Lil something I came up with regarding the awesome Diaval and Maleficent. You can take it as slash or not,

Wanted to write a Diaval fic, so came up with this lil (idea) bunny and it started running rampant in my head, took the inspiration and am going to get to some writing!

(Lots of adorable raven whump!) be prepared :)



The wind under his wings was something of a supernatural feeling. He flapped momentarily, and then glided down right below the clouds. Obsidian black feathers reflected the sun's warmth.

Letting a sigh escape through his beak, that possibly came out as a squawk, the raven let his glide dip into a dive. Diaval relished in the wind breezing through his feathers at such a high speed.

He was nearing the trees that lined the outsides of the kingdom. However, before he hit any branches or leaves, he spread his pitch dark wings and turned upward, bringing his slim body to glide down quickly toward the kingdom.

It was a magnificent feeling, every aspect of it. The wind in his feathers, the free air, knowing that his duties were gone in the sky- at times, such as at this moment. His mistress was awaiting him at the moors, but she gave him extra time to just spread his wings.

Diaval flapped a couple of times to slow his pace and also keep a higher distance above the village houses as he flew over them toward the castle.

Then everything suddenly flipped upside down.

The raven's world spun as he was slammed into by a hard, heavy object from an angle below him. It was sharp in some areas and his chest and left wing exploded in pain.

His eyes squeezed shut in preparation for impact when he noticed that he was unintentionally falling toward the pavement and barred fences.

He felt the heat that radiated off of the hot ground just before he hit it. The impact was so jarring that Diaval assumed he had passed out the second he hit the cement, for the next he awoke, he was splayed out on the ground with his right wing spread out beside him and he didn't dare look at his left. Pain radiated up his arm and chest in waves and his eyes shut tightly against it.

It wasn't long before he realized where he was and how much danger he was now going to be in. Shoot. His eyes snapped open as a boot stepped directly beside him. It didn't move. In fact, it actually seemed to slide a bit closer as a shadow suddenly lurked over him.

Well, too late to escape now- not like I could have anyways, but it would've been nice to have that freedom, he thought.

A small, soft hand came from above and gently ran its forefinger down his back. Diaval shuddered, not sure whether to be comforted by the sudden touch or scared by it. He sure wished his mistress were here to get him back to the moors. Of course he doesn't need help, but it would be nice.

Suddenly and softly he noticed another hand sliding underneath him and he was slowly brought upward, right wing folding with the minor amount of strength he had left in him. His left wing, however, was limp and he had no control over the motion in which it made, as it drooped over the side of the soft hand, and it agonized his pain furthermore. He screeched in pain, trying to voice his discomfort best he could.

Fortunately whoever had him in their hands heard this and adjusted their grip, bringing his wing to rest on their wrist, somewhat spread out. He felt the hands jostling ever so slightly as the human moved to walk.

Diaval glanced up dizzyingly to find it was a little girl, probably about ten years old, who was actually looking down at him. Concern was etched across her features and she seemed so very kind, with curly blond hair that fell over her face and rosy cheeks. He wished he could thank her, but all he could do was blink.

The girl smiled when she saw the dark eyes look up at her and she sniffled slightly.

"Don't worry, little guy!" She exclaimed softly, almost a whisper, "I'm bringing you to the queen of the moors. She'll know what to do."

Diaval had never been so relieved in his life to hear those words, nuzzling his beak into her palm a little. But another sniffle reached his ears again, and he turned to look back up at the girl as she kept her quick pace. Tears glistened in her eyes and were running down her cheeks in such a speedy manner that the raven was surprised one could cry so quickly.

"I'm so sorry," the little girl muttered between tiny sobs, "Those stupid boys. I told them not to throw rocks at birds and they go hurting a gorgeous-"

She burst into tears, unable to finish the desired sentence, but it seemed they both knew what she was going to say. Diaval chirped painfully, trying to cheer her up. He wasn't dead, so that's good. Then of course he hoped he wasn't going to be dead soon either, if he didn't get this treated.

The girl peered down at him again and tightened her grip on him, speeding up her walk toward the moors.

Soon enough Diaval could see the outline of leaves and trunks above him, fairies alit with an array of colors buzzing around the trees. Plants that glowed sprouted about the grounds, but he could barely see those atop her hands.


Then the girl stopped, eyes widened, and tears stopping- sort of. The raven watched her expression for a second before his eyes closed both in tiredness and in relief when he heard the familiar voice speak next.

"That raven," Maleficent's voice pitched slightly and she sounded larger than life to him as he lay there, "Give him to me."

Diaval's head turned slightly to see an extended pale hand with long sharp fingers, awaiting the little girl. He felt the girl's fingers rub into his feathers a little as she brought him closer to her chest protectively.

"M-Maleficent?" She whispered through shock, blinking up at the horns and pure black wings.

"Now! Give him to me."

Maleficent definitely wasn't in the mood for pleasantries, nor was she in the mood for questioning humans.

"Is he yours?" The little girl asked, letting her thumb slide over his feathers on his back. Diaval closed his eyes again, not sure what to do. Everything was blurring and overwhelming.

"Is he- yes..." If Maleficent had said anything else after that, Diaval didn't hear it, for the warmth of soft hands took him from consciousness and gave him no pain. He took it graciously.

* *

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