Hey everyone! Taking a break from WWWII and writing a Jean/Marie slash fic. It might get saucy, I don't know yet. I just love J/M stuff and since I've only been able to find three, I thought I'd try to change that! So you know, the Dune series is a WONDERFUL series of books. Basically, an Abomination is a child who is born knowing all the memories of his or hers' ancestors, and is in danger of having those personalities take over. Marie isn't speaking in her Southern accent, so just imagine it is. J Also, this is an X1 fic that begins before Logan wakes up.

Disclaimer: X-Men belongs to Marvel and Dune belongs to Frank Herbert. I own nothing really.


"Hey, it's three in the morning. Why are you still awake?"

Marie looked up from her book and saw Jean standing at the entrance of the reading alcove. She smirked and thought amusingly to herself, why would a telepath need to ask what people were doing?

"Reading, I can't sleep." Marie lifted her book and waved the cover at Jean. She was reading Children of Dune by Frank Herbert. "What are you doing awake?" Marie asked in return.

The telepath smiled and walked towards Marie to sit in a bean bag chair across from the teenager.

"I was checking on Logan. His wounds haven't healed yet, but they aren't infected or bruised. I can only guess that's a good sign." She reached forward and took the book Marie still held up. "The Dune series; I've read them a couple times. The first book is the best though." Jean skimmed the page that Marie was on. "Alia. I liked how Herbert described her decent into insanity as Abomination."

Marie's lip twisted down and she looked down into her lap.

"I think I know what she is going through. Having different voices fighting to be heard, and having different personalities struggling to come to the surface. My mutant ability makes me wonder if I will lose myself to a sea of other people."

The older woman moved to sit as close as she could to Marie without coming in skin contact. Inwardly, Jean flinched as she felt Marie become acutely aware of the gap between them.

"That's not going to happen. We will find a way to help you. Every one of us goes through the phase where we think that we won't be able to control our powers, but in the end we all find a way." Jean paused as she smoothed down Marie's deep brown hair and continued in a lighter tone. "Besides, Alia never had the Professor and the rest of us to help her."

Marie heard the smile in Jean's voice and smiled up at her in return. The pang of physical loneliness was momentarily forgotten as she spoke.

"Plus, I think Mr. Logan and Magneto's traits are fading."

Jean smiled again.

"I've noticed. You've stopped swearing, trying to light up and smoke cigars as well as some other things." Jean said the last few words a bit coyly.

Marie's face burned red at the last comment as she remembered the days before where she was driven by Logan's desires to basically get it on with Jean. Logan's memories of the various past women he had been with still swam around in his head and Jean picked up on it.

"It's weird. I, uh, I've only ever kissed one guy, and here I am with theseā€¦ memories." Marie said awkwardly and shifted in her seat. Marie didn't want to continue down this line of conversation and inwardly scolded herself for saying anything. Jean, the beautiful woman that she was, probably didn't want to hear about some girl's problems. Without another word, Marie focused her attention onto Jean's hand, narrowed her eyes as she magnetically removed one of Jean's rings, and suspended it spinning in the air.

"From Magneto, I have his power. Which I'm thankful for. I don't wanna know what's happening in his head." She said bluntly, not knowing why she said it considering Marie knew Jean was aware of the residual mutant affects Magneto had on Marie.

Jean raised her hand out towards the floating ring and spread her fingers.

"Do you want to see if Erik's influence is fading too?" Jean asked.

Marie met the red head's emerald eyes briefly and nodded. She raised her own gloved hand towards the ring and spread out her fingers like the telepath. She and Jean had done this before. This telekinetic versus magnetic force tug-o-war. Before, Marie had won and whatever metal object it was that the women pulled at, was usually easily ripped from Jean's TK pull. This time, the ring stayed stationary in the air between the two women. Jean's eyes shone brightly.

"Are you trying? Don't hold back and try to convince yourself his power is leaving when it really isn't."

Marie furrowed her brow.

"I'm trying. Really I am." She said in a strained voice.

A minute passed and the ring did not give in any direction. A thin layer of sweat was forming on both women's upper lip from the mental exertion. Another minute passed before the ring started to deform from the stress of different mutant powers pulling at it. Jean sensed that Marie's concentration was going to break, so before it did, Jean spoke, her voice breathless from the mental tug-o-war.

"Don't worry about the ring. I've got plenty more. Just pull it towards you."

Marie nodded quickly, and made one last attempt to rip the ring away, but it wasn't enough. She felt her magnetic grip begin to weaken, and for a second she thought she saw Jean's eyes flash a fiery red. However, the moment was over and the deformed ring flew forcefully into the telepath's hand. Marie and Jean doubled over in their seats, gasping for breath.

Jean laughed breathlessly between deep gasps.

"See? No Abomination. In time, people you touch fade." Jean sat up and opened her hand that held the bent ring. A red welt had formed where the ring had impacted her hand.

Marie also sat up and bit her lower lip at the damage she had done.

"I'm so sorry. Let me try to reshape the ring." She started to concentrate again but Jean shook her head.

"No. I've got more." She picked up the ring with her other hand and held it out to Marie. "Take it, and keep it so you can remind yourself that you will be in control of your power, not the other way around."

Marie smiled and enclosed the ring in her hand.

Jean stood up and rearranged the pillows.

"Let's hit the kitchen for a snack. After that little victory, I think we should pig out."

The younger mutant grinned as she followed Jean out of the alcove.