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Part 1: Sam of Wellwood
Part 2: Dean of Nowhere
Part 3: Bobby of Far Away

Were we too late?!

The pale-skinned human lay motionless on the ground as Sam dashed up to him. One arm was skewed under his body and the other lay outstretched, and that was where Sam went. "C'mon, kid, you've gotta be okay," Sam begged, continuing his even tone and hoping he could draw Bobby back to life.

He shoved both hands down on the kid's wrist, and the tension left his shoulders as a pulse thudded under his touch.

"Thank God…"

Out of sight from Sam, ice blue eyes snapped open.

Bobby blinked several times, maintaining the slow breathing of unconsciousness while he gathered his bearings. He felt that little tickle by his wrist, and he knew what it had to be. He remembered every second of the fight, after all.

A smirk twitched at his lips. Without warning, his hand moved and wrapped around the tiny person he knew to be there, pinning the slim arms and immobilizing its legs. He sat up slowly, lifting the tiny thing up to peer more closely at it. It had no wings, but it wore lots of green and brown, earthy colors to blend in with the forest surroundings. A glance at the little glider it had left behind explained the lack of wings.

His temporary headmate had promised it would help him find the sprites that he knew lived somewhere on his family's land. This wasn't a sprite, but it was a start.

"How about that," he said, a grin forming on his face. "Did I hear you right, earlier, squirt? Said youwere gonna help me, right?"

Sam squirmed uncomfortably in the tight grip. Being snatched off the ground wasn't completely unexpected. Jacob had almost done that exact same thing when Bowman had caught him off guard, only stopping at the last second. The look on Bowman's face at the thought of being casually swatted was a treasure, especially since it had happened with both Cerul and Scar around to see.

It was pure chance that the rapier attached to Sam's side hadn't pierced the human's skin when he'd been grabbed. Sam didn't want to think about a human clenching his hand shut in pain while he was in it.

Sam focused on the human. Blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes, the teenager had been rescued from the demon by the exorcism ritual Dean had given him. The teen was probably disoriented and confused by what was going on, waking up deep in the woods when he was supposed to be on a camping trip with his buddies.

"That's right," Sam said with a reassuring tone of voice and a gentle grin, knowing the sight of a tiny person wouldn't help the confusion at all. He tried to pull an arm free to offer a reassuring hand as well, but couldn't budge it. "I'm here to help. You were possessed by a demon, and now it's gone." He glanced around the area they were in, the sky creeping towards night above them. "In fact, Jacob's not far away, and my brother Dean is around. They can help you get back to your house, safe. If you want, I can lead you to them with my glider."

Bobby stared at Sam for a few more long seconds, before chuckling. "Jacob's right over there, actually," he said, gesturing towards his fallen friend with the same hand wrapped around the tiny person. He even used his index finger to point, while still keeping his grip around the little guy.

Jacob lay collapsed in a heap at the base of a tree, his eyes shut and his large body completely limp. His head had struck the tree pretty hard if it knocked him out just like that. Then again, Bobby had been extra strong when he tossed his friend backwards. He'd wanted to test it out and Jacob hadn't offered much resistance at all. It was pathetic.

"That guy's usually the strong one, and damn it felt pretty cool to turn that around for a second," he admitted, closing his hand securely around Sam once more and pushing himself to his feet. He brushed himself off absently before lifting Sam higher, but not so high that he wasn't still looking down at him.

"I'm sure Jacob will find his way to what's-his-face soon enough," he said. "As for me, I bet my car's still over by the campgrounds, so that's where I'm going. There's a few wolves and coyotes and shit out here, don't wanna mess with those."

Sam had to wait for the nausea to subside to be sure he was hearing right. Being waved carelessly through the air in a fist was nothing like flying on his own, and rising so rapidly through the air left his head woozy. "But… Jacob needs help!" he insisted, worry for his friend first and foremost. The sight of such a large guy collapsed on the ground after an attack like that filled him with concern.

The fact that he hadn't been put down or even had the grasp around his body loosened came back to him, nagging at his growing worry. "Bobby, let me go to my glider," Sam persisted, hoping the teen was just dazed from the demon. "I need to get Jacob help. If you want to go to your car, fine. But let me help my friend."

"He's about to be the last person you wanna deal with, squirt," Bobby said, his smirk returning. There was a grim glint in his eyes. "A demon's gotta go somewhere,right?" he reasoned, turning away from Jacob and starting in what he was pretty sure was the right direction.

Finding Jacob out here had been pretty surprising, even for the demon. Bobby hadn't expected him to show up, even if a hunter was expected. At least Bobby had had time to learn plenty from the thing he shared his head with for a few days.

He paused, turning to look back at Jacob's fallen form. Before he could let the small seeds of regret take root, he glanced down at his fist again. It was worth it to further his own goals. He started walking again, looking over the little man in his fist with a little more curiosity than he'd allowed himself before. "How'd you meet Jacob, anyhow?"

Sam stared up at Bobby, fear starting to take hold at the casual way the teen was leaving the glider and Jacob behind. "We just… found him," Sam said slowly. "He was camping out in the woods and we stumbled onto him."

He squirmed in the tight grip, his breathing starting to speed up as a sudden claustrophobia struck. Never in his life had he been confined like this. Even when finding Jacob and Dean, neither human had ever once grabbed him.

That distinction fell to Bowman.

No matter what, though, both humans had let the sprite go. Dean took a little longer, just because of the bristling argument he was having with Jacob and the way he was under the misguided notion that the teen might try and hurt the harmless sprites.

"Bobby." Sam had to keep trying. For his friends. "Please. We helped you. If the demon's in Jacob, we need to help him! The exorcism will send it back to Hell where it belongs. Don't just leave him there!"

Bobby chuckled again. His other hand lifted and he placed the tip of his index finger on the top of Sam's head. "Listen, squirt," he began, roughly messing up Sam's hair before moving his hand away. "I get it. You're worried. But I'm really not, and seeing as I'm clearly the one in charge here ..." He paused and rose his eyebrows in a condescending look. "Am I being too subtle for you?"

His harsh words were punctuated by a rustling from above. At first, it sounded like leaves until a small shape dropped from the canopy above. "Holy shit," Bobby blurted, almost leaping back. The hand with Sam was held close to his chest to avoid dropping his tiny captive while his blue eyes stared at the small shape that had darted past where his wrist was moments ago.

He laughed when the thing flew up higher again, about a foot above his eye level. Leafy green wings, barely illuminated by the dying sunlight, held the little guy aloft.

"This is more like it," Bobby said with a grin that held nothing but cold greed in it. "Here I thought I was stuck with some wingless knockoff."

The sprite with his tiny sword drawn glared at Bobby. "Release him at once, giant," he commanded in a strong (if tiny) voice. "Or I will be forced to attack again."

Sam set to struggling, now that he knew how much danger they were in. This kid was nothing like Jacob or Dean. The phantom feeling of a huge finger on his head, messing with his hair and straining his neck, stuck with him. It would only take the slightest wrong move to snap his neck completely.

"Scar!" Sam shouted, hoping the sprite would listen. They couldn't afford to both get caught. "There's no demon anymore! It's like the archives warned, don't get yourself caught!" If only he could get his rapier or his knife free. He needed his arms, so he could strike back.

Scar glanced at Sam, and then back at the human. After finding Jacob collapsed, he assumed it had to have been the creature Dean talked about. He never imagined he'd encounter one of the humans that the Archives warned all of them about.

He met gazes with the human again, who was staring at him with those ice blue eyes. Scar recognized a look in them that sent adrenaline coursing through him. It was the look of a predator, one that felt confident in its ability to corner and take its prey. Scar had seen that look many times.

He'd stabbed that look right out of the eyes of a wolf, once. Most of the predators in Wellwood had a healthy respect for Scar Wolfblind, and he would simply have to teach the newcomer the same.

"One more warning, human: Release him," Scar called, his voice never wavering. He pointed his sword right at the human in warning. "Or I will be forced to attack."

Bobby chuckled. "Oh, I'm so scared. Look at that little toothpick."

Scar didn't give him time to laugh again. He surged forward, his wings tucked close. He couldn't risk attacking the hand with Sam directly, lest the giant squeeze him in a reflex action. Instead, Scar swept past the human's surprised grab at him with his other arm, and as he passed the widest part of the arm, he landed his boots briefly on it.

He stabbed his rapier straight into the muscle, not bothering with little slashes. The arm spasmed and he leapt off again while Bobby let out a hissed curse. He looked over to the other hand to make sure that Sam hadn't been squeezed after all, and the moment of inattention was all it took.

Bobby had learned a thing or two about looking past pain from the demon. His goal was more important, and he could deal with the tiny pinprick later. He moved his arm after the sprite, which was checking on its little friend, and managed to close his hand around the tiny thing's legs. Its little eyes widened and the loss of momentum made the tiny sword slip from its grasp and fall to the ground below.

"Dammit! " Sam shouted in frustration. He actually slipped back into human curses for a moment as the shock of how easily Scar had been caught. Sam knew he was decent enough as a knight, but Scar...

Scar was practically a legend.

For years after Sam's rescue, he'd looked up to the noble sprite. Without Scar, Sam would be nothing more than a memory. The sprite had seen his dedication and his curiosity about the knights and everything about them… the way they defended the village, the rapiers and uniforms they wore… and had decided to take Sam under his wing and mentor him. Even as Sam had passed Scar in height, he continued to look up to him. He hoped to have Dean and Scar finally get to know each other, since both had played such important parts in his life.

Instead, Scar and Sam were both trapped.

"We were helping you!" Sam snapped angrily up at the human. "Why the hell would you do this?!"

Scar wavered, with his legs only caught from just above the knees and down. He glared in surprise at the human, but cursed himself for his mistake even as the giant stared in smug triumph at him. He'd miscalculated and made a dangerous error in taking his focus off the enemy for even a second. He should have known better.

But this Bobby acted like no foe Scar had ever encountered before. The attack had hurt him, but he didn't care.

"I'm doing it because it's my land and I've been looking for sprites for forever!" Bobby answered, exasperated and clearly annoyed that he even bothered to explain at all. It was clear on his face that it was a waste of time. "Now shuddup, would ya? This is a big deal." He held Scar up at his eye level, watching the lean little guy try to stay upright while also trying to tug his legs free. It was futile, of course. He was way too weak.

"Owning land doesn't mean you own people," Sam snapped up at the human.

"Blast it, you child," Scar hissed. "Let go of us both now!" His voice was thick with demand.

Bobby, of course, ignored him. Instead, he raised his other hand, the one still clamped around Sam. After adjusting his grip a little, he was able to pinch one of the fluttering, leafy wings in his thumb and first finger to stretch it out and look at it in the dying light.

Sam managed to pull out an arm and try to shove against the hand he was trapped in once the grip shifted around him. He couldn't gain any traction at all. He might be stronger than a sprite but that meant almost nothing compared to a human of any size. Bobby was younger than him, and he was as inconsequential as a toy in those huge fingers as they shifted around him to examine the sprite.

"Leave his wings alone!" Sam shouted, punching in frustration against the knuckle he was closest to. He shoved his boots against the skin they were trapped within, wishing they had sharper heels to use as weapons.

"Nope," Bobby shot back absently, even while he forced the wing into different angles to see how it moved. Scar winced and continued to struggle against him, but the movements were subdued with one wing stretched out. He couldn't risk twisting at the wrong angle and damaging his wing.

"Why?" Scar spat. "What are you planning?"

Bobby narrowed his eyes and sighed in a put-upon way. Clearly they weren't going to shut up, but then again he supposed their chattering made sense. He'd be mad, too, if he was small and weak like that. He let go of the wing and adjusted his grip on Scar so that his fist was wrapped around the tiny body up to his waist. If he could avoid damaging those wings, he'd do his best not to.

With both tiny people secure in his hands, Bobby started walking again in an attempt to beat the sunset most of the way back. "Look, guys. You got yourselves caught. No one else is out here that's gonna change that, so you might as well get used to the idea. You're coming with me."

"My brother will find us," Sam threatened angrily. His fist clenched with frustration. "Maybe we're too small to stop you, but we're not the only ones around. I know Dean will find us!" He glared up through his bangs at the human, not caring one bit about retaliation with Scar at risk. If he could pull the interest down on himself, so be it.

Tears hid at the corner of his eyes as the world passed them swiftly by. Bowman might be able to catch up, but there was nothing he could do to help them without Dean or Jacob as backup. Sam was seeing his home, his family, and his older brother all slip away from him before he'd even had the chance to introduce Dean to everyone. The unfairness of it all struck him, leaving rage coursing through his body. If only he could put it to use. "And the only reason I got caught was because I was helping you!"

"Right, sure," Bobby answered, condescension in every inch of him and every glance down at them he made. His ice blue eyes held no remorse and no sympathy for the uncomfortable squirms in his fists. The tiny sprite and the sprite-lookalike couldn't get away no matter how hard they tried.

"Tough luck, little guy. I didn't need as much help as you thought. We were getting along pretty good, really."



And so it begins!

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