Three Unexpected Intruders

Featuring the Thirteenth Doctor

On the planet Darilurfa, a tall blue police box sat amongst the foliage and three people were stood outside the box: an old man with grey hair called Graham; a young man with black hair dressed in a blue jacket and t-shirt called Ryan and a young woman wearing a brown leather jacket and white t-shirt called Yaz. The Doctor, their pilot, poked her head out of the TARDIS and looked around in wonder.
"So, usual routine yeah?" the Doctor asked her 'fam': that was the collective noun she gave to them, ever since they'd first met on that night in Sheffield.
"What, you go off and we meet you back here in one hour?" Graham replied, "Because I'm hungry after that dodgy adventure with those crocodile people."
"Alright, Graham, I'm sorry about the Trazons but this is Darilurfa, planet of the gardens. You should enjoy it. Bye."
She entered the TARDIS and the TARDIS dematerialised shortly afterwards, leaving the three travellers behind.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor was adjusting controls on the console when, in a blinding flash, three strangers appeared: one was a young woman with bronze skin and curly black hair; one was a young Caribbean man wearing a police uniform and one was a slightly older Caribbean man who was also wearing a police uniform.
"Where are we?" the woman wondered, "Dwayne? Fidel? Where's Richard?"
"I don't know Camille," Dwayne said, "but this could be a prank of some sorts. Like those hidden camera shows."
The Doctor looked up and noticed them.
"Ah, sorry, didn't see you there." she said with a smile and her usual northern tones, "I'm the Doctor and this is my ship, the TARDIS."
She stopped, as she realised that she'd seen Dwayne somewhere before.
"Why are you looking at me like that? Something wrong?" he wondered, as she stared at him in a very odd way.
"I think I've seen you before, but in your future. You're Dwayne Myers," she said to Dwayne, only then noticing that the other two looked nothing like DS Florence Cassell or JP Hooper, "who are you two though?"
"I'm Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey of the Saint Marie Police Force and this is Sergeant Fidel Best. You said this was your ship, yes?" Camille asked.
"That's right."
"We don't understand what you mean by ship."

Before the Doctor could reply, a series of alarms began to blare and several red lights flashed wildly. She dashed over to the console and her face turned sour.
"What's going on? Those alarms are bad aren't they?" Fidel deduced, using his police skills.
"Very bad, Fidel. There's a distress call coming from Earth, roughly around your time." she answered, mashing buttons and pulling levers which, in a particular combination only she knew, piloted the TARDIS towards Earth.

London, 2013.

While a helicopter towed another TARDIS towards Trafalgar Square, yet another TARDIS materialised outside Waterloo Station. The Doctor, Camille, Fidel and Dwayne stepped out, taking in the view.
"How did we get here so quickly?" Camille asked, "And is this what London really looks like?"
"Yeah, been here plenty of times though. I even once saw Big Ben get severed by an alien spaceship." the Doctor suavely answered, heading into the station whilst looking at a small metal tube which glowed yellow when she activated it. The others followed her in, desperate to know what she was after.

They came to a stop outside a restaurant which was called Morichi's and they spotted the alien thing immediately: in a fish tank, there was an alien fish. The Doctor rushed over to it in horror and amazement, staring in disgust at the waiters.
"Is that an alien fish?" Dwayne asked, stunned, "My training never told me what to do with an alien fish."
"You don't need training to travel with me. You just need to tell right from wrong." the Doctor said, suddenly taking the fish tank and running off. Camille and the
others shared a look and hurried after her.

Camille, Dwayne and Fidel caught up with the Doctor eventually and found that she was inside the TARDIS, inserting the fish into a much larger tank where other alien fish were swimming along. She glanced up at them, wondering what they were doing there.
"What?" the Doctor said, shutting the fish tank and walking to the console, "You're in London. Couldn't you just get a plane to Saint Marie?"
"How do you know we're from Saint Marie?" Dwayne asked, with the same thought in his head as Camille and Fidel.
"Dwayne, I've met you before. But in your future. You probably won't know that it was me. I know everything about your crime-fighting on that Caribbean island.
Nicely done."
She dematerialised the TARDIS, agreeing to take the three police officers home.

Outside Catherine's bar, DI Richard Poole sat, wondering where his team had got to. He had been left rather exhausted after solving a murder case with just the Commissioner and so, obviously, had gone for a cup of tea to Catherine Bordey's bar.
He was thinking about a book he'd just read when a harsh wheezing and groaning sound interrupted his thoughts. A tall blue police box had arrived in the middle of the road and, even more amazingly, his team stepped out of it, accompanied by a young woman with short blond hair who was dressed in a long grey jacket, a dark blue t-shirt with a rainbow stripe across it, a pair of rolled up light-ish blue trousers with yellow braces and brown boots.
"Who the blazes are you?" Richard wondered, staring at the mysterious traveller.
"I'm the Doctor. Let me just say, DI Poole, that you should be very proud of yourself." she simply said, before heading back into the blue police box. The police box then vanished, leaving the Saint Marie Police Force alone.
"How did she know who I was?" Richard demanded.
"I don't know sir. We've seen some strange things though." Camille said, with Dwayne and Fidel nodding in agreement.
"Well, why don't you tell me about her and why you vanished for seven hours?"
And so they did.