And He Dreamed

By JessicaRae95

He breathed in a breath of dampened air, the waterfalls mist around him,

A shelter from the noise of tapping and laughter, all lost in the memory of them.

The world Above with its haunts and its chaos, has enveloped his mind and his heart.

The things that he wanted, and yet could not have, was tearing his emotions apart.

Was it too much to ask for someone who loved him, for someone who believed in his dreams?

Dreams of never hiding ever again when Above, and Below, being one of the team.

Of loving whenever that Love took control, and having a life that was peaceful, serene.

Instead he was driven by the basest of emotions, adrenaline, fear in love's place

Fear of being noticed by chance when Above, afraid to love those that see his face.

Fear that inside they are watching his move, afraid that he will turn like a beast.

For the most part they are loving, and kind to his words, from the oldest right down to the least.

Acceptance is something he teaches and wants, something he knows yet doesn't seem to feel,

He knows that inside there are wounds he can't hide and worries that really aren't real.

But they eat and they carve out his very own soul, a hand that fate so loves to deal.

He is driven by the knowledge, that he just isn't the same, as the others that walk Below's Hall.

Winterfest is upon them, and in bright candlelight, there is no one there like him at all.

Why has he been cursed to walk among men, alone, with none of his kin?

Because of his strength, his claws, and his face, he simply won't let Catherine in.

He sees the fear in the eyes of the people whenever he has been seen Above.

Now he sits above the roaring of the water Below and ponders this strange thing called Love.

He understands how it moves and shapes such a man, but yet how it flows in his blood.

How it gives, yet it takes, but gives back again, and mends even though it can scar.

It hugs and it kisses, and yet can grow and it fades, no matter how near loved ones are.

He sits with his back up against the stone wall, arms resting on knees broad and strong,

Forehead bowed on those arms that had held her, now are empty and it feels quite so wrong.

He follows his heart down to the great Hall's entrance, where laughter flowed out like a wine,

Candlelight beckons and he enters the threshold, where tables of members would dine.

There would be cheering and happiness all through the room, a memory untainted by time.

He finds her there waiting, a gentle smile for him, in a room empty of all their friends.

"Dance with me, Vincent," She asks, reaching out, and his arms are not empty again.

Closing his eyes to the darkness around him, he feels once the gentle hand laid in his.

He grasps onto the vision and drinks it all in, knowing that was all that it is.

His eyes are now closed, as he leans on the wall that holds up the world that they keep,

He dances and looks into those eyes meant for him, and wonders just what they can see.

Visions of love played over and over in his mind,

And he dreamed, and he dreamed, and he dreamed.

Dedicated to Skippy, WFOL 2020