Chapter 5

Life Goes on

Buffy came to the conclusion by the time she left Jennys office that she didn't care for Angel all that much. She had repeatedly asked Buffy many questions about hers and Angels relationship.

Did she like him in that way? (Kind of)

Had he acted interested in her? (Not really)

And other questions,like did he help her pick out clothes when she went shopping and what kind, and if he flirted with her. She spent more time on the subject of Angel, then the main reason she was attending therapy, her father. Jenny knew some about her from the questionnaire she had filed out when she made an appointment.

She walked slowly to her new home. Jenny had also suggested she look for another place to stay, consider a teen home. But she liked Angel, and didn't want to leave.

Oh well it really didn't matter. In a few days, she would be starting school again. She had took a placement class and only needed a few more classes in history and biology until she could get her diploma. She soon was home to find Angel making Dinner.

"Hey Buffy, how was counseling?" He asked her when she walked into the door, having not even looked up from whatever he was doing.

"Okay." She replied. Setting her stuff down. "What are you making?" She asked him.
"Nacho's, My brother and sister are coming over tonight." He told her.

"Oh." She replied. "Need any help?" She offered.

"Sure, you can cut the tortillas to make chips." He replied, pointing to a bag of flower tortillas.

She washed her hands and started to cut the tortillas into triangles.


"So you must be Buffy." A female voice asked from the door way of her bedroom. Buffy looked up to see a dark brown haired girl standing there.

Buffy smiled. "Thats me." She replied.

"I'm Faith." Faith walked into the room and sat on the edge of Buffys bed.

"So how old are you?"She asked the blond.

"I'll be 16 in a couple of weeks." Buffy told her. "You?"

"16, just turned early last month." Faith told her. "Hey after dinner why don't you and me go to the bronze, get to know each other better." Faith offered.

Buffy was going to say that if it was okay with Angel. But she stopped herself.

"Sure." She replied.

"Why don't you come downstairs, my brother, Spike is there, he'll wanna come with us." Faith told her.


"Thats what we call him, his real name is William." Faith told her.

"Oh. How old is he?"

"16, we're twins."

Both girls headed downstairs. Faith pointed to some of the pictures on the walls telling her who people were. They found Angel and Spike in the living room watching a football game on the TV.

"Hey bro." Faith greeted Buffy.

"Faith, I see you found Buffy. How are you sis?"

"Five by five." Faith replied.

"Spike, this is Buffy." Faith told her twin, who had platinum blond hair. "Thats my dumb ass twin." She told her.

"Shut up Faith." Spike replied, he looked the girl over his brother had brought home. She was defiantly younger then Angel.

"Hey Ducks." Spike greeted her. Buffy smiled and returned the greeting.

"So Peaches, dinner done?" Spike asked.

"Yes Spike." Angel replied. "Its on the table." He told them. Everyone went and got food. Then they call piled into the living room to eat.

"Angel I'm stealing Buffy here, taking her to the bronze tonight." Faith told him. Angel looked doubtful, like he almost didn't want her to go.

"Have fun." Was his reply.

"Don't worry, I'll keep your girl safe peaches." Spike told him.

Angel didn't say anything to Spike, but turned his attention to Faith. "I want you guys back at a decent hour." He warned his sister.

"Got it." She replied before stuffing a chip full of stuff in her mouth. Buffy had barely ate any food.

"Not hungry?" Faith asked Buffy when she sat her plate down on the coffee table.

"No. Not really." Buffy replied. "I think I'll go change." Buffy told the other girl and went upstairs to her room. She looked through all of the clothes she had just bought. She picked out a pair of low riding jeans and a black halter top. She had no idea what the club seen was like but from the way Faith was dressed she would look fine. She picked out a pair of chunky healed boots and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She picked up the new make-up that she had barely worn. She applied some but tried to keep it natural. After applying some mascara, eye liner and lip gloss Buffy made her way down stairs.

"Damn, look what Angel brought home." Spike said when he saw her, both Faith and Angel looked at Buffy.

"Spike." Angel warned him, but he continued to watch Buffy.

"Girl, were going to have all the guys creaming there pants tonight." Faith told Buffy.

Buffy instantly turned a bright shade of red at the thought. She didn't think she looked all that hot, but at the same time couldn't help wondering what Angel thought of her.

"I think we are going to leave now." Faith told her older brother. "I'll be good, and so will Buffy."

Angel just nodded as they left. Once the two girls were out of the room Angel spoke to Spike.

"Keep an eye on those two." He told him.