Title: Breathe into me

Author: Crimson Coin Crimson_Coin@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: Don't even start. I'm so poor, so very poor. NOTHING IS MINE!!!

Rating: oh believe me. Very R

Summery: Stuff happens after Wrestlemania XIX. Work with me.

Pairing: PART ONE – Jericho/Trish. PART TWO – Jeff/Lita There. There ya happy Cathie. YAH HAPPY. PART THREE – Matt/Torrie

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"I can't do this anymore!" he hollered. "It's not fair." Chris Jericho flew out of his chair, pacing the length of his locker room. "It's not fucking fair."

"Chris, please, keep your voice down." The little blonde diva pleaded. "They can hear you."

His ice blue eyes flew to hers. "I don't care. Why am I being ASS RAPED with this whole fucking thing?"

Trish stood quickly, rushing to the door and locking it. "If they hear you, please, calm down."

"You don't understand. You still have your push, a title. I was the first Undisputed Champion. I was in some of the most memorable matches ever. Now I'm nothing but a mid-carder, buried under the feet of all those … has been clique bastards."

Trish confronted him toe to toe. "I don't understand? You think I don't understand. Well, fuck you, Chris. At least you're respected for your ring skills. What am I? No one gives a damn about the women's division except for the few female fans. Do you know what its like to be nothing but eye candy? To be forced to roll around in gravy or eggnog or be in a match where your opponent strips you to win or has to spank you with a paddle." Tears sprung to her eyes, the dark mascara of her stage makeup running down her cheeks. "All I am is a sex object. Do you know how degrading that is? It's no better that the fucking PORN!"

Chris sighed, lowering his eyes and rubbing his bare chest. He was still all sweaty from his match with Shawn, and the chill in the room made him shiver. He pulled the tie from his hair, dropping the band on the ground then placing his hands on her shoulders, bending down to press his forehead to hers. "I'm sorry."

She pushed him away by the chest, stalking to the other side of the locker room. "Don't touch me." She choked out.

"Honey." He breathed, stepping to her.

"Don't." She hugged her arms, turning to him and backing away. "I feel so dirty. Just don't touch me."

He sighed, dropping his hand, watching her. "You're not. Don't say that."

"But I am." She screamed back, the tears still coming. "Have you listened to the commentary during my matches, during any of our matches? The way that at house shows guys would yell 'take it off' or 'we want titties.'" She bowed her head, lowering her voice just above a whisper. "The fact that I had to sleep with Vince to even get a contract."

Jericho's eyes fired. "You what?" he stepped to her.

She flinched back, looking up with fear in her eyes. "Please. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Please don't hurt me."

He took a deep breath, calming his nerves, upset at himself for scaring her like that. "I'd never hurt you, baby. Never. It's not you I'm mad at. It's that old perverted son of a bitch. I'm gonna kill him."

When he turned towards the door, she reached out grabbing his arm. "Chris, please don't. Please. You're job; don't do this. It's all right. Please." He paused, his back muscles tensing and she ran her hands up to his shoulders, pressing hard at the knots forming. "Please, baby. Don't."

With a sigh, he turned back to her, her hands rubbing over his arms now resting on his bare chest. His muscles jumped at her delicate touch and he reached up, holding her tiny hands in his. "It's not fair. Not right. Do you know what Shawn said to me?"

Trish furrowed her brow, leading him over to the couch. "Tell me." Her voice, soothing. She sat down, him laying so his head rested in her lap looking up at her. The fingers of one hand gently playing with his golden hair, the other hand rubbing his chest and abs. He let out a shaky breath and she placed a soft kiss on his lips. "It's ok, baby. Come on, tell me."

"Shawn and I had coffee last night, discussing our match." Chris began. "He told me that he really wanted to put me over. So we agreed that I would kick out of the Sweet Chin music not once but twice and then the third one would keep me down. So we're out there, and when he put that roll up on me he said 'Don't kick out or you'll job to Maven.'" Trish's eyes widened, disbelief and anger. He continued. "I had no choice. I didn't want to be buried further than I already am. That's why I kicked him in the balls. I was supposed to just swat his hand away. NO! I don't care. That fuckin bastard."

"Good for you. I'm proud of you either way, baby. But, why were you buried to begin with. You said you pissed someone off but never said what you did."

Chris grabbed her hand, holding it to his chest, her open palm against his heart. He lowered his voice, closing his eyes. "You and I became a couple back around the end of the Invasion Angle. I remember that I had a thing for you for the longest time and we dated casually. Up until Survivor Series that is." He chuckled at her little blush. "We got a little carried away with your title victory. Waking up early the next day, our legs tangled and you wrapped in my arms." He trailed a gentle hand up her arm. "How soft you were against my body. How right everything felt. We pretty much had a silent agreement that day that we were finally together. And the whole locker room knew in a matter of hours." He smiled. "But that might also have something to do with the fact that we couldn't keep our hands off each other."

He reached up, pushing a hand into his eyes. "And you were there when I finally got my big push. Finally becoming the first Undisputed Champion. I had everything. I had the company's support, I had the most important belt, and I had you. Then … that big nosed spoiled Greenwich Bastard came back. And everything was shot to hell. Stephanie came up to me in Mid-February. And she pretty much gave me a choice. I got to keep my title at Wrestlemania and my push over HHH, but …" He grabbed her hands in his, kissing them and holding them against his chest. "I had to sleep with her, that night. She slipped the keycard to her room into my hand, kissed me, said room whatever then left."

Trish's eyes remained cold and unreadable, simply staring at him. Chris sighed. "So I went up to her room and I stopped right outside the door. I mean, it was only a one-time deal, and she wouldn't tell anyone. After all, it would ruin her rep too." Her eyes glassed over but he didn't stop. "And I stood there. Thinking that after all this time I finally got my big break and this one … thing … would keep it. Then I thought of you. And I couldn't. I just couldn't."

The tear finally slipped from her eye and he reached up, cupping her cheek and wiping away the tear with his thumb. "I couldn't do it. Push, title, whatever. I was finally happy and it was really you that I wanted most. Cuz I couldn't lie. So I slipped the keycard under her door and came back to you. Remember that night? It was a few days before Valentines Day and you were in the shower of our room. And I came in, and joined you. Made love to you right there in the shower."

He looked down at their entwined hands. "Whether you knew what happened or not, it didn't matter. I needed to show you that I chose you. Every time that night and every time since. I wanted you to feel. I needed to reiterate it. Make sure that you knew without a doubt that I chose you."

"Do you regret your choice?" she asked, her voice shaking.

He didn't hesitate, shaking his head. "Hell no. I never did. Just frustrated that one year later, I'm still paying for it. From the loss to Flair, to being forced to lose my towel, to tonight. I just wish that I got the push I deserve. I want to be champ again, like I know I should."

Trish pulled her hands from his, brushing her small delicate fingers over his still sweaty brow, pushing the sticky hair behind his ears. "You're a champ to me. Always have been. Only the Rock and Kurt Angle were as good as you. The way you three work the mic and the crowd and can back up your mouth in the ring. Nobody can get heel heat like you or Rocky or Angle. Even if you're mid-card, you're one of the few redeeming people on RAW. I just feel at fault because you can't main event without one of THEM."

He raised his brow. "You wanna know how much I blame you?" He reached over, dragging his bag to the couch. Digging inside, he bit his lip, searching amongst his clothes and everything else. "Do you know what today is?"

A confused look flashed in her eyes. "No. I'm sorry, Chris, I don't."

He smiled, pulling out a little box. "It's going to be the anniversary of the day I ask you to be my wife." He opened the box, revealing a simple gold band, a small cut diamond the sole gem. Her eyes widened, he nervously continued. "I know it's small but I wanted to get something simple. My emotions aren't flashy or exaggerated or anything like that. I feel … pure, raw unadulterated love. That's it. I love you. And I wanted to get a ring as simple as the way I feel." She said nothing simply staring at the box in his hand.

He shifted, licking his lips. "If it's not big enough … we can get a bigger ring or if you want to say 'No' that's ok too. I just thought …"

A tear slipped from her eye, landing on his upper lip. "Oh, Chris. I'm sorry … I …"

His entire body sagged as he felt his heart just about be torn from his chest. He closed his eyes. "It's … ok … I …"

"No, please, wait. Yes. God, yes, Chris. I'll marry you." Everything brightened, a grin stretching from ear to ear on his face as he pulled the ring from the box, putting it on her finger with a shaky hand. She let out a teary laugh. "I just never expected you to say that, or now, or anytime." She touched the ring. "It's beautiful, Chris. Just beautiful." Another tear slipped falling onto his lower lip.

"I don't regret my decision." He responded and she pressed her lips to his, him leaning up slightly. He groaned as she flicked her tongue at his lips and with a content sigh, he opened his mouth. He reached up tangling his fingers in her hair as she trailed a hand down, cupping him through his tights.

He hissed. "If you don't stop now, we're going to have to handle this thing immediately."

She gave him a seductive smile, pulling her legs from under him and straddling his hips, her hands on his bare chest. "Today's going to be the anniversary of a lot of things." Her voice low and a little husky. "Anniversary of our engagement, you getting some at Wrestlemania and the start of a little game." She leaned down, her mouth hovering above his. "And our little game is whichever of us picks up the win of the evening, that person is on top. And it looks like tonight, well, that's me."

He chuckled, flicking his tongue out, licking her lips. "And what if we both get a pin?"

She smiled. "Well then, we'll just have to compromise."

He smiled back, his eyes fluttering shut. "Deal." And he kissed her.

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She chuckled. "That's it, Jericho. Cum for me, right in my…

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She collapsed against him, her head on his chest, her arms wrapped around his neck. They both were still trembling; their bodies jerking against the other as they descended from the rush. She recovered first and she rubbed her arms over his shoulders and back, placing soft delicate kisses all over his chest.

He let out a content hum, easing her head back and pressing his lips to hers. Slowly, softly, gently he kissed her. His tongue caressing, his lips lovingly moving over hers, the smooth silky feel of his mouth melting her. With a sigh, she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, kissing him back. He pulled away, she whimpering.

"No." And she pulled his head back to her, kissing him again, wanting to continue the beautifully sensual embrace. She loved the taste of him, his touch, the feel of him still inside. He turned the kiss, running his hands over her back a moment.

"You are so beautiful." He said finally, breaking the kiss, his hand cupping her cheek. "Did you know that?"

She blushed, beginning to push off. "Don't say things like that."

He grabbed her hips before she could move too far away. "Wait. Just a little longer. I promise, I won't get too excited again. I just … I uh …" she eyed him. "I uh … I want to be in you, just a little longer."

She smiled, easing back down and he wrapped her in his arms. "And whether you believe it or not, you are beautiful. And you're not just an object or a pretty thing to look at." She raised her eyes, looking up at him. "You're not. I love you."

She kissed him. "I love you too. But why were you so … insistent that I …" She ducked her head. "Make noise."

He smiled. "I love it when I know I'm pleasing you."

"There's more to it than that." She said, knowing exactly when he was withholding truth and calling him on it. "Let's go."

He sighed, rubbing his hands up her arms. "What if I were to tell you, that I love the sound of your voice screaming out my name in ecstasy. And what if I said that I want others to hear." He lowered his voice. "That I want her to know I still choose you."

"I don't understand. You mean you didn't …"

He shook his head. "No, don't even think that. I wanted to purpose, I wanted to make love. I needed a favor."

She furrowed her brow. "I … I'm so lost."

He eased her off of him, she moaning at the loss. He walked to his gym bag, grabbing two large towels and tossing one to her. He wrapped the other around his waist then turned to her, she already covered, a corner tucked and holding it around her chest. "Just watch."

She held the towel against herself, sitting down on the chair, slightly embarrassed of his essence leaking out of her, sticking to her thighs. She crossed her legs, waiting.

Chris creaked open the door, a vibrant redhead bouncing inside. Trish's eyes widened, a flush stain rising to her cheeks. Lita smiled at her then back to Chris. "You owe me big for this one. You know that. Tonight, you're buying me drinks."

Chris smiled back. "Yeah well, after all the crap I've done for you with …"

She covered his mouth. "Don't finish that sentence."

"Fine. Was she here? Outside what happened?"

Lita put her hands on her hips. "Let's just say that I worked my magic and got Steph to walk past your door at the utmost perfect time. You see…" She pointed one way. "She went thattah way when you were basically moaning her name continuously, and rather loudly I might add." She pointed the opposite, looking at Trish. "And walked thattha way at your orgasmo scream."

Chris was nearly bouncing with excitement. "Did it work? Does she get the point? Will she leave me alone?"

Lita laughed. "I think so. Yes. And I don't know. I heard her mumbling something about a six man tag and that you're going to regret it."

"There is no WAY I'm going to regret this. She said yes. Li, she said yes."

Lita smiled brilliantly, pulling Chris in for a hug. "That's wonderful, sweetie. I'm so happy for you."

Chris nodded enthusiastically, rushing to Trish and lifting her off the chair in a hug. "Did you hear that, baby? Did you hear? She'll finally leave me alone."

"Put me down, Chris." He did so, a frown coming to her face. "You used me to get back at Steph. How could you?"

"No, he didn't." All eyes focused on Lita. The redhead continued. "He told me months ago that he wanted to purpose tonight. And that he wanted to make love to you on the greatest night of our careers. And right in the stadium. He wanted all this long ago. Steph just never left him alone. So he and I had a little talk and figured the only way she'd see would be to … well … witness, but he wasn't using you. At all."

Trish just stared at Chris in silence. Neither saying anything. Lita shifted uncomfortably, backing to the door. "I'm uh…I'm gonna go find Jeff. We'll uhm … meet you at the bar in a few hours." And the door swung shut behind her.

Chris licked his lips, his eyes shifting nervously. She set her jaw. "Look at me." He did. "Is she telling the truth?"

He nodded. "I know how this has to look but I need her off our back. She was always hitting on me and she needed to see I want you and only you. Please, believe me."

She ducked her head, feeling the tears. "Chris, this is what I mean. Being an object. It hurts."

He titled her head up, kissing the tear from her cheek then her eyes, then her lips. "But you aren't an object. Together you and I shared something. A night I'll never forget. I don't lie. I love the sound of your voice, screaming out your pleasure or egging me on. I love the way my name slips from your lips. The way you always let out that silent whimper. The way you make me feel when I wake up in the morning and you kiss my cheek before you shower, the feel of your lips burning my skin. The way my heart races when you grab my hand at dinner. Or the way you smile at me before all my matches. I love the way you treat my parents. The way you'll sit on my lap, cuddling against me when I'm watching a hockey game. How perfect it feels falling asleep at night, you wrapped in my arms." He saw tears falling. "I know I'm usually such a goof and I'm not really a romantic and I never said that stuff to you before and I know I'm not good with words and that I don't always open up to you. But please…"

She covered his mouth with her hand, the tears slipping down her cheeks. She smiled. "I love you."

"I'm not using you. You're not an object. I love you for you. I love the woman right here."

She traced his brow, looking at every feature. Then she stood on her toes, kissing him softly then wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. "Thank you."

He buried his face in her hair, inhaling the scent of her. "No. Thank you."

*** Yeah, so that's part one. Part two will be up as soon as I transfer Type from me notebook to the 'puter. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you like, what you didn't. If it worked. Pairing, the weather in your local town. Whatever. Peace - C.C.***