A/N: Hey guys,, so this ones like another universe, out of the dc universe, no drug, no shrinking and hence no meeting of our two favorite characters.

Well, that's all you need to know before reading this. Enjoy!

They say, everybody in this universe has a soulmate. You start having dreams about your soulmate's lives and when you're 18, you meet them. Nobody knows who their soulmate is. You just see fragments of their life, like short clips, memories, but you never see their face. Instead, it feels like in the dream, whatever's happening, its happening to you.

Miyano Shiho had never believed in soulmates. She didn't believe in myths and fairytales, she believed in science. And science never had a logic for those weird dreams. Being a scientist, she believed that the dreams were just scenarios created by our subconscious, or maybe things that one has done in some other dimension. Science proved dimensions, and whatever science proved, she believed.

Besides, she never had time to think about all these cheesy romantic stuff. Her life was already at its edge. Working as a lead scientist in a dark underground mafia doesn't really gives you much time to ponder about dreams. Or even dream at all. So she ignored the dreams, and left the thought of finding her perfect match, somebody who'd complete her. Besides, white knights in shining armor were just for fairytale princesses, nobody came for evil scientists. Actually, she didn't even need some random good hearted guy coming to save her from her misery. She wasn't a damsel in distress, no. She was a powerful lady, under whom thousands of men worked. People shivered at just one glare of hers. She had the ability to kill somebody in a micro second. She wasn't a princess, she might be the evil queen of her story. But that's how she liked it. She was her own knight. Her own black knight, and she needed nobody else. She was enough for her self.

Lets come back to present, shall we? It was 3 AM, she was in her lab. The lights were dim, she hated bright lights.

"Damn it!" She cursed as the screen lighted up. No result. It was the ten thousandth time she had rearranged the formula. She snatched the test tube from that damned test machine and threw it into the wall. It shattered into a several pieces, the spilling the liquid all over the floor. Another failed result.

She rubbed her temples, she had to meet the deadline or else she knew the boss wasn't the one to show mercy. If he said something, it meant it had to be done. No exceptions were made, not even for her.

She sighed, memories of last nights dream flooded through her mind.

She was in someone else's body. A little boy's. She was five years old. There was an older guy with her, holding her little finger. They were both walking on a footpath, a green garden on their right.

"Dad! You were so cool!" She heard herself say with excitement, "You found out the culprit so easily! You were just like Sherlock Holmes!"

The man, her father she supposes, laughed.

"Sherlock Holmes is still better." He said as he ruffled her hair.

"But did you see! Not even the police could find the culprit! How did you do it?" She asked eagerly. The man stopped, and crouched down on one knee,

"When you have eliminated the impossible," He said with a smirk, his trademark smirk when he wins the game, "What remains, however improbable, must be the truth!"

She felt herself smirking, "And what if there's somebody else, whose deduction is even more superior? Then you'd lose"

"There's no deduction that is superior. In detective work, there's no wins or loses, no highs or lows," His father shook his index finger in the air, "There is only, one truth."

And she felt herself burst into laughter. "When I'm gonna grown up, I'll be a detective, just like Sherlock Holmes. Just like you,"

"You'd be even better, son!" Her father said proudly,

And she laughed again.

She shook her head, shaking the memory off. She felt real happy in that dream. A happiness she had not felt in ages. Maybe that's why her brain made that up. Her deepest desires. Happiness, and family. Things she never had.

She ran her fingers through her strawberry blonde locks, trying to focus on the words written on the screen of her monitor. She started her work again, her fingers working fast over the keys. She had a long night, and a formula to correct.

Soulmates aren't real. And even if they were, she wasn't going to have a cheery wannabe detective as one.

The morning rays somehow managed to penetrate her closed window shutters, and only then did she realize what time it was.

She looked at her 3rd cup of coffee, which was also finished and got up to get another one. She didn't sleep the whole night; she couldn't afford to waste time, besides, she didn't wanna see another one of those weird dreams.

The door slammed open, but it didn't startle her. She kept pouring coffee from the coffee machine. She really doesn't get startled by anything.

"Sherry." A cold voice said, and she didn't need to turn back to know who it was. Anger and disgust was visible on her face.

"Gin." She said with an equally cold voice. She turned around, her mug in hand, to see the said man. A tall strong built man, with long silver hair. Just like her, he was also dressed completely in black. Just like a cunning crow.

"The boss wants to know about the drug." His voice sent chills down her spine. She wouldn't admit it, but this guy scared her. More than anyone else in this damned place.

"I'll tell the boss what he needs to know." She said, masking her fear.

"And why can't you tell me that?" He came closer, and unconsciously she stepped back.

"It's highly classified information, Gin, and I am not allowed to share it with anyone." She turned away, she couldn't look into those ice cold eyes of his.

"You do realize that the boss trust me the most, out of everyone here."

"You mean, after Vermouth." She smirked, she knew how this name hit on his nerves. Vermouth, was the boss's favorite. A cunning woman, who could change forms in seconds.

"Better stay in your limits, Sherry," his voice turned colder, enough to kill. "It'd be a problem if the organization lost its head scientist."

Her smirk vanished, and she silently sat in front of her computer. Her fingers already typing.

"I've already killed a Miyano, killing another won't be a problem for me." He smirked and got out, the door slamming behind him.

Her fingers had stopped, a shadow loomed over her face as she gulped down the knock of tears that had formed in her throat.

Miyano Akemi, her older sister. Gin was the one who eliminated her, saying that the organization had no need for her anymore. So they just killed her. That's what this organization was. They could kill anybody, anywhere, whenever they wished. Gin was their best assassin, he loved killing people just for fun. And he wouldn't even regret it.

She shut her feelings and continued working. There was no place for feelings in this place. All that mattered was the boss's order. Nothing else mattered.

Unconsciously her mind wandered to that cheery boy. She wished she had a life like his. She wondered if that guy was still as cheery and happy as she saw him.

By noon, she had completed the drug. And after submitting it to the boss, she finally went back to her apartment. She desperately needed sleep. Out of habit, she checked her windows and doors. Nobody came in before her.

Her apartment was simple. It had nothing that could relate it to her. The walls were peach colored, the floor wooden, but white in color. It was a small apartment, neatly set. Her bedroom was small. The only thing that belonged to her was the photo frame on her bedside table.

Akemi and hers.

Akemi had found her soulmates. Unfortunately or fortunately, it was a guy in this organization. Moroboshi Dai. If it even was his real name. He had disappeared after Akemi's death. Rumors said that he was an FBI agent. She didn't care. She hated that guy. He was responsible for her sister's death. He was supposed to protect her. And he failed. She didn't want to see that guy, or else she would kill him herself.

Her sister was the only family she had, after their parents' death in a car crash. She is sure the organization was behind it too. Her parents worked here, both were lead scientist. And that's how she automatically got the position after their death. Shiho was cold, influenced by the organization. But her sister, Akemi, was nothing like her. She was so cheery, so full of life. Not even this dark place could take her lively spirit out of her.

She always told her to live her life. Enjoy till to the fullest. She'd joke around, saying that her soulmate would find it hard to find her if she stayed in that lab of hers all the time.

But it didn't matter. Look where her sister's childishness landed her.

She opened her drawer and took out the bottle of sleep pills. Gulping down 3 pills without water, she turned off the light and laid down. She needed sleep. She wanted to dream, anything that would take her mind off.

It was the dream again. She was in somebody else's body. A boy's. She was 10 years old. It was a large house. Judging by the darkness, it was night time. But there was a feeling of dread int the air. She was running, two people behind her. They were climbing the stairs together,

"Run faster, shin-chan." A female voice came from behind, it was worried, pushing her to move faster. They reached the top floor. The other guy reached forward and pulled a trap door from the roof.

"Whats happening?" She heard herself say in a a little boy's voice. "Mom? Dad?"

Her father, she supposed, was pulling the stairs now, while the mother crouched down before her. She had tears in her eyes which she tried to hide with a smile. She cupped his face,

"Shin-chan," she said lovingly, stroking his hair. "You've grown up a lot, shin-chan. You're such a big boy, aren't you? You're a man, right."

She felt herself nodding, she herself had tears in her eyes, but she wasn't going to cry.

"Repeat after me shin-chan, I'm a big man." Her mother smiled, she heard herself repeating the same sentence. Her father crouched down beside her mother,

"You remember what I told you, don't you?" He looked at her seriously, "You're gonna go up there, and no matter what you hear, no matter what you hear, you're not going to come out."

"What's happening?" She heard her voice quiver,

"There are bad guys out there, shin-chan. Very bad guys, that are trying to hurt your father. But its going to be alright, everything's going to be alright. You have to do as your father says, okay shin-chan?"

"Professor Agasa would come in the morning, you won't come out till you hear him. He's going to take you out of the country. You'll go to London," her father smiled, "Holmes' city, you know, I'm sure you're going to grow up into a wonderful guy, just like Holmes. Pursue your dreams, be a detective. I know you'd be the world's greatest detective,"

"But Sherlock Holmes is the best," She argued, and his father chuckled,

"You're going to be even better," Her father put a hand on his shoulder,

"What about you two? You're not coming with me?"

"Your dad and I are going to a very far place, shin-chan," her mother said with a strong voice,

"Im not leaving you!" she felt herself step back,

"We're not leaving you shin-chan," Her mother smiled, a single drop falling from her eye, her father looked at her mother warningly, and she wiped it quickly, "We're always gonna be here with you," she placed a hand over her heart, "Right here, always."

"We love you so much, shin-chan" she kissed his forehead. There was a loud noise downstairs.

"Hurry," her father said as he pushed him up the stairs. Her mother was crying now. Silently, as he hurried up into that small room.

"Please don't go." She begged her father, she felt tears running down her cheeks.

"We have to, Shinichi." Her father said, not looking him in the eye. He was getting down now. Closing the door behind him.

"No! Mom! Dad!" She was banging the door with her little hands, "Please, come back." She was sobbing now, she could hear voices from behind the door. But she pulled her knees to her chest and placed her head on it. She was crying, trying to block the voices.

"Wheres the boy?!" A man shouted.

"He's gone, he's out of the country. You won't find him." His father's calm voice came.

"It doesn't matter. Once you're dead, nothing would matter." There was a cold laugh. "Ladies first," And then came that dreadful noise. The sound of bullet being fired, a loud bang. And then there was a thump. The sound of something falling to the ground. Another bang followed and her sobs got harder. She knew what just happened. She heard everything, the man was now telling someone to search the house. She knew they won't find him. His parents made sure of it. And now they were dead. They died protecting him. He didn't know anything after then. All he knew was that he cried the whole night. In the morning when Professor Agasa opened the trap door, he found her crying. He silently picked him up, pulled her close to his chest as she sobbed. There were no bodies on the floor, nothing but a pool of blood. She didn't know where Agasa was taking her. She just cried.

She woke up with a start, breathing heavily. He hand automatically shooting up to her cheeks. there were no tears. But it felt so real. So real. She was extremely shaken.

It was just a dream, she tried convincing herself. It was just a dream.

She tried thinking about it. Shinichi. That's what the father called her. She felt as if she'd heard this name somewhere. And the man, the killer. She felt as if she'd heard that voice before too. But no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't pinpoint where.

Somewhere within her, she felt real bad for that boy. She remembers the cheery him, with his father. And to think that they were killed right in front of him. This thought made her shiver. Such a cruel world.

She snickered, nice of of her to thing about the world being cruel. When she was the one actually making a drug that could kill people without leaving any trace behind.

Soulmates weren't real, and if they were, she really hoped that guy was living a better life now.

She was in the experimental lab, along with Gin. They had to check out the drug she made. Although she was sure it worked, the boss still had to check it out. And for that, he sent Gin.

She brought some lab mice for testing. Once everything was ready, she went to get one out of the cage.

"There won't be a need for those filthy animals," Gin's icy voice came from behind.

"But don't we have to check the drug?" She asked, eyes not meeting his'.

"I have a better test subject for that," He smirked, his eyes deadly.

And only then did she notice two men dressed in black, dragging a person into the room. His eyes were blindfolded.

"We can't check it on a human," she said, horrified by the idea.

"Wasn't the drug created for human, sherry?" Gin smirked. She became silent.

The two men put the hostage on the table and tied his hands and feet. Gin went forward and removed the blindfold off his eyes.

"I want him to look me in the eye when I kill him," His voice was void of any emotion. Her hand trembled a bit as she handled him the drug.

"But you know what, why don't you do it, Sherry?" He smirked, "Kill him. Its an order."

She looked at the man, he wasn't saying anything. He was just looking at her, his eyes piercing through her soul. She didn't kill people, no. Only rare does she gets out of her lab, and even rarer is she sent on some field work.

She swallowed the bile that was rising up her throat, and came forward. The man was still looking at her, his eyes begging for mercy. She wondered if he was kidnapped. If he had a family.

Her mind went back to that boy in the dream, she knew what he felt when his father was killed. She wondered if this man had some child.

"What are you waiting for, Miyano Shiho?" His voice was taunting, "Does the lead scientist not have in her to kill a person?" He laughed coldly.

He stepped forward and clenched her arm. He was too close for her liking. She could feel his breath on her ear as he whispered in her ear,

"Do it, now." His voice was sickening, she stopped her hands from trembling and put the pill into the man's mouth, without looking into his eyes.

She stepped back after doing it, her hands slightly shivering. She watched the man as his face turned white. His expressions turned into agony as he let out weird noises. His screams were torturing. She could imagine the pain he was going through.

He let out an ear piercing scream, before his face fell to a side. She closed her eyes, her breath shaggy.

"He's dead." She said coldly, masking all her emotions.

"Congratulations, sherry." Gin was still behind her, his hand on her arm. He moved it up, burning her skin through the fabric.

"The boss wants to send you on a field mission. Your training would start from next week." He was still subbing her arm, and she had close her eyes. To stop the tears, to stop herself from doing anything.

"The boss will be happy." He whispered in her ear as he looked at the dead man. His eyes were open, but void of life. His face white, as if it were some ghost's face.

Gin squeezed her arm one more time before leaving. She stood there, looking at the man. His face was turned towards her. She could still hear his screams in her ears. She looked in his eyes, they were dead cold.

She needed to get out of here. She got out of the room, she heard someone calling her, but she didn't look back. She ran to her lab, out of her senses. Once she got in, she immediately ran to the toilet, as she gagged on her saliva as she threw up in the toilet bowl. She hadn't eaten in days, so the only thing that was coming out was water and mucous.

She could see those eyes everywhere. The eyes that were looking right into hers, hoping that shed do something. And then those dead eyes. She couldn't get them out of her mind.

She threw up as tears ran down her face. She was sick of this life. She wanted to get out. She never chose to live this way. She never chose to join this sick place. It was all her parents fault. They chose this, and she was suffering the consequences.

In that moment, she really wished she had a soulmate. She really wished she had somebody that could get her out of her misery. Anybody, that could make her feel less lonely.

She got out of her lab early. She couldn't stand being in that place. Besides, she didn't have anything else to do there. Now that she had successfully finished the drug, she had nothing else to do. So she went home.

Once in her apartment, she directly went to the bath. She needed a long shower. Stripping off, she let the cold water drench her from head to toe. She let the water rinse away her sins. Those eyes still haunted her, but now she was a little better. A little composed. She closed her eyes, letting the sound of falling water calm her senses.

The water wiped away the traces of today. And she tried to erase her memory too. She never gets used to this. Killing a person. This man wasn't the first person she killed, but every single time she took a life, it would shake her as much as her first. It wasn't easy. When you kill somebody, you kill a part of your soul with it. Maybe that's why Gin was so cold, he had no soul left in his body.

After calming down, and coming back to her form, she got out of the bath. She headed to the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee. The aroma of that divine drink washed away even the tiniest bit of stress left.

At times she wondered, what would she do without this drink. How would she manage everything if coffee didn't exist?

She went through the channels, but found nothing of her interest. And then when she was completely bored, she found herself curious, about what happened to the boy. She was eager to know more about him. She didn't realize it, but she was getting interested in that boys life.

So she closed everything, and went to sleep. Ready to travel through time, to know somebody else's story. Even if these dreams weren't real, she was happy with that. At least she had something that could distract her from this horrible life. Even if fake, at least she went through something different. Something she liked.

The boy was 15 now. He was standing right in front of Holmes' place. 221b, Baker Street. Although he knew Holmes was a fictional character, yet he felt as if this place really belonged to him.

Miyano Shiho felt a weird sense of nostalgia, she could feel herself being oddly excited and yet feel an attachment to this place. She was looking at the building in front of her.

"Shinichi," A man called from behind, she felt her self nodding.

"Professor," She turned around to greet him. She recognized this man, he was the one who took her from that trap door.

"What is your next plan? Did you apply in the colleges here in London?" The professor asked friendly.

"You know, Dad always said that I'd be a better detective than Holmes." She heard herself say, she was grim. Nothing like the boy she'd previously been in the body of. She wasn't feeling cheery, nor was she sad. She wasn't feeling anything.

"He told me to pursue my dreams, and be the best young detective." She was still looking at the house ahead.

"You are, Shinichi-kun. You really are one of the best young detectives. I'm sure your father would be proud of you." The professor patted his shoulder.

"Professor," She was thinking about something, "I want to join the forces. I want to be a secret agent. I want to track down the guys who killed my parents." Her voice was full of determination.

"You do realize that it's a dangerous job, don't you?" The professor looked at him seriously, "Your parents gave their lives just to protect you. And you still want to jump into that fire again?"

"Professor!" She felt as though she had been preparing herself for this argument for a long time, "My father, was the best detective. He fought his whole life for justice."

"And this got him killed!" Professor Agasa said exasperated.

"And that's why I want to finish what he started. He told me to pursue my dreams, this is my dream. I want to fight for justice. I want to take revenge for my family. For all those families that were broken by those criminals." He was infuriated, "I want to bring justice to everyone. I want those bastards behind bars."

"Shinichi," The professor sighed, "I can never change your mind once you've put it up to something, nobody can. But you do know the consequences right? There's no turning back once you're in this game."

"I wouldn't be talking to you about it, if I had to turn back." He said firmly. The professor nodded,

"I have some contacts in the FBI, I'm sure they'd be glad to take you in."

And the memory faded.

Her eyes opened, and she felt herself back in her 17 years old body. She kept lying there, thinking about that boy. Everything aside, she admired him for being brave enough. Most of the people, who'd gone through such traumatic events either lived the rest of their life in depression, or fear. But he was a strong person, who decided to jump back into that battle field. He was stronger than her at least. Unconsciously, she felt herself a little down.

She didn't believe in soulmates, but if they existed, a guy with such a sense of justice would never accept someone as tainted as her.

The week had passed, and her training had started. And due to her oh so great luck, her trainer was none other than Gin, and he had left no stone unturned in the way of humiliating her and hurting her.

Right now, they were in the middle of yet another training session. With a swift move, Gin threw her on the floor and turned her arm. She bit her lower lip in order to stop herself from screaming. She was breathing heavily, as Gin turned her arm further while still being on top of her.

"If you kept fighting like that, you be killed in no time, Sherry." He jerked her arm and got up. "on your feet, now!" he howled at her and she got up. Blood was trickling from her forehead.

"Do you know the first rule while in a hand to hand combat?" He asked and she shook her head, only to receive a full blown punch right at her nose. She fell backward, again. Her back was aching badly.

"You never let your opponent distract you." Gin crouched down on her head. "Rule number two, you never stay on the ground for long." He blew another punch at her and her vision turned black.

When she came into, she was still on the cold floor of the training room. The blood around her nose and on her temple had frozen. Her whole body was aching like hell. She kept lying there for God knows how much time, before gathering her power and getting up. She hissed in pain as she put weight on her legs.

Gin had gone way too far this time. She walked with trembling legs to her lab. Every step sent waves of pain through her body. She examined herself once in the lab, bruises covered her entire body. There was a huge purplish bruise on her lower abdomen, where Gin had kicked her. And she had a black eye too.

She let out a shaky breath, she had to be strong for this one. She needed a drink. Maybe some tequila, or sherry. She couldn't do much about the bruises, but wear a full sleeve turtle neck, and shades to cover her eyes. A matte lipstick was enough to hide her torn out lips to an extent.

With that done, she headed to the nearest bar. Her 18th birthday had passed last week. And she didn't even get a chance to acknowledge that. Akemi used to visit her on her every birthday, trying her best to celebrate it. They'd go out together, maybe cut a cake sometimes. But since her sister died, she really doesn't even remember her birthday.

She enters the bar, trying to hide the limp. Sitting on the nearest stool with the counter, she ordered for tequila. The bartender knew her, for she frequently visits this bar.

"Not the usual sherry?" He raised his eyebrow as he poured her a drink and handed it to her.

"Nope." She drowned the liquid in one gulp, and raised her glass for another one.

"Tough day?" He looked at her with pity and she sighed,

"Don't ask me about it." She took the glass drowned it too.

"Why don't you have the bottle?" He chuckled and handed her the whole bottle which she gratefully took. Well, this one was for her turning 18!

She didn't notice the guy sitting right next to her, till she heard him order.

"A burgundy, please." His voice was thick, yet had a calm layer to it. His English was fluent too, unlike most Japanese people. She turned to look at him, he was a thin athletic teenager, probably 19. He had a nice built, yet a slender figure. His face pale white, having well defined jawline. He had brown fluffy hair, which somehow managed to look untidy even though he had set them neatly. His cobalt blue eyes shined through the tinted glasses he wore. He was in a navy blue suit, probably some professional guy who wanted to have a drink after a long day.

She didn't notice that she was staring at him until he looked at her. His face was serious, void of any emotion. She felt as though she had seen him somewhere, but she couldn't think clearly. Partly because of the liquor and partly due to the headache Gin had given her.

"You're hurt." The man said, his voice still blank. If she was some other women, she would fawn over the attention she received from such a handsome man. But, she was Miyano Shiho. SO she ignored him and poured herself another glass.

"Your black eye, is slightly visible from your side pose, and the way you're holding the glass and bringing it to your mouth, it clearly shows that you can't move your arm properly. You have difficulty bending it, probably due to some bruise. The bruise on your neck is visible too, when you bend down, your hair moves, which kind of uncovers your neck." The guy said while moving his finger in the rim of his cup.

"And why do you care, if I may ask?" She made sure her voice was deadly, automatically shifting to the icy voice of Sherry.

"Harassment is a crime, and its better if you report it." The guy took a sip, ignoring her question.

"How are you so sure its harassment. Maybe I got these by my own will." She didn't even know why she was talking to this person. But she liked it.

"You wouldn't be drowning yourself in liquor then." He simply shrugged.

"Who are you?" She couldn't help but ask. He didn't answer. She didn't ask again either. She kep drinking, while he sat there, slowly enjoying his burgundy.

Neither of them noticed the guy who came from behind. Shiho was startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder, revolving her chair so she could face him. He was a tall, muscular man. Judging by his golden teeth, he was probably some homeless gangster.

"Hello pretty, all here by yourself, huh?" His voice was slurry, he was way too drunk. Shiho cursed herself for not noticing his presence earlier. She doesn't know what happened to her sharp senses, Gin would snicker at her if he knew she couldn't even feel a man creeping at her back.

She was half drunk, for she had drowned half a bottle of tequila, but that didn't mean she could let some random guy take over her. So she removed his hand from her shoulder, making sure to twist it while doing so.

The guy gave a dirty sickening laugh.

"The cat's got claws," He said as he wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her closer. She hissed as his hand pressed the wound on her waist.

The guy beside her stood up, but before he could do something, Shiho twirled and removed the man's hand from her waist, she twisted it and with a swift move, she threw him from over shoulder onto the counter.

There still didn't exist a guy in this world except for Gin, who could touch her and get away with it.

"You bitch!" The man growled as he lunged at her, but she easily moved away from in front of him and elbowed him on the back, making him fall on the ground. Her sore muscles hurt more than ever now. But she wasn't going to let another guy throw her onto the ground. She had it enough for today.

Although her reflexes were slow, for she was already injured and she was drunk, but still she managed to dodge another punch and land a punch on the man's stomach. People had gathered around them.

The man moved backwards due to her punch, her hand was small, but the organization had made her stronger than most men. As she moved away once again to dodge the man's punch, a sharp pain in her abdomen shot right through her body which made it a little late to move away from the punch, which landed straight on her stomach. She was already hurt, pressing a hand on her waist, she coughed violently.

The man took the chance and threw her on the ground. Her head hit the floor and her vision blurred. She hit her head quite a number of times today, which made this blow hurt even harder. She saw the man landing another punch at her, but she was too weak to move. She was ready for the agonizing pain, but the guy behind her held his punch midway. With much ease, he twisted his arms at such an angle that the man growled in pain. With a kick at his back, the man fell face forward. The guy bent down and held his neck before whispering something in his ear. The man looked at her with disgust before scurrying away.

The guy now came up to her and offered her a hand, she contemplated before taking it. He pulled her up,

"You alright?" His voice literally had no emotion to them, his face still blank. There was no sign of anything.

She opened her mouth to say something but a wave of nausea caused her to moved backwards. The guy gripped her hand in order to stop her from falling.

"You need to go to the hospital," He said as she flinched at his touch. It hurt her arm, which he probably noticed for he left her arm immediately.

"I'm fine." She made sure her her voice was low and deadly, the voice that could scare people away. But for some reason, he wasn't affected by it a tiny bit. It irritated her.

"At least let me patch this up for you." He pointed to her waist, "I think you have a broken rib."

That was it, she wasn't letting anyone think so low of her.

"Thank you so very much." She said through clenched teeth, "But I think I made it pretty clear that I'm fine."

The guy shrugged, "Okay." And without another glance at her, he went out. She was oddly infuriated by that guy's attitude. He was so cold, so distant. Yet, he cared enough to help her out. And his eyes were sharp.

He must be a police officer, she thought, before shaking the thought off. It was none of her business. She looked around just in case, checking if there were any men in black. The guy would be in trouble if the organization saw him with her. And she didn't want him to land in trouble just because of her.

Miyano Shiho didn't believe in soulmates, but that night, she had something else on her mind. That night, she really didn't care if she had a soulmate or not. Her mind kept wavering to that guy in the blue suit. He was so professional. The only thing that was out of place was that serious expression. Unconsciously, she thought about how he'd look if he smiled.

A week passed, but she didn't see that guy again. Although she had gone to bar a number of times again, but there were no signs for that guy. her training with Gin got tougher and rougher. It was as if he was letting out all his anger on her, he loved hearing her scream. And that's why she sighed tiredly when Gin called her to his office. She didn't expect him to be any nicer this time.

"Its time you meet your partner for this mission," He said as soon as she entered.

"I really don't need an accomplice," She stated firmly, a little glad that he didn't call her for training.

"But looking at your skills in hand to hand combat, or the lack there of," He snickered, "The boss said you need somebody who'd make sure you get back in one piece, or get even get back at all.

She clenched her fist, trying to calm down her anger. She couldn't say a word to this guy.

"Who is he?" She tried her best to keep her voice leveled.

"He's a newbie, but more professional than anyone here, after me of course. He's got skills, real skills unlike you, and the boss wants him on this mission. He's done a few missions before, but always alone." Gin said boredly, as if just wanting this to be done. "Code name; Burgundy."

She stopped, her mind immediately went to that guy in the bar. He ordered burgundy, if she was right. But no, a man with such sense of righteousness couldn't belong to this dark organization.

"Real name?"

"That's classified information, Sherry." Gin smirked, his teeth showing. She turned to leave,

"I'll be waiting for you at 5, Miyano Shiho." His voice came from behind and she squeezed her eyes. He loved to do that. Calling her by her real name, it gave him a sense of superiority. She didn't know much about him, but he knew her entire history. Calling her by her real name made her vulnerable, and that was his favorite thing to do.

She briskly walked away, blinking the tears that had formed in her eyes. She didn't cry. She wasn't going to cry.

In the evening, she changed into her suit and went to the training center. She wasn't going to let Gin take her down this time. Not that easily.

As usual, Gin was already there.

"Lovely to see you, sherry." He gave her a sick smile, "Your partner will be here to join us any moment now."

Great, somebody else was going to witness her being humiliated by this monster.

"Ladies first," Gin smirked as he waited for her to start. She attempted to throw a punch at him but he not only stopped her easily, but also threw her over his shoulder. She landed square on her back. She was sure her back would break one day.

"Up!" He bellowed. She got up on her feet and lunged at him but he caught her from the waist, revolving her and throwing her right back down.

"You're weak." Gin laughed, she could see somebody sitting behind her from the corner pf her eye. She was about to look at him but Gin punched her face. She was blinded for a moment, but just as quick, Gin kicked her in the gut. Once again, she was on the floor, blood oozing from her nose. Gin bent down and grabbed her hair,

"With these moves, you'd be dead in no time." He banged her head onto the ground. She was completely down. Didn't even have an ounce of energy left. She was lying face front on the floor, breathing heavily.

Gin turned her arm and twisted it backward, she screamed.

"I'm done with you, Burgundy would train you from now on." He said as jerked her arm and shot her a disapproving look.

She kept lying there, trying to control her breath. Trying to control the pain. Trying to stop the tears. Once Gin was gone, she felt somebody crouching down in front of her. She didn't want to look up. She didn't want him to see her bruised face, she didn't want him to see her in such vulnerable state.

"At least let me patch you up, this time,"She could recognize this deep enchanting voice anywhere.

She didn't move. She didn't even look up,in this moment, she felt like she wanted to cry out loud. Twice. She met this person twice, and both times, she managed to humiliate herself. He always saw her down.

"Here, let me help you up." He said as he gave her a hand, she took it. He helped her up. She looked at his face, he was still the same, the handsome yet grim face. He was wearing black today, like everybody else in this place.

So he really was a member here. The way he fought that guy in the bar, his seriousness, his skills, she wonders why she didn't think of it the first time they met. Maybe because he didn't give her the vibes most members do. Probably because he was new, but he really gave her good vibes. Like he was a good hearted person. She still couldn't believe he was a part of this cruel organization. If he was, why would he help her the other day?

Maybe because he was new, and the organization had not killed his humanity yet.

She sat on the chair as he went to grab the medical kit. She had no idea why, but she really liked his presence. His aura calmed her down, for some unknown reason.

He sat down in front of her, and quietly took out the things he wanted. Meanwhile, she pulled her shirt up, revealing her now purple blue stomach.

"Do you know how to treat wounds?" She asked curiously, if he was a field guy, he wouldn't know much about medical stuff, now would he. Instead of answering, he nodded his head silently.

She wondered why he was so quite, and grim, all the time.

He raised his hand but then stopped and looked at her for her permission. She nodded, and he gently touched the area. She flinched,

"Tell me where it hurts," he said in a quite manner, as he moved his hand, touching different places. She wondered how his touch was so gentle. Nothing like the face he had. She inhaled sharply as he touched her ribs.

"Told you the rib's broken," for the first time, there was a thin layer of emotion around that sentence. As if he was proud of himself. But it was so fleeting that it made her think again whether she only imagined it.

"Do you still want me to report this," She smirked.

"You should talk to the boss," he was serious again, his voice blank. "Gin wasn't fair with you. That's not how you train somebody. It looked as if he was releasing all of his anger on you. You should go to the boss, talk to him," That was the longest sentence he'd said, and she found out that she actually liked it when he talked,

"You can't say a word against Gin," She sneered,

"And why is that so?" He was now rubbing some sort of ointment on her stomach, it hurt her, but she could bear this pain.

"Because he's Gin!" She said with hatred, "He does whatever he wants to, and you can't say a word against him. Or else," She became silent.

"Or else what?" He asked sternly, "You'll be amazed to see that he can't do anything to you. You're the head scientist here, you have more power over him. But your fear isn't letting you do anything, and that fear acts like a fuel to Gin. The more you fear him, the more power he will have over you."

She watched him silently as he wrapped the bandage around her waist,

"This might help, but you need a proper treatment." He said as he got up, "You can go for now, we'll train from tomorrow. My way, this time." And with that he left, without looking at her, without saying something else. She didn't even thank him.

He was a weird guy, at times soft and caring, while most of the time he was silent and grim. A weird guy with weird faces. She looked at her bandaged torso, a weird feeling creeping up to her.

Miyano Shiho didn't believe in soulmates, but she really forgot about it. She forgot the boy in her dreams, she forgot his story. For now, she was weirdly attracted to this new agent.

They were sitting in the meeting room. Gin was there, along with Vermouth. Who was currently explaining the whole plan to them. Vermouth was a fair, half American woman, with blonde hairs that were left freely open. Her black dress was a little too revealing, with a cut so low that most of her cleavage could be seen.

Burgundy was sitting right next to her, hearing the plan poker faced. She tried not to look at him.

There was a huge blue print of the building they had to break into. Apparently, there was a hard disc they had to retrieve from that building. The reason Shiho was being sent on this field was that the disc was locked in safe, that had a code nobody could figure out. There was no way of getting the disc out without opening the lock, for the safe was built in a way that it couldn't be destroyed.

"Burgundy, you and your team would enter from this route," Vermouth pointed towards the map, "You have to make sure Sherry enters the building safely,"

"And you'd have to do all the job, for Sherry can't protect herself, she has zero skills," Gin smirked, Shiho felt anger boiling within her, she glared at Gin but said nothing. She never could.

"I'm sure by the time we'd be done, She'd be more than ready." Burgundy said smoothly yet fiercely, she was amazed how he could talk like that.

Gin gave him a death glare but before he could say something, Vermouth interrupted them.

"Sherry, all you have to do, is get into the building, break the code and get the hard disc."

She nodded as she stood up,

"I shall discuss the further details with Burgundy," She said coldly as she stood up, Burgundy standing up

"And if you get caught," Gin said the sentence they all had memorized, "The organization will get you killed before you get the chance to open your mouths, understand?"

They both nodded, and got out together.

"If you're free, we can start training. You just need some tips, otherwise you can fight greatly."

"Didn't you see me with Gin the other day, I barely touched him." She shook her head,

"I saw you fight a guy twice your size in the bar," He replied easily. "Not to mention, you were injured badly."

She didn't know why, but a small smile crept on her face.

"Thankyou." She said earnestly, "For the other day."

He simply nodded. Silence enveloped them as they walked towards the training room. For the first time, Shiho actually liked somebody's presence.

Once they were in the room, Burgundy stood right in front of her.

"You just need to improve some basics," He had his hands behind his back, "Go ahead, try to punch me."

Shiho didn't need to be told twice, she instantly thrust her fist forward. But he grabbed it mid way. Unlike Gin, he grabbed it forcefully enough to stop it, but gentle enough not to hurt her.

"You turn your hand the wrong way while punching, it makes it easier for the other person to grab it." There it was, his slow, steady voice. He touched her elbow and moved it, "Try turning this the next time."

"The other mistake I noticed, was that you move your hip the wrong way." He said in a quite manner, "You should put all of your weight on your lower body, and make your upper body as flexible as you can," He grabbed her waist and turned it to the right angle, "That way, it'll be easier for you to move swiftly," He rotated her upper body as if to demonstrate it.

"Keep you feet as apart as you can," He was like a mentor, explaining everything perfectly, unlike Gin, who made her learn from her mistakes. "The farther your legs, the more stable your body will be, that way you won't fall or move the wrong way."

He had corrected her whole posture now.

"Remember, you need to think of yourself lighter than the wind, moving efficiently and swiftly. Keep your mind alert, you should expect the blow before the next person makes a move. On the other hand, you need to be as unexpected as you can. Don't let the next person predict your move." He was moving around her in a circle, "Your first move should be disabling the your opponent, try to be the first to move. If your opponent gets the first turn, he'll have the upper hand since you'd be busy defending yourself. Fight in a way, that you won't have to worry about defending yourself, in a way that crushes your opponent."

"Understand?" She nodded, "Good, lets give it a try shall we?"

She didn't give him a chance to catch his breath before lunging forward, he of course dodged swiftly, but she didn't give him a chance to make a move. They kept fighting, she was moving with the wind, taking care of everything he taught her. She ducked to dodge his kick and without waiting, she made her move. She got hit a few times, and so did he, but neither of them was on the ground like in those sessions with Gin.

She was actually quite this fight. It was like dancing, they both were moving fluently and in a perfect rhythm. It was the best fight she ever had with anyone.

"Good," He said between breaths, as they both stopped. "Really good, keep that up and you'd put Gin to the ground in no time."

She smirked, "Why don't you do it then?"

He smiled slyly, no, just the corner of his lips tugged upward, "The best warrior knows which battle to fight. There's a right time for everything." And just like that, he went out. Leaving her behind, smiling to herself. She felt great, proud of herself. As if she had accomplished something big.

They were in the car, Burgundy driving while she was on the passenger seat. It was the day, they had to get the hard disc. If they succeed, there rank would be increased, and if they fail, well there was no room for failure.

The car ride was silent, until she broke it,

"Whats your real name?" She was looking out of the window, her chin resting on her hand, he was driving, poker faced as usual.

"That's classified information," He replied shortly. She didn't expect him to answer anyways.

They reached the said place, and parked a block away. Their escape vehicle was already near the building. They were to change cars, leaving no trace behind.

"You ready?" He asked as he got down, she nodded. They both made their way to the building, walking normally. Once in the area, both of them put their gloves on.

There was another team for their backup, the snipers ready at the top of different buildings. Only they two were allowed near the disc, the rest were just for their security. Group A entered the building first, they were supposed to clear the area so she and Burgundy could move. Once they got the signal, they both moved swiftly through the dark. The camera's were disabled beforehand.

Shiho entered the building and saw bodies all around. Group A had killed everybody in that are, as to leave no witness. She felt nauseated. Blood was everywhere, innocent people lying on each other. She wondered how many families were broken today,

"Lets go," Burgundy said urgently as he saw her stop, his face had hardened even more. As if he was controlling his anger, but he was better at it than Shiho. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and sprinted along with Burgundy. Most of the area was cleared, there was nobody who could act as an obstacle in their way.

They reached the end of the hallway, where a metal door was located.

"Its locked with a code," Shiho informed as she examined it. Burgundy moved her aside, and quickly put a device into the access bar, it was a small flash drive. Within seconds the door opened.

"From here onward, you need to be careful." Gin's voice rang through their ear pieces, "There won't be many people, but you know what to do if you spot someone. Kill them on spot,"

Burgundy ignored him as he looked at her, loading his gun. She did the same. He gave her a slight nod, which she returned, and they both entered the new hallway, their guns high.

A guard spotted them but before anyone had a chance to do something, Burgundy shot him in his leg. The guy slumped to the floor.

"Keep moving," He said coldly, as they both ran. Shiho knew he wasn't allowed to leave anyone alive, anyone who'd seen their faces. But she also knew, that if given the choice, she would've done the same thing, without thinking twice. She wouldn't kill somebody, she'd just make him unable to hurt them.

"Last door to the left," Gin kept giving instructions to them, unaware of what Burgundy did.

The door was locked but she shot the lock open. They quickly entered the room and closed behind them. She quickly rummaged through the room while he stood guard, pointing his gun to the door.

"Try moving the frames," He said, looking over his shoulder. She gave him a look and took out a a scanner. She moved it across the room as the device scanned it. It beeped near a wall and she gave Burgundy a victorious smirk,

"Too new for you, Sherlock?" She didn't know why she used that name, but the way he noticed everything in the bar that night, the way he knew what happened, he reminded her of Sherlock Holmes.

Burgundy was caught off guard but he composed himself in a short time. Unintentionally, Shiho thought about the boy in her dream. The dreams had stopped now, and she wondered what happened to that boy, where he was now?

But it wasn't the time to think about that. She hurriedly touched the place on the wall, and it slid open, revealing a safe.

"Found it!" She informed as she examined it, "It'll be a little hard to open this one."

"Make it quick," He said urgently, as if he knew somebody is coming their way.

"Alright," She opened her laptop and connected it to the safe through a wire. Her hands started typing quickly, she knew she could open this. She was great with computers. This lock was a little hard to open but not impossible,

"Sherry!" Burgundy looked at her from the corner of his eye, his aim was ready, the door opens and he'd shoot.

"I'm on it," she said with her eyes at the screen, "It'll take some time, the program I designed is decoding it."

"Somebody is coming your way," Gins voice rang in their ears again and Burgundy looked at her,

"How long?" He asked through the ear piece,


"How long do we have before they come?" He was irritated,

"5, no, 3 minutes I suppose," Gin answered.

Burgundy looked at her,

"It'll at least take two minutes," she said before he asked. He didn't say anything after that, and she was glad, for its difficult to work under pressure. But she did try to speed up her process.

"A minute," She said as she watched the screen. 56 seconds,

"Sherry?" Burgundy asked impatiently,

45 seconds. They could hear doors opening, they were looking for them.

30 seconds, "Its almost done," she said as she got up, they had to run through the back door. 10 seconds,

"You know, I'd appreciate it if you try being a little quicker," Burgundy said as he stood ready, any moment now. She shot him a death glare, 10 seconds.

9 seconds, The people outside were real close.

5 seconds, "Sherry..."

"Done!" she exclaimed as the safe shot open, she put the laptop back in her backpack and grabbed the disc. They both sprinted towards the back door and got out, reaching another hallway. Just as they got out, a group of men entered the room.

"There they are!" Somebody saw them and shouted,

"Run!" Burgundy exclaimed and they ran, dashing through the hallways. They reached another door, it was locked,

"Here!" She gave him the hard disc before shooting the lock open, and they both ran.

"You better keep this with you, the boss told you to retrieve this," He handed her the disc back. They were both running, the exist just in front of them. Two bullets came flying over which they dodged easily, and it was followed by more. The group had started firing. The ran for their lives as they dodged the bullets. Once out of the building, they rushed t their car. Only then did she notice that her pocket was empty, she must've dropped it while running. She cursed herself mentally as she looked at Burgundy, he was running ahead of her, shooting everyone that came in the way. She knew it was here mistake and she had to make it right, so she and ran back inside. Bullets were flying everywhere but she swiftly dodged them. She spotted the disc, it was lying on the floor. She bolted towards it, her gun high and professionally shooting every obstacle in her way. She bent down to pick the hard disc,

"Miyano!" She heard someone shout and she froze. Nobody, nobody here knew her real name. She turned just in time to see Burgundy shoot right at her, "Duck!" Without thinking she ducked down and the bullet hit the man behind her. She looked at him, he was so close to her. How come she didn't notice this guy, but now he was dead. A bullet straight to the forehead.

She recovered from her frozen state and bolted towards the door. Burgundy was standing there, shooting people at her back. Just as she turned the corner off the exist, a bullet landed straight into her shoulder. She stumbled, but caught her balance before running after Burgundy. He was running beside her now. She looked at him, his face was hardened with fury.

They reached their car and quickly got in. He pressed his feet at the accelerator and the car burst into action. Within minutes, they were away from the building, enough to slow down. He stopped his car when they were sure nobody was behind them.

"What were you thinking!" He exploded at her, he was furious. She on the other hand was silent, completely silent. Her face was stone cold, her eyes void of emotion.

"How do you know my name?" She asked in a low, deadly voice. The voice of the woman people feared, the voice that trembled men,

"Were you out of your mind?!" His voice was filled with anger, he wasn't affected by Shiho's.

"How do you know my name?" She asked again, her tone colder than before.

"Sherry-" He started a little softly but she cut him off.

"I said," She pointed her gun to his forehead, "How. Do. You. Know. My. Name?" Her voice had dropped to a mere cold, and deadly whisper. Her face was hard, and if voice and looks could kill, he'd be a dead man till now.

But he was not fazed by it. His eyes traveled from her face to her shoulder,

"You're bleeding," He said quietly,

"Answer my question, Burgundy." She asked spotly, "Who are you? How do you know my name?

"We should get the bullet out before it the blood loss is too much," His eyes were glued to her shoulder, from where the blood was oozing.

"If the next thing that comes out of your mouth, isn't the answer to my question, I'll shoot. And you know very well that I can." Her voice was stern.

He sighed, "I know you can, but you won't. I know all about you," he looked her in the eye, "Miyano Shiho, head scientist. Your parents worked here, but died in a car crash. Your sister was killed by the organization itself. I know your history, Miyano, I know everything about you."

Her face hardened, eyes filled with fury.

"How?" She was moments away from pressing the trigger,

"I don't work with an agent without doing background check, Sherry. And the boss allowed me to do it, for he knows I carry every mission my own way." He said flatly, he was looking at her right in the eye, his voice flat and spot.

"We need to get the bullet out."

"Sherry, Burgundy." It was Vermouth, "You've gotten out of the building, yet you haven't reached. Why is your car stopped?" Her sharp voice came through the car radio. As expected from the organization, they have a check on everything.

"Just encountered some technical difficulties," Burgundy replied smoothly, his eyes on her. "Sherry's hurt too. We'd be there in some time."

"You better be," It was a warning. Any sign of rebellion, any sign of being deceived, the organization gets rid of you. Without caring for your rank, without hearing any explanation, without a research. Just a doubt is enough to kill somebody here.

Shiho put her gun down, but her face didn't lose its hardness. She kept looking ahead,

"Let me take the bullet out," his voice wasn't hard anymore. But Shiho didn't reply, she kept looking ahead,

"Sherry, if the wound worsened, you won't be able to use this arm for a long time." Shiho wasn't even listening to him, she was trying to control her anger. He liked this guy, for the fist time, she actually liked someone. But he was no different than Gin, he knew everything about her. And he could easily crush her whenever he wished.

Without looking at him, she took out her pocket knife.

"What are you-" He started but stopped when he saw Shiho inserting the knife near her wound, moving it a little to side, she slid it in further. She brought the knife upwards, bringing the bullet out. The blood gushed out of the wound, and she pressed her hand on it. She kept applying pressure till the blood stopped. Burgundy was looking at her with disapproval,

"You should've let me do it the proper way," Shiho knew that the method she chose was even more painful, but right now, this pain was nothing compared to the pain she was emotionally feeling.

He sighed, before starting the car.

Shiho cursed herself for trusting this guy, but now she remembered. She remembered that she was her own knight, her own savior. She didn't need the detective boy, nor this Burgundy.

She was in the bar, a glass of brandy in her hand. She really didn't have anything to do yet. A week had passed since their mission, a week had passed since she talked to Burgundy. She had avoided him throughout. The hard disc wasn't opened yet, it had a security lock nobody could open. It had been given to higher departments, lead by Rum, the boss's right hand and most trusted agent.

She took a sip of the liquor, she didn't want to think about work in her free time. She felt somebody behind her, she looked behind and saw Burgundy standing with the empty chair beside her. He was wearing a rough blue shirt with black jeans.

"Can I sit" He had his hands in his pocket,

"It's not my place." She replied coldly, taking another sip of her brandy.

"I'm sorry," He said softly, "I know you don't like the fact that I know so much about you. I know you think that I'm like Gin, and will use this to have power over you, but I won't. You don't know me yet."

"But that's how I work. I don't work unless I know who I'm working with. I don't trust people. I'm sorry, I know you are hurt. But I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used your real name. I was furious, and scared." He was looking at the ground. She looked at his face, this guy was full of surprises. At times he was so cold and distant, but now, she could see the sincerity on his face. "I looked back and you weren't there, I thought you got shot. I thought you fell and I left you behind. But when I came back for you, you were picking the disc up. And that guy, that guy was so close to you, he was about to fire. And you didn't even know that. I had to grab your attention, the name just slipped off my tongue. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

And just like that, he broke the ice walls she had built for him, just like that, all her complaints vanished away.

She nodded, "It's okay. I know you're not like Gin. Or anybody here, people don't have a habit of apologizing. They'd crush you and move ahead, not caring for what it did to you."

He smirked, "Then you haven't met many decent people yet,"

She chuckled softly, "Oh I'm sorry, you don't really have much time to meet new people when you're an evil scientist."

He smiled, "Truce?"

She smiled too, "Yeah, truce."

He took a seat beside her, "The drinks are on me then," He nodded to the bartender, ordering his usual Burgundy.

"You like this wine? Or you just order it for your code name?" She couldn't help but ask,

"It was Sherlock Holmes' drink," He shrugged, "The only liquor he ever liked. And somebody did say I resemble Sherlock,"

"You like that detective?" She looked at him, her glass half emptied,

"You could say so." Her mind went to the little boy, who wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes.

"Its Conan. Edogawa Conan." He said after a while, "Nice to meet you," He grinned. She didn't know why, but she felt disappointed. Although she knew he wasn't the guy from her dream, but she still hoped he'd say Shinichi.

But she smiled nevertheless. It was still a big achievement. She got to see him smile, and she got to know his name. She found out that she liked his smile.

"You're quite different from the agents here, Edogawa-kun, aren't you?" She asked amused,

"You're one to talk," He dodged her question. She'd never seen him this friendly, he was always grim. But today, it was like he was a totally different person. She liked this face of his,

"So, we're friends?" He asked with such childish innocence that she couldn't stop her self from smiling. She shook her head with a soft smile, this guy was a mystery. An closed book who couldn't be judged by its cover. And there was nothing she wanted more than to read it completely. To go through the depths of every page, to understand the story behind every sentence.

"We're friends," She confirmed. He gave her a whole hearted smile, something that look so charming on his face,

"To us," He raised his glass and she did the same,

"To us." She clinked her glass with his', and that was the start of something real beautiful, something that no words could capture.

The next few days flew by. She was busy with her work, and he with his. They both were of different departments, so they didn't really see each other that much. But, they did meet each at the bar a few times. Or randomly go out somewhere, if they had time.

She enjoyed every second she had with him. After so long, it felt as if she had found her place. His presence calmed her down, washed away her worries. She loved spending time with him. She knew it was dangerous getting attached to someone, specially with the life she was living. She knew it was a risk, for both of them, but for the first time, she was willing to take the burn.

She was quite happy these days, she felt as if she finally got a reason to live.

She was in the lab, working at some formula. Her co-workers had left, she was left alone in the lab. But she was used to it. The lights were dimmed, as usual, and she was focused on her work. Her fingers typing fast. She was so focused, that she didn't even notice that someone had entered the room. Not until that someone was right in front of her.

"Sherry," Her fingers froze, she knew this deadly voice.

"Gin," she tried to hide the fear in her voice, she looked around, there was nobody. "What do you want?"

"So rude," he smiled disgustingly, "Didn't somebody teach you some manners? Oh, I forgot, your parents died before they could teach you anything. Tch tch, what a tragedy," He lit up a cigarette, and took a long puff.

"What do you want, Gin." She said through clenched teeth. She got up, the little space between her chair and table was suffocating her. And she needed to get away from this person.

"Where are you going, Shiho?" He caught her wrist before she could move further. She tried to free it but his grip was too strong.

"Somebody's getting along well with the new agent," He grinned again, showing his yellow teeth. She froze, Gin had noticed her closeness with Conan. That couldn't mean well.

She tried moving away, but he pulled her with a hand along her waist.

"Ahh," He peeked in her eyes, "You like him, don't you?"

She writhed in his grasp but it was too strong.

"He'd be dead soon enough." He chuckled, and she stopped moving. She looked at him, shocked. Gin couldn't kill him.

"Yes my dear Sherry," He noticed her look, "Inquiry has started against him. A tip has been leaked that there is a mole between us. I told them to check his profile first."

"You won't find anything against him," She said coldly.

"Oh I will," He pulled her closer, "Trust me I will,"

"Let me go, Gin." She wasn't going to show him that she's scared, no, she wasn't going to give him he wanted.

"But I want to keep holding you," He whispered in her ear, as his hand around her waist moved downwards.

"Let me go, Gin. Or else-"

"Or else what?" She could smell the cigarette through his breath.

"You can't do anything against me, Sherry." He snickered, "You don't have it in you. Besides, you're mine, and only mine."

He was too close, tilted her head and kissed her neck. She felt bile rising up her throat, tears stung in her eyes. She felt so helpless. Her phone was ringing continuously, they both looked towards it.

Burgundy Calling.

"Enjoy the time you have with him, Sherry." He looked in her eyes, "Then you'll be back to me." He kissed her lips. She tried to pull away but his hold was too strong. He kissed her forcefully, and then let go. He left her standing there with tears running down her cheeks. She could still feel his taste on her. She lunged to the toilet as she threw up. She was sobbing hysterically. Never in her life did she feel so humiliated, never had she felt so helpless.

She cried as she kept throwing up. Her phone was still ringing in the background. She didn't care, she didn't care for anything. She kept sobbing.

She was sick of this life, she was so sick of this life. She wanted this all to end. She didn't want to live this life anymore. She got out of the toilet, but didn't bother picking her phone up. She just kept sitting there bawling her eyes out.

She didn't deserve all this. Life was real unfair to her, she at least deserved something good. For the first time, she was happy. But life was going to snatch her happiness as usual. Gin's voice rang through her mind, causing her to sob harder.

"Miyano?" She heard someone calling her. She looked up and saw Burgundy standing in the door, breathless. As if he ran all the way here.

She didn't know what happened after then, all she knew is that she sprinted into his arms, sobbing hard. He pulled her closer to him, as he rubbed her back,

"Hey its okay, it okay," He said soothingly, "I got you, its okay."

"Gin." She said between hiccups, "He, He." She couldn't bring herself to say it,

"Its alright." He put her head on his chest as he stroked her hair. "I got you now, its alright."

She cried harder as she remembered what Gin said about him.

"I won't let anything happen to you," He said soothingly as she wept in his arms. All she wanted was for him to hold her forever. She felt so safe in his arms, so secure.

That night, she cried her heart out. And he held on to her, throughout the night. He held on and didn't let go. She wasn't going to believe what Gin said. No, he wasn't a mole. He wasn't going to betray her.

As she cried, she realized. She was in love, deeply and madly with this guy. And she couldn't afford to lose him. Not now, not never.

The next day, Burgundy took her out. There wasn't much to do at the organization. So they both decided to spend the day together. He took her out for lunch.

"Tell me about yourself, Edogawa-kun." She always used his name when they were out. "Don't you have a family?"

He looked at her before answering, "They were killed, when I was little." Although she had expected an answer like that, for nobody who joined this organization had a happy life they'd willingly throw away. But it still saddened her.

"I'm sorry." She said honestly, "Is that why you joined? To take revenge?"

"Yeah, something like that, I do want to avenge my parents, joining the organization gave me a way to." He shrugged. She saw a stray kitten from the restaurants window. It was looking her. She smiled softly,

"You like cats?" He asked as he noticed the soft look she had on her face.

"Very much." She looked at the kitty. "I always wanted to keep one. My sister said she'd get me one on my 18th birthday, and we'd hide it in our apartment." She chuckled sadly.

"You have an apartment?" He changed the topic.

"No, I live in the lab." She said sarcastically,

"That's what I thought too." He grinned. She slapped his head playfully and he laughed.

"You're adorable." He said as he looked at her, her cheeks flushed as she looked away. The cat had gone.

"I have an idea!" He said as he got up,

"Where are you going?" She asked as she stood up too. He hurriedly pulled some bills out of his pocket and put them on the table. He grabbed her hand,

"Lets go." He dragged her out.

"Wait, where are we going?" She asked trying to keep up with his pace.

"Somewhere," He said as they ran through the streets. She laughed as they made way through the people. Actually, he was making way and she was just following him.

They stopped in front of a pet shop.

"Wait, what are-" She couldn't get the chance to complete her sentence for he had already gone in and left her outside. She kept standing there. Within minutes he was out, he had a little kitten in his hand. A white Persian kitten, with blue eyes.

"Here, its for you." He handed her the kitten which took with careful hands.

"There was no need for this," She said as she saw the cute little thing. "Its so cute!" She exclaimed as she caressed it softly. The kitten purred with her touch.

She couldn't stop that big genuine smile on her face.

"You like it?" He asked although her emotions were quite visible.

"I loved it!" She was speechless. She finally got what she wanted the most. "Thankyou so much."

She had had the most real and innocent smile on her face. "Thankyou so very much, Edogawa-kun."

He scratched his head as he smiled sheepishly, "It's nothing."

She moved forward and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "It means the world."

His face flushed as he stammered, "Ahh, thank you. I'm glad you like it."

She hummed as she played with the little ball of fur in her hand.

They spent the rest of day together, stopping at different stalls. It was the best day of her life. They watched the sunset together by the lake. It was the best day of her life.

"Why don't I take you to your apartment." He suggested as the night fell upon them. She agreed, guiding him the way. They reached her apartment and she handed him the key, for she had the kitten in her hand.

They entered and she turned the lights on,

"Welcome to my place." She let the kitten down, who started its journey of exploring the whole house.

She looked at him, he was observing her little flat.

"Its not much, but its home." She smiled softly as she headed to the kitchen.

"It's nice." He complemented.

"Why don't I make you some coffee?" She rummaged through her cabinets for another cup. She wasn't used to have visitors, so she only had her mug. But she knew Akemi's cup was here somewhere. She found it, it was plain sea green cup, a cheery and soothing color, in contrast to her plain gray mug. A dark and gloomy one.

"Why don't I make some coffee?" He offered as he folded his sleeves up.

"It knows how to cook?" She said in an amused fake Latino accent. He grinned,

"It knows a lot of stuff, mi amor." He replied smoothly in the same accent. She laughed,

"Impress me, then." She said as she sat on the kitchen shelf. She told him where everything was, and he got into work.

"Why don't you stay in your apartment?" He asked as he worked. "You're in the headquarters most of the time. Even at nights."

"I've got a lot to work on." She shrugged. "Besides, this place reminds me too much of Akemi."

"I'm sorry for what happened to her," He said sympathetically.

"Gin did it," She said with hatred.

"You know, you should talk to the boss about that bastard." He said seriously. She just hummed, having nothing else to say.

"There you go, SeƱorita." He handed her the gray mug.

"Thankyou, Misior." She smirked. He stood there in front of her, his mug in hand. She took a sip, and the taste lightened her taste buds. She closed her eyes in content. It was soft, and creamy. In contrast to her usual strong and bitter coffee. She loved the taste.

"Not bad," She commented. He laughed. The kitten came into the kitchen, making soft voices.

"It must be hungry," She said as she got up, putting her mug down. She got a bowl and poured some milk into it. Bending down, she put the bowl in front of it. The kitty immediately started licking it.

"You thought of a name for it?" He said as he smiled,

"I'll call it, Gucci." She thought for a while before saying.

"That's a nice name. But I'd rather call it Doyle." He laughed.

"Doyle?" She was confused,

"From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle," He smirked,

"Sherlock Holmes?" She raised her eyebrow. He nodded, "Come to think of it, you name is Conan too. Your parents must be a fan of Sherlock Holmes."

"Yeah, they were." He smiled.

They kept talking, forgetting the world and whats in it. Neither of them remembered their sorrows, neither of them remembered what injustices life had done to them. They laughed and talked. For the first time, she felt normal.

"Why don't you sleep now?" He said when he noticed it was already midnight.

"Its a bit too early." She looked at the clock.

"You have trouble sleeping." It wasn't a question.

"At times," She avoided his eyes. He was silent for a while.

"Lets go." He said after a while,

"Where?" She was confused.

"To sleep," He took her hand and lead her to her bedroom. She followed him silently. They entered the room and he examined it.

"You even have a computer here?" He was amazed.

"Yeah, I work at home." She shrugged simply.

"But you can't access the data from outside the organization." The data was only stored in the organization's computers, which were secured with high level codes. Nobody had the access to these from somewhere else.

"Yeah, I have the data with me. I'm the head scientist you know. I have the data for all my co workers, and the organization has a constant check on my flat. I don't really have any visitors, so yeah."

"Isn't this computer locked too?" He said thinking.

"Yeah, but the folders aren't."

She looked at him, he seemed in deep thoughts as he looked at the computer. He noticed her looking and smiled,

"Why don't you go change?"

"You'll stay the night over?" She liked the thought.

"If you don't mind." He smiled too. She chuckled and went to the bathroom. She changed into her pajamas and got out. He was sitting on the bed, removing his watch.

"I still think its a bit early to sleep," She commented as she laid down beside him. He laid down too, they both facing each other.

"You really need to start caring for yourself. Life may have been unfair to you fate, but no to your health. Its you who's unfair to yourself." He said softly.

"I just can't sleep," She replied after a while. He straightened his arm,

"Why don't I help you with that."

She smiled as she put her head on his arm, he pulled her close.

"Go to sleep, Miyano." He whispered,

"I'm scared of nightmares," She touched her forehead with his, closing her eyes,

"I'll fight them for you." He kissed her forehead.

"Thankyou, Conan." She said with her eyes closed, "For everything. For making this day the best day of my life, for being there with me. Thankyou for making me feel alive."

"You deserve all this." He stroked her hair, "More then anyone else, you deserve to be happy."

"As long as I have you," She smiled. She let his hand in her hair lull her to sleep. After a long time, she wasn't afraid to sleep. She slept peacefully, knowing that shes not alone. The hand on her waist was enough to make her believe it.

The morning came, she woke up to see the space beside her empty. Just then, he came out of the bath. His hair were wet, and he had a towel around his neck.

"Good morning," He gave her a small smile,

"Morning." She said as she got up.

"Any nightmares?" He asked and she shook her head.

"I did have a weird dream," Now that she thinks about it, she remembered. "I think I saw you with the computer last night, and then you shot me with something. And I fell off the bed. You picked me up and put me on the bed." She said trying to remember it. He laughed loudly.

"Seriously?" He said catching his breath. She laughed too,

"Weird," She shivered. She saw him pick his valet, it was half opened. She had a glimpse inside it, the card in front had a name written on it.

Kudo Shinichi.

But she saw it for a fleeting second, maybe it had something else written. She was confused, it must be something else. Why would he have a card that had someone else's name. Shinichi. She froze, wasn't it the name she heard in her dreams? It had been long since she thought about it, but now she remembered all of it.

She watched him wear his wrist, this couldn't be the guy from her dreams. This was Conan. Edogawa Conan.

"Do you know someone named Shinichi?" She asked in a trance, she had to know. She saw him freeze for a micro second,

"Shinichi?" He confirmed.

"Yeah, Kudo Shinichi." She said, "I think I've heard this name before."

"I think he's some sort of detective," He answered after a while, "I guess I've heard about him in a newspaper, why do you ask?"

"Do you believe in soulmates, Edogawa-kun," She was thinking about the boy in her dreams.

"Yes, I suppose. We all have those dreams, don't we?" He leaned on the wall,

"His name is Shinichi." She said quietly. "The boy I see in my dreams. "His name was Shinichi."

She looked up, his face had an expression she couldn't get. As if amazed, yet sad. She didn't know what he was thinking. She guessed it was natural, I mean, he must think of her in some other way, yet she tells him that her soulmate was someone else.

"But don't worry," She tried to make it up, "I don't believe in soulmates. And I have no interest in finding whoever that person is."

He crouched down in front of her,

"That's not what I meant, Miyano." He placed a hand on her knee, "I want you to be happy, it doesn't matter with whom. I just want to see you happy. Even if it means I'm not a part of that happiness."

"But I want you to be," She said softly.

"Miyano, you know the lives we lead-" He tried to say something but she cut him off. She knew what he'd say.

"No, it doesn't matter how much time we have. We won't think about tomorrow, we'll live in the present. The organization won't take this happiness away from me, not this time."

He looked in her eyes, before leaning forward. She put a hand in his hair as she closed her eyes. Their lips met. He caressed her cheek as he deepened the kiss.

Time stopped. Everything stopped. It was only the two of them in the whole wide world.

He broke the kiss, their foreheads touching.

"I love you, Shiho." He whispered against her lips,

"I love you too." And they kissed again. It was a soft kiss, full of emotions. She had never felt this happy before. It was as if her whole world had lightened up with that single kiss.

Miyano Shiho didn't believe in soulmates, she didn't even care. She had somebody she loved more than anyone. And that's what mattered.

She was in her lab. She was searching for some files in her computer which were apparently missing. They were mostly the lists of people under her. And the lists of the drugs she had created. She must've put them somewhere or might've deleted them by accident. That was when she got his text,

Where are you? It was sent to her private number, the one that couldn't be traced.

She stopped her work and typed, Lab.

His reply was quick, The boss wants to meet you.

Is everything alright? It was weird, the boss couldn't just randomly ask to meet her.

Don't know, his reply was short.

I'll be there in a minute.

She closed her computer. Taking her lab coat off, she headed towards the office. Unexpectedly, both Gin and Vermouth were there too. Standing in the corner. Rum was standing behind the boss.

Burgundy was sitting on the chair, across the boss. There was a weird heaviness in the atmosphere. The tension was so thick that it could be cut by a knife.

"Sherry," The boss' voice was as usual icy, had no emotions in them. "Have a seat."

She looked at Burgundy, he face was stony. She sat down, something wasn't right. She could feel it.

"The hard disc has been opened." The boss said directly. It took her a moment to realize what hard disc they were talking about.

"It was empty," Rum said fiercely. She was surprised.

"How?" She looked at him.

"That's what we want to ask you, Sherry." His voice was cold, "Why was the hard disc empty?"

"How would I know?" She wasn't getting what they were trying to say.

"The codes that were on that disc, weren't easy to open. Nobody could make those codes. We had them checked by someone inside that corporation to which it belonged. He said that this code wasn't created by them. In fact, this wasn't the hard disc at all."

She froze. She knew now what they were trying to say,

"I didn't," She stuttered, "I just got that disc and we came back. I had no chance to replace it."

"We know that, Sherry." Gin spoke, "You neither have the guts to do it, nor you know how to create such a strong code."

She clenched her fist.

"What we want to ask," Vermouth said a little more gently, "Did you give that hard disc to anyone else? Did anyone beside you touch it? We suspect it might be have the FBI's hand in it. These codes are made by a special department in the FBI. Our member in that department told us that they were made by them. He is the one who opened this hard disc for us."

She thought about it, nobody had touched the hard disc except for her. She had it all the time, except when,

She looked at Burgundy, he was looking at her grimly.

She had given him the hard disc when she had to shoot. He gave it to her back. Suddenly time stopped. Everything became clear to her.

"When I'm gonna grown up, I'll be a detective, just like Sherlock Holmes. Just like you,"

"I want to join the forces. I want to be a secret agent. I want to track down the guys who killed my parents."

"You better keep this with you, the boss told you to retrieve this,"

"I don't work with an agent without doing background check, Sherry. And the boss allowed me to do it, for he knows I carry every mission my own way."

He lied, the boss never gives access to some agent's bio data to anyone, no matter how much he trusts him. She remembered what Gin said;

"Inquiry has started against him. A tip has been leaked that there is a mole between us. I told them to check his profile first."

His resemblance to the boy in her dream was too much.

"They were killed, when I was little."

"Yeah, something like that, I do want to avenge my parents, joining the organization gave me a way to."

She remembered how he insisted on going to her apartment, how keenly he had noticed everything. She remembered seeing his interest in her computer,

"But you can't access the data from outside the organization."

"Yeah, I have the data with me. I'm the head scientist you know. I have the data for all my co workers, and the organization has a constant check on my flat. I don't really have any visitors, so yeah."

"Isn't this computer locked too?" He said thinking.

"Yeah, but the folders aren't."

She remembered her dream, it wasn't a dream. He had opened her computer. He was the one who took the files out, she didn't lose them.

She remembered the card in his valet.

Kudo Shinichi. She remembered his expression at the name. This was his real name. This was the guy from her dreams, the guy that had joined forces to take revenge from the people who killed his parents. And he was just using her, to get what he wanted.

She didn't look at him again. It didn't take her much time to make her decision. Her face was stone cold as she said;

"No, It was in my possession the whole time." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Burgundy straighten up a bit, as if he didn't expect this.

"Are you sure? You gave it to nobody, not even for a second?" Gin insisted.

"Yes, I'm sure. I had it on me the whole time. I didn't put it down nor gave it to anyone."

"You do realize, Sherry, that lying is counted as treason. And you do know what we do with traitors, don't you?" The boss looked at her intently.

"Yes Boss." She answered flatly.

"We won't make an exception for you, Sherry. Even if you're a really high ranked member, if we find out that you lied. You know your fate."

She nodded as she got up. She had been dismissed, and she didn't want to spend a second more here. She knows what she had done, she knows that they'll find out the truth. They always do, and then she'd be dead. Even if the FBI gets Burgundy or whoever that person is, out. But she won't have anyone to help her out. She knew if she told them that she handed it to Burgundy, he'd be dead right there. She gave him enough time to contact his heads, and they'd get him out of here.

She walked fast through the corridors. She had to get to her lab,

"Shiho!" She heard him calling from behind, but she fastened her pace. She could feel him coming after her, but she wasn't gonna hear him out.

It was all fake, wasn't it? He knew that she was easy to get, he had her hurt nerve in his hand, he knew how to play with her. And she trusted him so easily. She wanted an escape, anything that could make her happy. She was so desperate for having a normal life, desperate for love, for happiness. And he used it against her.

She turned the corner and entered her lab.


"Don't you dare call me with my real name," She turned sharply at him, her eyes filled with fury.

"Just listen to me once," He pleaded.

"You're Shinichi, aren't you?" She didn't want to her him this time, "You are a secret agent, aren't you? FBI?"

He nodded, she laughed sarcastically,

"And here I thought you'd deny it, tell me that I am wrong."

"No, you're not." His face was void of any emotion. "Everything you said is right."

"An what about me? I was just a pawn in your game, right?" She burst out at him, "You knew you could easily get through me. You lied to me, everything you said was a lie. You only used me."

"No, that-" She cut him through,

"Oh please, don't tell me that was real. You just wanted access to the files, didn't you. You wanted a way in, and I gave you it. The day at the bar wasn't a coincidence either, right? You knew I would be there. You made me trust you, you made me let you in. For what? Just for the sake of your job."

"Shiho-" She lunged at him, her knife at his throat,

"Don't call me that," She said in a low deadly voice. "Get out of my life, I don't want to see you near me. You got what you wanted, and you have enough time to contact your head office, and they'd get you out of this organization. You can easily get out, and nobody would find you."

She turned away, she didn't want him to see the tears in her eyes,

"What about you?" He asked quietly, "When they find out you lied, they'd kill you."

"Please don't say you care about me," She said sarcastically, "I can handle myself, I always did. Maybe you don't know me yet, but Kudo Shinichi, I ain't no damsel in distress. I don't need you to save me, I can handle myself by myself. I am my own knight."


"Get lost Kudo-kun," She cut him sharply, "Don't make me call the higher heads on you."

There was no response. She heard footsteps walking away, a single drop of tear escaped her eye. She felt him stop at the door, she expected him to turn back. To come back to her and tell her that he won't leave her. That he really cared. That what they had was true.

But he just left, leaving her standing there with a broken heart and sword hanging above her, that would fall down any moment, just as they find out, and then she'd be dead.

Miyano Shiho didn't believe in soulmates, she didn't believe in love. She didn't believe in anything but herself. She wished she had never met this soulmate of hers at all.

The next few days went with her being completely paranoid. She stayed in her apartment most of the time, being afraid. She knew that any moment now, they'd come after her. Whenever she saw Gin, she felt a sense of dread, every time she saw some high ranking member near her, she thought they were here for her.

She spent every second being scared for her life.

There were no signs for Burgundy, he had disappeared. Nobody knew where he went. For now, the organization only knew that he was a traitor, there was nothing against her, for now. But they had a constant check on her, it was no secret that they too were real close. And the only person Burgundy was near to, was her. But they didn't know what she did for him. They didn't know that the files were taken from her computer, because she let him stay the night.

She hadn't eaten in days. Since he left, she did nothing. She just spent her whole day sitting on her bed, looking at a point far away.

She didn't even have time for Gucci Doyle. The poor kitten used to come up to her, trying to play with her. But she just ignored it. It reminded her of him. Everything did.

She hated herself more than she hated him. She knew that whenever she got attached to someone, it never ended up well. She knew she wasn't meant to be happy. Yet she believed, she believed in him. She always had faith in herself only, for the first time, she trusted someone else. For the first time, she let someone else hold her hand. Only to let them push her off the cliff.

She hated herself, for falling in love.

A week had passed, rumors said that the organization was close to catching Burgundy. But she knew they won't be able to. All she thought about was him, she could see him in her dreams. Apologizing, begging her to forgive her. But dreams were just dreams. They meant nothing.

Even now, when she was deep in sleep, she could feel his presence near her.

"Miyano," She could hear him call her. But she wasn't going to listen to him.

"Miyano, please, wake up." She woke up with a start. He was there, crouching down next to her bedside. A cap over his head. She couldn't believe it. She thought it was a dream.

"What are you doing here?!" She exclaimed as soon as her senses came back to her. "This place is continuously being surveilled! You should've escaped till now, got out of the country or something!"

"I couldn't leave you behind," He couldn't take his eyes off her.

"You already did," She said bitterly.

"They found out." He said after a while, "They'll be here any moment."

"So?! You still came, even when you knew they'd be here! Are you out of your mind?!" She didn't know why, but even now, she cared for him more than herself.

"I'm not leaving you." He said firmly, "Come with me, please. I'll keep you protected."

She laughed bitterly, "And your agency would let you keep a deadly member of this organization? They'd shoot me on spot, or put me behind bars for the rest of my life."

"I won't let anything happen to you." He looked her in the eye, "My agency would gladly take you in, they'd provide you protection. And you can work with us, with me."

"So its all about work again, isn't it? You want information out of me, and you want me to work for you," It was dumb of her to believe he came because he cared.

"You don't have to work if you want to," He begged, "Just please, please come with me."

Just then a bullet pierced through her window. She yelped.

"Miyano, please." He said desperately as he took her hand. She was shivering, they were here. They were going to kill them.

She nodded, she didn't want to both ran out of the apartment. The lift opened and a group of men in black, fully armed, came out. She looked at Kudo and he ran towards the stairs, the men followed them behind, shooting at them. They dodged the bullets as they ran up the stairs.

"Watch out," She pushed him out of the way as she saw a bullet fly right past him.

"Thankyou," They were both breathing hard, running as fast as they could. They reached the roof.

"What now?" She looked at him. They were standing on the edge, they had no where to run.

"We'll die," She could hear the mean coming right at them.

"We won't," he said as he looked down, "Lets jump."

"Are you of your mind!" She shouted,

"Miyano, please. We have to jump." He said desperately as he looked at the door to the stairs, it would open any second.

"No, there's now way I'm jumping." She was out of her senses, shivering hard.


"NO!" She shouted as she looked down, they were at a real elevation from the ground. And she was scared of heights,, "We'll die, we won't make it! Can you see the distance! There's no way in hell we'll make it out. You shouldn't have came back. Its too high, we'll-"

He cut her off as he kissed her deeply, holding her shivering form. He broke the kiss as he looked her in the eye,

"You trust me?"

And there, at that moment. She realized that if there was anyone she could trust in the world, blindly. It was him. She was ready to take every jump for him. He was her soulmate, her everything. And he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. She trusted him.

She looked at him, and nodded. For him, she'd do anything.

And they both jumped.

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