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Chapter 1

A commotion down the hall had the small child opening his eyes. He could hear yelling, but turned over, and tried to go back to sleep. It wasn't a new sound. Yelling and screaming was a sound he heard far too often. It no longer phased him. At this point, it wasn't even the worst thing he heard anymore.

The yelling intensified, followed by a crash and the child groaned. He just wanted to sleep. He wanted to have one night where something didn't wake him. If it wasn't nightmares that forced him to once more return to the world around him, it was reality.

He didn't understand what it was that happened around him, but he knew it wasn't good. He could look at his best friend's family, seeing the love and care they held for each other. That was what a family was supposed to be. His wasn't like that. It was filled with anger, alcohol, and abuse. Three A's that he despised.

"Shut up." He curled into a ball, pulling his blankets over him and trying to block out any sound from whatever was happening in his tiny and dingy living room. "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up." He just wanted to sleep.

The noise suddenly stopped, and the boy relaxed, thinking it was finally over. Looking out his window, the one that didn't have blinds, he saw the billions of stars twinkling in the sky. Face scrunched, he wondered why his mother was home so early. She normally never returned home until the sun was in the sky. She must be home, though, because there was a fight. Anytime his mother was home, and his father was awake there was a fight. Most times, the boy would walk out and find his mother bruised and bloody on the floor.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes once more. This wouldn't be any different. Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes, wiping the sleep from him. Every time his father left his mother laying on the floor, it was up to him to clean her up and treat her wounds. He would drag her to his bed, take care of her, and then fall asleep beside her until one of them woke up. Normally always him. Then he would cook for her, clean the house, do any schoolwork he had, and go to sleep. She would wake up at night, cover the bruises with makeup, kiss him goodbye, and then leave. The cycle would start over.

The bed creaked as he stood, a draft in the room causing him to shiver. It was always cold in that house. His father wouldn't let him turn on the heat. It cost too much money. In the winter, he opened up the two windows they had, but it didn't take the edge off.

With a yawn, he opened up his door and made his way to the single bathroom. It was a mess. Beer bottles, make-up, and supplies for cleaning wounds strewn all over the place. He grabbed the bandages and a somewhat clean rag, then made his way to the living room. Their apartment was tiny. It was just a few steps from one end to the other, so when he didn't immediately find his mother, he was surprised.

Making his way into the living room, what he saw had him dropping all of the supplies he had grabbed. His mother wasn't home. Instead, his best friend's parents were there with a cop. Touga was on top of his father, holding his head down into the floor.

"Sign the papers, Mattaki. As soon as you do, we will all be out of your hair." Touga was furious, his body shaking as he fought against the struggling man beneath him. Mattaki had been flat out drunk when he charged Touga, and getting him down had been easy.

"Are you just going to fucking let him do this?" Mattaki was looking at the cop, begging for help. He received none.

"I don't see shit." The cop shrugged. He had been called to this apartment many times, but nothing had ever been done to better the situation. Now it was different. Now he could finally help a little boy who needed it.

"Sign the papers. It's your only option." Touga pushed harder on Mattaki's head, and finally, the man relented, signing whatever papers the cop shoved in his face. When the pen fell from Mattaki's hand, Touga jumped off of him, glass crunching under his feet. He looked up, his eyes widening when he finally saw the child standing there.

Izayoi noticed Touga's look and turned, her gaze turning sad. "Baby." She approached him, engulfing him in one of her hugs that always seemed to warm him from the inside out. Kneeling in front of him, she cupped his little face with tear-filled eyes. "Listen to me, Miroku. You're going to come live with us okay. We will take care of you and love you. You will get to spend as much time as you want with InuYasha and Sesshomaru. It will be fun."

"I can't." Miroku wanted to, but he still stepped back. At that moment, he almost agreed, but if he did, he would leave his mother behind. "I can't leave mama." He bent down, picking up the supplies he had dropped, and hugging them to his chest. "She needs me."

"Baby boy." The tears ran down her cheeks, and Miroku reached out, wiping them away.

"I'll be okay. You'll see," He smiled at her, and she let out a sob, covering her mouth. Touga knelt beside her, his face grim as he grabbed Miroku's hand. The cop stayed behind, making sure Mattaki didn't try anything funny.

"Miroku, you're going to come live with us, okay. It's what your mother would want." Touga looked to his wife, and then back to the eight-year-old child in front of him. He was still a boy, and yet so mature. "Your mother, she died, Miroku. She's not coming back."

Miroku gasped, opening his eyes as the nightmare swarmed in his mind. Nightmare? More like memory in dream form. Sitting up, he rubbed his face, thinking on the dream once more. He had suffered from these nightmares since he was a child. It never failed.

He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to wipe away the feeling of grief and dread that always came with these dream memories. After he was taking from his home, Touga and Izayoi had adopted him. The paper Touga had forced Mattaki to sign was for Mattaki to give away all of his rights of Miroku to Touga and Izayoi.

Miroku's life changed drastically after that. His days were filled with laughter and playing. The things any eight-year-old child should be doing. He was happy and loved, all that he had ever wanted. However, his childhood would never leave him, nor did he want it to. He used his past to strive to make the world a better place for women. It was his goal in life.

"Are you okay?" The naked woman beside him rolled over, blinking open her eyes to look at him. He forgot about her.

"As if there could be anything wrong with such a beautiful woman in my bed." He smiled, and then stood, making sure the woman got an excellent view of his naked body. He quickly dressed, and then looked back to the girl whose name he couldn't remember. Had she even given it? "I'll give you some privacy so you can dress. Do you need a ride home?"

"Nope." She popped the P and sat up stretching. "I drove here last night. My car should still be in the parking lot."

"Good. Be safe out there." He winked at her, and then grabbed his wallet, shoving it in his back pocket. Grabbing his keys off of the dresser, he made his way out of the apartment above the club and went downstairs.

Safe Haven.

He always took a moment to look at it, making sure everything was as it was supposed to be. When he grew, he worked up the courage to ask Touga what had happened to his mother. It turns out because his father was an alcoholic, she had to work to provide for her son. However, most of her money went to booze for the worthless old man, so she became a stripper. She made enough money to pay bills and support a bad habit.

Stripping was as dangerous as they all say. Eventually, it led to her death. She had been propositioned to go home with one of the guests at the strip club, and she had agreed. However, that man had become obsessed and wouldn't leave his mother alone. When he propositioned her again, she turned him down. He didn't take kindly to that and forced her into an alley. There he raped her and then forced so much heroin into her veins that she overdosed. When they found her body, the male was a few feet away, also dead. He had shot up immediately after her, using the same needle and overdosing as well.

Learning of his mother's past, knowing that she left a job as a stripper just to got home and be beaten by her husband, it put motivation in Miroku. Once he graduated high school, he borrowed money from InuYasha, his best friend, and opened up Safe Haven.

A strip club.

As Ironic as it was, Miroku knew most women who stripped were desperate. So, he provided a safe place for the women to dance, make a decent amount of money, and return home safely. He had rooms built in the back so if there was a homeless woman, she had a place to stay. Drugs were not allowed, touching was not allowed, propositions of the women were not allowed. The rules were clear. Do not jeopardize the girls he hired.

Most he found in horrible situations. He would offer them a place to stay for free as long as they worked for him. It sounded horrible, but it wasn't. he paid the girls, they got to keep their tips, and he helped them to get back on her feet again so they can move up in their life. Many women had come into his doors at the bottom but leave at the top.

His friends even helped. InuYasha would hold free seminars for the girls. He was a self-defense teacher, and he taught any girls that Miroku brought in. Sesshomaru and his law partner, Naraku, were lawyers. They made sure Miroku's business was legal, but also helped the girls free of charge should they need any legal services. Sesshomaru took it a step farther, offering his help with teaching the girls how to make a resume and ace any of their job interviews.

Any woman who stepped through Safe Haven's door had the help to better herself and her life.

That was Miroku's goal in life. Help any woman he could so they didn't suffer as his mother did. So far, he was succeeding. There had only been one girl he hadn't been able to save, and that was because she killed herself. She never gave Miroku or Safe Haven a chance.

So stuck in thought, Miroku hadn't realized he had made his way to his care and driven to InuYasha's dojo. He sighed, leaning his head back for a second. He was so tired. He only slept a few hours a day. He was up all night with the club, and the nightmares didn't allow him to sleep very long.

Pushing himself to his feet, he exited his car and made his way into the Dojo. InuYasha was instructed a small twig of a kid the proper positioning of his feet. "Hey, Shippo." Miroku waved, and the kid waved back, not breaking his concentration. Shippo was being bullied. InuYasha's classes were his way to try and stop that. If he could defend himself, hopefully, the bullies will leave him alone.

"Didn't sleep again, huh." InuYasha crossed his arms, glancing at the tired male beside him. "I told you, ya need to talk to someone about that shit. You hold it all in and expect it to go away on its own."

"I don't talk about the past, I use it." Miroku rubbed the back of his neck, rolling his shoulders. "It's my motivation, you know this. Figured I'd come to help you if you need it."

"Woke up to a woman in your bed, didn't you? You need an excuse while she leaves." InuYasha scoffed, rolling his eyes as Miroku turned his head away to hide his flushed cheeks. Before either one could remark on that, the chime rang, alerting them to someone coming in.

Long black hair to her waist, one blue eye, the other brown, Miroku's breath was caught in his lungs. She was beautiful but damaged. Her hands were bandaged up, red from blood in a few areas. She was hunched over herself, eyes darting around. She was scared, constantly looking over her shoulder.

She stopped when she saw them, eyes wide in shock. She took a step back, and then spun on her heel, running out of the dojo. Miroku cursed and moved after her. He didn't go too fast because he didn't want to scare her even more, but he knew she needed help.

However, when he made it outside, she was gone. No trace of her at all. Looking up to the thick clouds, he hoped she had a home to return to. It was cold out, and soon the snow that had been threatening for the last few days would fall. With another tired sigh, he made his way back into the Dojo. He needed to find something to do so he could keep his mind busy. He didn't want to think anymore.