The Sun Wins

Characters: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Embry Call, Jared Cameron, Paul Lehote, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Quil Ateara, Charlie Swan, Billy Black, Harry Clearwater, Sue Clearwater, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Renee Dwyer, Phil Dwyer

Timeline: After the jump from the cliff

Sypnopsis: After jumping from the cliff, they take Bella to the hospital as she decides to let go of the Cullens and move on with the pack. Discovering her powers as an omega, she and the pack are thrust in a new direction of discovery and danger. As she chooses the sun over a period of wasted time, as this causes something even more dangerous in the case of Edward now.

Disclaimer: Twilight doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the author and the movie company.

Warning: This chapter is going to cover Bella catching them and leading into Jake's decision to take her cliff diving, her meeting up with Billy. And before heading for the cliff, as instead of heading home. As that fixes things between them and deepens the bond between her and the quartet and Emily now.

As things switch directions and lead into when she goes cliff diving and Harry's heart attack, before the cliff diving. As she, Jacob and Sam head for the hospital and arrive in time to save Harry when in the next chapter now. As the first chapter is covered in the movie, but this story is an imprint story now.

That removes the rest of the storyline and gets Edward out of the picture from here on in. As Leah has her father and aunt training her, Bella is free of Edward and the adult pack is back to full strength again. As this takes the next 11 chapters out of the storyline and the rest of the series in a new direction finally.

Removing the Volturi from the storyline and the agreement that was created as Renesmee is never born and both packs remain as one. While Josh Uley, Quil's father and Beth Clearwater return and take charge. Removing the secondary threat from the storyline and she moves on with Jacob and the pack.

Prologue: Truths Come Out And Going For A Walk

The day that started the new changes in my life was the start of, now, healing me even further finally as I headed for Jake's house. As the dream the night before unlocked a certain memory in my head as I wanted to confirm that memory. Knocking on the door, it opened and I saw Jake's father, Billy Black. "Bella." he said in greeting to me then.

And I nodded with a gentle look then as I said it to him then. "I need to talk to Jake." I said and he said it quickly. "He's not here." he said and I sighed. " Look I really need to talk to him." I said, before coming to a decision, as I moved passed him to the bedroom. "Bella." he said and I opened the bedroom door to find him asleep on the bed then.

"Billy, he came to see me last night, but a memory got unlocked." I said softly, knowing he was behind me, before I looked out the window and saw the quartet. Before I made my decision, to get passed the gag order, and I knew if Sam Uley was the leader. And of their pack, he ordered him not to tell me as I decided to get whoever was the hot head.

To expose himself and them to me so I knew who was who that I saw that day as I ran out the door. "What did you do, what did you do." I said, running at Sam and shoving him back. "Already easy." he said to the other guy as I saw Embry Call looking at me in hope and relief, knowing I caught them in the act and he wanted me to get him to lose it.

"What did we do, what did he do anyway, what did he tell you?" the second said, repeating that, as he moved closer to me and Sam looked between us. "Both of you calm down." he said and I told them the truth. "Nothing, he tells me nothing, because he's scared of you." I said and the duo chuckled as I felt anger and then determination then.

'Here goes nothing.' I thought and smacked him across the face as the blow knocked him back a foot at that as he froze up as his eyes narrowed in anger. "Paul don't!" Sam said to that response then as he saw the look of rage in his eyes at that. Before the forth member of their group said it, as he knew what coming at that response.

"Too late now." his friend said and he quickly gave the order. "Bella get back!" Sam said as I backed up a bit then as I saw Paul shaking in fury. "Paul, calm down now." he said sternly as whatever fuse on his spirit wolf reached the detonator and exploded. As he phased in front of me and I saw the light greyish black with white spots standing there.

As I backed up further and then heard Jacob Black shout to me. "Bella!" he called out as he was runnng at me and I quickly ran at him. "Run, Jake run." I called out, as he took a flying leap off the ground and he also exploded, only this time I saw reddish brown fur. And I knew he was the wolf that locked gazes with me then as he was standing there.

As he gave a warning growl at the other boy as they started fighting as I watched them in action, before Sam looked at me with a sigh. "Take her to Emily's, I'll deal with the guys." he said in resignation and they nodded. "Looks like the wolf is out of the bag." Embry said in relief to that and Jared nodded as he pulled me to my feet then gently.

"I don't care what you guys are, it doesn't matter, wolf, human, I love you in either form, Embry, all I wanted was to get you and Jake back." I told him and he nodded as he pressed his forehead to mine at that. "We hated lying to you, but we were scared to tell you the truth and secondly was the gag order." he said and I nodded as I looked at him.

"Two months and they cause both of you to change and I just get you back now, alright that's enough of this already, first you guys. And this keeps up in the same direction it's heading in and the guys and Leah are next, but I got 1/3 of my group of six back again." I said and he smiled in delight as he hugged me tightly and I just hung onto him then.

"You mean that, you don't care what we are, that we're able to morph into an oversized Siberian huskie?" he asked quickly and I shook my head. "Not what you are, but what you do, furry or not, still you, all I see is you: my best friend, my brother, I love you." I said and he nodded as he hugged me a second time and then put me down as I said it.

"I need the truth, it was never you that was killing those people, was it?" I asked and they shook their heads. "The character we killed was the bear in the reports, Bella, we exist, because they do." he said and I nodded. "She's here, isn't she?" I asked and he nodded. "If you know what she's after, tell us." his pack mate said and I nodded to him.

"She wants me." I told him and Embry took my hands. "Why exactly?" he asked softly and I explained that. "'He' killed her mate and she decided, rather then hitting him, to do the same, mate for mate. But she doesn't know that, or still doesn't know that things are not like that anymore, at least to 'him', being around you, Quil and Jake, things change."

"I'm almost there, and I belong to Jake after that, but what E..., what he did tore a hole in my heart, a hole that is mending from just being around you two again. He said I'm not good for him." I said and he nodded as his eyes narrowed in anger. "Right, the rule just shot up a second time, with you back with us, we stick to it and your pattern now."

"Jared, the bikes were the start of helping her to heal at the time, we created a balance like two months before we started. But she's a virgo bordering on Libra, she needs a balance and we created a pattern that caused it, but every day it was the same thing. School, job, homework and us, everyday it was the same thing for her as it helped."

"She was sleeping through the night, eating, her nightmares were coming to an end and her color was back, but she was acting like herself again. When she the guys Leah and I were together, and it was slowing helping, but our parents are worred out of their minds. That she could have a relapse and the duo caused it." he said and his brother nodded.

"Virgo, bordering on libra, you need a balance and we created it after you started spending every day here, before we both phased, always together, that helped. Billy was pissed enough when you looked like you had every bit of energy removed from your body." he said and his team mate nodded as his remark clicked at that news then.

And he said it firmly at that. "If she is staying with us starting now, there was that rule to follow and secondly we were keeping her under a certain balance. September 19th, a virgo, bordering on libra, she needed a balance to to take her mind off that. Yeah okay, so a straight balance that started the day she brought the bikes to the Blacks house."

"Emily and Kim are going to agree when I say this, but we better stick together, and keep to that balance again, spring break is next week though at the moment. So she's here every day from the second that Charlie is at work and same as before. As for his name and I agree with you, she's still struggling to get it out, she needs more time right now."

"Never say his name and you created a pattern to get you out of that abyss, that he shoved you into: school, job, homework, and family time, every day same thing. Harry and Sue said that was helping, as no nightmares and you were looking better. Better then you did, after 'they' left at the time and with that in mind, what did he mean that did it."

"But that remark, so if I'm reading this right, he said he didn't want you and then said you're not good for him." he started to say and his eyes narrowed in fury. "Kim loves the power rangers, but the letter became the standard debate in between pack meetings. And..., oh you stupid leech, you never say that to a girl and definitely not one now."

"That could have more going on with her then you think you damn idiot, Embry re-translate that, when we see her what do we see exactly, us, Jake and Paul. The guys she hangs out with and every guy on the team her sextet is on at school." he asked and Embry's eyes narowed in fury as he got what he was saying by that remark then.

"But he doesn't deserve her, when he left, he left behind the debris of a broken heart, but some other boy catches her on the rebound. And said is seeing themselves as just as emotionally weak, but that girl just made him beyond blessed that he found her. And when he left behind a broken heart, he just left the newcomer everything he needed."

"That's this now, but not just him, but his family, we find her and things change and now we're beyond blessed to have her. And for Jake, he's feeling like an undeserving mess, but now he's as blessed as she is, as the bastard left him everything he needs. To handle this, like I do, as together they make the perfect pair, the rightful alpha now."

"But we got her and they're left with just the memory." he said and the boy nodded sternly as he said it. "Does that stupid bastard understand a teenage girl mind and when you're an introvert damn it, to translate that. Not good for him, or more accurately not good enough for him!" his partner said in shocked anger and he nodded angrily.

"If that bloody parasite is honestly stupid enough to say that and I'm going to..." he started to say and he pulled me into a hug as I buried my head into his shoulder. "You are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, but he just crossed me finally. But if he thinks that then screw him, he hurt you and Jake catches you on the rebound."

"Us with him, Quil and I saw everything that we like, but you are just like me and Quil just Jake, but the 4 of us were a pack with Seth and Leah. We're family, that loser thinks that he got the worse end of that deal as all he has left is his memories of you. You belong to Jake, as his mate, if it's heading in that direction and us as your new family."

"But Bells, think about it now, 'When he was seeing her, he clearly had his doubts, now he's missing her, because he knows he's missing out, out, out. She's haunting him, her memories like a ghost, he so terrified. Because no one else even comes close..., he's the guy you should feel sorry for, he had the world.'."

" 'But thought that he wanted more, I owe it all to the mistake he made back then..., I owe it to my girl's ex boyfriend..., So then along comes me, this undeserving mess, who would believe my life would be so blessed. 8 months ago when he left all that debris, who would believe, he would leave behind.'."

" 'Everything I need..., if it wasn't for him: I would still be searching, if it wasn't for him: I wouldn't know my best friend..., he is someone I would hate to be. I got the girl and he's left with just the memory.'. That's a key point now, you belong to me and Jake now as you mean a lot to us as he left you and broke your heart, Bella."

"The idiot screwed up, he comes back and he won't have to worry about Charlie killing him or even the council and Sue. Because Jake and I will, I promise you that, he's already done enough damage to you, I'm not allowing him to do more at this rate." Embry said softly and I nodded as he pressed his forehead to mine as I said it softly.

Before he gave me a hug then. "Jake never said a thing, whatever memories I got of you guys, just unlocked a door in my memory, aside from the searching for the right story." I told him and they nodded as I looked at his brother's wrist and saw a green leather band. And next to it was a blue and red and looked at mine and saw the same exact colors.

"Mom?" I said softly as he looked at his and we exchanged looks. "Or Phil, my mother's twin brother is Phil Dwyer himself, so that's the blood bond. When on the maternal side of the family, Embry, Sam and me." he said and I nodded. "Well that started something, more then cousins, we forgot each other's faces after three years separation now."

"Jared Cameron, I take it?" I asked and he nodded. "I found this in a box in my closet." I said and passed him my bracelet and he looked at it. "This is a blood bond bracelet, one or both of your parents are Quileute." he said and I nodded. "We better follow orders and get to Em's." Embry told him and he nodded as he passed him my keys and he took it.

"So what the heck was that?" Jared asked me and I explained that to him. "The day I saw you guys, I had to make sure, but I realized it this morning. A normal wolf never reaches the size of a horse, a normal wolf would attack a human. Especially if they look them in the eye, and the character you attacked was in shock you were standing there."

"With a warning tone of 'touch me and he's getting torn to shreds', you guys, but Jake locked gazes with me, Sam was growling at him then. And with a severe, 'touch her and you're dead' vibe to him and Paul nudged me out of the way. And just so I wasn't in the middle of it, I guess I stalled him long enough for you to run him down and destroy him."

"If you been ordered not to talk, that was the only loophole, get you to expose yourselves, so back with the guys again, I miss the duo." I said and Jared nodded to me. "But I don't care what you guys are, as this feels familiar for some reason, like I know you already, just in a bigger body and darker shade then your current color here."

"In fact, aside from you, Embry, I feel like I know you three already as Jake and I spent every summer together since I was 3. But I stopped coming to visit when we were 15, before I moved back and saw you and Sam at the beach." I said and he nodded. "But if Jake is the real leader of the pack, then he was permitted to explain the treaty to me."

"You guys knew never to drag him up, but at this stage, if he never came back now then he and the others are never coming back at all. But going on a guess, Alice and Jasper are the reason we activated, the quintet why Sam activated. And the duo you're hunting down why the guys just did." I explained and he nodded to me gently at that synopsis.

"Alright this duo and the quintet that caused us and the duo to get started, and the duo we're currently hunting down are the reason our pack, if this keeps up. Is about to have the rest of our pack activate causing a 6 to possibly turn into a 9 person pack. But if you got any indication of who else it is, we need to check on it, as for our bonds though."

"Whatever the reason for that is we can dig into later, but Paul and I are also seniors in high school, but... oh damn it. Okay whatever position you had with the pack is connected to our parents, but if that is true. Then you were supposed to join us anyway, if you knew all along and don't care what we or 'they' are." he said to me at that news.

"Let me take a guess, you're the female position to Sam's rank." he said and I shrugged as I answered him. "If I am, then it was hereditary, but either way I'm safe now, but this must be what Billy meant, 'we are watching you.'. Translation, you guys are my new bodyguards now that they left." I said and they both nodded in agreement to that news.

"Either that or it was a double meaning if dad was pissed when we went looking for you the night they left. Dad and Tom are cops, and Harry is a skilled tracker." he said and I nodded. "Harry knows I saw you that day, as I saw a pack of over sized wolves, but if you're not the ones killing those people then..." I said and they nodded in agreement.

"Just why the hell is that leech after you in the first place?" he asked and I sighed. "Possible case of vengeance, 'he' killed her husband if you mean Victoria, that's the redhead. The one you destroyed, if that's what happened, was her friend, but they and her husband are the trio that put me in the hospital." I said and they nodded in shock.

"Jare' easy man." Embry said sharply and I quickly looked at him to see him shaking and squeezed his hand as his shaking lessened and then stopped and they sighed in relief. "So that's what happened, you barely survived a vampire attack, if the council knows this, they're going to kill him if he comes back." Embry said and I nodded to that remark.

"Keep going, so that is one reason, so what is the other?" Jared asked and I sighed. "And 2) she thinks I still belong to him, the party gave the perfect reason. And for him to break up with me, but his brother, the other one of the three of them. That went to school with me, is a red eye turned gold eye, and hasn't mastered the full control yet."

"But I got tell this to all of you at once now." I said and they nodded to me then. "You think the guys are okay?" I asked and they scoffed. "I hope Paul gave him a scratch for ratting us out." Jared said and Embry smirked at that remark as he answered that. "Oh come on, Jake is a natural, you see him phase on the fly like that, I got five bucks.

"That says Paul doesn't touch him." he said and and they turned to look at me. "Bella come on, we don't bite." Embry said and he looked at him then. "Speak for yourself." he said and I nodded as I got out of the truck. "Oh about Emily, Sam's fiance, don't stare, it bugs Sam." he said and I looked at him in confusion to that remark as I said it then.

"Why would I stare?" I asked and he sighed as he answered me at the question as Jared went in. "As you just saw, hanging around with a pack of wolves has it's hazards at times." he said and I nodded as I followed him into the house. "You guys hungry, like I need to ask." a girl said with a chuckle as she turned and saw me at that remark

"Who's this?" she asked and I hid a nod, as what Embry told me outside now made sense at that remark, as I saw several scars across her face and another across her arm. Which explained Sam's order to me to get back out of rage of their arms at that remark. And Embry answered that one. "Bella Swan, who else." he said and she nodded as she said it.

"Ahh, so you're vampire girl." she said and I hid a flinch. "Yeah, so you're the wolf girl." I said in response. "I guess, well I'm engaged to one." she said and I nodded, as she smacked Embry. "Save some for your brothers, and ladies first." she said sternly, as she turned to me and I walked further into the kitchen as she said it then smiling to me.

"Muffin?" she asked and and I nodde. "Sure, thank you." I said as I looked at the plate she left on the table and saw muffins the size of a small cake and nodded in amazement ad I said my thoughts out loud at that as I looked at her then. "Whoa that's the biggest plate of blueberry muffins I ever seen." I said and they chuckled as he said it smiling.

"It's wolf thing, we need a lot energy to go back and forth, and check this out. We can hear each others thoughts." he said and Jared smacked him. "Would you shut up, these are trade secrets..., damn it, this chick runs with vampires." he said and I hid a smile at they're starting to relax with me around enough to make jokes as we talked then.

As I answered his remark. "You can't run with vampires, because they're fast." I said and he smirked at that. "Yeah, well we're faster, it also helps you kept them in position long enough to give us the opening, you freaked out yet?" he asked me with a slight smile at that. "You're not the first monsters I met." I told him smiling at that remark then.

"Jake's right, you're good with weird." I heard and hid a smile as Sam walked in then as he moved to Emily as Paul sat down at the table in front of me. "Sorry." he said and I nodded. "I get why you lost it, but that was the only loophole, get you to expose yourselves to me." I said and they nodded as he sighed as he answered me then.

"Next time you try that, get 15 feet out of range." he said and I nodded, looking at Sam, the names of his parents shot through me and I asked about his mother. "How's Sharon?" I asked and he smiled. "Great, she's doing great and I'll tell her you said hi." he said and I looked at Jared and he nodded smiling as he answered my unspoken question.

"Yeah they're doing great, and I'll do the same." he said and Paul nodded. "Us too, though that does drag up the question if you know us that well. Just to know our parents names." he said and I nodded. "To be honest, that's the strange thing that may get answered in the debrief to why your hunt knows me by name, after the last attack."

"You get him?" I asked and they nodded and I gave a sigh of relief at that, as Jake arrived then and I looked at him and he nodded as he gave a 'come on' motion with his head. And I nodded as we headed for the beach. "So you're a werewolf?" I said with a slight smile and he said it with a gentle tone as he answered me, staring at him then.

I saw the slight confidence I saw in him the night before. "Yeah, last I checked, several lucky members of the tribe have the gene, a bloodsucker moves into town. And the fever sets in." he said and I nodded. "Mono." I said skeptically and he sighed. "Yeah I wish." he said and I took a deep breath, knowing what I had to say, I didn't care what he was.

It's not what he was, but what he did, as I was afraid he would get shot by the precinct, and if what Embry told me was true, then I needed him to confirm it. As he was my everything. "Well can you stop, I mean it's wrong?" I asked and he turned to me. "It's not life style choice Bella, I was born this way I can't help it, you're such a hypocrite."

"What I'm not the right kind of monster for you?!" he asked and I said it deliberately. It's not what you are, but what you do, they never hurt anyone, you killed people Jake." he said and he said it it that. "Bella we're not killng anyone." he said and I felt my heart start pounding this was it, I didn't know if the duo were still alive, but I had to know.

"Then who is?" I asked and he stepped closer to me. "The thing we're trying to protect you people from, the one thing we do kill..., vampires." he said and I nodded. " You can't.." I said and he said it in annoyance. "Don't worry, we can't touch your precious Cullens, unless they violate the treaty." he said and I sighed as I told him what I knew.

"That's not's what I meant, you can't kill vampires Jake, because they'll kill you." I said and he looked at me. "Really, we took out that leach with the dreads easy enough." he told me and the spasm of relief shoot through me. "Laurent, you got him?" I said and he nodded. "And his red headed girlfriend is next." he said and that did it for me finally.

"Victoria." I said as her name was choking me, as I tried to get it out then. "Victoria is here?!" I said, trying to control my tone and he nodded. "Was, we chased her all the way to the Canadian border the other night. She keeps coming back, we don't know what she's after right now." he said and I swallowed as I answered him quickly at that news.

"I do... she wants me." I said and he nodded as he pulled me into hug and I buried my head into his shoulder. "Jake, she's on vengeance, eye for an eye, but instead of coming after him, she decided it was only fair. Now for him to lose his mate, like she lost hers, eye for eye, she doesn't know or still doesn't know things are not like that anymore."

"Not to him anyway, but if he's not coming back by now, then they'll never come back at all now." I said to him as he looked at my wrist a second time as my remark took on a whole new meaning. "She was mated already and..., the accident in Phoenix, that's what happened, her mate nearly killed you?!" he asked, saying it into my ear and I nodded.

"Broken leg, touch and go to my spleen, my wrist, the stab wound to my leg and my head, the ballet studio that got burned to the ground, it was her mate. They did what you did and killed her husband, but the attack was in full view of me. As he tore out his jugular, before Carlisle stopped it at that." I said, shaking and he nodded as he said it.

'Guys as cubs, she sees an attack like this and she'll be traumatized for like, just show the stern wolf act, during the hunt and get the perp into the trees. They don't need to see this, her especially, she needs to know we can protect her. By being her parental pack, we're safe, but the leeches are not, we have to."

'Be like over sized Siberian huskies in her eyes now, that we're safe, we can protect her, she's safe with us.' I heard a voice, a deeper version to his voice say and with a tenor that I heard in a young voice. 'Guys, he's right, we have to show we can protect her now, but we are still just a bigger version to a Siberian huskie.'

'Get him into the trees, we do it there, but if there is an attack, we can't do it in front of her or she'll be traumatized for life.' I heard in a deeper version to Sam's voice as I heard it again. "Bella get back quick, and you, you leech, get the hell away from her.' I heard through the warning growl of the black wolf and hid a nod.

"Shh, it's okay, it's okay, that was why we ran the next one into the woods so you didn't have to see it twice right now. But he's gone, we torched him, as soon as we get her and you're safe now, it's going to be okay, though you didn't know it was me. I was protecting you from afar all month, but that was was the piece we were missing now."

"Come on, if you told this to the duo, we got to tell Sam and Paul right now, whatever the council says we got the job at the rate." he said and I nodded as we headed back to Sam's house and he stood next to me. "Sam I got what we need, regarding the redhead finally, she just explained it to me." he said and they nodded as Paul looked up at me.

As I was resting my hand on his shoulder as I said it then, rubbing his back, before I could though as I left my hand on his back. As I heard a gentle purr start and they chuckled as he looked at me smiling then and I looked into his eyes at that smiling then. "Yeesh we just meet and already I'm relaxed when around you, yeah okay now."

"That redhead you're hunting down is part of the trio and the one you just destroyed was also part of the trio." I said and Sam nodded. "Did you ever wonder why your parents were pissed that I ended up in that cast at the time guys?" I asked and they nodded. "Billy knew all along what happened and why I was in that cast at the time now."

"But your hunt is part of the trio that caused it." I said and they nodded in shock to the news. "That's what your conversation with the one we destroyed meant, they know you, because you ran into them last year?!" Paul said in amazement and I ndded to him firmly. "The redhead, her name is Victoria, but she, her mate James and their friend."

"His name is Laurent, targeted me the night I left without warning at the time, but they: 'him', and the quartet killed James after he just barely killed me. Since then, she decided that rather then targeting him, she was seeing it an eye for an eye. Our lost 12 were the bystanders that got caught in the middle, by saving me and destroying him that helped."

"That just leaves her and we're done finally, as not only did we get them all, it stops the murders all at once finally." I said and they nodded firmly to the news. "I just pray that if she knows trying to get passed you is not going to be easy. The reason I'm saying that is because whatever she is could triggered a missing persons case in dad's job, Riley."

"He could be connected to Jasper's past though that's true and you got a true case of multiple hunts over the next 4 months." I said and Sam nodded to me. "It was just this trio and no one else, and that's not if they decide to come back at all. But they do and I'm making it clear he's not getting near you." Sam said and I nodded in agreement.

"Yeah aside from us possibly being blood related at the moment, your bracelet, you're my alpha and most of all you act like my big brother. So half human perspectives and half magic." I said and they nodded in agreement. "Good point and you're right, he broke your heart once, I am not allowing it twice." he said and I nodded as I looked at him.

"I'm starting to wish you guys exposed yourselves to me last year at the moment with this lunatic on the loose at the moment." I told him and he nodded. "If we had we got the problems we do now where secrets are concerned. But this way you're here if the rest of the pack activates one by one." Jared said and I nodded as I got down to it.

"He's right, if the guys are next, they got you waiting then and us with you, then again there is something that doesn't add up and we can go into it later. But when you froze up when you saw me, you reacted to me like you would if I was human. When I told you to get back, but that was my growl of 'move back quick and you, get away from her.'."

"My voice, did you hear my voice?" Sam asked and I nodded. "Yeah I did, but your voices I just heard that same echo in a deeper version to his voice. The same tenor as your position tenor, and he wanted me to continue seeing you as an oversized siberian huskie. The adult version to your voice said the same, but that's the strange right now, Sam."

"Six months, I forgot what you sounded like, since you dropped in, it was like you still acted like my brother as I heard it once and that was on September 20th last year. But hearing a slight tenor to it, I reacted without needing to think twice about it. And got out of the way, before Paul nudged me back further." I said and he nodded as he said it then.

"I guess it worked, what do you see us as now, that we didn't do it front of you like he did?" he asked and I smiled. "I still see you guys like that, in fact, your voices the tenor is still the same just in a deeper version to your voices, you and Jake. Or maybe that's your wolves, Smokey and Red, I guess." I said and the quintet smiled in relief to that.

"That was my wolf tenor, alpha wolf, like the guys, you followed my orders immediately now, and on two occasions, so like the guys, you must be part of the pack yourself. But the only female member of the pack, non wolf female member of the pack, that is." he told me and I nodded in agreement with his opinion at that as I answered him remark.

"I think I can guess on what happened that day, but did you over hear the conversation between us?" I asked and they all nodded. "We did, but it sounded like you knew him, and what did he mean by that?" Paul asked me and I explained that. "After the hunt started last year he decided to head for Alaska and join their relatives there at the time."

"They're also gold eyes, but evidently he can't take the abstinence, he was trying to go cold turkey shifting from one to another. But he started cheating on it since then, our lost 12 or half of that 12 was him, but he blew his protection. And got himself the death sentence by you killing him." I said and he nodded in disgusted anger at that remark.

"And who's Jasper?" Jared added and I said it. "His brother, he's a red eye turned gold, and still having problems with shifting bloodtypes right now. That's what started this in why I was shut down, it started because of a case of broken wishes. And their arrogance, 'him' and Alice, Jasper's mate." I said and Sam nodded as he crossed his arms at that.