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Hellen Wilkins didn't know how she ended up in the hotel room of the one and only Tony Stark but it may have been his persistent flirting at the craps table while she was trying to relax after a dental conference that was being held in the casino's ballroom. This is what happens when a woman comes to Las Vegas by herself. Hellen looked over to her right to see Tony still passed out on the bed. She picked up her dress and shoes and tiptoed to the desk leaving him a note saying that 'she had a great time but she would not be making this mistake again' before leaving to the living room of the suite getting dressed and leaving.

Xx 9 months later xX

After 13 hours of labor she finally did it! Her little angel was here.
"Miss, we need to know what you would like to name this charming little girl."
"Hermione Maria Jean Stark-Wilkins" Replied Miss Hellen Wilkins while she was staring at the little angel in her arms.

Xx 2 Weeks later xX

There is a knock on the door. Hellen runs to answer it before they discover the doorbell. She had just got little Hermione to sleep and didn't want to wake her. Upon answering the door, she saw a tall bald man and 2 shorter men behind him all in business suits.
"Good afternoon, are you Miss. Hellen Wilkins?" the tall man asked

"Hello, Yes I am Hellen. What can I do for you?" she replied

"May we come in, we would like to talk to you about your daughter and the letter you wrote to one Mr. Tony Stark." One of the people behind the tall man started making Hellen realize that they were lawyers.

"Oh, um sure but we will have to be a bit quiet I just got Hermione to sleep, if we wake her, she will be a nightmare to get back to sleep." Hellen stepped back to let them in then pointed to the end of the hall "the family room is at the end of the hall we should be able to talk in there."
The 3 people walked into the little apartment taking seats in the family room on the couch and the tall man sat in her recliner. Hellen walked in after them with a fold open chair as she only had so many seats.

"Sorry, I would normally offer you tea, but I don't really have the means to do so at this time. And my Friend John won't be by till next week to help me out." Hellen said as she sat down.

"That is fine Miss Wilkins, we are here on business not her to socialize. We are here with Mr. Obadiah Stane as representatives for Stark Industries. In your letter to one Mr. Tony Stark you Insisted that you Daughter is his. Upon receiving this letter our legal team began work to find out if this was a legitimate clam. As we have had to field this type of claim before and all previous claims have been false. This being said we have looked into your history and you seem quite reputable and because of this we are here to ask for your permission to use a blood sample from your daughter taken at the hospital for a DNA test. Should this test prove positive all your expenses for young Hermione will be covered by Stark Industries. That would include the best schooling and any sports or clubs she may join and of course living expenses. Should the test prove false you would be sued for attempted line theft. Is this acceptable?"

One of the lawyers said and Hellen was pissed!

"So basically you are calling me a liar but with the distinctive possibility that I am telling the truth you don't want to seem rude so you put it in all that tecno-babble so I wouldn't call you on it. Here is a hint try that on the bimbos not on someone that has a doctorate in dental sciences. As far as I am concerned you all can go shove off. I sent that letter to Tony to let him know he has a Daughter and that I could use his help to raise her. Not to ask for money. If I have to, I don't care if I have to go hungry that girl will not go hungry and will have a roof over her head, but I figured that Tony would like to be in his daughter's life. I will take her to have the test done not because I want your money but because it will be better for her in the long run and that is all I ever want for my child. And the fact that he sent his goons instead of coming here himself says a lot about him. I thought he was a better man than that."

The tall man now known as Obadiah Stane started laughing

"You Miss. Wilkins are a firecracker. I am sorry that Tony disappointed you, but these guys have become kind of numb to this situation. I mean we get 4 or 5 claims a year every year. Normally the thought of being counter sued makes the fakers back down. The fact you didn't is one giant leap to her being legitimate as far as we are concerned. That being said for legal reasons we do still have to have the test but know that when she is confirmed you will want for nothing. That little angel will be well taken care of, and again I am sorry that Tony's not more of a man to step up to be her Father."

Before Hellen could reply to him the second lawyer started talking.

"Miss. Wilkins, we have made an appointment to corresponds with her one-month checkup. At that time, they will draw blood at the beginning of the exam. They will send a workup of her DNA to us and we will compare it to the DNA we have on file for Mr. Stark. This will take only a few mins as we have the top of the line equipment. You will know for sure before the end of your visit. If the young miss is in fact a stark you will receive a check before you leave the hospital to reimburse all hospital bills you have paid for all ready as well as a bank card in the mail to a trust fund that will be filled for you to pay for any food, diapers, toys or anything else the young miss may need. When the time comes for schooling you will be able to email Mr. Stane and he will write out a check to cover tuition for her. This way even if Mr. Stark wants nothing to do with her, we are able to keep track of the wellbeing and schooling of the Stark Heiress."
Hellen was to sad to hear that Tony wanted nothing to do with his daughter to do anything but nod to what he said.

"Well Miss. Wilkins, I hope we will be hearing from you in the next few weeks. We should be heading out. Lots to do, someone has to run the company while Tony's out being Tony." Obadiah stood and the lawyers followed.

Walking out the door with a smile on his face. This was his way to take the company, an heir that he could mold and have them sign over the company when they realized they weren't cut out for business. The plan was perfect. Just need to wait for confirmation that the girl is Tony's.

Xx 2 weeks later xX

Hellen Wilkins was walking out of the Hospital with Her daughter, a rather large check, and the E-mail address of one Obadiah Stane.

Xx 3 1/2 years later xX

Little Hermione Stark-Wilkins ran down the hall of her new home looking for the book mama bought her so she could write in it. Mama says I should keep a journal to help me with my words because I was too smart for pre-school. Mr. Stane paid for them to be moved closer to a top of the line elementary school.

Mr. Stane told her to call him Obie when he met her. Mama Had to Email him cause when I went to Pre-school the teacher told her I was too smart to be in class with the other kids. I made them feel bad about themselves because I was correcting their grammar and told them that the books read before nap time were boring and they needed to read something like Shakespeare to help the others minds grow… mama was called to take me home. Its ok though Obie says I walk good enough now that they will put me in first grade, I may be smaller than everyone else, but I won't let that stop me.

Mama always said I was smart, but this proved it. I mean most of the kids in that pre-school couldn't talk very good. I was already starting to read small words before I turned 2, by the time I was 3 and a half I was reading big words and talking lots. The only thing I learned was how to count and that took me less than a week. I like the numbers there are lots of them. Anyway, I got to go, Obie is taking me and mama to the new school to meet the teacher. I hope this one is not going to get all funny cause I am smart.

Xx 2 years later xX

Mom had a boyfriend. I was at school and some of my classmates saw mom kissing her friend John. She hasn't said anything yet, but I know. I wonder when she is going to tell me. They work together while I am at school. Any ways 5th year is just as boring as the others but atleast I learned cursive; they are supposed to do that in 6th year but I learned it ahead of time cause your only aloud to skip so many grades at a time. I am almost 6 now and I think that they are going to be moving me to middle school classes. I can only hope they are less boring than this. Its weird they say that I should be just starting kindergarten now. How stupid are normal kids that they wait till now to start school. I am glad I am smart; Obie doesn't come see me all that often anymore, but I think he will be coming soon to set me up for Middle school as he called it. Its called year 7 here but America doesn't count kindergarten as a year, so they are a year behind us. Obie says if I keep this up, I will have my diploma before even my Father, and he is supposed to have been a prodigy. I will keep working hard to make mom and Obie proud. Well journal I have homework to do if I am going to beat his record.

Xx 1 year later xX

Mom and John are getting married, Obie won't let john adopt me, but he did concede to having my name changed. After the wedding we will be the Grangers! School is still going well, I am still smarter than most of my classmates, but it is balancing out a little, I actually have to do some reading before I know the answers before class. Still going to end up pushed up another year if everything goes well, I could Finish my A-Levels before I turn 12! Well I need to get into my flower girl dress! Someone has to steal the show from mom!
Hermione Maria Jean Granger!

Xx 3 1/2 years later xX

Obie hasn't gotten back to me! I have a half a year left till I finish my A-Levels and he was supposed to Email me to let me know if he had sent in my request to go to Cambridge for my doctorate in computer sciences as well as applied mathematics with a minor in engineering that I would like to turn in to a doctorate from MIT after I finish at Cambridge. I told Obie my plan so that I could get him to sign me up for courses and get permission for me and mom and john to move in to a flat near the college that would be paid for by SI like all my other schooling. I am getting nervous. If I am going to be better than my Father than I am going to need to go straight to college. I mean he got his degree at 16 summa cum laude from MIT. If I want to have that plus 2 doctorates, I need to go straight into Cambridge.

Xx 2 Weeks later xX

Obie's dead, the news said a plane accident, but I have a feeling that it was my Father. I am sad not because he is gone but because I don't think I will be able to beat Tony now. Not without Obie funding my schooling I can't afford to go to Cambridge and MIT. I am going to try to fund myself going to Cambridge, Mom said that there is enough in the trust fund to buy all my course books for everything I had planned but not enough to pay for tuition. So, I am going to publish some of my work that I was working on for Obie about Alternative power sources to pay for a semester and I am going to power through all the work in that time. 4 years of collage in one semester for 2 doctorates. If I study for it before I start and ask for all the course work at the beginning It should work. If not than I could publish my work on the arc reactor that Obie had me working on shrinking and that should pay for a second semester if I can't get it done in one. I guess I should also send a letter to my Father asking him to restart my trust fund, but I am not holding my breath on that one. I mean he didn't even deal with it at all when Obie was alive why would he care now. Anyways I have to get my paperwork in order now to turn in this work for publishing if I am going to get to college now.

Xx 5 months later xX

"It is my genuine pleasure to present your class valedictorian, 11-year-old Child prodigy Miss Hermione M.J. Granger!"