TJ and Becky then go over to Spinellis house. So TJ can apologize to spinelli and explain himself. Meanwhile Spinelli is upstairs in her room. With her feelings still hurt and very disappointed that not only TJ her long time secret crush not only gave valentines to all of the girls in class. But they were also joke cards. Then she starts to think in her thoughts.

Spinelli: I can't believe it. Ever since the first grade I've had a crush on TJ. And after the kiss we shared. He's all I could think about. Then when I got a valentine from him this morning. I had some hope that maybe just maybe he might feel the same way about me. But I guess I was wrong. And even after being disappointed like that. I still want him.

Then the doorbell rings. Mr. and Mrs. Spinelli answer the door to see it's TJ and his sister Becky.

Becky: Hello Mr and Mrs. Spinelli. TJ has something he would like to say to Ashley.

Mr. Spinelli shows an angry face still mad at TJ for what he did to his daughter. Mrs. Spinelli on the other hand smiles.

Flo: Ok. I'll go get her.

Flo then walks up to her daughters rooms and knocks on her door. Spinelli then opens her door.

Spinelli: Yeah Mom?

Flo: Someone's here to see you honey bunny.

Spinelli then walks downstairs with her mom. And sees it's TJ. Spinelli then shows a mad face still angry at TJ for what he did.

Spinelli: Hi TJ! She says in an abrupt tone.

TJ: Hi Spinelli. He says in a very remorseful voice.

Spinelli: What do you want?

TJ: About what happened at school today? I just wanted to say well you know.

Spinelli: I don't know.

TJ then takes a deep breath and says it.

TJ: I realize what I did was wrong and that I really hurt your feelings and I'm sorry.

Spinelli at first is reluctant to believe and accept his apology. But then sees the look in his eyes. And realizes that he truly is sorry for what did and didn't mean to hurt her feelings and break her heart. Upon realizing this Spinelli's face changes from angry to a happy smiling face.

Spinelli: Aw, What the heck TJ? I forgive you.

Then she hugs TJ and he hugs as well. While hugging each other they get that same feeling they got from the kiss. The feeling that they both like one another as more than just friends.

After hugging for a few minutes. The two say goodbye to one another.

TJ and Spinelli: You tomorrow at school.

TJ and Becky then start to walk home. Spinelli smiles as she closes the door.

End of Chapter 2.