Chapter 1: John Phoenix Is Birthed

One day Phoenix Wright AKA Ace Attorney went to the hospital where his sister was giving birth. Phoenix's sister was secret and he only learned about his sister 5 days ago.

"Hello, Mary," said Phoenix because his sister's name was Mary. "Have you given birth yet?"

"Yes, Phoenix, I just gave birth to an alive baby boy," his sister replied, and she held up her baby. Even though he was just a baby he looked smart and he looked like a defense attorney or a baby who would grow up to be a defense attorney one day.

"I'm glad that you delivered your baby," said Phoenix Wright. "But I have a question, what is the name of my nephew?"

His sister held up her bible in her other hands. "His first name is John because of John from the bible. I wanted him to have a bible name from the bible."

"Objection," said Phoenix. "You didn't tell me John's last name?"

Phoenix's sister AKA Mary suddenly looked very sad and she looked at the window sadly. "I do not know the father's name," she said, "because the father died in the War before he could tell me his name. Since I don't know the father's name it is a virgininal birth."

"That is sad the father died in the War," said Phoenix and he was right. The War was still happening at the time they were speaking, but in a different country. "But the baby needs a last name," Phoenix continued, "or else people won't be able to tell him apart from other babies named John and he will an outcast."

Then suddenly the baby reached out and touched Phoenix's lawyer badge that Phoenix uses when he needs to defend people in court. Baby John's face lit up and he seemed to absorb magical powers from the badge. Then his face grew very solemn, as if in that moment he peeked into a window to the future and was contemplating some great destiny that lay before him.

"Interesting how he seems to have such an affinity for my badge," said Phoenix musingly. Even at that moment he suspected that his nephew might become a defense attorney someday.

"I know what the baby shall be named now," said Phoenix's sister Mary. "I shall name him John Phoenix. I have two reasons for labeling my baby John Phoenix. The first reason is because Phoenix is my brother's name and I have only just met my brother 5 days ago in the past, and I want to pay tribute to my brother Phoenix Wright and his badge which my baby likes touching. The second reason is because the doctors thought the baby was dead when it was first born, but the baby recovered miraculously, almost as if it was rising from the ashes like the mythological bird the phoenix."

Phoenix cried 1 tear. "I am honored, sister," said Phoenix. He was proud of his nephew. And he was glad he knew his long-lost sister.

And so John Phoenix was birthed. His adventures began by being birthed, but what will happen next in his adventures? Only time will tell.


Bonus emojis

👶 baby John Phoenix

👩 Phoenix's sister Mary

👨 Phoenix Wright

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