A/N: Im so sorry for the long wait, I really am. Its just all this shit going on really got to my head, and it was real hard for me to concentrate on stuff. But here you go;

Kudo Shinichi was a practical man. His world revolved around his work, and only his work. He really didn't care about anything, he stopped caring a long time ago. All that mattered, was his goal. His aim for life. And that was to take town the organization that killed his parents. That's only what he wanted in life. To pursue the truth, no matter the cost. He didn't have time to daydream about a perfect life, or a perfect family. He didn't even care about his so called soulmate. These things never mattered to him.

Yes, he did believe in soulmates. He heard everything from his parents, there was a time when he used to dream about his perfect life. He used to imagine the life with his soulmate. But now, he'd lost the wish for that. He lost the wish for everything.

But at times, when he has nothing else to do. He does think about that little girl. Cold and distant, yet abnormally smart. He was happy for that, at least his soulmate wasn't some cheery good for nothing teenager.

Right now, he was in his office. Looking over some case files. The recent case he had was some suicidal blast. A man had blown himself along with a whole story of a building. No witness left, everyone was killed. Including the next vice president of Japan, who was attending some business dinner at that very story. It was pretty evident that he was the target. But that wasn't why he had taken over this case. The thing that had caught his attention was the black Porsche. The very black Porsche that belong to that person. The person with those green eyes and silvery long hair. He can't forget that face. Nor that voice. The person that had killed his parents. That cold laugh. His face hardened as he remembered that guy.

Gin. That was his name. And the funny thing was, he saw that person in his dream too. The dream with that little girl in it.

He was in that body. The body he'd been in, countless of times. He was five. It was a sunny day, extremely hot. He was in the backyard of his house. His sister was there with him. A girl with long black hair and a cute angelic face. She was running after a butterfly, trying to catch it.

He on the other hand, was sitting under the tree. A big book in his lap. It was full of formulas. Chemistry. He was soaking in all the information, a bored look on his face.

"Shiho-chan!" His sister called him. He ignored her and kept reading.

"Shiho-chan!" His sister shouted again. When he didn't respond, she came to him.

"Geez, Shiho-chan." She looked at him disappointed, "Why are you always stuffing your head in mama's books?"

"I like them." he answered without looking up. She made a bad face.

"You keep reading them all the time."

"Because I like them," She repeated.

"Shiho-chan, why don't you play with me?" His sister complained, "Its such a beautiful day!"

"I don't want to." His voice was weirdly cold for someone his age. His sister sighed and took a seat beside him.

"You're turning into mama and papa," She put her head in her hands as she looked at him sadly. "Always working, you don't even play with me."

He didn't answer.

"Your soulmate would be so bored around you," she grinned.

"I don't believe in soulmates." he said bored.

"But they do exist!" She said exasperated. She sighed again when he didn't answer. Just then, they're parents entered the backyard. They both looked up, Akemi smiled and ran up to them.

"Mom! Dad! You're finally home!" She giggled as she hug them.

But he wasn't looking at them. He was looking at the person standing behind them. That cold, scary guy with silvery long hair. He was looking at him too. His eyes were green, sharp as a snake's. Their eyes locked and he gave her a smirk. He felt anger boiling inside her. But a little fear too. He broke the eye contact and focused on her book. He could still feel the piercing stare of that guy.

Gin. That's what his parents called him.

His phone buzzed and he snapped out of his thoughts. It was an email, having the list of all the people who were in that building. And a separate one of all the guests, at that very floor. The culprit must've been one of them. Since that floor was completely booked for security measures. All the people were checked before entering. And that's what annoyed him. If nobody was let in without a complete scan, then how did that guy manage to get in with those explosive. The only explanation was that there must've been some inside guy. Who aided him. And for that, he also ordered the list of all the waiters and workers.

Nothing was out of ordinary. There was no new joiner, all of them had been working there for more than 3 years. All the footage was gone. It was all destroyed in the blast. And even if they weren't, he knew that it would be completely wiped out. There was no clue, no trail he could follow to solve this.

And that's exactly why he knew that the organisation was involved. This was their style. Leaving no evidence behind. But there is no such thing as a perfect crime. They messed up at one place. At the time of explosion, there was a couple who had captured the whole event. They were some tourist who were making a video of that site. And that video had captured the transaction between Gin and that guy. Robert Brown. He had already made a background check on this guy. He was a foreigner, working in some oil company in Los Angeles. But he had resigned a year ago. He had no family, nothing that could give information about his life.

In that video, you could clearly see Gin and him exchanging a briefcase. Probably the cash the guy had to receive. After the blast at that floor, you could see Gin pressing something and just at that moment the whole building crumbled to the ground.

So, that Brown had no idea that he was to be blown with the building. He had no idea this would be his last mission. And the organisation did not even think twice before blowing their own member. They were heartless monsters. Nothing mattered to them. Neither the rank, nor the importance of a member. They could kill anyone in a blink of a second, without any regret.

He still remembers that dream, the dream that had shaken him for days. And that made him think he was lucky. At least he did not see his parents being shot right in front of his eye. At least he had not witnessed them falling to the ground. At least he did not have his mother falling right on him, her body lifeless, yet that smile on her face.

The little girl was standing in front of their backyard door. The glass door. He was looking expectantly at their front door. It was her birthday, or his, since he was in that body. Everything was prepared, there was a black coffee cake on the table. His sister had made the arrangements. Their living room was decorated with black and gold. It was her 10th birthday. His sister was giving the final touch to everything, while he was waiting for his parents. Although his face showed no particular happiness, but he was beyond excited from inside. He was so happy, his parents would come home early. They'd celebrate her birthday and then go out for dinner. It had been so long since he had spent time with his parents. They were always busy with their work. They would be going out together after so long.

The front door opened and his parents rushed in. His face lit up as a smile crept up to his face. He moved aside as they opened the door, but that smile soon faded as he saw their faces. Panic and fear was all over their face.

"Akemi! Shiho!" his mother said as soon as they entered, "We have to go, get your things."

"But Mom, you just came!" Akemi said exasperated, oblivious to the looks on their parents face.

"There's no time for that, Elena." His father rummaged through his drawer, "We need to get out as soon as possible. I have a friend we can go over to."

"But-" "No buts, Akemi." His mother cut her off.

"Whats happening, mom?" It was the first time he spoke.

"We'll explain in the way, but now we have to go." His father said as he held Akemi's hand. His mother picked him up. But before they could get out, the backdoor burst open,

"Going somewhere?" It was Gin with his dirty smirk. His father got his gun out,

"Don't even think of it, Atsushi." Gin shook his head, "You don't want us to hurt your little children, now do you?"

"Listen, Gin," His mother spoke carefully, "We'll sort it out, its not what you think. We don't have to go through it."

"The boss' orders are the final order, Hell's Angel." Gin used his mothers code name. His father fired,

"Take the kids and run!" He shouted, his mother got Akemi and sprinted backwards. There was a scream, it was his father's. Akemi was crying hysterically, while he was looking at his fathers dead body. Her mother had stopped too. They were all frozen.

"Gin, please." His mother pleaded, shielding both of them.

"Don't worry. The boss wants your children alive. They might be useful. Specially, the younger one." Gin looked right into his eyes, the same snake like eyes. His face was emotionless, he wasn't crying, nor was he panicking. He was completely blank.

"But Gin," and before she could complete her sentence, a bullet was fired from Gins gun. His mother fell backwards, right on him. Her blood was all over him. Akemi was screaming,

"You'll be alright, okay?" Her mother said between breaths, a soft smile on her face. "You'll be alright, Shiho. Everything's going to be alright."

Gin shot again and his mothers body jerked, as her head fell onto his chest. The smile still on her face.

His little hands trembled as he held her body. Akemi fainted, her body falling into the pool of blood. He looked up, face stone cold. Gin snickered as he pulled his mothers body from her hair and threw her aside like a ragged doll.

"Looks like you're the only one with enough guts here, huh?" Gin knelt down in front of him,

"What do you want from us?" His voice was abnormally leveled, considering the fact that his father was shot in front of him, his mothers blood was all over him. Yet, his voice was firm, and cold.

"Oh, what I want," His gaze traveled down his body, "I want a lot of things, Shiho." He dragged his name on his tongue, his hand holding his chin up.

"But right now, orders are orders. I have to take you two back. Without any scratch." His hand moved a stray hair from her face, tucking it behind his ear.

"Why did you kill my family?" He heard himself say,

"They were meant to die. Don't hate me for it." Gin peered into his eyes, "We humans, are animals. Killers. And this world is a war zone. Everyone of us has to face a gun, but its in our hand, to chose which side of the gun we are to be at. The end of the barrel, or behind it."

He picked Akemi up, and threw her over his shoulder. Taking his hand, he got out of the home. He looked back, at his parents body. He still couldn't comprehend what was going on.

"I'll tell you something, Shiho." Gin said as he threw Akemi into the car, "The law of nature." He removed the gloves off his hand. Taking out a remote from his pocket, he pressed a button.

"You either kill, or be killed."

There was a huge blast behind him, and the house he grew up in, was lit on fire. A fire that could be seen in his eyes. A fire that waited for the right time to burn everyone and everything to ashes. And in that moment, he had found his enemy.

Shinichi blinked, shaking that horrifying memory. He gulped down a glass of water, his hands slightly trembling. He admired that girl, he knew that he could never be as strong as her. He remembered how he kept weeping the whole night. But he saw how she did not even utter a word.

Maybe that's why fate had chosen her for him. They both had a common enemy. A common goal. A family to avenge. Those dreams made him more determined. He knew he had to take the organization down. He had to get her out of that hell hole. He swore to avenge his family, and hers. And all those families that had been torn apart due to these beast.

He was in his office when the door opened,

"Kudo!" It was his friend, Hattori Heiji. Just like him, he was one of the best detectives of Japan. Well, Shinichi was the best. He could be the second best, or maybe third. But Hattori's thick hot head would never admit this fact.

"Geez, when will you ever stop working!" He slumped onto the sofa in his office. Shinichi paid him no attention, he couldn't afford distractions. Hattori sighed,

"You know, you might as well as die old, alone in some pit hole, chasing some criminal." Hattori looked at him with disappointment, before his face lit up.

"Heyy, did you know that Ran-chan was going to try up for the forces too?" He referred to Shinichi's childhood friend. Mouri Ran, a cheerful yet quite strong karate champion.

Shinichi hummed in response,

"Can you imagine the fuss it will cause in the office." Hattori said with a dreamy look. Ran was really pretty, she had a beautiful body and all men fawned over her.

"No, But I can imagine Toyama-san's reaction when I tell her what you just said." Shinichi mentioned Hattori's fiance, eyes still on his laptop. Hattori straightened up immediately,

"Hey hey, I don't know what you're talking about." He stuttered as he rubbed his head sheepishly, "Besides, I was talking about you and Ran-chan. You two would make a decent couple, won't you?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Ran's just a friend." He continued typing.

"But she can be more than that! Imagine the pies you'd get to eat daily!" Hattori's eyes turned dreamy again. Shinichi gave him a look and he corrected himself, "Kazuha makes nice pies too. Which reminds me, she was calling you over on a dinner, tomorrow night." He changed the topic quickly.

"Let me guess, Ran's going to be there too, and then you too would flake off leaving me alone with her so we could talk about us."

Hattori almost fell from his chair,

"How did you-" He chocked on his spit.

"Don't underestimate me, I'm a detective," Shinichi closed his laptop, his hawk like eyes locking with Hattori's. "Just by hearing your voice, I know what you're up to."

He gave him a small smirk before getting up. "Tell Toyama-san that I'm quite delighted by the offer. But I have a case I'm working on. Besides, you should be attentive as well. Agents like us don't have time for dinners. We have to work, all the time. There's a new mission coming up, I'm trying my best to get it."

And he got out of the room, leaving Hattori inhaling sharply behind,

"He's gonna die, soon enough." He jumped off a sofa, putting a handful of mints into his pocket from Shinichi's table. As he got out of the room, Shinichi was leaning against the wall,

"You might as well take the whole bowl rather than shoving some into your pocket every time you visit me." Shinichi patted his shoulder and walked away.

"I'm going to kill that guy," Hattori controlled his anger and followed him silently. But one thing he knew for sure, Shinichi was the best detective the world could ever witness. Nothing could get out of his sight.

He was going to get that mission, both of them knew this.

"The Black Organization, also known as the Black Crows, are a serious threat to the survival of our city," The chief inspector was saying, "They have caused considerable damage to our society, killing people after people, having no mercy."

They were all sitting around the long the table, listening attentively although they all knew everything about those crows.

"The biggest goal, of our agency, is to take them down. Thousands have tried doing so, and thousands have laid their life for this cause. We are this close," he used his thumb and index finger to elaborate, "In taking them down. But recently, it hurts me to say it, but, recently a lot of our inside members were shot. The organization is quite active these days, and although we are trying to recover our agents, but we are failing. We lost many of our men, and thus we are losing the sources of our information."

On the screen behind him, the projector was showing the pictures of the agents that were either dead, or missing. The agents brave enough to infiltrate the organization, acting undercover but couldn't be contacted anymore.

"Right now, we need some volunteers that could join the organization. We need to know about our missing agents, and we need more information from the inside. I have gathered my best agents here, and now its up to you. I'm not going to force anyone into doing it, for this is one of the most dangerous missions. And there's no guarantee that you would get out of it alive." He looked at them seriously, "The rest of information would be given only to those who are willing to take this mission. We need an agent, an agent capable of dealing with the dual life, and brave enough to risk it. They are to join the organization and follow every order they give, and no matter what happens, under no circumstance, are they to reveal their real identities, no matter whats on stake. And as usual, if they get caught, the FBI will disavow any knowledge of their actions. If you get caught, you know how to end your life, before spitting out any information about your job."

They all knew these orders, they were the same for every mission. They were well trained for it. To chose death over treason. Shinichi looked around, he knew that this was his mission. The mission he had been aiming for since the start of his career. He had been prepared for it from the very first day. And that's why he got up, before letting anyone do so. The inspector, who had already known that he was going to volunteer, nodded at him.

"Thankyou, Kudo-kun. The nation respects your courage and admires your bravery. I shall give you the detailed information later on."

"Thankyou Sir, I'm honored to serve my country, and shall prove myself worthy of the badge I wear today." Shinichi gave him a solute, which he returned proudly.

He had just received the files containing all of the information regarding his mission. His code name would be Burgundy, since the organization named their members after alcohol name. Burgundy would also be his code name from the FBI just to avoid suspicions.

He had the major information of many important high ranking members. This was all thanks to their uncover agent. He flipped through the pages; pictures and code names were everywhere. Thanks to his amazing memory, he memorized each and every detail of those members. The members he needed to be close to, and those to avoid.

His eyes hardened as Gins profile came into view. Not much was written on it except for the fact that he was the organizations top assassin. A cold blooded murderer. He needed to be extra careful around this guy. He was one of the top most ranking members, and closest to the boss. After Rum and Vermouth of course.

There was nothing about Rum. No picture, no gender, no information. They just knew that he was the boss' right hand. And that was enough to let them know that he or she, whoever this person is, is a real dangerous person. Under no circumstances he was to go near this person. But Shinichi knew, if he was able to, he definitely would get to know this person and be the first agent to fill this blank paper about Rum.

Then there was Vermouth. The master of disguise. She was known in this world as the actress Sharon Vineyard, and after faking her death, she came out as Sharon's daughter, Chris Vineyard. She was a cunning woman, the boss' favorite. He could never let his guard down in front of her.

He flipped through the page, and he stopped for a moment. He knew this face. And he knew her story more than anyone else here. He looked at the picture attached on the top. It was the same slender face, with those cold eyes. Her strawberry blonde hair hugging her face in a bob cut.

Sherry. Her code name was written on the top.

"Miyano Shiho." He said to himself, for he knew her name. The organization's head scientist. And she was the one who he had to get close to. She was an easy prey. Not in a sense that she wasn't dangerous, no. She was far more dangerous than any of the guys in the organization. She wouldn't even think before blowing your head off.

But, she was a scientist. Had no attachment to any of the members except for her deceased sister. The report said that she was killed in some accident. But he knew the whole story. Oh he saw the whole story.

It was that dream again. He was in her body. But he was much more older now. He was sitting in a cafe, waiting for someone. It felt as if he'd been waiting for a long time. He looked out of the window, the sun was setting. He knew that he had to go back.

Just then, a waitress approached him, a slice of blue berry cake in her hand. She put it down in front of him. There was a candle on it.

"Your sister told me to give it to you, in case she didn't make it in time," The waitress smiled gently, "Happy Birthday."

He felt himself nod, as he stood up.

"Can you please pack it? I would like to eat it at home." He said in a cold and distant voice. He felt sad, and disappointed. He was really looking forward to meeting her. A long time had passed since they ate together.

"I'm sorry you have to eat it alone. Nobody deserves to be alone, at least not on their special day." The waitress had returned with a small box.

"Its okay." He gave her a slight nod and took the box.

He got out of the cafe, heading towards the lab instead of his apartment. He took his coat once inside his lab. He looked in the mirror, a pale yet beautiful face looked back at him. The short strawberry blonde hair hugging the face in an elegant manner. He averted his gaze and looked at the cake. He sighed as he lit up the candle.

Just then somebody came in, he looked up and saw some official member.

"Sherry, the boss wants to see you." He followed him silently to the boss' office. Once inside, he felt a dreadful feeling in the pit of his stomach. As if he knew something wasn't right.

"Sherry," The boss said in a cold voice, he saw Gin standing beside the boss, looking at him meaningfully. His stare bore through his soul. Or her soul.

"We've eliminated your sister." The boss said coldly, his voice void of any emotion. He felt the ground beneath him shake, he thought he misheard him.

"What?" He heard himself speak, he was shocked. His bind had gone blank.

"I shot your sister." It was Gin who spoke this time, "The organisation had no use of her anymore. The boss ordered me to do it, she was eliminated this evening."

Never did he feel such shock, never did he feel so weak. His knees buckled, he stumbled a little before grabbing the chair in front of him for support.

"I want you to work on the drug your parents left incomplete." The boss didn't wait before giving the next orders. He didn't care for Sherry's state.

He opened his mouth to say something but Gin beat him to it,

"The boss' orders are the final orders Sherry. You might want to reconsider what you're about to say, any words of denial or questioning his decisions are considered treason. And any act of treason will lead you straight to your sister."

He turned, ready to get out of this room. He didn't want any of them to notice the tears in his eyes, or the way his lips were trembling.

"There's no room for emotions in this organisation, Sherry," The boss said, "We do not tolerate weakness. You should know where your loyalty lands, I expect the drug to be finished as soon as possible."

He silently walked into the lab, his face emotionless. He had no energy left in him. He had nothing left. His sister was his everything. Everything. He looked at the candle that had melted.

His birthday. His parents died that day. His sister died today. He fell to the floor, powerless and beaten.

He saw the candle burn. The fire eating it slowly. The same fire could be seen in his eyes. A fire that was going to burn everything with it.

Shinichi blinked, before filling a glass of water. His hands were trembling. Never had he ever felt those intense emotions. Such grief, such hatred, such anger. He hadn't felt it even when his parents died.

He gulped down the water and looked at Sherry's picture. He couldn't stop himself from admiring her courage. Her strength. She was the strongest person he;d seen till now. She was a woman, yet more powerful than men.

He kept staring at her picture before deciding to see her in person. Her birthday had passed the previous week. He knew that. He couldn't stop himself from going to see her. He knew where she would be at this hour.

He knew her routine outside the lab, for he had kept an eye on her for a very long time now.

He was standing on the other side of the road, a newspaper in his hand. He kept an eye on the bar in front of him. He didn't have to wait much, as he finally saw her getting in. He could see that she was limping. His face grimaced, he didn't know why. He waited for a few more minutes before getting in.

She was there, a bottle of tequila in her hand. That was strange, she usually drank sherry. He took a seat beside her. She didn't notice. And that was another strange thing. He knew the remarkable senses of the organisations member. She seemed distracted.

He ordered Burgundy on purpose. So she would notice. Burgundy was his code name, he had chosen it himself as it was Holmes' favorite drink. His voice had brought her back to earth since she turned to look at him. He kept his face straight, and his usual serious expression on. But unconsciously his hardness softened a bit. He still didn't know why.

He turned to look at her, and in one glance he saw all the bruises.

"You're hurt," He said in a monotonous voice, expertly masking the worry. She ignored him, he didn't expect less. But he continued his deduction, his finger unconsciously moving around the rim of his cup.

"And why do you care?" She spoke at last, her voice cold as ice. But he wasn't affected by it the least bit. He thought about it, nobody could lay a finger on her. She was Sherry, the head scientist in a deadly organisation. But maybe those injuries were inflicted by the organisation. Or maybe somebody from the organisation.

"Harassment is a crime, and its better if your report it." He told her to tell her boss in the most casual way. He knew the ruthlessness of the organisation, but somehow he was sure that the boss didn't have a hand on it. She was precious for the organisation, and whoever did this to her had done it on his own will.

"Who are you?" He didn't answer. He wasn't the one to have conversation with strangers but he didn't know why he cared so much about her. He stopped being surprised about his attitude around her.

He felt a presence at his back, but was relaxed for he was sure she felt it too. He reflexes were as strong as his, he predicted. But he was wrong again. For she was startled as the guy put a hand on her shoulder.

He wondered if her senses were effected by the liquor, or her current state. He doubted the former, as she swiftly moved the guys hand of her shoulder. The guy pulled her by the waist and she hissed. He was sure she had a broken rib. He stood up, anger boiling inside him. He didn't like the way that guy touched her. He didn't know why, but he had stopped being surprised about his attitude around her.

But before he could do something, Shiho twirled and removed the man's hand from her waist, she twisted it and with a swift move, she threw him from over shoulder onto the counter.

He was surprised. He had expected her strength but with her current injuries it was impossible to throw such a guy over ones shoulder. That's when he knew she didn't need anyone to defend her. She was capable of doing so herself. He silently watched the fight, still amazed by her swift reflexes.

A crowd had gathered much to his dislike. He saw her stiffen a little while dodging a punch and thus failing to do so. She coughed violently and he couldn't stop the uneasiness creeping to his face. He knew she was already hurt there.

The guy threw her onto the floor and her head banged. That's when he felt his anger getting out of control. Before the guy could punch her again, he stopped his fist mid air. With much ease, he twisted his arms at such an angle that the man growled in pain. With a kick at his back, the guy fell face forward.

He bent down, and in an discreet manner, showed the guy his badge.

"You better run before I turn you in," He whispered in his ear and the guy scurried away.

He went to Shiho and offered her a hand, he saw her contemplating before taking it. He pulled her up,

"You alright?" He tried to hide the worry in his voice, she opened her mouth to say something but stumbled backwards. He gripped her hand to stop her from falling,

"You need to go to the hospital," He stated but saw her flinch. That's when he realized her arm was hurt too and his grip was a little too tight. He left her hand immediately.

"I'm fine," She said icily but it didn't affect him. He knew she couldn't go to the hospital, for that would probably bring her to light and she would have to answer for her injuries,

"At least let me patch this up for you," He couldn't stop himself from saying, he knew she had a broken rib. But this seem to tense her up,

"Thank you so very much." She said through clenched teeth, "But I think I made it pretty clear that I'm fine."

He shrugged, he knew she had a high self esteem. He cursed himself mentally for even asking her that question. Without another glance at her, he walked out of the bar. He had already brought much attention to himself than required.

But he couldn't take her off his mind, despite his efforts. He did all his work absentmindedly, still thinking about her injuries. He wondered if she would get them treated, but knew she wouldn't.

He had stopped wondering why he cared so much for her. He just did. And he knew this wasn't a smart move, he knew this would effect his job badly, but for the first time, he didn't care.

A week had passed, and he was so busy that he couldn't afford going to see her. Although he tried, but it seemed as if they both were busy.

He was now officially a part of that organisation, it didn't take him much effort to impress the boss and reach a high rank. His skills were astonishing. And as expected, his first mission was alongside Sherry. They had to retrieve a disc which had some top secret information. Naturally, the FBI wanted their hands in it too. So he not only had to get the disc from that company, but he also had to get it out from the claws of the organisation.

He had been told to earn the trust of Sherry. Her current research had caught the eye of FBI too. He had to access her files, and for that he needed to be real close to her. This made it a bit easier for him, now his attachment with her could be overlooked by his seniors, and they would think he's just fulfilling his job.

He was in the boss' office when he was told that he were to meet his partner today. Vermouth told him that she was in the training center. He had completed his research about Miyano Shiho, tho he didn't need to put in much effort.

He was at the door of the room, when he heard her scream. His face hardened, it didn't take him much time to know the reason for her bruises. He composed himself and silently sat behind them. He didn't want to distract her but she had obviously caught the movement as she turned her face, but before she could see him, Gin punched her.

He gritted his teeth, she was already on the floor, what was the use of punching her?! He knew that Gin wasn't training her, but lashing out his anger on her.

Gin bent down and grabbed her hair, "With these moves, you'd be dead in no time." He banged her head onto the ground, and stormed out of the room.

Never did Shinichi felt such anger towards someone. The guy who had murdered his family, and was torturing somebody so near to him. It had taken every bit of his self control to stop him from putting a bullet through that bastard's head.

He went and crouched down in front of her. She was panting hard, blood oozing from her face. His heart ached for her,

"At least let me patch you up, this time," His voice has lost its normal edge. He knew she recognized him immediately. A part of him was happy she remembered him.

But she didn't look up, probably from the humiliation. His heart already softened up for her, and he gave her hand.

"Here, let me help you up." Which thankfully she took.

He felt her eyes on him, he knew she was trying to figure everything out. That's why he went to the bar the other night. So she could meet him before actually knowing who he was. Maybe this would make her attitude towards him different. He knew she hated everyone here, so maybe if he didn't introduce himself directly as a member, she would be different.

And it did work out, as he could sense her calmness. He could sense that she was comfortable with him. She had to be, they were soulmates after all.

He sat down in front of her, and quietly took out the things he wanted. Meanwhile, she pulled her shirt up, revealing her now purple blue stomach.

"Do you know how to treat wounds?" She asked curiously, he knew why. Because field guys didn't know much about medical stuff. But in FBI, they were given every type of training.

Instead of answering, he nodded his head. He was always like that, reserved. Silent and grim. Although he knew she wouldn't have to put much effort in melting his walls. She was already doing it.

He raised his hand but then stopped and looked at her for her permission. She nodded, and he gently touched the area. She flinched. He knew Gin had hurt her badly,

"Tell me where it hurts," He said quietly as he touched different areas, as gently as possible. He didn't know why he was so gentle when it came to her. She inhaled sharply as he touched her ribs.

"Told you the rib's broken," he felt proud as his deduction was right once again. He always felt happy when he guessed something right.

"Do you still want me to report this?" She smirked, reminding him of his previous suggestion. He told her that so she could talk to the boss, not the police. But he knew she couldn't figure out his riddles.

"You should talk to the boss," he told her clearly. She needed to stop this. "Gin wasn't fair with you. That's not how you train somebody. It looked as if he was releasing all of his anger on you. You should go to the boss, talk to him," That was the longest sentence he said to her. He wanted her to inform the boss, he knew that the boss would immediately take action.

"You can't say a word against Gin," She sneered, and he could sense the anger and helplessness behind it.

"And why is that so?" He was rubbing an ointment on her bruises, and he knew it hurt her. Although she didn't show it, but he just knew.

"Because he's Gin!" She said with hatred, "He does whatever he wants to, and you can't say a word against him. Or else," She became silent. He knew why she feared Gin that much. But what she didn't know, was that she was worth way more than she imagined. One complaint would be enough to set Gin straight.

"Or else what?" He asked her, trying to make her understand, "You'll be amazed to see that he can't do anything to you. You're the head scientist here, you have more power over him. But your fear isn't letting you do anything, and that fear acts like a fuel to Gin. The more you fear him, the more power he will have over you."

He really wanted her to take an action. All this had to stop.

She was silent as he wrapped the bandage around her waist. Although he had done a perfect jo, but it would be better if she got it checked by some expert.

"This might help, but you need a proper treatment." He said as he got up, "You can go for now, we'll train from tomorrow. My way, this time." He didn't wait for her to respond, and silently got out of the room. The more he was around her, the deeper he fell for her.

He knew if somebody saw them together, things would get difficult. For both of them. He didn't know if his presence affected her just as hers did to him. But what he knew, was that he had to protect this girl at all costs. Even if that meant laying his life on the line for her.

They were sitting in the meeting room. Gin was there, along with Vermouth. Who was currently explaining the whole plan to them. Not that he didn't already know the details to it. He actually knew more than them. But he pretended to listen, the technical lens in his eye capturing everything. This is how the FBI kept an eye on him. This lens couldn't be detected.

He was sitting poker faced, trying his best not to avert his gaze to her. If Gin saw his interest in her, she'll be the one who will have to pay. It was real hard to be around that bastard. But the FBI had taught him to control his nerves. To control his anger. And he was the best at it. But right now, it revolved around him. That person had murdered his whole family. He had murdered Shiho's family. How could he control himself knowing that? Its easy to act cold and nonchalant around strangers, but when your own emotions are involved, its not easy at all.

"Burgundy, you and your team would enter from this route," Vermouth's voice brought his attention back at the plan, "You have to make sure Sherry enters the building safely,"

"And you'd have to do all the job, for Sherry can't protect herself, she has zero skills," Gin smirked, and he clenched his fists. He knew she won't say a word.

"I'm sure by the time we'd be done, She'd be more than ready." He said sternly, making sure to look in that son of bitch's eye.

Gin glared at him, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sherry relax. He knew his comment had pleased her.

"Sherry, all you have to do, is get into the building, break the code and get the hard disc."

Sherry nodded, "I shall discuss the further details with Burgundy." She stood up, and he followed.

"And if you get caught," Gin said the sentence they all had memorized, "The organization will get you killed before you get the chance to open your mouths, understand?"

They both nodded, and got out together.

"If you're free, we can start training. You just need some tips, otherwise you can fight greatly." He had seen her fight, she had talent. All she needed was to be taught how to use it.

"Didn't you see me with Gin the other day, I barely touched him." She said bitterly, it hurt him to see how low she thinks of herself. And all that due to that dickhead.

"I saw you fight a guy twice your size in the bar," He replied easily. "Not to mention, you were injured badly." He showed her the mirror, in a hope that she realizes her worth. A small smile crept on her face. It was the first time he saw her smile, and it made him happy to know he's the reason behind it.

"Thankyou." She said earnestly, "For the other day."

He simply nodded. Not seeing the need to say something. A comfortable silence enveloped them. He liked her presence. Although he was known to be the most anti social agent, but he had no problem spending more time with her.

He had seen her fight, and except for some minor mistakes, she had nothing to correct. So he taught her. Just the way they were taught in the FBI. She was a quick learner, she understood all that he said, and learned surprisingly fast.

And then they fought, it was just like dancing. Moving with the wind, he had one the best fights in his life. Once they stopped, he was proud of his accomplishment.

"Good," He said between breaths, as they both stopped. "Really good, keep that up and you'd put Gin to the ground in no time." He meant it, the way she fought with him, he was sure she could reverse roles with Gin the next time they fight, and the one on the ground, would be Gin.

She smirked, "Why don't you do it then?"

He stopped himself from laughing, but couldn't stop the smile. Ahh he so wished to do that. But he knew how to bring that bastard down. "The best warrior knows which battle to fight. There's a right time for everything."

And just like that, he got out.

He was in his office, his real office, when Heiji came in,

"Heyyyaa," He slopped down on the couch. "Hows your mission going?"

He was looking at the information given to him regarding the mission with Sherry. The FBI would be there too. He'll have their help,

"Good," He shrugged,

"Why are you always so grumpy?" Heiji complained, "Your soulmate indeed is getting herself into quite a mess. Poor her,"

He didn't know about Sherry, but Shinichi did. His lips curved into a smile,

"I'm sure she's even more grimmer than me," He didn't bother looking up.

"Ehhh you met her?!" Heiji suddenly jumped off the couch, "What the hell man?! You didn't even tell me!"

He sighed, looking up at him. "I didn't," He lied easily, "I just guessed it."

Heiji made a bad face, but then it suddenly lit up,

"Hey why don't you give Ran-san a try?" He tried talking him into it like forever,

"She's not my soulmate," At first, it didn't matter, but now, after meeting Shiho, hes sure theres no place for any other girl in his life except for her.

"But shes nice," Heiji pointed out, "And pretty,"

"But shes not my type," He stated.

"And what is your type?"

Shinichi paused, the image of Shiho fighting in the bar flashed in his mind,

"Somebody who could knock down a man twice her size, despite being injured badly. Somebody who doesn't smile all the time, but takes her professions seriously. Somebody who knows how to reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm. I want a girl like that."

Heiji burst out laughing, "There aren't any girls in this world like that. Girls aren't supposed to be that way."

Shinichi hummed. He didn't need to look for his dream girl. She was right in front of him. But that was the problem, wasn't it? She was a part of the organisation he joined as a mole. The world sure was weird.

He sighed again, shaking her off his mind and bringing his attention back to work. But his mind kept drifting to that smirk. The way her eyes lit up.

Kudo Shinichi wasn't the one to fall in love, he was a practical person. But sitting there, he couldn't help but thinking how would it be to spend his life with her.

They were in the car, Burgundy driving while she was on the passenger seat. It was the day, they had to get the hard disc. If they succeed, there rank would be increased, and if they fail, well there was no room for failure.

The car ride was silent, until she broke it,

"Whats your real name?" He looked at her from the corner of his eyes, she was looking out of the window, her chin resting on her palm.

"That's classified information," He so wishes he could tell her his name, hear her say it. But what name should he tell, without blowing his cover? But he liked the question, at least she bothered thinking about it.

They reached the said place, and parked a block away. Their escape vehicle was already near the building. They were to change cars, leaving no trace behind.

"You ready?" He asked as he got down, she nodded. They both made their way to the building, walking normally. Once in the area, both of them put their gloves on. He had a tiny microphone in his ear, so tiny that it couldn't be detected by any device. It was from the FBI. They were to be in contact with him the whole time, they had cameras inside the building. The ones that couldn't be found by the organisation and thus were not disabled.

They entered the building, group A had killed everybody. His face hardened, and he felt anger boil inside him. All those innocent people were killed, that was the hardest thing in his job, to see people get killed in front of him yet couldn't be able to do anything for the sake of his cover.

He saw Sherry stop, probably she wasn't used to seeing such massive killings. But he knew that just like him, she was helpless. She couldn't do anything, for the sake of her life. They were like the two faces of the same coin.

"Lets go," He said urgently.

"We tried to evacuate the building, but that would look suspicious. We couldn't do anything, Agent Holmes." His boss' voice rang through the ear piece, he knew Shinichi's principles. He knew how angry he was right now.

They reached the end of the hallway, where a metal door was located.

"Its locked with a code," Shiho informed as she examined it. He pushed her aside and took out a device from his pocket, he always had one of these while on a mission. It could break any code. Within seconds the door opened.

"From here onward, you need to be careful." Gin's voice rang through their ear pieces, "There won't be many people, but you know what to do if you spot someone. Kill them on spot,"

He ignored him, oh how he wishes he could kill him instead. He looked at her, loading his gun. She did the same. He gave her a slight nod, which she returned, and they both entered the new hallway, their guns high.

A guard spotted them but before anyone had a chance to do something, Burgundy shot him in his leg. The guy slumped to the floor.

"Keep moving," He said coldly, as they both ran. He knew it was against the orders, but no mother fucker had the right to tell him what to do.

They reached the said room, the door was locked but she shot the lock open. They quickly entered the room and closed behind them. She quickly rummaged through the room while he stood guard, pointing his gun to the door.

"Try moving the frames," He said, looking over his shoulder. She gave him a look and took out a a scanner. She moved it across the room as the device scanned it. It beeped near a wall and she gave him a victorious smirk,

"Too new for you, Sherlock?" It caught him off guard. How the hell did she know about his obsession with Holmes? But he liked it, no, he loved the way she called him that. It made him feel home.

She found the locker, and began opening it.

"Agent Holmes, there are men coming you way. Make it quick," his boss said.

He looked at her, she still needed some time. He loaded his gun,

"They'll take a maximum of 8 minutes to reach you,"

"Sherry!"he looked at her from the corner of his eye, his aim was ready, the door opens and he'd shoot.

"I'm on it," she said with her eyes at the screen, "It'll take some time, the program I designed is decoding it."

"Somebody is coming your way," Gins voice rang in their ears again and he looked at her,

"How long?" He asked through the ear piece,


"How long do we have before they come?" He was irritated,

"5, no, 3 minutes I suppose," Gin answered.

Shinichi looked at her,

"It'll at least take two minutes," she said before he asked. The moment the safe opened, they retrieved the disc and dashed out of the room. He let her stay in front so he could provide her protection from the back. All the time he was thinking about how to swap the hard disc with a blank one. He needed to have it before they got out of the building, but he didn't need to think a lot for they reached another door, it was locked,

"Here!" She gave him the hard disc before shooting the lock open, and they both ran. He was amazed, I mean how could she give him something so confidential, but he just thanked the heavens and swapped the hard disc with the one he had on him. It was a seconds play, and she didn't even notice.

"You better keep this with you, the boss told you to retrieve it," He gave it back to her, the blank disc that is. He felt bad for using her, but that was his job. He never thought what would the boss think when he opened it and found it empty. If only he knew how would it endanger her, he wouldn't have done it.

They kept running, he reached the car. He looked over his shoulder and couldn't see her. His heart stopped,

"Shit," He cursed, running back in, "Shit, shit shit". If something happened to her, he swears he would...

He was at the door when he saw her bending down to pick something, a guard right behind her.

"Miyano!" His shout was impulsive, he didn't know he used her real name. All he knew was that the guard was about to shoot, at her. "Duck!" He screamed and she ducked just in time for his bullet to reach the guard. The guard died on the spot. Shinichi's heart was in his throat as he fired bullets after bullets, covering her.

They reached their car and quickly got in. He pressed his feet at the accelerator and the car burst into action. Within minutes, they were away from the building, enough to slow down. He stopped his car when they were sure nobody was behind them.

"What were you thinking!" He exploded at her, he was furious. What if he didn't reach on time? What if the guard had shot her? Or somebody else captured her? He didn't want to think above that.

She on the other hand was silent, completely silent. Her face was stone cold, her eyes void of emotion.

"How do you know my name?" She asked in a low, deadly voice. Shit, he thought she didn't notice.

"Were you out of your mind?!" He tried taking her off that topic,

"How do you know my name?" She asked again, her tone colder than before.

"Sherry-" He started a little softly but she cut him off.

"I said," She pointed her gun to his forehead, "How. Do. You. Know. My. Name?" Her voice had dropped to a mere cold, and deadly whisper. Her face was hard, and if voice and looks could kill, he'd be a dead man till now.

But he was not fazed by it, in fact, this form of hers turned him on. How could somebody be that beautiful yet deadly. His eyes traveled from her face to her shoulder,

"You're bleeding," He hadn't noticed the wound before,

"Answer my question, Burgundy." She asked spotly, "Who are you? How do you know my name?

"We should get the bullet out before it the blood loss is too much," His eyes were glued to her shoulder, from where the blood was oozing. Once again he was surprised by her strength.

"If the next thing that comes out of your mouth, isn't the answer to my question, I'll shoot. And you know very well that I can." Her voice was stern.

He sighed, for he knew she would. It took him less than a second to make up a cover story, he was abnormally great at it.

"I know you can, but you won't. I know all about you," he looked her in the eye, "Miyano Shiho, head scientist. Your parents worked here, but died in a car crash. Your sister was killed by the organization itself. I know your history, Miyano, I know everything about you."

He knew he hurt her. He hurt her bad. But he didn't intend to.

"How?" She was moments away from pressing the trigger,

"I don't work with an agent without doing background check, Sherry. And the boss allowed me to do it, for he knows I carry every mission my own way." He said flatly, he was looking at her right in the eye, his voice easily masking the emotions he was feeling. But right now, what mattered was that she was injured,

"We need to get the bullet out."

Without looking at him, she took out her pocket knife.

"What are you-" He started but stopped when he saw Shiho inserting the knife near her wound, moving it a little to side, she slid it in further. She brought the knife upwards, bringing the bullet out. The blood gushed out of the wound, and she pressed her hand on it. She kept applying pressure till the blood stopped.

"You should've let me do it the proper way," He didn't like what she had just done.

But that was her way of shutting her doors. She had locked her towers again, even for him. He drove silently, trying to ignore the ache in his heart. He had messed up, he had messed up big deal.

He spent the next week in his agency. They had opened the hard disc he gave them, which was a big victory, but nothing seemed to excite him anymore. All he could think about was those cold eyes.

"Kudo," Heiji entered his office, "Whats with you man? We just had a huge celebration for your success, and you didn't even bother showing up!"

"Its funny that our success always comes with crushing somebody else," he said coldly as he kept typing.

"Whats with you, seriously?" Heiji looked in his eyes, "You weren't like this before. Okay, you were rude, but not this cold. What happened man? You know you can trust me,"

Shinichi sighed before putting his head in his hands,

"I messed up, that's what happened."

"What do you mean by you messed up? You just got your job done!"

He sighed again, how could he explain?

"You know Sherry, right?" He said after a moment.

"That bad guy chick you have to use, right?" Heiji knew her from the mission. Oh how hard did that sentence hit him. Use her. That's what he's doing, that's why he needed to get close to her. But how could he tell him that she was his soulmate, that he loved her.

"Don't tell me she isn't falling?" Heiji said as he noticed his silence, "Man you can manipulate anyone! You're one of a kind, you know how to break peoples walls. I'm sure she'll let you in"

And that's when all of it came hitting down on him. She was right not to trust him, how could he even ask her to trust him when his mission was to break her trust.

"I don't want this mission Heiji, I don't want to do it." He wasn't going to hurt her, no. He couldn't do it to her.

"Have you lost you mind?!" Heiji looked at him as if he had grown two heads, "This was your dream mission! The reason you joined the FBI! And you're finally going to do it! You finally can take revenge for your parents' death! Wake up Shinichi, you cannot back out right now!"

He showed him the ugly mirror.

"Get your shit together, you need to go back tomorrow. Go earn her trust."

Shinichi rubbed his eyes, what was with him? He never lets anything get to him. He never failed a mission. How come he got soft on this one?

Tomorrow he'll meet her. He'll melt down that wall, for his mission, for his parents. And deep down somewhere, for himself.

He knew she would be at the bar, and he was right. He was dressed casually. Shinichi asked her if he could sit, just to see how deep he was in the water. Her cold reply showed that she didn't forget anything.

"I'm sorry," He didn't even know how he turned so soft. "I know you don't like the fact that I know so much about you. I know you think that I'm like Gin, and will use this to have power over you, but I won't. You don't know me yet."

He forgot that he was here for the mission, he forgot everything. All he knew was that he needed her, yes he was selfish. But he couldn't afford her being mad at him.

"But that's how I work. I don't work unless I know who I'm working with. I don't trust people. I'm sorry, I know you are hurt. But I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used your real name. I was furious, and scared." He didn't know why he was giving such a long explanation, but he wanted to. He just wanted to, "I looked back and you weren't there, I thought you got shot. I thought you fell and I left you behind. But when I came back for you, you were picking the disc up. And that guy, that guy was so close to you, he was about to fire. And you didn't even know that. I had to grab your attention, the name just slipped off my tongue. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

He was looking at the ground. He didn't want to look in her eyes, but he really wished she could forgive him.

(A/N: Coincidentally while writing this paragraph, Taylor Swift's 'Everything has changed' was playing in the background. The second stanza to be exact, and wow it just felt so perfect. So relatable with the current events)

She nodded, "It's okay. I know you're not like Gin. Or anybody here, people don't have a habit of apologizing. They'd crush you and move ahead, not caring for what it did to you." He felt a burden lift off his shoulder,

He smirked, "Then you haven't met many decent people yet,"

She chuckled softly, and he found out that he loved this sound, "Oh I'm sorry, you don't really have much time to meet new people when you're an evil scientist."

He felt a true smile on his face, "Truce?"

She smiled too, "Yeah, truce."

She asked him about the drink and he told her the truth. At least she could know this much about him,

"It was Sherlock Holmes drink," He shrugged, "The only liquor he ever liked. And somebody did say I resemble Sherlock,"

"You like that detective?" She looked at him, her glass half emptied,

"You could say so." Like was a small word for what he felt for Holmes. That's why even his code name in the FBI was Agent Holmes. He loved his job, he loved his code name.

This made him remember why he was here, his job.

"Its Conan. Edogawa Conan." He told her the name he had for this mission. He couldn't risk his real name, not even for her.

"You're quite different from the agents here, Edogawa-kun, aren't you?" She asked amused,

"You're one to talk," He dodged her question, but they both really were different.

And that's how his friendship started. Built on a lie, but this friendship wasn't a lie. At least it was real. For him.

The next few days flew by. He was at some warehouse, busting a group of the organization. Thanks to him, he would tip the FBI of their location and the stop the transactions. Right now this group consisted of some low ranking members, they were smuggling weapons, drugs, diamonds and even girls. Shinichi told his heads and right now they were arresting them.

"Thankyou, Shinichi-kun." His senior officer, Adam, shook his hand, "We couldn't have done it without you," he looked over his shoulder where they were getting the men into their van.

"Its my job, Sir. I'm glad we came this far." He gave him a short smile. He was happy, and to celebrate his happiness he wished to spend some time with Shiho. He called her but she wasn't picking up his calls. Which was weird since she never left his calls unanswered. He got into his car, but kept calling her. He checked the tracer he had secretly put on her, she was in the lab. He frowned, if she was in the lab then why wasn't she answering?

He remembered the tiny camera he had set in the lab. The scene in front of him blinded him with fury. Blood rushing to his eyes, he drove as fast as he could to the lab. That bastard! How dare he touch her!? How the fuck did he touch his girl?!

He wanted to put a bullet right into that mother fuckers head! He avoided banging into the trucks coming his face and reached the lab. Gin was gone, he saw him leave the lab, not before giving him an ugly smirk. He glared at him and rushed to the lab, right now his only concern was Shiho.

He was breathless when he reached the lab, she crying hysterically. He called her and she sprinted into his arms.

His heart was thumping in his heart as he soothed her. She was so fragile, so small. Crying like a child in his arms. He wished he could take her away, away from all this. Somewhere far away, where they could live together.

"I won't let anything happen to you," He said soothingly as she wept in his arms. He meant that promise.

That night he held on to her, held on and didn't let go. Nothing mattered to him. Not his job, not his cover. Nothing. Just her. She was the most important thing in his life, and he wasn't going to lose her too. Not her.

The next day he took her out, away from that hell hole. To sooth her mind.

They were having lunch when she asked;

"Tell me about yourself, Edogawa-kun." This reminded him of the lie his life was.

"They were killed, when I was little," He answered truthfully. Just to tell himself that not everything he told her was a lie.

"I'm sorry." She said honestly, "Is that why you joined? To take revenge?"

"Yeah, something like that, I do want to avenge my parents, joining the organization gave me a way to." He shrugged. It was partially true, he did join the organisation to take them down. That was his revenge.

Thats when he noticed her soft gaze, she was looking at a kitten. And suddenly he got the idea of buying her one. He couldn't give her the world, but he could at least fulfill some of her dreams. The ones he had the choice to. The ones he could.

And her expression was priceless! He could buy her a million cats just to see that smile. Just to light up her world like that. But she did something totally unexpected. She kissed him on the cheek. For a moment he forgot what he was doing here, he forgot his life, he forgot everything. Despite always being the tough guy, he couldn't help but blush. The control she had over him!

They spent the rest of day together, stopping at different stalls. It was the best day of his life. A perfectly normal day. They watched the sunset together by the lake. He never had such fun in his entire life. That is, after his parents' death. And then he remembered his job, the main purpose of his life. So he offered to take her to her apartment, maybe he could get his hands on something useful. Although he felt bad, for he was using her again, but now he had made peace with this crazy mess.

Her apartment was small but neat. He deeply observed everything. Noticed every single detail. When she asked for coffee, he insisted on making it. He knew he made perfect coffee. Creamy yet not that light. While making it, he discreetly put a sachet of sleep medicine into her cup. A small movement of hand, even she didn't notice.

"There you go, SeƱorita." He handed her the gray mug.

"Thankyou, Misior." She smirked. He saw her take a sip of the coffee and immediately her face relaxed. He felt contented with the fact that she liked it.

"Not bad," She commented. He laughed. Ignorance is bliss.

They kept talking, forgetting the world and whats in it. Neither of them remembered their sorrows, neither of them remembered what injustices life had done to them. They laughed and talked. For the first time, he felt normal.

"Why don't you sleep now?" He said when he noticed it was already midnight.

"Its a bit too early." She looked at the clock.

"You have trouble sleeping." It was obvious, why didn't he think of it sooner? The amount of time she spent working, she obviously had no other option.

"At times," She avoided his eyes. He was silent for a while. He knew she was afraid of being alone. He still had trouble sleeping at times, but he was a man. But she was far more paranoid and disturbed to sleep. She desperately needed someone.

"Lets go." He said after a while,

"Where?" She was confused.

"To sleep," He took her hand and lead her to her bedroom. He knew she'd sleep. At least due to the medicine he put in her drink, if nothing else. But he also knew that she felt safe with him.

They entered the room and he examined it.

"You even have a computer here?" He was amazed. A pleasant surprise. If only it had some useful information!

"Yeah, I work at home." She shrugged simply.

"But you can't access the data from outside the organization." He tried to keep his tone casual and cursory.

"Yeah, I have the data with me. I'm the head scientist you know. I have the data for all my co workers, and the organization has a constant check on my flat. I don't really have any visitors, so yeah."

BINGO! But wait,

"Isn't this computer locked too?"

"Yeah, but the folders aren't."

So it meant he only needed to open the computer. The folders would be easy to access. He thought about how easy it is, and how it shouldn't be. I mean, that was classified information after all!

But seeing how she was in touch with nobody, and nobody even knew of her apartment, it was less likely that somebody would access it. Only somebody real close to her would visit her apartment, someone as close as him. A pang of guilt flushed through him.

He noticed her looking and smiled.

"Why don't you go change?"

"You'll stay the night over?" Hell yeah. Oh the information he could get out of that little thing!

"If you don't mind." He smiled too. She chuckled and went to the bathroom. He quickly got the device that detected bugs, and scanned the whole room. He even checked for cameras, but there were none. The organization had no vision to inside of the apartment that meant.

He sat on her bed and removed his watch. He was satisfied, that's when she came out in her pajamas.

"I still think its a bit early to sleep," She commented as she laid down beside him. He laid down too, they both facing each other.

"You really need to start caring for yourself. Life may have been unfair to you fate, but no to your health. Its you who's unfair to yourself." He said softly. He really meant that.

"I just can't sleep," She replied after a while.

"Why don't I help you with that." He straightened his arm,

She smiled as she put her head on his arm, he pulled her close.

"Go to sleep, Miyano." He whispered,

"I'm scared of nightmares," She touched her forehead with his, closing her eyes,

"I'll fight them for you." He kissed her forehead. He would do that, fight the world for her. If only they met in different circumstances!

"Thankyou, Conan." She said with her eyes closed, "For everything. For making this day the best day of my life, for being there with me. Thankyou for making me feel alive."

And damn he felt bad. But one thing he knew, he did this for her, the fact that he ended up in her apartment wasn't a part of his plan. He didn't even know what he'll find here. He wanted her to remember this day. Forget everything, he wanted to do that before leaving.

"You deserve all this." He stroked her hair, "More then anyone else, you deserve to be happy."

He said that with all his heart.

"As long as I have you," She smiled. And that made him empty from within. For the first time, he got to know the graveness of the situation. She was deeply attached to him. And he'd break her heart. He'd break her heart and leave her with nothing.

Soon she slept, he told himself that it was because of the drug. He didn't want to feel anything. That was the main rule of his job.

He quickly got to the computer. It didn't take more than a minute for his device to open her computer. He surfed through it, going through all the files. He got the list of drugs she had created, and the list of those she had to work on. He even got the list of people working under her. All their biological data.

It was 3 A.M and he was still copying all of the files. That's when he heard shuffling behind him, he looked back and saw her sitting up. She was still drowsy,

"Co-" He didn't let her complete her sentence as he hit her with the tranquilizer dart from his watch. She fell back again.

He was breathing heavily. How the hell did she wake up? Was her immune system that strong? He was wrong to underestimate her.

He closed everything quickly, and in that process accidentally deleted some files. He didn't have time to recover them. He almost blew his cover once, and he couldn't take the risk again. He closed everything and put the flash drive into his pocket.

He went and laid down beside her, his heart still beating loudly. Putting his arm around her, he tried to compose himself. Lets just hope she doesn't remember this in the morning.

His job was getting dangerous, but now since he had the data, he knew his job would get over soon. Gin was already suspecting him of being a mole. And now she saw him too, he had to get out of this place.

He looked at the sleeping figure beside him, was this all going to end this soon? He wasn't ready for it. He kissed her forehead.

But he knew this was his job. He couldn't be selfish. He couldn't chose himself over the thousands of people getting hurt daily by this organization. He had to bring them down. This was his job. And even if given a thousand lives, he'd still chose it. Over and over again.

The morning came, he hadn't slept the whole night. He got up and went to take a shower. It had taken a lot to convince himself last night. To put his feelings in a sack and seal the top. To tell himself that he had waited for this his entire life, and he couldn't mess it up.

When he came out, he saw her awake.

"Good morning," He gave her a small smile,

"Morning." She said as she got up.

"Any nightmares?" He asked, looking at her curiously if she remembered anything from last night.

"I did have a weird dream," Dang she remembered. But thankfully she thought it was a dream. He faked a laughed, although his heart was in his throat.

"Seriously?" He said catching his breath. Please let her keep thinking it was a dream. She laughed too,

"Weird," She unconsciously shivered, and he was glad she let it aside. He picked his wallet up, and wore his watch. Looks like the odds were in his favor, as she obviously thought it was a dream. Besides, he knew she trusted him so much for even thinking it as reality.

"Do you know someone named Shinichi?" She asked out of the blue and he froze. How the hell? Oh god! She knew him! Does she know about his cover? A thousand questions flooded his brain.

"Shinichi?" He confirmed whether he heard right or no.

"Yeah, Kudo Shinichi." She said, "I think I've heard this name before."

So she just heard the name, didn't know his face. But maybe she did and she was just testing him. But now wasn't the time to think, he had to answer or else she'd get suspicious. Maybe she knew him from the television, he did appear in the news a couple of times.

"I think he's some sort of detective," He said, measuring his words, "I guess I've heard about him in a newspaper, why do you ask?"

"Do you believe in soulmates, Edogawa-kun," Her question surprised him again,

"Yes, I suppose. We all have those dreams, don't we?" He answered like a normal person. He was leaning against the wall.

"His name is Shinichi." She said quietly. "The boy I see in my dreams. His name was Shinichi."

He felt as though the sky had dropped on him. Even though he knew, but he was still shocked. Shocked that she remembered. Shocked that she knew he was her soulmate. Even though he knew, but he had the hopeless stupid hope that her soulmate was somebody else. That when he crushes her, she'll have somebody else. But this fact had shook the ground beneath his feet,

It took all night for him to make himself understand. To build up the wall, and all it took was a single sentence to break em down and bring him to square one.

"But don't worry," She thought it hurt him, well it did, but not in the way she thinks, "I don't believe in soulmates. And I have no interest in finding whoever that person is."

He crouched down in front of her,

"That's not what I meant, Miyano." He placed a hand on her knee, "I want you to be happy, it doesn't matter with whom. I just want to see you happy. Even if it means I'm not a part of that happiness."

He wanted to let her know this. That she had to be happy without him. She had to be, or else he'd never forgive himself.

"But I want you to be," She said softly.

"Miyano, you know the lives we lead-" He tried to let her know of the stakes, he tried to stop her, but she cut him off,

"No, it doesn't matter how much time we have. We won't think about tomorrow, we'll live in the present. The organization won't take this happiness away from me, not this time."

But how could he tell her that he's the one who is gonna take this happiness away from her.

He looked in her eyes, she knew the stakes, she knew it was like jumping into fire, but she was ready to leap into it. She was ready to live in the present, and cherish every moment she had with him, even if it wasn't meant to last.

He looked in her eyes, before leaning forward. She put a hand in his hair as she closed her eyes. Their lips met. He caressed her cheek as he deepened the kiss.

He was gonna live it to the fullest too, for her.

"I love you, Shiho." He whispered against her lips. That was the biggest truth he ever told her. He meant it form the depths of his heart, and he wanted her to know it too.

"I love you too." And they kissed again.

He knew this would end, but he wanted to at least have this much with her before this all ends. It was about to end sooner than he expected.

He was in the headquarters when his boss called him.

"Sir," He knocked on the door and entered,

"The hard disc have been opened," His boss said seriously, "It means the organization found out that its empty."

Oh Shit! He put a fist to his mouth as he took a deep breath,

"What now?"

"Shinichi do they know you touched it?"

"She knows." He cursed again as he closed his eyes, "Sherry does."

His boss punched the table hard,

"Damn it! Now she'll tell them. They already suspect you and this would confirm it." His boss thought for a moment, "Silence her, Agent Holmes." He said coldly.

"What?" He thought he heard wrong.

"Silence her, do whatever it takes, but she cannot open her mouth." Shinichi froze, he can't. There's no way in hell he would do it.

"Sir there must be some other way." He tried to smooth talk him out of it,

"There is no other way, Agent Holmes!" He boss raised his voice, "Its either you or her!"

"I'd rather be dead than kill her!" He raised his voice too. The boss was shocked,

"Don't tell me you have feelings for that criminal!"

"She is not a criminal!" He shouted, "You have no idea! She was forced to all this!"

"I didn't expect such childish behavior from you, Agent Holmes." His boss said disappointed,

"Sir please, I'm sure we can find a way out." He pleaded. The look on his face made the boss sigh.

"You have to get out of there, you have a few days. You do it your way, or we do it ours." That was the least the boss could do for him.

"Thankyou Sir, Thankyou so much." His boss nodded and he got out of the room. Now he had to think of getting both himself and Shiho out. Although he knew she wouldn't tell on him, but he can't have her risking her life for him.

Breaking her heart was still fine, but her losing her life was out of the question.

As expected, the organisation's boss called him and her to his office the next day. All of the boss's trustworthy members were there. Even Rum, and he noted the description in his mind so he could tell his higher heads about it.

She came in a little late. He noticed Gins smirk upon seeing her, but right now he had much more important issues to handle.

The boss told them about the disc. He saw Sherry stiffen. She thought they suspected her,

"I didn't," She stuttered, "I just got that disc and we came back. I had no chance to replace it."

"We know that, Sherry." Gin spoke, "You neither have the guts to do it, nor you know how to create such a strong code."

He clenched his jaw.

"What we want to ask," Vermouth said a little more gently, "Did you give that hard disc to anyone else? Did anyone beside you touch it? We suspect it might be have the FBI's hand in it. These codes are made by a special department in the FBI. Our member in that department told us that they were made by them. He is the one who opened this hard disc for us."

She looked at him and he looked back. He knew she figured it out, but now was the tough game. Was she gonna tell on him, or was she gonna take the risk and lie for him.

It felt like hours before she replied,

"No, It was in my possession the whole time." He straightened up, she lied! She lied for him! Although she knew lying was considered treason, she knew she could lose her life for it. But she did it for him. He couldn't put his job on stake for her, but she was ready to put her life on stake.

"We won't make an exception for you, Sherry. Even if you're a really high ranked member, if we find out that you lied. You know your fate."

And he knew they'd do it. But she didn't care, she got out of the room. He tried reading her face but he couldn't.

"The same goes for you, Burgundy." The boss warned, but he didn't care. He ran after her, he saw her in the corridor,

"Shiho!" He shouted but she ignored him and fastened her pace. He didn't want it to end this way, not this soon. He didn't want her to know everything like that!

She entered her lab and he followed,

"Shiho-" He wanted to clear it up to her, he wanted to tell her himself.

"Don't you dare call me with my real name," She turned sharply at him, her eyes filled with fury.

"Just listen to me once," He pleaded. If only she heard him out once, he'd never call her again.

"You're Shinichi, aren't you?" But she had figured everything on her own, and gave him no chance to speak, "You are a secret agent, aren't you? FBI?"

So the milk was spilt. All he could do was node. She laughed sarcastically.

"And here I thought you'd deny it, tell me that I am wrong."

"No, you're not." He said blankly, hiding all of his emotions. The cards were long gone from his hands, and now he had no choice.

"And what about me? I was just a pawn in your game, right?" She burst out at him, "You knew you could easily get through me. You lied to me, everything you said was a lie. You only used me."

"No, that-" That wasn't a lie, his feelings weren't a lie. He really loved her, but she didn't let him speak. It was her day to talk, and she wasn't going to give him a chance.

"Oh please, don't tell me that was real. You just wanted access to the files, didn't you. You wanted a way in, and I gave you it. The day at the bar wasn't a coincidence either, right? You knew I would be there. You made me trust you, you made me let you in. For what? Just for the sake of your job."

Her words cut through him, even though they were partially true, but they weren't. His love wasn't fake.

"Shiho-" He wanted to tell her the truth, but she lunged at him, putting her knife to his throat.

"Don't call me that," She said in a low deadly voice. "Get out of my life, I don't want to see you near me. You got what you wanted, and you have enough time to contact your head office, and they'd get you out of this organization. You can easily get out, and nobody would find you."

She turned away, and he was glad she did, or else she would've seen the tears in his eyes.

"What about you?" He asked quietly, "When they find out you lied, they'd kill you." This was his only concern right now.

"Please don't say you care about me," She said sarcastically, "I can handle myself, I always did. Maybe you don't know me yet, but Kudo Shinichi, I ain't no damsel in distress. I don't need you to save me, I can handle myself by myself. I am my own knight."

"But-" He was going to offer her help, but she cut him again,

"Get lost Kudo-kun," She cut him sharply, "Don't make me call the higher heads on you."

He knew he'd lost. He'd lost her, and now he had to keep his job. He couldn't lose that too. So he left, leaving his heart behind.

He had no idea it was going to end this soon and this ugly. But it was over, once again he heard his parents being murdered. Once again he felt as if he lost his whole family. Once again he felt empty, void of any emotion.

It was easy for him to get out of there. His agency got him back easily. But his biggest concern was Shiho. He spent his day and night thinking about her. A week had passed, and he was waiting for news from their other agents in the organisation,

He was smoking a cigarette when Heiji came in,

"Agent Robs gave a report to the boss," Agent Robs was one of their agents inside the organisation, "They have found out about you."

Shinichi looked at him emotionless, "So? Its not as if they're going to find me."

"Yes, but they're after that Sherry." He felt as if a missile had dropped on his head, he got up quickly, his chair falling backward.

"What?!" He screamed, no, this couldn't be happening. He got his keys and lunged towards the door,

"Where the fuck are you going?" Heiji grabbed him,

"To get her," He jerked his arm off,

"Are you out of your mind?!"

"I am!" He shouted back. "I'm not letting anything happen to her."

"Shinichi what the fuck happened to you?!"

"I fell in love! That the fuck happened to me!" He ruffled his hair angrily, "Damn it Heiji! I can't leave her die!"

"She's you soulmate," Heiji stated quietly, Shinichi's silence gave the answer.

"Heiji I can't lose her," He pleaded, "Not her too. If something happened to her, I will never forgive myself. I couldn't save my parents Heiji, but Id be damned if I couldn't save her too."

Heiji looked at his best friend, never in his life he saw him this serious about a person. Only then did he understand what she meant to him, he knew he wasn't going to let her go.

"Go get her Shinichi." He said sternly, and Shinichi managed a grin,

"I will!" He opened the door,

"Shinichi," Heiji called again, "Be careful."

He nodded and dashed out. He was going to save her, he was going to get her. Nothing in this world could stop him from that. There was no way he was going to lose her. Or else he'd lose himself too.

He entered her apartment by picking the lock. The organisation hadn't arrived yet. He saw her sleeping. Oh how much had he missed this face. She looked so beautiful. Just like a fallen angel.

"Miyano," He crouched down beside her,

"Miyano, please wake up," He moved her shoulder a little and she woke up. It took her a moment to comprehend everything,

"What are you doing here?!" She exclaimed as soon as her senses came back to her. "This place is continuously being surveilled! You should've escaped till now, got out of the country or something!"

"I couldn't leave you behind," He couldn't take his eyes off her. He had missed her so much.

"You already did," She said bitterly, and it hurt him to know it was the truth.

"They found out." He said after a while, "They'll be here any moment."

"So?! You still came, even when you knew they'd be here! Are you out of your mind?!" Even right now she cared about him more than herself. She was honest in her love for him, she proved it every time. He couldn't compete with her.

"I'm not leaving you." He said firmly, he want letting her go, not this time"Come with me, please. I'll keep you protected."

She laughed bitterly, "And your agency would let you keep a deadly member of this organization? They'd shoot me on spot, or put me behind bars for the rest of my life."

"I won't let anything happen to you." He looked her in the eye, "My agency would gladly take you in, they'd provide you protection. And you can work with us, with me."

He knew the FBI would do her. Offer her protection, and she could join it too. Work alongside him.

"So its all about work again, isn't it? You want information out of me, and you want me to work for you," Dang it, she thinks he's using her again.

"You don't have to work if you want to," He begged, "Just please, please come with me."

Just then a bullet pierced through her window. She yelped.

"Miyano, please." He said desperately as he took her hand. She was shivering, they were here. They were going to kill them.

She nodded and they both ran out of the apartment. The lift opened and a group of men in black, fully armed, came out. He grabbed her hand and ran towards the roof, the men followed them behind, shooting at them. They dodged the bullets as they ran up the stairs

"Watch out," She pushed him out of the way as she saw a bullet fly right past him.

"Thankyou," They were both breathing hard, running as fast as they could. They reached the roof.

"What now?" She looked at him. They were standing on the edge, they had no where to run.

"We'll die," She could hear the mean coming right at them.

"We won't," he said as he looked down, "Lets jump."

"Are you of your mind!" She shouted,

"Miyano, please. We have to jump." He said desperately as he looked at the door to the stairs, it would open any second.

"No, there's now way I'm jumping." She was out of her senses, shivering hard.


"NO!" He knew she was scared, it was natural for her.

We'll die, we won't make it! Can you see the distance! There's no way in hell we'll make it out. You shouldn't have came back. Its too high, we'll-"

He cut her off as he kissed her deeply, holding her shivering form. He broke the kiss as he looked her in the eye,

"You trust me?"

And there, at that moment. She realized that if there was anyone she could trust in the world, blindly. It was him. She was ready to take every jump for him. She was his soulmate, his everything. And he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. he knew she trusted him.

She looked at him, and nodded.

And they both jumped.

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