The Sun Wins

Characters: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Jared Cameron, Paul Lehote, Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Billy Black, Sue Clearwater, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Jasper Whitlock Cullen

Time-line: After Jacob phases and and she sees Laurent.

Synopsis: After seeing one of the trio that targeted her the year before, she sees the pack, as her memories start getting unlocked, she realizes it. As she decides that she waited long enough and decides to move on with Jake and the pack, but as the pack begins in protecting her now. An even bigger threat appears, in the form of Edward Cullen now.

Disclaimer: Twilight doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the author and the movie company.

Warning: This chapter is going to cover Bella catching them and leading into Jake's decision to take her cliff diving, her meeting up with Billy. And before heading for the cliff, as instead of heading home. As that fixes things between them and deepens the bond between her and the quartet and Emily now.

As things switch directions and lead into when she goes cliff diving and Harry's heart attack, before the cliff diving. As she, Jacob and Sam head for the hospital and arrive in time to save Harry when in the next chapter now. As the first chapter is covered in the movie, but this story is an imprint story now.

That removes the rest of the storyline and gets Edward out of the picture from here on in. As Leah has her father and aunt training her, Bella is free of Edward and the adult pack is back to full strength again. As this takes the next 11 chapters out of the storyline and the rest of the series in a new direction finally.

Removing the Volturi from the storyline and the agreement that was created as Renesmee is never born and both packs remain as one. While Josh Uley, Quil's father and Beth Clearwater return and take charge. Removing the secondary threat from the storyline and she moves on with Jacob and the pack.

Prologue: Rescue And Memories

Looking around at the disaster zone of what used to be my meadow with Edward Cullen I felt the pain finally of what his leaving did to me, before I heard a voice. "Bella." I heard and looked up and saw a vampire. "Laurent?!" I said gently as I tried to remember his name and he nodded. "I didn't expect to find you here. I went to visit the Cullens, but... the house is empty. I'm surprised they left you behind." he said and I nodded as he said it gently to me at that

"Weren't you sort of a, um, ...a pet of theirs?" he asked and I nodded. 'Yeah, you could say that." I said and he nodded to me. "Do the Cullens visit often?" he asked and I tried to keep from stiffening at that. 'Why even ask that question, they're gone, but we're here, touch her and you're done.' I heard in response to that question. "I'll say, are you trying to end up dead, I mean it, touch her at all, and you're done, I know you're killing half the 12.'

'Where's the redhead you leach, why come back, when you know killing humans is a death sentence here.' I heard and knowing whoever just said that was watching from the tree-line and hiding in the bushes as I saw Edward appear. 'Lie.' he said to me and I said it firmly at that. 'Bella, I know, but focus, we're here, you are protected, we never stopped, but took back your protection from the Cullens here.' I heard a young adult voice say.

'Guys stand down, Bella, it's me, it's Daniel, listen to me, but you remember what I looked like when wolf?' he asked and I nodded. 'Uncle Daniel, Uncle Tom, you also here?' I asked and heard 5 voices at that. 'Yeah honey, us adult wolves are here, but he's about to get a shock of a lifetime here once he sees us here now. But we meant it, we're watching you, we meant 'we're back'.' the second voice said to me and I hid a nod of relief.

'We're back, we'll protect you, if he bothered to call us, we could have protected you long before what happened did happen at the time. But you're our entire world, like your sisters are, your place is with us again, time to come home now, but he knew now in truth here. We take back your protection, and soon you and Jake reach this stage and make the jump to mates when he starts.' Tom Lehote said to me and I nodded.

"I never been more relieved to hear your voices like this again guys, you knew what I got caught up, and..., I got to be the one to tell dad guys. I remember everything, but I got to tell dad, to prevent him from accidentally shooting you guys, so orders as you're our superiors?' I asked and he said it kindly. 'After we chase him off, report to Harry, he, Tom and I are going to handle your father in protection, but the boys got you.' he said and I nodded to him.

'Our relationship is what mattered you knew all along seeing us like this all the time here right now as a result you were not afraid of us. But you are of them, it's because we raised you, you saw us like this all the time, not a big deal, but Harry and Billy sent us to check on it. He said once done, report to Harry and Charlie, as we're about to expose ourselves to the redhead here next.' he said and I nodded to the remark.

'Billy, alpha's orders, I got to obey my alpha, well papa alpha, Sam or Jake is my alpha, Billy my papa alpha, and I'm cub omega, mom is my adult self, okay. Yeah I remember this now, but you're our superiors with you adult wolves here.' I said and knew he nodded. 'Yeah good, you remember alright, but not preteen cubs anymore, teenage cubs and watch it, you're going to know the quartet is us when you see them.' Tom said for him and I hid a nod.

'Bella I'm holding dad's spot till he gets back, cub beta in terms here.' a younger voice said to me and I hid a nod softly at that. 'So Daniel, Tom and now you next, well that's three of us here, as the twins were Billy, Jared to Daniel, Paul to Tom, and Leah to Harry, but I'm his adopted daughter here. I remember now, so this means you belong to Josh, his cub self?' I asked and knew he nodded with a gentle smile in his mental voice at that remark then.

'Yeah I am, I'm here Bella, focus, the guys and I are here, and the 'we' was always the council, we're back, we can protect you, just tell him the truth. That truth is they're gone, but they keep in touch by phone to check in and the council told Carlisle we got this, the we and us now. Are the Quileute packs, we're back, but put it together, the guys fathers and Harry are always with Charlie, when you guys were together.'

'Before Embry started, we were guarding his house, your's or the Clearwaters, in case they broke through the defensive lines, we're here. So you're safe now, it's always been us, but we are watching you, we're back.' the young adult voice told me and I hid a nod as I told him the truth. "Yeah, absolutely, all the time." I said and then heard it again at that. 'Lie better.' Edward said and I heard a snapped off remark at that remark.

'I'm not lying you bastard, I'm telling the truth, I'm dating a werewolf here.' I thought sternly at that. 'Easy baby, I get it, he thinks you're lying but the truth is you're right, ever since you snapped out of it, you're always on the reservation now. And to the point you're safely in our lines of defense, so you're telling him the truth, you're protected, but wrong soulmate, wolf not vampire.' I heard Daniel say to me at that softly.

'Anyone else hearing he's trying to maintain a grip on me here?' I asked and heard 10 affirmatives to that. 'Yes and whatever he did is clearing being cleared bit by bit, because I can feel your heartbeat pounding, the adrenaline of seeing him again like this is pulsing so hard. It's shoving, if he drugged you, out of your system, just relax baby, we're behind you, and the boys are right behind him.' Tom said to me and I nodded to that.

'Shut up you idiot, she needs to focus, baby, focus, focus, it's okay, it's okay, we're here, pretend here, but Cullen got swapped for me here, baby, Bella, it's me, it's me, we're here.' I heard from another voice and hid a nod as I said it. "I'll tell them that you stopped by, I probably shouldn't tell it... Edward, you know he gets very protective." I said and knew they nodded. 'That's an understatement.' the young adult voice said in response.

'Vital clue there, she can't say his name yet, but once she does, she's free of him and fully healed.' I heard from a fourth voice at that and knew the trio nodded to that remark. 'Whoever is hanging around in there, guys, you better stop that, if I can hear you like this, but the tenor, is starting to unlock a memory in my mind, only your voices are 30 years older here guys.' I said and heard a gentle tone of amusement at that as I heard it then.

'Or not, with dad and Daniel here, you know it's us as them in teenage form.' the second voice said. 'Paul is now the best time for this conversation right now at the moment?' I heard from Sam at that and tried to keep from laughing. 'Okay guys, focus, and Sam I know that's you, as I got your stuffed selves back on display in my room again, but without your father, visual aid, need help.' I said and knew he nodded gently to that request.

"Bella, it's me, remember the gentle growl you heard the night he took off.' I heard and hid a nod. 'Bella, you remember what our dads, if they were like us, looked like us, as adults, right?' he asked and I nodded a second time. 'Not a cult, it was never a cult, when they come through here, we turn into our spirit wolves, Embry and Jake just joined the pack, if you got us as a toy pack, match us to our stuffed selves.'

'You can talk to us like this, because this was something you forgot, you knew all along in what the tribe was and is here, but the part. That, that's you and we, the guys and me, forgot, was it wasn't just us, but you as well, I spoke to Harry before we came up here. And in time to hear this, you're part of the pack too, baby sister, you're safe now.' the voice said to me softly and I hid a nod before I heard another one.

'Bella don't move, we're right behind you, listening to the entire conversation, baby, we're ready to let him have it here, but it's us, it's us. I know, I figured it out, this is what you couldn't tell me, not your secret to tell I understand that, but we know, we always knew what they are. This is what dad meant, we are watching you, 'we're back'.' I heard and nodded as I made my decision at that to let Edward Cullen go then.

'Jake is that really you, where are you guys exactly?' I asked and I heard Embry Call answer that question. 'Just behind you, but keep him occupied, Sam, Jake, the guys and I are ready to let him have it, the we now, is our fathers, but you remember this. But 3.5 years screws with a person's memories, you already know what we are, but a visionary aid helps to, as you remember our dad's like this.' he said and I nodded softly.

"So not a cult, you're a pack, you separated from me, to protect me, till you got it under control guys?' I asked him and knew they nodded. 'I didn't want to leave you, but I was scared you'd never take me as I am now.' Jake said and I nodded. 'I get why Jake, but I never cared here in what you are, I did this all the time with the pack's parental pack, I knew all along, so what we would have talked about is now left out of the equation here right now.'

'But he's about to get the shock of a lifetime here when he sees the adult pack come out after you do here right now, but listen to me it's not my parents. You or the packs, I was hiding this from my friends, I don't need them exposed to our world, technically you were half right, if dad forgot this. But mom knew already, the only ones that were needing to be protected were my school friends, I didn't know if you'd go wolf or not.' I said and knew he nodded softly.

'To answer the other question on age is he's a 100 years older then we are, he's a pedophile and incubus, but I'm only human, examining this now, finally. I saw I gave it all the time it takes, when you professed your love to me at the movie theater I decided right then to let go, and move on, thing of it is. You were the one I moved on with, our first date, and you imprinted on me, when I came by to see you that day.' I thought to him and I knew he hid a smile of relief.

'Jake I love you, I'm in love with you, didn't matter what anyone else ever said especially these characters, you made and kept your promises here now. You kept your promise, never to hurt me and you made the effort to come see me, as I see you as you are now, it doesn't matter, wolf or human honey. I love you in either form baby, it doesn't matter to me, wolf or fully human, I love you in either form.' I thought to him and I felt a gentle jolt of delighted relief at that.

'The guys, Jessi and Angela, I couldn't tell them, the Volturi learn that everyone in town knows what the Cullens are it could kill everyone in both Forks. And in La Push, I wasn't being held responsible for the lives of my closest friends being slaughtered, I had to keep their secret.' I thought to him gently at that. 'So Charlie and Renee already know what they are, as do we, Charlie forgot, but no one outside of circle does, alright I understand that now.'

'Well that makes perfect sense, you had to protect them, not your secret to tell, alright, so you knew, but you couldn't tell them now. But you weren't sure if the guys and me would start or not and hid this, before dad and the council told us.' he said and I hid a nod to him and said it. 'Yeah I wasn't sure if you, the guys and Leah would also start, as I joined your pack, but with you and Embry part of Sam's, I'm joining in as well here now.'

'Jake I love you, it doesn't matter, wolf or human, I love you in either form, it doesn't matter, you're all that matters to me I don't care what you guys are. It doesn't matter here, so long as I'm with you, I'm taking you as you are, but he was already too late, I felt the charge when you locked gazes with me now. The imprint activated, I accept that imprint, I belong to you now.' I said to him in response to that news and felt a jolt of relief through our connection at that.

"Wolf thing, but this wolf thing, as teenagers was and is the final piece to cement our relationship now, I've given it all the time it takes holding here now. To what might have been, I'm letting him go, and moving on, now, the imprint activated and went to full power finally, I belong to you now Jake, but I know it. I know this is what dad and Billy wanted, me to choose you as you heal my heart and we were already the best of friends here, before you phased here."

'I let him go, that night you phased and realized I given it all the time takes, I'm moving on, that's why I came to see you, let you know this, as I saw you. As you are now, but you my mate, Embry my brother, I can't take being away from you, so if joining the pack means I'm always with you now. Then so be it, I'm never letting you go honey, I choose you baby.' I said and knew he nodded. 'Love you too baby, let him have it.' he said to me and I hid a nod.

'Do it.' I thought back to them and knew they nodded. "Honestly Laurent, the Cullens keep in touch, but I hear from Carlisle, Esme, Rose and Emmett most of all, as Carlisle said they keep a permanent residence close by, but in truth now. Is they got an agreement with the tribe, no hunting on these grounds and in exchange we never tell them now. And that's the pale faces what they are, but if you're wondering in why I chose to stay here right now in truth is this."

"But I'm a member of the Quileute tribe, and before the quartet left town, they made and agreement with the tribe and they know what's going on up here. As to how and why now, well it's because they turned my protection, now, over the Quileute tribe now, till they get back, but I'm mated to the son. Of the red wolf, the cherrywood red wolf to be exact." I said and he nodded in shock to that news as I went further at that remark then sternly at that as I went on.

"My father is the best friend of the red, dark chocolate brown, the black, light chocolate brown, blackish grey with white spots and the adult golden brown. As such if you can't speak wolf, their names are Billy Black, Aaron Ateara, Tom Lehote, Daniel Cameron, Josh Uley and Harry Clearwater now. Harry is the adult golden brown, Josh is jet black, Tom is blackish grey with white spots the size of a softball, near mini basketball now here in truth now on that."

"Daniel is light Chocolate brown and Billy is the dark cherry red now, but funnily enough if you been chased around by a pack a couple feet shorter. In truth here right now, it's because they're the cubs of the sextet." I said and I watched him trying to keep from paling at that news as I went further then. "I've been hanging around with the cubs of the sextet ever since the Cullens left, but I've got a family trio to quartet with them, that's Billy Black, Harry Clearwater."

"And Aaron Ateara, but Aaron is my father's brother, half brother, I'm also the sister to Harry's children, as such as soon as the Cullen's left now in truth. I've re-integrated myself back in with the packs and we've been acting normal as I was hoping whatever 'he' started never got worse here now. I'm dating Billy's son here and Harry's my legal guardian, but I have family in the Clearwater clan here now, but Aaron's son is my cousin, as is Josh's sons now here."

"But born and raised with the wolves, so after the Cullens left I returned to them, funnily enough after examining my arms and my leg, the one I broke. Last year, I saw the bite marks crisscrossing over another set, that match what James tried to do to me, before Carlisle arrived and with him. Were Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Alice here, so care to tell me why were you afraid, if you smell wolf on me right now, you're thinking the adult pack is close by."

"If you're getting nervous and asking on the Cullens now, I've been keeping in touch with the family, but Edward and I decided on a step back, but as humans, we can only try so long. Before we draw the line in trying and I did the night of a date with my new boyfriend, Edward's a friend, that's all there is between us. I'm dating the son of the adult pack leader, but the defense lines were covering both towns, here, but again, what are you doing here exactly."

"Why you come back exactly, what are you doing here?" I asked Laurent Frost and he explained that. "I am running an errand for a friend." he said and I nodded as I crossed my arms at that news as I said it then. "I see your eyes are red, you never stopped it's been what, a year since our last encounter was one year changing diets causes your eyes to change color and turn amber, but you're still on a human diet?" I asked and he nodded to me gently at that.

"I tried, but it's not easy." he said and I crossed my arms at that. "It's not easy for Jasper Cullen either, but he does it, and again what are you doing here, who is this friend?" I asked and he said it. "I come on request of Victoria, she wanted to see if you're still protected by the Cullens." he said and I nodded. "I keep in touch with Carlisle from time to time, but I switched protectors, I'm being protected by the Quileute tribe." I said and he froze up at that news.

"Quileute tribe, the Wolves, I thought that the pack was retired." he said and I tried to keep from turning around and knew the guys were looking at each other at that. 'Vital clue there, he must mean our dads.' Sam Uley said to that. 'Same here Sam, but you guys, need to dial it down in there I can hear the internal growling from here, so shush.' I thought back to him and knew he nodded as I answered his question as I crossed my arms a second time.

"They were, but now they're not thanks to you, you just caused the adult pack to reactivate, and with them the cubs of the adult pack, I'm dating now. The son of the leader of the adult pack, but who are you really, when was the last time you came through here, aside from you dropping in during the game?" I asked and he said it. "I don't remember, but I came through with my other coven 9 years ago." he said and I felt 3 jolts of shock at that remark.

"I don't supposed you smelled two of the 10 adult wolves?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes, I smelled the light chocolate brown, and deep blackish grey with white spots the size of a softball." he said and I nodded. 'Great he smelled us in the area, knew we trace him to where they were hiding he was dead the second we see him here.' Tom said to that and I hid a nod. 'Well get ready he sees you now, he's going to freak.' I said and knew the guys nodded.

'Dad and Daniel!' I heard from a new voice and I hid a nod. 'Paul?' I asked and felt a jolt of acknowledgement. 'Yeah he means your dads guys, but you and Jared only, Josh is out of town still and Billy and Harry are retired so with that. Guys not yet, just give me five minutes I need everything here right now from him.' I thought to the trio and they all nodded to me. 'Keep your tone relaxed, we're ready when you give the word.' Sam told me and I nodded.

'Bella, never mind whatever you're hearing from 'him' right now, focus on me, just make it sound like we're not close by, and then let go, and we go on that.' Jake said to me and I nodded. 'You're hearing this through our connection?' I asked and I heard a sigh. 'Yeah, it's like he's trying to keep a grip, but never mind that, nothing he says is keeping us from what we have been doing together lately.' he said and I hid a nod to that.

'That's the understatement of the century, things change, they can not change back, but I'm telling dad the truth later, but I'm never living a lie again here. But we can be normal with each other, we can make this work, again, sure you're wolves, but so what, you're still as human as I am I can be normal. But that explains my remark, I've been around him so long, I had to exercise caution in case what happened at the party did happen here at the time now.'

'That explains my inner upper arm, I landed on a solid crystal vase, long story.' I thought to him and knew he nodded. 'You can fill us in after we meet up at your house, but how dad and the guys and Beth take this is anyone's guess here right now, but the imprint activated our connection. I can feel your relief we showed up when we did, so our empathy link is still fully active here.' Sam said for him and I hid a nod to the news gently at that.

"Victoria?" I repeated and he nodded to me. "Victoria feels it's only fair to kill Edwards mate... ...given he killed hers. An eye for an eye." he said and I nodded. 'Lovely, we got another case of the third wife here, I was afraid of this, once he got involved with you, he was going to expose you finally here. And to more dangerous areas of our histories here.' Daniel said to that remark and I hid a nod at that remark as I heard it again at that remark

'Threaten him.' Edward's hallucination said to me, and I said it, as I put a double meaning into the word. "Edward would know who did it! And he'd come after you." I said to him and he smiled and I heard a very deep growling at that from the adult quintet then. "I don't think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him... ...if he left you here unprotected? Victoria won't be happy about me killing you." he said and then finished his remark then gently.

'Touch her leach and you're done, I mean it.' Daniel said to him sternly through a growl at this. "But I can't help myself. You're so mouthwatering." he said and I said it to them. 'Dad if you can hear me, I'm going to the sheep lead in trick, so you can take him by surprise here.' I said and heard a deeper version to Jake's voice at that. 'Got it, and go to it, baby.' he said and I nodded as I said it to him as I faked the scared and desperate tone in my voice.

"Please, don't! I mean, you'd helped us." I said and he practically moved so close to me, I knew he was attracted to me then. "Shhhh! Don't be afraid, I'm doing you a kindness, Victoria plans on killing you slowly, painfully, ...where as I'll make it quick. I promise, you will feel nothing.' he said gently and I thought it firmly as I let go on that. 'Edward, I belong to Jake now, so it's over.' I thought as I said the words to let them know to go on that finally at that.

"Edward, I love you." I whispered, as I let him go finally then as I heard a shocked remark then as I kept my eyes close then. "I don't believe it." I heard then and I looked sideways as I saw a something come out of the trees and I saw a wolf, a jet black wolf, but not a normal sized one. This wolf was the size of a horse as I saw a warning look on his furry face as he growled at him, before I heard four more and saw a quartet almost as tall as the black then.

"Tom, Daniel, guys now!" I snapped and the quintet came out of the tree-line as well and I saw 5 wolves the size of a buffalo and he looked at them in shock and fear. 'Whoa, yeah I remember now, oh good grief here, so cub size in teenage form is adult horse, adult size in wolf is you, nice timing here guys. You couldn't have picked a better time then now to expose yourselves to him." I said as I tried to keep from laughing and Daniel nodded to Sam at that.

And I nodded as I got he was saying for me to join the guys then as Laurent was looking at the quintet in shock and fear as I moved to Sam and he pulled me close. "Noo, I thought you were retired!" Laurent said in shock shaking and Daniel I knew, if he was human then and not a wolf, would have crossed his arms then. 'Guess again buster, we're back, we warned you and tried to run you off and now you come back.' he said sternly as he looked at him.

"Warned me, you never warned..., Carlisle!" he said in shock and I nodded sternly. "That warning was forwarded through Carlisle, by us Laurent, we passed it to him, but you wanted to live, you should have followed the law here in on our turf. When they're not here, we're in charge here, we're the law, but we got a connection to Volterra, you break the law, you end up dead." I said and he paled at my remark as he realized he sentenced himself to death.

'Never figured it out yet in why we were with Charlie that day, we were hunting like this?' he asked and Laurent swallowed hard at that remark. 'We're cops leach, Charlie, her father, is the chief of police so once we got a whiff of you being in the area we had to protect her again. Both of them again, and Cullen's attempt to protect her backfired, she still gets hurt here now, just like when your coven came through here.'

'After Charlie made the suggestion she move back in with her mother, our omega, she refused and reconnected to us, well this time now. It's a case of third time's the charm and your luck just ran out right now, you left, but you should have stayed away and not told her that news. I guess you never consider when the wolves that were hunting you down are cops are also her paternal pack, you sealed your fate here.'

"Thought we were retired you leach, well you're wrong, as soon you came back, we came back as well, but you caused them to start too.' the brown said sternly. "Uncle Daniel, Uncle Tom!" I said in delight as the adult dark chocolate brown nudged me with a purr and I hugged him tightly. "You don't belong to the Cullens, you're their's?!' he said in shock and I nodded. "That's right, I'm their baby omega." I said smiling sternly as Tom said it then.

'Never expected to see us again pal, well here we are, she wasn't kidding when she told you this, us humans we age at a normal rate. But thing of it is she hasn't seen us like this in years, chose the right moment to tell us this, that you're hunting on our turf here. But thing of it is she was never without protection, she belongs to us, she's not a vampire girl, but a wolf girl, always was.' the adult greyish black said sternly.

"Well I know who's who now, but that's two of the 5 of you here, so this means that Josh and Billy are you and Jake as adults, Sam." I said, looking at the horse size black and he nodded. "Never saw it coming Laurent, that as soon as you told me this, you gave yourself away, age Jared and Paul 30 years." I said and he paled as he looked from the guys to their fathers and backed up in fear. 'There we go, it's back again.' Jerry Denali said with a smile in his tone.

"I'm the daughter of their omega, Laurent, my name is Isabella Marie Philips/Ateara-Swan, but this is my life, never needed to tell them, I already knew. The adult pack is the Quileute high council themselves." I said and he swallowed hard at that. "Council?" he repeated shaking and I nodded. "As in the leaders of the tribe themselves, I live off the reservation, but my parents and I can come and go as we please here, but I'm moving onto the reservation."

"I'm the daughter of their second in command, not their beta, but their omega, the omega is the female alpha." I said and they looked at me with smiles in their eyes as Copper shook his head with a smile in his eyes. "But thing of it is, is you're never going to live to tell this to Irina or to him whatsoever here, I'm not a vampire girl, but a wolf, I always was, I belong to the adult red's son, Reddy here." I said and he looked at Jake in a panic at that news then.

'Seeing us full size to your stuffed versions of us, it won't be long before your brothers and sister start next, baby.' Jerry said to me and I nodded. "Well the ten of you is more then enough Uncle Jerry, I missed you guys so much." I said and he nodded with a smile in his eyes. "How the hell are you able to translate what they're saying?" Laurent said in shock and fear. "It's because to you it's in wolf, we got a telepathic link." I said and he swallowed hard then.

"Everything they say, in wolf, is translated into words in their voices, the purrs and growls are really saying he's telling me here right now in this now. Said is that the guys and my sister are next, my brother and sister are the golden brown and white with tan highlights in her fur, as cubs, the duo are the cubs. Of the adult golden brown, and with them is the cub of the other adult dark chocolate brown, but no white patch on his chest." I said and he paled further at that.

'Unfortunately, you're not going to live to tell this to anyone else, including Cullen now, as we don't want him to realize we're back.' Tom said through a growling purr. 'She belongs to us, we raised her, but she was a human cub and raised in a pack, wanted her mate to be a wolf, leach. And said is the cub cherry red, the adult cherry red is his father.' he said to him sternly as I heard Jake's voice take over at that remark.

As they also came out as they looked at him warningly as I heard a warning tone. 'Get the hell away from her, you leach!' I heard through the growls from two voices then. 'Bella, move back, we're running him into the trees, when we do that, go home, and report into Harry, he knows, but Bella. Don't be afraid, it's okay, it's us, remember the growl you heard the night he left, it's me Bella, it's me, the gentle growl you heard.'

'The night he left, I'm the one that found you, it's me!' the leader of the quintet said through two growls and a purr to me and I nodded as I realized what it was telling me. 'You're the shadow I heard, I saw a pair of blue eyes, but I couldn't see your body, that was you?!" I asked and he gave a gentle growl to me. 'Yeah it's me, but Harry knows what we are, he's our paternal pack leader, go to him.' he said and I nodded as I moved out of the way.

"Darkest wolves in the adult pack, were Shadow and Cocoa, but Shadow was jet black and Cocoa was dark chocolate brown, but you're 3 feet shorter then Shadow..., no I don't believe it, Sam?!"I said in delight and he nodded to me. "You ever consider that their fathers picked up your scent, you idiot and were trying to hunt you down, before you decided to target me for the final time?" I asked, backing away from Laurent and he, if anything, paled at that remark.

"Oh my god, your dad was the darkest of the pack, all I could was his eyes, when it was passed dark at night, when we were camping, Sam!" I said and he nodded to me in relief I said his name then. "Sam, guys, is that really you?" I asked and they all nodded. 'Yeah Bella, it's us, you're safe now, if you remember us as preteens, just age us the added 7 to 8 years, you're 18, I'm 20 now.' he said and I nodded as I smiled as I saw it immediately

'Bella, it's alright, age me 30 years, if dad looks like me as a wolf, age me 30 years.' he said to me and I looked into his eyes, as I saw blue eyes I remembered and then smiled as I looked between the quartet I knew. "Shadow, Red, Storm, Brown, but not, oh my god, this was why you had to separate from me, guys, that's really you, Reddy, Hurricane?!" I said to them, looking at Red and the whitish grey and they both nodded to me gently at that.

'Nice choice in names for me, but Bella, not real wolves, it's us!' the greyish white said to me and I nodded as I smiled and I saw a relieved and happy smile in the red's eyes then and I nodded. "Your fathers but not, nice timing guys, you couldn't have picked a better time then now to show up, so there's the part I forgot, not just you, but your dads." I said and the quartet had smiles in their eyes. "Fathers?!" Laurent said, backing up in fear at that remark then.

"We're cubs Laurent, their fathers are buffalo sized, we're horse." I said and he looked at the guys and paled at that and the black straightened up then to his full height and I nodded. "Yeah full size horse, Shadow but not, alright Smokey, Brownie, Reddy, and Storm, nice timing guys." I said and they nodded as I saw a smile in their eyes I was not afraid of them at that. 'Not afraid of us clearly, but afraid of you, you leach.' the greyish black said sternly at that.

"Yeah not afraid of you, but relieved, you chose the perfect moment to come out, aw crap, that's the part I also forgot, when like this, I can talk to you. As every noise is translated into words in your voices right now." I said and they nodded with a smile in their eyes. 'Alright, better move out of the way, we're running him into the trees, once we do, head home and tell Harry, we got him.' the black said to me and I nodded to the order.

"As in the adult blackish grey, black, chocolate brown and reddish brown, you smelled their fathers in the area that the Cullens played baseball in?" I asked and he paled then and the guys and I nodded. "Well you screwed up big time here, if he ever expected to hide this from me, that you were part of that coven. Now, said that nearly killed the guys, my sisters and me, 9 years ago, then you were out of your minds." I said and then said it with a stern tone to him.

"Age them 30 years years, Laurent!" I snapped and he backed up in shock as I backed away from him and the whitish grey motioned with his paw to me and I nodded as I moved to him and moved around him and closer to them as I got a better look at the quartet and saw them looking 30 years younger. And more then the way what I remember. "I feel like I'm seeing your fathers when they're cubs, but guys is that you?" I asked and the quartet nodded to me.

"Shadow, Red, Storm and Brown." I said and Red shook his head. 'Not dad or the guys, we're them as cubs.' he said and I smiled in delight. "So that's why you had to protect me by separating from me, Jake is that really you, Embry?" I asked and they nodded as I felt two jolts of delighted relief I realized it and busted them finally. "That's two, so that leaves you three, but you're a cub copy of your dads, of course, I knew all along, I always knew this."

"Reddy, Storm, Brownie, Smokey?!" I asked and they nodded to me and I nodded in relief. "God I never thought I'd ever see you guys again." I said and they nodded as Hurricane moved to me, and pulled me into a hug and I wrapped both arms around his furry neck and he purred gently in a comforting way. 'Shh, it's okay Sis, you're safe now, come on, time to go home, sis.' he said to me and I nodded as I made my choice then.

Quickly moving to them, I looked at the red, and into his eyes and I saw my friend's eyes, before I looked at the whitish grey and saw the eyes of my brother. "The bikes, I saw the four of you on the ridge, not a cult, you're a pack, so that growl I heard when you brought me home, that was you guys?" I asked and they nodded gently. 'Yeah it was us, Harry sent us to find you as it was after dark, and he just ticked us off.' the brown told me and I nodded to him.

"I don't care, I don't care what you are, but we need to talk later boys, Jake, Embry, Sam!" I said to confirm and they all nodded to me and I sighed in relief. "Great timing guys, you couldn't have picked better time then now to show yourselves to me finally." I said and the black nodded in relief I said that, running my hand through the head fur of the blackish grey I heard him start purring as he nudged my arm in response and Laurent, if anything, paled further.

"Jared, Paul?" I asked and they both nodded. 'Yeah it's us alright, but lovely timing for a memory recall, Bells." the brown said and I chuckled and I nodded. "That's an understatement right now, but what I will say is if you're afraid I won't take you like this guess again guys, because I will, I don't care." I said and they nodded as Sam looked at me gently with a gentle smile in his blue eyes at that as that did it for Laurent as he said it then in shock.

"No, I don't believe it." Laurent said in shock and I heard a firm tone to that. 'Believe it or not, you leach, you're still going to burn, she's not without protection, but Cullen left behind a mess. That we now got to clean up, you're next, but you left yourself open here.' I heard through a growl at him. "Lead right into an ambush, you shouldn't have told me that, Laurent, you're done." I said and he paled as he realized he exposed himself.

"Leaves me alone for 5 to 10 minutes and the wolves start descending on me, said wolves are the pack that nearly killed you once, you're the one now. The last one left of the one that nearly killed us when we were 9 to 11, you bastard, yeah you're done alright, you exposed it you're cheating on your diet. You're dead, Go now guys, release." I snapped and he quickly took off as they charged as the red slowed down and turned his head slightly to look at me

As his eyes looked at me gently and then he too left, as I saw the Laurent knock the black away from him then, and they chased him into the bushes as I quickly headed for home and opened the door to find my father and Harry Clearwater getting ready to leave. "Dad, I saw them!" I told him and he nodded. "What's the matter?" he asked and I explained that. "In the woods, they are not bears!" I said and he looked at me in shock as he jumped over that part.

"What you mean in the woods? Bella, what the hell were you doing out in the woods?" he asked and I said it quickly. "They are wolves, I mean, they're like huge wolves!" I said and Harry said it gently at that. "Are you sure about that, Bella?" he asked and I nodded to him - "Yeah, I just saw them. They were after... something." I said and realized it then as I saw the worried look on his face at that remark then as it hit me finally at that remark.

"Wolves, you saw..., alright, well, Harry, ...feel like going hunting? Can you get some of your guys together?" he asked and Harry nodded. 'Wait, Harry, tell Harry, he's our leader, but then..., oh my god, what have I done.' I thought as I saw the look on Harry's face at that. "Sure, yeah. I'll... I'll just..." he started to say and I said it quickly, as I felt my heart stop, realizing what it was then quickly. "Harry did the black have a name?" I asked and he nodded to me.

"You called his father Shadow." he said and I nodded in shock to that, as that was the clue-breaker finally. "Smokey, that was Smokey?" I asked in shock and he nodded to me. "Smokey, I saw a red, blackish grey and a brown tinged one, in the color of hot chocolate mix, my toy pack, that's the guys." I said and he nodded to me. 'Red, but not, Reddy, Smokey, Storm and Brownie, oh my god, it's been years, they're back.' I thought as I snapped it out at that.

"Stop dad." I snapped and he froze. "Dad when I told you that, I didn't mean to go hunt them down, they're not the ones that are killing people here now, but listen to me. You remember the stories, your friends used to tell us on our camping trips up here at the time, about protectors descended from wolves. Their magic, when cold ones are around, they turn into their spirit wolves?" I asked and he nodded and I smiled as I said it then gently at that response in relief.

"I saw the trio, Daniel and Tom, like that again." I said and pointed behind him at the fridge and he turned and looked at the picture and smiled as he got it, as he looked at Harry. "So you guys started up again?" he asked and Harry smiled and nodded and he smiled in relief at the reveal. "We are watching her, translation, we're back, we'll protect you guys, but we got you, the boys and Leah have her, when the trio start." he said and dad nodded with a chuckle.

"Aging at a normal human rate, full size is buffalo sized, teenage cub size is the size of a horse." I said and he nodded. "So how old did these guys look?" he asked and I said it. "The leader sounded like he was no older then college age, and the quartet are between sophomore to senior year of high school. That's the part we forgot, at times they needed to isolate themselves till they got their abilities under control." I said and he turned around to look at a picture.

"Well I remember what they meant when they told us this, the second I got a better look at them, I saw they looked like a much younger version, of them." I said and he turned and looked at the picture on the refrigerator at that as I took it off the fridge door and looked at it carefully as I saw the quartet. I just saw as adults and then saw a golden brown, blonde with sun gold highlights in her fur, a dark chocolate brown, a copper with stripes in his fur.

A dark chocolate brown with a white patch on his chest then and finally was a reddish orange light orange in his face and chuckled as I looked at them and said it smiling then. "Not adult wolves, but cubs, those cubs are carrying a younger version in three names here: Red, Storm and Brown, teenage, or cub name. Said for those names is Reddy, Stormy and Brownie, and I named our new one, his name is Hurricane now, I just call Storm by his real name when..."

"When not with their fathers." I said as I went to grab my toy pack of the group I just saw then and put them on the table. "The black J.U., S.U..., S.U., Sam, that was Sam, okay." I said and checked the others. "D.C., J.C., T.L., P.L., W.B., J.B., the initials were the clue breaker, okay so J.C. is Jared, P.L., was Paul, and J.B., that's Jake, the quartet are Sam, Jake, Paul and Jared, so that means the whitish grey is Embry." I said in relief and dad nodded in shock.

"Dad don't bother, we got the one that tried to kill me when we were cubs, preteen cubs." I said and he nodded in relief at the reveal. "Lead the bastard right into an ambush and he revealed to me he's been cheating on the Cullens's diet." I said to Harry and he nodded sternly in relief at the news. "So that gives us a freebie, but if Carlisle told him the penalty, looks like he never took the warning seriously, baby." he said and I nodded sternly in agreement to that.

"Don't just believe the legends in your and Billy's cases, you live it?" I asked and he nodded and I smiled. "I knew all along what you were, because there was a memory I forgot, but that dark reddish brown, Billy, that was Billy, and light cherry red is Billy as a cub. And I saw the cub up close and personal a few minutes ago, that was Jake, from your grandparents, to you, and now to us, the guys, Leah, the twins and me, we forgot this, we knew all along here."

"We knew, and you retired when the twins, Leah and Sam were 12." I said and he smiled and I chuckled and nodded. "It's fine, but wolf or human, love you guys in either form, it doesn't matter to me." I said and dad tried to keep from laughing at that remark and Harry smiled at that. "But not just the five of you, there were five others: Joe, Jerry, Beth, Uncle Aaron, and Adam." I said and he smiled and I nodded as I looked at the picture smiling then.

"Yeah I see it now, Sam is black with chocolate brown highlights in his fur, Paul with light blackish grey lights in his fur and spots the size of a baseball. Jared the tinge of hot chocolate mix, and Jake is light cherry red here." I said and he nodded smiling at me. "Dad the guys are off the hook, they're hunting down the real bears, and we got one of the two here, but looks like he never considered your friends are going wolf in the search in the woods here."

"And I mean that literally, they are wolves, age these guys to your age of 46, dad." I said and he nodded and looked at the duo that looked like Jared and Paul when wolf and checked the initials on the collar. "D.C., T.L. Tom and Daniel, alright wise guys, I know that's you, so that's enough of that already, just show yourselves to me like this next time, please." he said as he started laughing at this and Harry smiled in relief he remembered like I did then.

"She's right Harry we don't care, it's fine you're our family." he said to him and Harry smiled in relief and delight at the news. "So let me take a wild guess, but you're wearing a golden tanned leather jacket during spring and fall, and a tanned winter jacket during winter, you're Goldie." he said and Harry smiled and we nodded with a chuckle. "Well you're busted buster, but it's fine man, I don't mind." he said and I nodded in agreement with his thoughts as I smiled softly.

"But though retired, can we reactivate you, by fixing your heart?" he asked and Harry nodded. "It's drawing on our strength here, but yeah she can, but Billy and me, she needs to draw on the pack strength, but doing it after taking a dunk in the deeper portions of the undertow is not a good idea. As you're so exhausted, it's like running 10 miles, swimming for 30 and climbing a mountain, and two weeks of rest to recover from it." he said and we both nodded.

"I'm going to kill him if something causes a heart attack out of a jump scare." I said and they both nodded. "If there is one thing that came out of this, it's a case of you're always around us, now that your memories come back all at once that you don't care what we are." Harry said and I nodded."Yeah I couldn't care less what you are, I knew you longer then I knew him you're not dangerous, he is dangerous when he loses his temper." I said and they both nodded.

"Cullen screwed up, he knew this one was back, and when he tried to protect me from his counterparts, it never worked I still get hurt at the moment now. As for the message you told me through Jake right now, you were saying you're back and you're taking back my protection, I had a family already. Pack family, you guys were my real protectors, you raised me, and you are my parents best friends, so no need to think twice Uncle Harry, so you win, hands down."

"Well the bastard never realized you took back my protection, I was never left without protection, as, as soon as they leave and you do it once again. But ever since I snapped out of it, I was always with Jake, Embry and Quil and the duo ever since when not at school." I said and he smiled and nodded. "The pattern we did when you were still a little girl, stray from the pattern and it gets dangerous clearly." he said and I nodded in agreement to that as I said it.

"Virgo bordering on Libra, I need balance, stray from that balance and it gets dangerous, I know, that 3.5 year hiatus was due to us thinking we were done. Or till the Cullens arrived, Sam changes, is missing for a few months and now running a body temperature 10 degrees higher then normal here right now. Before Alice and Jasper arrive, and Jared and Paul are next, we got this trio, and now me, and they return and Jake and Embry..." I said and nodded in fury.

"This keeps up and every single cub on the reservation is going wolf." I said and dad nodded in shocked fury at that news. "Oh my god, if Alice or she and Jasper come back to check and Leah, Seth and Quil are next!" I snapped and he nodded sternly at that news. "Alright I get it, but this is what we were praying was never going to happen, the Cullens are the same ones from the stories the guys told me?" dad asked and I nodded to him as I crossed my arms.

"What's left of the cub pack that never went wolf is the sextet, but we got 4 of the 10, and Embry was a new addition, because his parentage, I'm guessing. Is Josh, so he's part of the Uley bloodline." I said and he nodded. "Sam looks like Josh as a cub, and I mean in both ways, but Sam knew this, I realized this, and I would never care. As I join with them, tell them what I know and things are back to the way it used to be, as I'm back in my pattern here again."

"Well back to the pattern and balance once again, safe with you and the guys again, I'm completely safe on the reservation and dad with me, I see it now. But this was why you're always here in between hunting down these guys, it's because you and Tom and Daniel are with dad at the station here in town. And so while you guys and Aunt Beth got him, the guys and Leah got me, so completely safe." I said and he nodded smiling and I grinned in delight at that.

"These guys, are three shades lighter then the adult pack, but it's because the adult pack are their fathers and Aunt Beth." I said and he nodded in shock as we both turned to the picture of me sitting on the adult red's back and with my arms around his neck and with a smile on my face. "Adult red, Billy is the red, he's the adult cherry red, my version is Jake." I said and he smiled softly in relief I said that and told him so fast then as we exchanged relieved looks.

"No, no stop Harry, it wasn't me he was afraid of, it was the..., it was them, the guys, those wolves are not normal wolves, the stories, the tribe's histories. But we made a treaty with the Cullens, they never hunted on our lands, and we would never reveal who the are to outsiders, I never told anyone. But if we're part of your tribe or just the pack itself, it's means I just reported into the cub pack leader." I said and Harry looked at me quickly at my remark then.

"This was something I hid from her and them, I never told them who you really are to me, they thought you were just dad's friends." I said to Harry and he nodded. "But more then friends, more then the council, you're..., the pack." I said and looked at the pictures on the kitchen fridge door and saw me sitting on the back on the dark reddish brown with my arms around his neck and I knew he was purring happily at that with the smile in his eyes then and smiled.

"Red was happy I was so happy, but that was every trip up here, till we were sure, it was safe and we took a 3.5 year hiatus, before the Cullens returned. As Sam starts, and then Jared, Paul, Embry, Jake and me..., that's the clue breaker, he thought it was over after they left, but no not a chance in hell. Here of that, because every time we get another one coming through here, the guys, and I, all start activating one by one." I said and Harry nodded to me then.

"Pack, I leave you alone for five minutes and the wolves start descending on me, you're the said wolves, but if you guys are back, it's keeping that a secret. And as they see their attempt to protect me backfired here, I'm completely safe here with you, because you've been doing this for 30 years yourselves now. As like this, there's more of you and we can be normal with each other, but dad and me, we're part of the pack, aren't we?" I asked and he smiled at me.

"I figured, alright mom's your omega, you're my adult body guard, we just got to get your sister up here, ranks as a pack, you're third in command now. And of your pack, and your sister is your partner, it's your job to protect the alpha's mate or the omega here, but I'm both, so if that's the case in Jake's eyes. It means that when I accept the imprint, and Seth, Leah and Quil all activate and all at once!" I said as I realized it then and he smiled in relief I said that.

"Stand by." I said and he nodded as I quickly shouted it out mentally. "Guys, you hear me, Sam, Jake, Embry was it you?' I called out and I heard a fast shout at that. 'Bella, how are you doing that?!' I heard in the same tenor I heard from Sam earlier in his voice and I smiled in delight. 'Trade secret, but like you got a mental connection to the guys, I got one to you, but all three of you get over here.' I said and heard a smile of relief in his tone then.

'Guys I need to speak to you specifically, as you're the ones that know the most on my condition, but the cubs of the alpha and the beta guys, that's you. I'm your omega, so omega to alpha and beta cub meeting guys, no more separation need to be with you now.' I said and I heard a gentle tone. 'Our omega, you're our omega, so that must be why you can talk to us like this.' he said to me and I nodded as I heard the voice of my best friend.

'Better yet, all of you get over here, I need to see you face to face now, but we're faking this for them, if she's spying on us.' I said and knew they nodded. 'You think he broke his promise, Bella?' I heard from a new voice and I nodded. 'Yeah I do, but to confirm that, if he's having one of the duo, or the quartet watching us, then we fake every single conversation between us here, but meeting at my place guys.' I said and knew they nodded as I heard it.

'Yeah alright we're on our way baby, we're coming.' Jake called back to me and I nodded smiling. "They're on their way here." I said to Harry and he sighed in relief. "Well that's the first clue I need to know you remember everything now, by actually tapping the connection to confirm here, but there it is. Your powers are at 90% full power another week or two and you're back." he said and I smiled at that as I answered him gently at that remark then.

"What was that about?" dad asked me and I explained that. "Something we forgot, we were never outsiders of the tribe we're related to two members of the pack, wait I take that back, three. The original pack wasn't just Quil, Ephraim and Levi, it was also the Clearwaters, Philips, Lehotes and Camerons. As such, you're related by blood to Quil, me: I'm related to him, Levi and mom's grandmother, Tiana Philips." I said and he nodded in shock to that news.

"By blood and by marriage, it's four families, and I'm betrothed to Jake, praying I was going to take up my birth rite, it wasn't till the last few months here. As they got their wish, I was moving on and the connection between me and Jake was the natural course of falling in love, before he phased himself here. As to that, they were praying Jake was going to imprint on me, and when he did and does, it goes to full power, I chose him." I said and he smiled in delight.

"The what if's are a big thing here, but what if he stayed, I tried harder and we return to that night, we'll never know the answer to that, but Jake and me. It's easy as I never let him go, he may have separated briefly, but I tried so hard to get him back and now I see why he disappeared it doesn't matter. I love Jake, the what if's are not a problem between him and me, we can make this work, as we reverse time back to when I hung out at your houses here."

"When I was always at your, the Atearas, and the Black's houses and there it is, I was part of our side of the pack, and to get back 2/6's of our side now. But I'm calling it, I'm calling it now, I bring both sides together, and we bring our pack together and back in one piece now." I said and he smiled softly. "So you made your choice between them: him and Cullen?" Dad asked and I nodded. "It's Jake, it's always been Jake." I said and they both smiled in delight.

"He's too late right now, I already made my decision, I accept it, the imprint, I can't get Jake out of my head here, I never tried harder with him, but Jake. I actually come by his house to see him, so we could talk here, what's that say to you?" I asked and he nodded. "It says the imprint is complete finally, if he can't come to you, you come to him and talk about this, stage 3, as you're both teenagers." Harry said for both of them and I nodded softly at that.

"Yeah dad to explain this now, there were four stages now I may not be a real wolf, but I understand this in a way that most humans don't being an omega. But I got more intimate knowledge of the mind of the pack and like mom had with her's now, it makes it easier for me to understand my new world here. So as a result now, I can put this in a way you can understand here now." I said and he nodded to that as I explained this to him gently at that remark then.

"But the 1st stage is, if the imprintee is young, the shape-shifter will act as an older sibling, that's the catch of the one of said imprintee being a toddler. But a recently born infant, toddler or just short of preschooler here, as it goes on it enters stage two here now and this is where it enters Jesse's stage now. As 2nd stage, this is, if Jesse gets started too soon, he imprints on a girl his own age or a little younger now as the imprintee grows older, from preteen to teen."

"As the shape-shifter will also come to be their best friend, before it enters stage 3, that's the one the guys and I are on, with me to Jake, Sam to Emily. Paul if he imprints soon and Jared to Kim now, so 3rd stage—They become intimate friends, meaning, their feelings for each other are changing. And into romantic feelings, this stage may or may not happen to the imprintee, but the imprinter will fall in love with his imprintee, which I think was why Josh left."

"He committed an act of betrayal in his eyes now, he loves Aunt Sharon, or Allison if they gave her another name in that story-line if they created one. But Josh was a responsible father, and a good man, that something like this it takes time to sort through it, till he decides the girls can share him here. As Embry is his son, Aunt Amy was the imprint, as he now has two families, but he left to get his head together." I said and he nodded as Harry nodded bemused.

"Yeah and Sam had the same slip up himself." he said to me and I shook my head as I finished it to dad. "But they will not 'see' any other woman at all, we're all they see and as a result, we, their imprintee is all he, that's the wolf cares about, and they will love them, even if they reject them. So whoever the imprintee is, stage 4) that's the last stage now, is if the imprinter is older then the imprintee, and he or she must wait as it shifts off friends to romance."

"And turns intimate after that." I said and he nodded in understanding to the news then. "I think you been listening to me and Billy way too much if you remember this that quickly honey, but just one fast demonstration and your memories went to high gear, baby." Harry said smiling and I smiled then. "That's the technical feeling to this in the way the imprint works, for a more emotional take now, if you're a male or female wolf now, on a male or female imprint."

"To put this in a way you understand dad, it's basically not love at first sight, it's like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time here now, but in truth. It's not like love at first sight, really, it's more like… gravity moves… suddenly, it's not the earth holding you here anymore, but she or he does. As you become whatever they needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend, our's is best friend, borderline lover now, and we're close now."

"We're close to finishing it off now, I just got to finish it and it's done, but Jake is everything to me, everything, I love him with all my heart, so he makes it. Said it makes me choose, and there is no choice needed, we're in the third stage, the best of friends and borderline lovers." I said and he nodded gently. "But we got three in the cub pack, and I'm the latest, before whoever comes next does here, and I pray to god it's not a child or toddler as this is going too far."

"As if one of the guys imprints on a toddler, and the parents are not going to take it lightly, that their new babysitter is the wolf that imprinted on them. And said being their son or daughter." I said and Harry nodded with a bemused smile at the possibility at that. "That actually happens all the time in the previous packs, but your aunt ended up marrying another werewolf, baby." he said and I nodded with a bemused smile as I switched subjects then gently.