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Cover Art: Tetrakali

Chapter 41

It was Adam's first ever court trial and he was sure they weren't supposed to go like this. He sat behind a wooden bench, his wrists cuffed together, and hose handcuffs attached by a metal chain to a bolt struck into the bench itself. He stood flanked by two armed officers, but they weren't the only ones in attendance. Two snipers had their sights trained on him from an upper level, two more officers flanked the judge, two on either side of the jury, four to separate the audience from him and another pair at the large doors at the back of the hall.

That was to say nothing of how many surrounded the building in case the White Fang came to try and break him out – unlikely given all he'd done now. There was a higher chance of citizens trying to break in and demand his death. Whatever the case, Vale had brought out all the stops for this. He could only assume there were huntsmen on standby as well. There were plenty of them in the audience. Glynda Goodwitch, Qrow Branwen, Winter Schnee and of course his teammates.

Around them were other audience members; mostly those were news crews streaming the event live across the Kingdoms, but there were a few men and women in suits. Councillors or just the wealthy prepared to pay for front-row seats to what was easily the trial of the century.

That was what it was at the end of the day. A show. Adam was fairly sure the decision and sentence had already been decided, and his lawyer wasn't exactly trying his hardest. The man had started by advising Adam to plead guilty to all charges, and then half-arsed his way through the rest of it, failing to question witnesses and not putting up nearly as much of a fight as the prosecution were.

"You say that you regularly sparred with the defendant, Pyrrha Nikos." the prosecution asked his latest character witness.

"That's right. We would spar nearly every morning."

"And did Adam Taurus at any point in those spars make you aware of his past?"

"No, but I never asked-"

"Just answer the question with a yes or no please. Did he make you aware?"


"Then even from his early days in Beacon it was his intent to deceive his peers with regards to his nature."

"That's not fair!" Pyrrha said quickly. "I never once asked Adam about his past. He couldn't have lied to me when I-"

"Only speak to answer my questions, Miss Nikos." The lawyer spoke over Pyrrha. "A skilled and capable terrorist with a body count in the double digits will always be held to a higher standard. Adam Taurus was freely capable of killing any student on Beacon's campus, and yet did not move to make his sparring partner aware of the fact. That she was not badly hurt is more to Pyrrha Nikos' legendary skill than any restraint on his part. We have already heard testimony that Glynda Goodwitch was aware of his skill and only placed him against the most competent students."

"How is any of this relevant-?"

The gavel struck down behind Pyrrha's head, whipping her attention back to the frowning judge. She was a woman with grey hair and sharp eyes. "The witness will remain silent unless spoken to. The prosecution has the floor."

"Thank you, your honour." He turned back to the jury. "As I was saying, Adam Taurus made no effort to inform his team or any other students he dealt with on a daily basis as to his past allegiances. This, with the risk of harm he could have caused, shows a disregard for their safety that is at odds with his team's suggestion that he always sought to help them."

Adam heard more than saw Yang try to rise and heard Ruby and Weiss struggle to pull her back down. Their testimonies had been heard already, and despite all their effort to paint him as a glowing teammate who did his best for them, they had fallen on deaf ears. The prosecution had refrained from even questioning them, likely because the less said the better in his mind. Meanwhile, Adam's lawyer had meandered around the issue asking them questions here and there on what Adam did on a daily basis before suggesting the jury remember it.

The fully human jury.

Weiss had tried to offer him a better lawyer, but it would take time to reach out to her father for it. Legally speaking, the court case should have been delayed as a result of that, pushed back until he had proper legal representation. That Vale refused to do so, lamping him with some state defence employed by the legal system to defend criminals who had no resources to pay for a better lawyer, was a gross miscarriage of justice.

Not unlike his crusade against the humans…

"The prosecution has no further questions for the witness."

"Defence?" the judge asked.

"No questions, your honour."

Pyrrha looked furious at that, staring with mouth open and words unspoken. She was escorted from the box by two officers and brought back to the crowd. Adam tried to send her a small smile, the best he could to tell her he appreciated everything she'd said.

It was little different to the others. Weiss, Ruby, Yang, Glynda, they'd all been brought up, questioned and then sent back. Blake had not. Adam was grateful for that even if she would have spoken in his defence. The prosecution would only have her testimony rejected the very second she let slip what she'd been in the past.

And then, finally, it was his turn.

Adam's handcuffs were unbolted from the bench and an officer took each of his arms. They'd let him wear his usual clothes rather than a jumpsuit – a mercy or maybe to avoid anyone feeling too sympathetic for him. The officers carted him to the box and attached the handcuffs to a new metal ring under the surface of that. It kept his hands firmly planted in his lap as he sat down.

"Do you pledge to tell the truth as you know it, to the best of your ability, in this court of law?"

"I do."

"State your name and affiliation for the court."

"Adam Taurus. Beacon student."

"Objection!" the prosecution argued. "His affiliation is White Fang."

"Taurus?" the judge asked.

"I have not been a member of the White Fang for months. As everyone here well knows, seeing as I gave my left eye in the defence of Beacon against them. You can insult my intelligence as much as you wish, but guilty or not, you will not imply I attacked Beacon with them."

The judge nodded. "Objection overruled. We've heard enough statements defending his actions in the Battle of Beacon. Even Atlesian soldiery agrees he fought the White Fang. Prosecution. Your questions."

The lawyer approached. "What questions should I have for someone with such a marked history as his? I suppose we may as well cover that. Did you lead the White Fang prior to your time at Beacon?"


"Did you orchestrate attacks against innocent civilians?"


"What?" The man leaned back. "He lies, obviously. Adam Taurus, need I remind you that we have evidence of you attacking Atlas convoys. If you're claiming you didn't in front of us here, I'll have you drawn up on claims of perjury."

"That wasn't your question." Adam said. "You asked me if I orchestrated attacks on innocent civilians. I have not. Military personnel, yes. Civilians, no."

The man scowled. "Do you imply those soldiers were not innocent? That they're acceptable targets?"

"The prosecution will refrain from leading questions," the judge said.

"Do you believe them acceptable targets, then?"

"The Atlas military had orders to engage and shoot to kill against us. As such, yes, I believed they were acceptable targets. More so than civilians who could not fight back."

"And yet the White Fang has bombed civilian targets before, correct?"

"You're correct."

"How do you explain that, then?"

"The White Fang is split into numerous cells and groups. It was never as organised as people liked to believe it. There were more radical groups who struck at civilians and softer targets. I was not one of them."

Though he'd almost become one. Almost. Ironically enough, if it wasn't for Blake's betrayal on the train, he would have taken his first innocent life. It hadn't felt it at the time of course, piloting a train of murderous SDC droids, but the point remained. Blake had saved hm from making a terrible mistake back then.

"Your claim then is that you did not personally take part in that and so that is acceptable?"

"That's right."

"Then you feel no guilt by association?"

"Do you feel guilt for the humans who burned a company logo into my face?"

The question caught the solicitor by surprise, and he took a nervous step back. It wasn't easy with his hands locked down, but Adam managed to rub his already loose bandage against his arm. The cloth came free and fluttered down, leaving the courtroom to mutter and gasp as the extent of his injuries both old and new were revealed.

The SDC logo branded into his skin stood as it always had, blackened and ugly in flesh twisted and marred by fire. Now, his once bloody eye was also sealed shut, completely destroyed by Cinder. Several marks where her fingernails had pierced and dug into his skin could still be seen. The scars looked unnaturally pale against his reddened flesh.

"If I am to be held culpable for every crime committed by any faunus on the planet, then you should be for every crime committed by a human. In that case we should both be locked away for ten thousand years." Adam closed his good eye. "Do I feel guilty for what they have done? No. Do I feel disappointed in them? Yes. I've learned recently that things aren't always as they seem. This company logo branded into my skin isn't the fault of every Schnee. It may not be the fault of any Schnee." He laughed bitterly. "I strongly doubt Jacques Schnee ordered it. Why would he? The man probably never even knew. It was all one, twisted human in a position of power who sought to abuse it. We faunus are not innocent of that either."

"O-Objection. That was not the question-"

"Overruled." the judge said again. There may have been some small sympathy there, not for his injuries but for the pathetic legal representation he'd had thus far. "Mr Taurus' point is fair and answers the spirit of your question."

"Military targets or not, Atlas was in no war and Vale does not recognise the White Fang as a sovereign country, nor does it recognise Menagerie as such. Any attacks against Atlas is an unprovoked act of terrorism. Do you disagree with this, Taurus?"

"I do not."

"Then you admit your terrorism?"

"Of course I do." Adam snorted and the man flinched. "That's never been in any question. I was a terrorist. I accepted that because I saw it as the only way to bring change after our peaceful efforts were met with thrown stones, beatings and cruelty."

"So, you admit to the charges. The prosecution has no further questions."

Wouldn't want to give me a chance to come across too human, Adam thought. The less he got to speak, the better from their point of view. There were hundreds of thousands of people watching after all and you never knew how the sympathies would fall.

Not that he believed it would matter.

"And the defence?"

For once, the man stood up. He probably had to make a show of earning his money, so he approached and stood in front of Adam. Finally, he asked his question. "Did you kill Ozpin?"

"No. Cinder Fall stabbed him through with my sword. He held onto it to deny her the weapon, then asked me to take it and defend the school. He was dying the moment he was stabbed."

"Did you come to Beacon with the intent of harming its students?"

"No. If I had, there were plenty of chances to do it."

"Did you make the teachers aware of who you were?"

"Yes. Ozpin, Goodwitch and every member of staff knew who I was."

The lawyer nodded. "Your honour, members of the jury, my client took all steps as might be reasonably expected to make Beacon aware of who he was and what he was capable of. Whatever he may have been in the past, he became a student, a huntsman, and fought with Beacon against the White Fang and external threats. To claim otherwise or pin the White Fang's actions on him is not just unjust, but wildly inaccurate. Every character witness from Beacon has spoken well of him and I put it to the jury that they know his character far better than any of us here can claim."

His work done, and as if that short speech had sapped the last energy from him, the lawyer bowed his head and stepped back to the bench. Adam was similarly, uncuffed and brought to it, then forced back down and secured to the bench again.

"The jury has heard what has been said and will take a short time to adjourn and consider," the judge announced, striking her gavel down. "The court will reconvene in one hour. Officers, take Taurus to a secure cell until that time."

Adam let his head dip as he was uncuffed, hauled up and dragged away.


Not much of note happened in the hour. He wasn't allowed visitors and was considered a flight risk, so while he heard Team RYST trying to reach him outside the door, he also heard them be rejected and sent away.

"This won't stand!" he heard Weiss say. "The second my family's solicitors get here they'll lodge an appeal. We'll go through all this again, but properly this time!"

It didn't change the fact they were denied a chance to see him.

The clock on the wall ticked ominously. Outside, people chanted. He couldn't tell if that was for or against him, but he could make an educated guess. This wasn't Menagerie after all.

"Court is back," one of the officers said, entering. "Hands."

Adam gave and let them be cuffed, then allowed himself to be pushed out into the corridors once more. More officers, this time covering every exit and doorway, all of them armed. They really expected him to try and make a break for it. If that didn't tell him what the decision was, nothing would. The courtroom was in full swing again and Adam tried not to meet Yang's eyes as he was nudged down the central aisle and back behind his bench.

This is it, huh. It all feels too quick…

Probably because it was. An hour to deliberate a man's guilt wasn't long enough for people to really put a lot of thought into it. They didn't look conflicted, however. The jury member on the far right of the pack had a piece of paper in hand.

"Has the jury had time to reach a unanimous decision?"

"It has," the juror replied.

Adam took a deep breath and let it go.

"For the charges of terrorism, treason, murder and manslaughter, of assailing Atlas convoys, theft of SDC assets, breaking and entering, assault, battery and everything else covered in the trial, the jury finds the defendant guilty."

He'd expected it. Known it would come. He still flinched.

"No!" Yang cried out. "That's not fair!"

The gavel struck. "Silence! Silence in court. Jurors continue."

"Of the murder of Headmaster Ozpin and the infiltration of Beacon Academy with malicious intent, the jury finds Adam Taurus innocent."

"The jury has spoken." the judge announced. "Adam Taurus, you stand charged of numerous charges and have been found guilty by your peers. Do you have anything to say in your defence before you are sentenced?"

Yang was struggling against people holding her back.

Ruby was crying.

Adam clenched his hands into fists. He had done all these things, all those things, and there was no hiding away from the fact. Yang may have called this unfair, but the families of his victims undoubtedly felt the same way.

"No, your honour," he said slowly. "I do not."

"Then all that remains is your sentencing. Adam Taurus, you have committed crimes against both Atlas and Vale. Crimes that have had lasting effects and consequences. Your efforts to redeem yourself have been taken into account, as has your cooperation here today. These mitigating factors do not however overshadow the damage that you have done. For the charges of manslaughter you have been sentenced to twenty-five years."

Twenty-five years. Adam winced and his teammates shouted angrily. He would still be alive at the end of it, though. Maybe. Assuming he wasn't killed in prison. He was about to speak up when the judge continued.

"For your unsanctioned military actions against Atlas you have been sentenced to fifteen years."

More…? There was more…?

"For illegal actions against a private company that saw their employees badly injured, you have been sentenced to five years. For collaborating with White Fang insurgents you have been sentenced five years. For combined crimes related to breaking and entering, assault, battery and general criminal activity, you are sentenced a further fifteen years."

They were pinning everything on him. Everything he'd done and perhaps even things he hadn't done. A show trial indeed, to show the world that Vale would not sit back and ignore those who wronged them. Adam's cuffed hands fell further as it all sank in. Even if he expected it, hearing it was enough to rob him of all energy.

"In total, you are sentenced to sixty-five years in a maximum-security prison with no parole, no bail and instructions to serve each of those sixty-five years regardless of mitigating circumstances or behaviour."

That was it then. His whole life.

Adam's face twisted.

"-suspended for fourteen years."

Shock ripped through him. What? His eye opened, head raising in sheer confusion. The same sentiment rippled through the court, with voices raised so high that the judge was forced to smash her gavel down three times to quiet them.

"The sentence will be suspended fourteen years," she repeated. "Four of which will be spent incarcerated in a high-security educational facility with no freedom of movement nor freedom to attend Vale. The remaining ten of which, assuming no relapses, will be condemned to service as a huntsman to our fair kingdom."

Four years trapped to an educational facility…? Beacon…?


"Should at any point during this time you commit any further crimes, the full sentence decided today will be levelled against you. Even the smallest crime, as simple as an unprovoked assault, will see you immediately transported to a maximum security prison. Do you understand, Mr Taurus?"

"N-No…" he stammered. "I don't…"

The judge seemed to understand what it was he was struggling with because she didn't waste his time explaining what a suspended sentence was. Not when the crowd were already demanding answers. "Your legal counsel will explain the particulars to you. This court is dismissed. Adam Taurus will be remanded into the custody of Headmistress Goodwitch immediately. He is to be removed from the city of Vale within the hour, not to return within four years unless summoned." The gavel struck down again. "Dismissed."

Adam didn't move as the cuffs were unlocked from the bench, nor did he resist as the officers dragged him up and hauled him back out of the courtroom. He didn't react as Yang struck his chest outside, grasping onto him so tight his ribs cracked. Nor as the officers handed over the keys to his restraints to Glynda.

"I'm free…?"

"Not free." Glynda said sharply. "Simply… imprisoned differently."

"Why…?" he asked, too shocked to form proper words. "How…?"

"I cannot say." Glynda drew him away. Team RYST and Pyrrha followed, teary smiles on their faces. They too remained silent, needing to know. Not understanding. "It was nothing I said that changed their minds. I tried and was rebuffed. I believed you would be taken away from us today and locked away forever."

As had he. As had all of them.

"Then why…?"

"Perhaps they want to send a message. Maybe this is to rub Atlas' nose in the dirt after their involvement in the attack. It could be Vale's way of showing we're not subservient to our allies. Or maybe they saw this as a chance to deescalate with the White Fang. If they punished you too harshly for coming clean then no one else ever would. Maybe this is an experiment to see if lenience toward you will cause other White Fang members to defect. Or maybe they caved to pressure elsewhere."

That made some sense, but it was still a huge risk. People would be furious about this. There would be citizens braying for his blood, which might be even more reason he was to be limited to Beacon's grounds until graduation.

"I would count yourself fortunate either way, for if that case had followed the word of law, then you would have been sent away for the rest of your natural life." Glynda looked back and nodded slowly at him. "All things considered; fourteen years' service is a small price to pay."

"Yes. I…" His words failed as Ruby leapt on his back, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He couldn't ignore her cheer, nor the damp on his neck, and reached back to hold her. For the first time in a week, a smile slipped onto his face. "It's not. Not a price at all."

"It is a responsibility," the teacher said.

"I know. I've done a lot of bad, things I might never be able to make up for. If… If this is a chance to make things right, I'll take it with both hands." He met her gaze. "I won't let you or Beacon down, Professor Goodwitch."

"I trust you will not, Mr Taurus. Ozpin had the utmost faith in you and I… I have yet to see that misplaced. Despite my initial doubts."

Anything more she might have said was broken as Yang stepped in front of him, cupped his cheeks in both hands – unbothered by his scars, his brand and his ruined eye – and brought his face to hers. As romanticism went, it was a poor kiss, but she poured all her relief and emotion into it, and Adam responded in kind.

It was that scene the photographers outside caught as the large doors opened, and that simple scene of Adam Taurus making out with a human girl probably did more for the Council's aims than any court case could.


Adam sat on the edge of the cliffs looking out over the Emerald Forest as the sun set. The final reddish beams of light cast golden fire over the treetops, making them shimmer and shine before him. Funny how such simple things had never appealed to him before, but now, having almost lost the chance to ever see it again, they meant the world.

He was unsurprised when a few footsteps approached from behind him, and even less surprised when a pair of purple and black stocking-clad legs joined his in dangling over the edge.

"Still wearing the bow?" he quipped.

"Still wearing those bandages?" Blake returned. "Your face was shown all over the TV. I don't think your girlfriend cares about your scars, Adam."

"It's more for me. The new scars itch with the colder air."

"Ah." Blake leaned back and looked out over the forest. "It's a good view."

"It is."



They each paused, each waited for the other to continue, and then Blake stole the initiative as she was so wont to. "You go first."

"Hmph." He chuckled. "I just wanted to say that you were right. You were right all along."

He heard Blake's sharp intake of breath. "Funny," she whispered. "Because I wanted to say I was wrong. Wrong about you. You came here and proved me wrong, proved everyone wrong, and you stood up in court and let them charge you, which is something I'd never have the courage to do. What was I right about at all? I misjudged you-"

"You didn't. You had me to rights. The only reason I came here was to prove you wrong. To win you back. I didn't care for change or improvement or anything like that. I just wanted to hurt you as much as you'd hurt me. And you were right on the train," he added. "I was about to become a monster. I'd gone too far."

"We had, Adam. Let's not pretend you alone joined the White Fang. We joined together. We did everything together. I… I should have tried to save you instead of running."

"I should have listened to you instead of pretending everything was okay," Adam countered.

"I should have come to you with my concerns."

"I should have noticed them."

The silence stretched on. Blake drew her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. He wondered if he should offer an arm, but it didn't feel right. What they once had was gone and Adam wasn't sure if they weren't both the better for it.

"We were terrible partners, weren't we?" Blake asked quietly. She let out a bitter little laugh. "I was a terrible girlfriend; you were a terrible boyfriend; we were terrible friends to one another."

"We were." Adam offered his own sad little smile. "But we were young. Young and stupid, and probably too immature to get together in the first place. We thought we knew best."

"We thought we were in love…"

"We pretended we were."

"What was it?" she asked. "Did we love one another?"

"As friends, I think. More than that, we forced on ourselves. I'm not sure why. Comfort maybe." He shrugged. It was as good an idea as he could come up with. "Things were hard early, painful, and you didn't have your parents to go to. I didn't have anyone. Maybe we latched onto one another. It wasn't healthy."

"It wasn't," she agreed, then said, "I don't regret it though."

Adam wasn't sure if he did either. For all the pain, and there had been plenty of it, the memories didn't hurt that badly. "I think I'd have been worse if not for you," he admitted. "Maybe we both would have, like those who gave their lives in a suicidal attack on Beacon."

Blake's hand touched his. Gingerly, he reversed his own and let her touch her fingers to his. Their palms met. "We're not those kids anymore. I don't think we'll ever be them again."

"No. I doubt we will."

They sat there, comfortably. Until Blake asked, "How are your team?"

"Relieved." He grimaced. "Clingy." Blake giggled and he offered her a cross glare. "I know, I know, I should let them. I feel the same way, but if Ruby tries to use me as a teddy bear tonight then I'm going to lose my mind. Stop laughing."

"I-I can't help it."

"Tch. As if that isn't bad enough, Yang's father saw the pictures of us kissing and wants to meet me immediately."

"He'll have to come here to do it. You can't leave the school."

"Hm. Not sure I'd care to anyway. The White Fang hate me; whoever Cinder worked for hates me; the general populace hate me; the faunus hate me; Atlas hates me."

Blake squeezed his hand again. "I don't hate you."

"I don't hate you either." Adam said. He slowly took his hand from hers. "But I don't feel for you the same way I used to. What we had is gone. I'm not sure it can ever be found again, and I'm not sure it would be in either of our interests to try."

"I agree." A sad little smile. "I guess this is it, huh? Our little breakup moment." Blake tried for a grin and a joke. "You bounced back awfully quickly. Faster than I could have."

It wasn't very funny. Adam forced a smile anyway. "It's not me, it's you."

"Hah! Says the ex-stalker. Do you love her? Yang?"

"I put up with her draping herself all over me. I let her see under my mask. I don't hate it when she drags me places." Adam let out an indignant sound. "I don't think it's love as your books say it, but I…" He glanced away. "I don't feel as annoyed or angry when I'm with her. Though that might just be her being so annoying I'm becoming desensitised," he grumbled afterwards.

"Or it could be love," Blake teased. "A more real version than two frightened teens clinging to one another." Blake's mirth dissipated as Adam stood and turned his back on the forest. She didn't make to follow, instead holding her knees and staring out over it. "Are we still friends?" she asked. "After all we've been through and all we've done to one another, I'm not sure we count as that anymore."

Betrayal, accusations, pain. Neither of them were truly innocent and Blake had made it her mission to get him expelled from Beacon. To be fair, she'd been right to. At first, anyway.

"I don't know what we are…" Adam said.

"Oh." Blake closed her eyes and pressed her face into her knees. Her voice trembled. "I-I see. I-I guess it's not a surprise if-"

"But…" Adam said, interrupting her. He saw from the corner of his one eye how her bow stiffened, ears perking up. He closed it and started walking away. As he did, he knew she would hear him, "But there's four years for us to decide, isn't there?"

Blake's breath hitched. It was fitting in a way. This had all started with Blake, and it should have ended with her, and yet Adam couldn't help but think that would have meant he hadn't learned a thing. Not from his time, not from Ozpin and Qrow, not from his teammates. His friends.

"I'll see you in class, Blake. If Ruby doesn't smother me in my sleep."

"Y-Yes." Blake's shoulders relaxed. He heard a quiet, relieved sound, but chose to ignore it. "I'll see you around, Adam."

This time, their parting wasn't quite so painful. Adam closed his eye and felt himself smile. It was late, his team were going to dogpile him, and he had class in the morning. No rest for the wicked and no mercy from Goodwitch for the fact he'd spent the day in a sham of a court case. Typical. Well, it wasn't like he could afford to wait. He had a lot of damage to make up for.

"And this time," Adam swore, "I'm going to do it properly."

There it is. Complete.

The fic that was meant to only be around 20 chapters. Yeah, I'm not sure why some people even acted like it was a surprise when it went further. To be fair, when I started this a lot of people told me it would be despised and hated because "Adam is evil" and "no one can like Adam" and so I kept an idea around to close it shorter if I had to. I'm glad to see those people were wrong however, and that so many people were willing to give Adam a chance.

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