His hand dragged along against the barred fences about the kingdom's village. With one hand on the hilt of his sword, the prince glanced down at the little soldier beside him.

Mila had diligently asked if she could have her own weapon, to which he responded that rather than have a weapon, he'd allow her to have a shield instead.

She wasn't exactly excited about it, inquiring how she'd be able to use the shield against a group of boys who would respond better to sharp swords. Phillip had come back with a quick reply, proud of himself, and told her that at any given moment rocks could be thrown at them and she was both his protector as she was his partner against the enemies.

Her eyes lit up at the answer so much that she nearly fainted with the sudden realization.

He chuckled and stood straight, beginning off in the direction of the weaponry station, exclaiming cheerily that she needed to follow.

The girl nearly ran into about three castle guards with the fast paced walk and not-paying-literally-any-attention outlook because it seemed all she wanted was that shield.

Now they were on their way to the field where the boys decided was their land. As they rounded the corner, Mila first with her shield in a protective manner- even though she was half his size, they found the field empty at first. However, the further they approached, the pair noticed that the boys were just lying in the grass with their faces upward and of course they were still gathering rocks beneath them.

"Hey!" Mila gathered her courage to say this with surprise in how confident she sounded. The boys didn't stop what they were doing despite her commanding tone, nor did they turn to look at her.

"Mila, I saw you run off with the stupid creature that Greg hit- I hope it died before you made it home so that your-" the boy turned around to continue his lecture and froze mid-sentence to find the Prince looming over him with a look that said 'keep talking, see what happens.'

"Oh man, sir, we were just.." the kid scrambled to get up, kicking and slapping the other two boys to gain their attention and get them up as well before he finally knelt down for the royalty before him- the other two doing so as well once they realized who was there.

"Just what?" Inquired Philip impatiently, hand propped on his hip in expectancy.

"Just.. just gathering rocks to add to Mila's rock collection! Right Mila?" The kid made up, gravely looking down at the little girl with his eyebrow raised. Philip scowled at his tone. Mila shrunk slightly towards Philip, but kept her confidence, tightened her grip on the shield, and glared at the older boys.

"You've never done that before and you'll never do it, Caleb! I saw you throwing rocks at those birds and you hit a raven! A raven! Maleficent's raven!" The little girl was nearly shouting, trying to ground it into him how badly he'd acted.

The boy scoffed, obviously disbelieving the truth, and he waved a hand while making split-second eye contact with the prince- who was still glowering down at him.

"I don't see it as anything wrong, your highness. Where does it say in your scrolls that I can't hunt ravens?"

"You call that hunting? I call it abuse of animals and that is illegal. Not to mention the right of having a license- which might I add; you are too young to have mister- you and your friends here."

The boy narrowed his eyes at the little girl and then scowled, looking down.

"Ya little tattle-tail, ratting us out like that. You're gon' get it one of these days, you'll just see!"

"And that sounds like a threat, right in front of the Prince, of all people!" Mila retorted, pushing a step forward to glare up at him. Her anger over-came her fear at the moment, though she still trembled beneath the shield.

Philip couldn't believe the words coming out of this kids mouth. Standing before the Prince and he still kept talking foully, as if he were nothing but a creature in the woods that had no power over such a boy. Well then...

"Seems to me you need to learn a lesson here, kid, and you don't seem to be one for minor repercussions."

"Repercussions?" Caleb sounded more confused than Mila'd ever heard him.

She too was confused by what Philip meant, but she found out later that day with more joy than anything she could ever have thought she'd feel if she'd had to deal with those boys.

Philip shrugged, turning in the direction of the moores.

"Oh, you'll see."

* *

The next time Diaval awoke, he found he wasn't a raven anymore. He was (basically) human. His shirt and leather had been removed and leaves with white gauze coated his chest.

His dark eyes travelled down to find his left arm propped up on a pillow full of feathers- wait what? His eyebrows scrunched together as he noticed that he still had his wings, black and feathered, and they moved- but they weren't his? He couldn't feel them moving, and he was in his human form. That didn't make sense.

"Don't pop a vein, Diaval. I changed you back to human to heal quicker. Seemed it didn't do much to help, but.."

Confused, he drearily looked up to find the eyes of one famous faerie peering down at him softly. She looked different. Less deceiving, less... evil?

"I tried healing you best I could, but it seems you need to do the rest on your own," Maleficent told him. It was then that the raven noticed something in his hair, heavy and soft at the same time. Were... were those fingers?

He didn't get much time to focus on this, for soon enough his head started throbbing and he let out a groan. The fingers that had been resting gently in his hair were quickly gone and a hand was slipped under his back- feeling much like when the little girl had picked him up. Hold up. What happened to her again?

He was so confused.


"Hm?" He looked up sleepily, feeling his eyelids beginning to droop with such effort. Paying no mind to it, he watched Maleficent move forward and slowly and gently place the back of her hand against his forehead. He knew this move.

Gold tendrils reached around his forehead and he felt his body relaxing, trust overcoming his thoughts. Maybe he could ask lat- no.

"Mi..stress," he tried to mumble, head falling back with no motivation to keep it up any further.

"No questions, raven. Sleep now." Her responses were soft and elegant, like gentle rain on an early morning. He felt the magic seeping into every muscle and bone, unwinding and relaxing, but though he wanted nothing more than to sleep, he felt it was his duty to find out whether she was okay or not.

"The.. the little girl..." he whispered, blearily opening his eyes to find his mistress. Surprisingly, she lay beside him on the bed with one dark wing splayed out over them both for warmth. Had he not heard or noticed her move to stay beside him?

She looked down at him with stern, intense eyes that after a moment.. actually softened a tad bit.

"Close your eyes, take sleep. She is well, and she went to find prince Philip, worried that those who hit you would hit others like you. I'm hearing they are putting a stop to it now, but I've also heard they need something from me. A spark of magic it seems... and I'd be more than happy to lend that Prince Philip a hand..."

The further she talked, the more he slipped into a state between consciousness and dreams. Before Diaval knew it his eyes had shut and he'd forgotten all she'd spoken of.

* *

Later that day, as Diaval had awoken nearly an hour later, he found he could finally think clear enough to speak to Maleficent in a real conversation- that is if she was here. He found she was nowhere to be found.

Looking out the leafy window, the raven noticed three odd looking birds racing from one end a branch to the other on a tree. They looked.. dearly confused. He, too, was somewhat confused at the sight, and then turned to sit back against the cushioned leafs and feathers.

Sitting there, the raven suddenly became aware of a shift in the atmosphere and as he turned to look out again he saw not three birds, but three boys, stuck up into a tree with wide eyed horror. Diaval, shocked, forgot about his injuries for the moment and tried to stand and he'll them down from the tree past the one he was in, only to fall back against the cushions weakly.

"Oh they'll find a way down. If not I'll just throw a pair of feathers at them and see what they'll do."

Diaval turned to find Maleficent looking at the three boys from behind him, wings high and poised.

"What did you do?" He asked worriedly, eyebrows scrunching in concern as he turned to look out at the three again.

"Oh nothing, they needed to learn a lesson. So I gave them a nudge. I just used a bit of magic to do so."

"A bit of a hard nudge if I say so myself," Diaval muttered, shaking his head, "will you bring them down or will I have to?"

"No, and you shall not. If they don't find a way down then I'll just let them wither away up there."

Diaval whipped around to look at her incredulously in horror. Maleficent laughed.

"I'm kidding, raven. I'll throw rocks at them until they can build a house up there."



The end!

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