AN: Hey! You might have noticed that I have delected some chapters but that is because I am rewriting them and I would like them to make sense.

It was October 31st 1981 where everything changed in the Wizarding World: a spy betrayed his friends; a man lost his freedom; a werewolf lost his friends; the Dark Lord 'died', two young parents were tortured to insanity leaving their 15-month-and-1-day-old son alone, and two young parents lost their lives leaving their 15-month-old son orphaned. Their lives were in disarray after that day. The spy went in disguise as a rat at a poor Wizarding Household, the Weasleys. The man who lost his freedom went to Azkaban, Wizarding Prison. The werewolf drowned himself in his friends' favourite non-alcohol beverage, Butterbeer, alone in his cottage while going through jobs like how a harlot goes through partners. The Dark Lord's remaining part of his soul was trapped in Albania, thinking of a way out. The 15-month-and-1-day-old son was sent to leave with his paternal grandmother, Augusta Longbottom. The 15-month-old child got sent to his maternal aunt, uncle through marriage and his cousin (who was around the same age) in the Muggle World. The lives of Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Lord Voldemort, Neville Longbottom, and Harry Potter changed that day along with Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters, Albus Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix members and the neutral families.

Was it a better change? Yes. They could live in peace without having to watch their backs and carried on about their lives like no war ever happened. But they knew that each year at Halloween, they would carry a look of despair everywhere they went, giving their respects to the deaths of James and Lily Potter.

But, despite how they went past the 'death' of Lord Voldemort, they all knew that the Death Eaters would not follow any attacks after their leaders supposed death, right?

Saturday 28th November 1983

Dark Mark spotted again!

By Rita Skeeter

Yes, dear readers, you read that right. The Dark Mark was seen above a family home at Kensington, London after nearly a month of silence.

A ghastly pale 27-year-old Lord Lysander Guerriero was found first near the stairs with a pool of blood. After an autopsy, one of the best Healers at St Mungos, Healer Tonks, confirmed that he was shot with an unknown curse which the only effect was lacerating him after being shot with a torture curse for a few minutes. Lady Guerriero, 28-year-old Antoinette Guerriero (née Dolohov), was found near her husband who was killed by a simple Avada Kedavra. When she was found, there were tear tracks down her cheeks and her wrists were bruised with handprints which suggested that she was forced to watch her husband being tortured by the intruders. There were also signs of rape on her person (from a tear of her womb to sperm samples in her mouth) before being killed when Healer Tonks diagnosed her. Let me be the first to say that my heart goes out to their families and colleagues. Lord Lysander Guerriero was one of the most gifted Hit Wizards in the Ministry while Lady Antoinette Guerriero was a Spell Creator for London's branch of Gringotts. They were respected in the Wizarding World for their intelligence and being skilful duellists.

What was even more devastating was that the young couple's 4-year-old daughter (and heiress to the Guerriero estate), Hermione, was not seen at all at the residence. The new Head Auror Dewberry, one of the Aurors who arrived at the scene when informed by a squib that lived there said: "Even though Heiress Guerriero was not found on the property when my colleagues and I searched the residence, Auror Dirwick felt a magical trace which seemed to have been resembled a trace belonging to one of the newest Death Eaters before You-Know-Who was defeated, Darren Jugson. We can only think that Jugson Apparated Heiress Guerriero with him to an unknown location."

So are we safe at all? Is there a new Dark Lord amongst us or is there are still some Death Eaters causing fear again?

Frantic murmurs rippled across the Wizarding World. The public's heads were at a blur.

Did they see that right?

Did the Daily Prophet really write that?

After 2 years of silence, why now?

There were lots of questions going around both Wizarding and the Muggle (when word got there) Worlds but the question that remained on everyone's lips in the Wizarding World was: are they not safe after all?

The next day after the attack was committed; the city of Marylebone saw a young man, who looked around 26, holding a girl of 4 years of age by her throat. The young man had blonde hair which was curly and he had smouldering nearly-black eyes while the girl had frizzy chestnut-brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes. He seemed to be talking to her in a seemly abandoned house and the young girl had a look of fright on her face.

"You know girly, you remind me of your mother: puckered lips, sultry voice, and perhaps a tight throat," the dark-haired wizard mused. "Perhaps I should make sure that you have some use in this world before taking you to an orphanage where you would be unloved."

When his eyes trailed her frightened physique sickeningly slow, the young witch kneed the dark-haired man which caused him to curse. When he was too busy clutching his crotch, the witch raced out of the abandoned house.

When she did, she ran into a middle-aged man. He didn't look like the wizard who tried to molest her but instead had blue eyes which sparkled in the light and he had sandy blonde hair which reached just underneath his ears. He was carrying a flask of coffee in his left hand and a shoulder bag hung over his right shoulder full of papers. When she collided with the man, his open flask of coffee spilled over his blue shirt. When she saw the damage she caused, she cried and said 'I am sorry!' over and over again. The man calmed her down by saying he can get out by Vanish Gold.

"Where are your parents, child?" The middle-aged man asked kindly crouching in front of her and gave the little girl a tissue.

"A bad man killed them," the girl said miserably and dried the tears off with the tissue he gave her.

"I am Daniel Rivers and I am a social worker for the Police here in Marylebone. How about we get you to an adoption centre and get you signed in?" The man asked and she nodded slowly.

They walked to the nearest adoption centre in silence with the social worker glancing at the 4-year-old child to make sure she was there. When they reached there, Daniel asked about her deceased parents' names, her own full name, if she had any medical history, and when she was born to put in her file for the system at the adoption centre. He learnt that the girl's name was Hermione (it was on a locket that was tucked under her t-shirt). The locket has a picture of her parents (along with the names in small cursive on the frame) and it had the shortened version of her date of birth: 19th September 1979 and she has congenital heart block and had the mandatory shots given to infants. As he waited for the computer to process the data and save it, he watched Hermione reading a book written for 8-year-olds but it was written in Italian. He glanced at the computer and saw that the progress bar was done and told her that she is officially on the system and can get adopted. As he went to the door, he felt her hug him as she whispered 'thank you'.

When Daniel arrived at his work with 10 minutes to spare before being late after lunch, he started organising his files filled with many cases after changing his shirt from the coffee-soiled shirt to one in his locker. But he passively done this task as his mind drifted off to the little girl he helped. She appeared to be very intellectual despite her tender age and knew many things for survival.

27th March 1984

The day at Marylebone adoption centre started off with a man named Kaiden Granger, looking for a child at around 10 o'clock. He started to give up on hope when he finally found a young girl who was reading Notre-Dame de Paris in French. The social worker who was with him and his best friend, Romy West, informed him that the girl was in the system for a couple of months but during the short period she was in the system, she showed that she can speak, listen and read English, Italian, French and Greek fluently. Kaiden was grateful for learning French and Italian respectively for his GCSEs and carrying it on until degree level.

That day, Mr Granger signed a document saying he want to foster one Hermione.

27th September 1984

After 6 long months, Hermione is legally Kaiden Granger's ward and the second child in his care- first one being a son named Hugo Granger, aged 6. From that day on forth, she was known as Hermione Jean Hope Granger, named after her adoptive aunt and adoptive grandmother.


According to the official UK government website (as of September 2020) states that they can be your ward if the fostered child 'cannot go back to their birth family' and 'doesn't want to be adopted' then it will be long-term until Hermione is of age. According to some research, the child may take the last name of their foster parent if they choose to. Due to Hermione's parents not being known to the people in the centre, she took Kaiden's last name (the same applies to Hugo).