinosaur cinnamon roll, Zane isn't the best at not following rules, Lloyd is way too emotionally unstable, and Nya, though I hate to admit it, isn't strong enough yet."

The red ninja raised a masked eyebrow. "Dinosaur… cinnamon roll?"

Jay sighed and urged his bike forward. "That's all you got from my monologue?"

"No, I just stopped listening after that."

Kai sighed, sending a glance to where Jay slept near the corner of their bunkroom. He regretted every eye roll, every retort he said that day. The mission had been going on for almost a month longer than originally planned. The leader had called them away from work and instructed the two to stay out of sight. To say that the fire ninja was afraid of them getting found out was an understatement.

He was terrified.

The plan was for the two ninja to gain the trust of a gang of misfits that, for unknown reasons, had been causing mayhem in the poorer areas of Ninjago City. The gang was also supposedly linked to several Missing Person cases

The red ninja's head snapped up at the sound of footsteps. A half knock echoed through the small room before the door burst open, leaving yet another dent in its wall. "Get up, Jay," Kai whispered halfheartedly.

"Why's he on the floor?" A man, Slug, said, wandering in. Slug was one of the leader's cronies, highly respected and equally as rotten.

"'Guess it's just more comfortable than these crappy beds."

The man snorted as he tapped Jay's torn shoe with his pristine boot before changing direction and shoving the toe of his boot into the lightning ninja's stomach. Jay groaned quietly before curling in on himself and going back to sleep.

Kai put on a show of rolling his eyes. "He's exhausted after you made him count money all night."

Slug shrugged. "Had to make sure he was doing it right."

The red ninja gave a small 'hmph' before doing his best to appear uninterested. Slug stomped a couple steps toward Kai and glanced around briefly before turning to leave, an ever present smirk upon his face. "Y'know, if you want the boss to trust you, you gotta drop the extra weight." The door slammed shut behind him.

It took a lot not to spit where the man previously stood.

Kai could feel the frozen floor through the soles of his boots. He took to stepping lightly to where Jay lay.

Jay shot awake before groaning. "Why do I hurt more than usual?"

"Slug was here."

"Slug?! Why was he here?"

Kai hesitated. "He just told us to watch our backs." An eye roll solidified the lie.

Before Jay could respond, the horrid screeching of an alarm pierced their ears. Beep beeeeep beep. Kai racked his brain trying to figure out what the three consecutive rings meant. His eyes met Jay's and the word neither of them wanted to hear passed his lips. "Intruder."

Following customs, the two lined up across from each other in the main hallway and watched as two gang members dragged crying sixteen year old down the hallway kicking and screaming. The ninja cringed, imagining one another in that position.

"I think you need to chill out buster!" Someone yelled. The other members cheered and laughed.

The boy was led down the hall out of sight. Eventually a gunshot rang out leaving everyone silent. His murder didn't have to be seen to be believed.

"He was just a kid!" Jay whisper yelled as he paced their room.

"So are we."

Jay paused and met Kai's glum gaze. "They're gonna come."

"Yeah… yeah they will."