A/N: I know I left it rather abrupt last time, but I wanted to get a chapter up even though it was shorter than I wanted it to be. But with posting it on the first in just 4 days of it being up we have already gotten 2k views! That people like my work that much makes me so happy. Before I head off to the story, I wanted to address some questions.

First this story is based off of the trope (dad Tony / daughter Hermione) and although some inspiration comes from other stories it in is an original.

Next is the connection to The House of Kama... as in Yusuf Kama. Leta Lestrange's half-brother from Crimes of Grindelwald. There is not one! For this story I chose a house from the sacred 28 that had the fewest notable people in it, and as I started this idea before crimes came out I had no idea that there would be a connection in the actual cannon.

I have also been asked where we start in the Avenger timeline, I have set this post Avengers but pre IM3 as I want tony to be a semi-responsible adult, and lastly this will have elements of the original HP story, but it goes divergent pretty quick.

Anyways I am about to pull a corvusdraconis if anyone follows their work you will know how the sorting will turn out already. So, onward to Hogwarts!

Xx Still HG xX

The boats finally moved around the little cavern and Hermione got her first look at Hogwarts. The books did not do it justice. The castle looked amazing, standing tall on the hill with all of its windows lit by candles. (you could tell by the light flickering) The moon rising behind it giving the castle an ethereal glow.

Before long, the boats pulled up into a little boat dock just outside the castle. The first years got off the boats slowly walking behind the giant man up to the castle. He takes them up a flight of stairs before telling them to wait there. Hermione starts looking around at the portraits while Draco seems to wonder off to annoy someone named Weasley.

Just as Hermione was about to go looking for Draco, Professor McGonagall walked into the Hall that the steps were in. "Good evening, and welcome to Hogwarts. In a few moments you will walk through these doors and join your classmates but before you can take your seats you must be sorted into your houses. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Now while you are here your house will be like family; any triumphs will earn you point any rule breaking and you will lose points. And at the end of the year the house with the most points will win the house cup. The sorting ceremony will begin momentarily."

With that she walked back out and Hermione could hear Draco starting trouble. Deciding to stay out of it Hermione introduced herself to a girl named Hannah Abott.

Before the girls got a real chance to talk the professor walked back in. "We are ready for you now."

Walking down the Hermione kept her head up and shoulders back while marveling at the rafters that looked like the night sky. Before long the whole group were standing at the front of the Hall with a table in front of them and 2 tables on each side. At the end of the tables was a raised platform with another table for the teachers and in front of the table was a stool with a hat on it.

'this must be the hat that sorts us that Happy told me about.' Hermione thought before turning her eyes to look at her new professors. Only a few seemed to stand out, one that was wearing a turban that was acting a bit squirrely, one in all black that looked like he was trying to bring the emo trend to the wizarding world if only he didn't look so serious and instead looked sad he would have nailed the look. Then there was the short man that looked like he was a goblin but not. 'probably half. Best not to make him mad if my meeting with the hoard leader was anything to go by, they hold grudges like no one's business.'

While Hermione was looking over the teachers the Hat had song a song and Professor Cat had started calling names. Hannah who had been talking to Hermione before had been sorted to Hufflepuff and a few others had gone after her, but Hermione could not be bothered. By the time the professor called her name Hermione was board and ready to sit and eat.

"Hermione Granger" Professor McGonagall called out.

"Finally." Hermione sighed and walked up to the stool, covertly tucking Pinky under her hair so no one saw her as she was still sitting around Hermione's neck watching the hall with interest.

Hermione sat on the stool and felt a jolt when the hat touched her head, like part of it belonged to her.

'Greetings young Miss, this hat is glad to see another Heir has come to grace our halls. Now on to your sorting.' Confused about the Heir comment Hermione was about to say something, but the hat continued before she could.


You have a mind that any Ravenclaw would kill for…

Yes, Very bright…

a genius indeed…

But the Raven's will do you no good as they search for knowledge for themselves and that is not your goal.'

By now 5 minutes have passed and the hall has gone silent.

'Definitely not a Puff, you can be kind…

and loyal…

But only to those that are loyal back.'

Hermione was starting to think she would get the house that was her First choice. now that 10 mins had passed, and the teachers were watching intently.

'Normally, I would place you in to your family House, Dear Heir but unfortunately I have been charmed to keep Heirs from there Houses to prevent them from having free reign in the castle after your predecessor abused his power here.'

'That being said you do truly belong to the Slytherin house but due to the charms I must place you in the only house left that fits your qualities…
But know my dear Heir, there are ways for you to get out of the house of lions if you look…

After all the Headmaster himself said it.

Help will always be offered at Hogwarts for those that ask for it. You may want to ask the head snake; he likes to skirt the Headmasters rules all the time.' The Hat said with was would equate to a mental wink before saying.

'Well might as well get on with this farce,'

"It got to be Gryffindor"

The Hall erupted in applause from the Gryffindor, as they got the person that had a longer Hat stall then Dumbledore himself. Hermione stepped off the stool and walked to the empty spot at the table next to Heir Longbottom as he introduced himself as.

Hermione sat quietly as the rest of the kids got sorted, including Harry Potter who seemed to stall the hat for a good 5 minutes before getting sent to the lions as well. Causing a bunch of loud kids to start yelling 'we got Potter' the group being led by 2 twin red heads.

In the end another red head joined the lions before the last kid went to Slytherin and the Headmaster stood up to say some random words and food showed up on the tables.

Hermione using her proper table manners filled her plate with a mix of meats and vegetables using proper utensils, only to be disgusted by the new red head named Ron using his hands to just grab food and stuff it into his face. Then he turned to her with his mouth filled with food.

"Oi, 'ou no parents an't here. You don't gota eat proper. And you an't gota eat you' veg at all."

Ron said this with a smirk on his face, like he was helping Hermione.

"Thank you for your advice, but as I have always eaten proper as you called it. I believe I will continue to as to avoid bad habits such as not eating my vegetables or heaven forbid talking with food in my mouth."

Ron just shook his head while the twins sitting a few seats down burst into laughter hearing their brother burned and him not even noticing it.

The twins stood and walked over to Hermione and held out their hand for hers. Hermione placed one of her hands in each of brothers. They bent and kissed her knuckles.

"Pleasure to meet you, we are the twin Weasleys Fred and George. Whilst we are the school pranksters, you dear lady have earned our respect as you have truly owned our little brother without him even realizing it. Might we inquire as to your name?"

Hermione sporting a light blush from being double teamed by the twins answered "I am Hermione Granger-Stark, Heir to house Kama. It is a pleasure to meet someone other then just Heir Longbottom that knows proper greeting edict. You may have to educate your younger brother, as I believe his introduction was… "um, im Ron, Ron Weasley" is there an edict class here at Hogwarts as I do believe quite a few people need to take it."

The twins busted out laughing again.

"Oh, be still our hearts, dear Princess you are just merciless against our brother. Keep that up and the moment you are of age you may have betrothal paperwork piled up at your door. Sadly, our conversation must end as pudding is almost finished and the Headmaster will want words again but know that if you need anything us twins are but a request away."

The twins bowed in sync before walking away.

The Headmaster started talking again almost as soon as the twins sat down.

'what kind of fool tells a bunch of kids to stay away from a certain place. Its like asking them to go explore. Especially them twins. They will probably be in detention a lot this year because of that corridor.'

When the Headmaster finally finished the prefects walked us up to the common room, the only thing Hermione could really think about it is that Dad would really like the color scheme. The prefects showed them to their rooms and Hermione just ready to be done for the day walks over to the bed where her trunk is, changes and passes out. Tomorrow Hermione would tackle talking to tall dark and snakey about how to get into Slytherin were she really belongs.

A/N: I know that this is a smaller than normal chapter, but I wanted to just put the sorting into its own chapter. I will try to write more soon but with the US opening mostly back up (as stupid as it is) I have been busier than I would like and unable to sit and write. See ya in the next chapter!