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"Where in Goddess Stacia's name am I!!!!" Eugeo exclaimed quite loudly when he suddenly found himself in some kind of magic circle inscribed on the floor within some kind of stone room with a group of men dressed in priest robes standing across from him. This already set up a few alarm bells in his head because of extremely negative experiences with supposedly Holy figures.

"Oh brave cardinal heroes we beg of you, please save our world from the waves of Catastrophe!"

While it was a shock to be transported in an entirely different world, Eugeo already suspected such a thing actually existed. A world beyond the Human Realm and Realm of Darkness that existed in the Underworld. The 'Other side' that Kirito confirmed to exist, meaning, multiple worlds exist alongside each other.

'Are they reffering to me?' Eugeo said to himself before noticing that there is more than one hero present that was summoned alongside him. To his right are three guys with a different weapon attached on their person. The closest one on his right is probably the youngest looking of the four of them, with blonde curly hair and a youthful expression currently soured by annoyance, and was wearing what looked like a green school uniform. The design is extremely different to the styles he is used to in Centoria or any village he ever traveled through with Kirito. In his hands was a bow with white trim and yellow tips on each end.

The second person was a young man who is most likely a year or two older than Eugeo with blond hair tied into a ponytail, wearing some kind of casual clothes that he's not the list bit familiar with. He's holding a fancy looking spear with a red jewel embedded in the shaft.

And finally, the one at the end is another young man who looks just a bit older than Eugeo with a somewhat messy black hair and green eyes wearing some kind of green and white jacket and black pants who had a very plain looking shield with a green jewel in its center.

The shield guy was about to make some kind of reply or most likely a question to the pleading of this group of priest when he gets beaten to the punch.

"We refuse." Rudely grunted the spear guy

The shield wielder looked wide eyed for the extremely obvious show of bad attitude and Eugeo was just about to reprimand him to mind his manners. But unfortunately for either of the two, the guy holding the bow was the first to follow up.

"You can't just kidnap us from our world and make such demands. Don't you feel any sense of guilt."

"Yeah it's pretty insensitive of you to try and force us to risk our lives."

Eugeo couldn't help but facepalm at the blatant show of immaturity these two so called fellow heroes are showing right now. 'Stay cool, Stay cool Eugeo. The situation is still not a lost cause' Rubbing his forehead as he chanted to himself as he prepared to scold these two.

But Eugeo got distracted when he just realized that just like the other three, he himself is also holding a weapon. A golden yellow sword that has a blue gem embedded right beneath the bladed edge itself with quite the fancy and Holy looking design. It's vastly different to his signature Blue Rose Sword that he's extremely accustomed to wielding with.

Deciding to investigate this Sword later, he simply hooked it to his belt where the Blue Rose Sword used to be.

"We should get some kind of reward for our troubles you know." The bow user all but demanded.

The hero wielding a spear leveled his weapon at the leading priest. "If you can't even do that much than we might have to become your enemy.

Eugeo felt his annoyance turned into slight anger. The spear and bow hero had just reminded him of those 2 rotten nobles who attempted to rape his and Kirito's sword students. His opinion of this 2 guys steadily getting lower and lower as this interaction went on.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Eugeo politely interjected between the two parties.

"Excuse me..." he said as he stepped forward and got in between them, "Bow guy and Spear guy, forgive me since don't know your names yet... but aren't you two going a little too far with your rudeness. I'm pretty sure that these men are just doing what they were told and following orders of someone of higher authority. So threatening them like this isn't really going to do us any favors."

Everyone was a bit perplexed with Eugeo's words as he succeeded in defusing the tension between the two sides.

Giving a disappointed look at the bow and spear users, Eugeo then turned to the summoners, "Will you please take us to your Master? I'm sure he or she can give a much better explanation about us being summoned here. They will also probably be better prepared to appease my fellow Heroes' necessities as well." The priests were a bit speechless to see how the Legendary Hero of the Sword took upon himself to reel in his fellow heroes. The respect in their eyes shining through for all of them to see.

The spear and bow hero frowned at Eugeo before the shield hero spoke up also. "You know, I have to agree with him. Maybe we should hear these guys out before making a bunch of demands."

"Glad I'm not the only one." Eugeo sighed while giving the shielder a small smile

The men shortly got back to their senses and finally complied to the Swordsman's request, "Of course I'll take you to see the king of this country."

With that the priests walked towards the exit of the room which lead to a spiraling staircase going upwards with all four heroes in tow. While the group made their way up the stairs, they walked passed a window that showcased the town that they are currently in. It was breath taking to see and solidified the fact that this world isn't their own. But Eugeo silently berated himself after a split second of staring, 'Get a grip Eugeo, Centoria looked like a perfect Utopia at first glance but actually hides a REALLY dark secret. Stay cool.'

Then Eugeo realized that this city seems to be perfectly fine. There was no signs whatsoever of any damages from these Waves of Disaster that the priests were talking about. 'Could it be that these Waves haven't come yet? Or something much more sinister is happening behind the scenes.' This question lingered in his mind while the other three heroes held their own chat which he tuned out for now. After everything that happened to Eugeo in the Underworld, he learned his lesson about how some Nobles have no problem in abusing their power for their own benefit.

After another minute, the group went on their way to the top of the staircase and were eventually brought to some kind of throne room which was filled with members of the nobility. This set off more red lights in Eugeo's head but decided to put it aside for now while reminding himself that Nobles with Kind hearts also exist. Upon one of two thrones sat a man wearing regal purple robes who Eugeo could only assume was the ruler.

Deciding to be a good example for his fellow heroes to follow, he bowed to one knee before the king as a sign of respect. The shield guy was quick to join him, but the spear and bow took a couple of seconds of hesitation before taking a knee also.

"Brave heroes please raise your heads."

All four otherworlders raised their heads to look at the King who continued. "I am the ruler of Melromarc, Aultcray the 32nd and the one who has summoned you all to save our world from the catastrophe known as the waves."

"Your highness, is it possible for you to elaborate about the situation with these so called Waves?" Eugeo asked as he remembered how the Underworld has the End Mountains that acts as a natural defense against the forces of darkness. The Underworld also has huge stone walls that shuts off the few openings the mountain range has.

'Does something like that exist here?' He wondered to himself.

"Of course. You see our world has recently been faced with a catastrophic legend in which hordes of monsters appear in the form of waves which will destroy our world if they our not stopped. Unfortunately, we thought that this legend was little more than a myth and completely ignored it. That is until the last grains of sand of the Dragon Hourglass finally fell and the first wave appeared. Portals and cracks appeared in the sky with monsters pouring out of them, causing devastation in the surrounding area of where it appeared." The king answered with a somewhat grim tone.

Eugeo raised an eyebrow at this information. 'If that's true, the Waves has already started before we even got here. But how come there doesn't seem to be any signs of devastation in this town?'

"Our military forces were able to subdue the wave, but at far too great cost that we realized we would never be able to stop the waves on our own so we decided to heed the old prophecy and summon you heroes to help us in our time of need."

The spear hero stood up and replied. "That's nice and all but are we getting anything out of this, I mean you guys are asking a pretty huge favor of us so I think we should get some kind of reward for it."

Eugeo just sighed, 'Is the rewards the only thing on your mind?'

"Of course we'd never ask you to partake in such an endeavor for free, you'll be greatly rewarded for your troubles."

The bow hero took a step forward. "And don't think for a second you can tame us, just because you summoned us doesn't mean we're gonna let you control us."

Eugeo loudly groaned over the complete disrespect the spear and bow heroes are displaying to the king before signaling the other decent hero to stand up alongside him before speaking out.

"You two don't have to be so rude about this you know, " Eugeo interjected once again as he looked at his 2 fellow Heroes in annoyance, "I'm pretty sure that this country will do their very best to support us in combating these so called Waves. They need us to be at our very best when we do battle after all. So at the very least, we don't have to worry about not getting any rewards for our troubles."

Furthermore, what is it with you two anyways. We're supposed to be the heroes of this world, but you two have been so UN-heroic ever since we got here." Eugeo emphasized the "un-" extension greatly as he gave the two rude heroes his best chastising look.

"You want to be treated as a Hero right ? Then start acting like one!"

The entire throne room was amazed at Eugeo's words as the Legendary Sword Hero kept his fellow Heroes' unruly behavior in check. Showing a certain charismatic side to his character. Unknown to everyone else though, Eugeo was actually panicking a bit on the inside. He was never much on speaking out to others in this manner. Normally having Kirito to do that for him and just acting as a support role when dealing with stuck-up individuals. After spending a great part of his life chopping at the Demon Tree until finally cutting it down, his social skills isn't the greatest. Eugeo's not a Lone Wolf, but he's not a social butterfly either.

The silence was broken when the king started to chuckle that evolved into laughter. It didn't last long but the king was quick to explain himself, "I apologise but I just realized how accurate the legends are. It was said that the Sword Hero is widely regarded as the Greatest of the Cardinal Heroes, thus becoming the defacto Leader of the Four. It was also rumoured that one of your predecessors founded his or her own nation and become its ruler. I expect great things coming from you in the future."

While the Bow and Spear heroes are now scowling at Eugeo for embarrassing them, the Shield hero and the rest of the room's occupants are looking at him in admiration. 'Wow, I have a lot to live up to.' Eugeo trembled ever so slightly at the thought.

"Now with that out of the way, I will ask all of you future heroes to introduce yourselves."

Upon hearing this request, the spear hero eagerly stepped up to introduce himself as well as recover some of his lost pride. "Motoyasu Kitamura, age 21 college student."

'He's actually 2 years older than me... He sure doesn't act like it.' Eugeo silently thought to himself. Assuming that 'College student' as a different term for the education system that exist in Motoyasu's world.

"My name is Itsuki Kawasumi, 17 years old and a high schooler." Looks like the bow had the same idea as the spear of trying to redeem himself. 'No surprise in his personality issues since he's the youngest of us four.'

It was then Eugeo's turn and he can clearly see the anticipation in some of the people's eyes so he decided use the Swordsman's salutations that is practiced back in his home world. Standing up straight, Left hand gripping the hilt of the Legendary Holy Sword, Right arm in front parallel to the ground with fist slightly tapping his chest, "My name is Eugeo Zuberg, I am 19 years old and an Elite Disciple of the Sword Craft Academy." Eugeo discretely blushes as he decided to use Alice's last name for himself. Last names mean a lot to a society so he decided to go with Zuberg for his love for Alice.

The king and the rest of the Nobles approved of Eugeo's introduction, correctly guessing his unknown action as an Otherworldly version of a solute to a higher ranking individual.

The shield hero stepped up next but the king spoke before he had a chance of introducing himself, confusing Eugeo greatly.

"Motoyasu, Itsuki and Eugeo correct?"

"Indeed your highness but why did you just forget the shield hero? It's true that a shield is technically not a weapon, but I had my share of battles where having a shield would have made my past fights a bit easier and a whole lot less life threatening." Eugeo remembered his battle with the Crimson Integrity Knight and Sun Integrity Knight. Both battles would have caused less damage to themselves if they only had the bright idea of grabbing a shield at the Church's armory before they faced the Integrity Knights.

Twice, Kirito had to improvise with the {Spinning Shield} sword skill to block the Phoenix Arrow and the shiny {Iron Shield} sacred art to reflect the Solus Light Beam. Both times, Kirito just barely managed to tank those attacks and got hurt while doing so! So yes, Eugeo can honestly admit that the Shield Hero deserves to be appreciated and respected like the rest of them.

The king and the rest of the Nobles were quite shocked to see the most respectful and seemingly competent hero, call him out of his attempt to ignore the Shield Hero.

The Shield Hero looked at Eugeo with a mixture of surprise and appreciation. "Thanks for speaking out for me."

"The Shield is meant to protect lives. But on the other hand, the Bow, Spear and Sword are meant to do the exact opposite. So yes, I genuinely think the Shield should not be underestimated." Eugeo's words were met with scepticism from the other two heroes while the other nobles were too far for him to understand.

"M-my Apologies, shield hero you may introduce yourself." The king reluctantly said with a hint of annoyance in his face for a moment. But Eugeo noticed nonetheless and decided to investigate just as everyone's attention is on the Shield Hero.

Subtly placing a hand inside his pocket and ever so softly, Eugeo chanted, [System call - Generate Aerial Element - Form Element Sound Amplifier -

A small green orb of light formed in one of his finger tips, unseen by anyone. Eugeo clenched his fist to hide the light and made a move that looks like he's scratching his ear...

Discharge] the spell went into effect as Eugeo's hearing from his left ear got a boost. In his absolute shock, every single one of the Nobles were talking insults and trash about the Shield Hero. Calling him things like Devil, Demon, traitor to humanity and many more degrading words. 'What the hell! We literally just arrived today, how can they possibly hate the Shield Hero so much when he's been almost completely quiet this entire time!? If anything, the Bow and Spear are the ones who needs a serious reprimanding for how disrespectful they have been the entire time.' Eugeo decided to look into this deeper later on. He knew from first hand experience how Corrupted Nobles will set up a scenario where they get the moral high ground while the truly innocent victims are the ones to appear in the wrong. 'There's a conspiracy in the making here, I just know it!' He then allows the spell to fade.

"Right my name is Naofumi Iwatani, age 20, college student."

The king leaned back in his chair. "Good, now great heroes, please check your statuses."

All four Cardinal Heroes were confused on what the king is referring to. That is until Eugeo realized the parallel it has to his home world. "Do you mean the Stacia Window? The one that shows our physical strengths, our life and our ability to use spells?"

"Right you are Sir Eugeo, that is exactly what I meant. This is actually an ability that all individuals in this world possess. But you heroes possess something that makes you unique because of your Legendary Weapons." The king confirmed in approval.

Noticing his fellow heroes looking at him for answers, Eugeo then shows how it's done. "Just do what I do." Right above Eugeo's palm, he drew a letter (S), the other heroes mimics his actions and were a bit surprised to see it actually work as they now also have a letter (S) floating above their hands. Eugeo felt amused when Naofumi tested if the (S) stays in place or follows his hand, turns out it follows the hand.

Eugeo then pressing the center of the (S), the Stacia Window appears. But much to his surprise, the Stacia Window seems to have been upgraded

Eugeo Zuberg

Level 1

Weapon: Legendary Holy Sword "locked"

Equipment: otherworldly clothes

HP: 130/130

SP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

ATK: 30

MAG: 30

P. DEF: 20

M. DEF: 20

AGI: 25

DEX: 25

EXP: 0/100 {Level up requirement rises for every Level up}

Weapon Skills: None

Combat Skills: Aincrad Sword Skills, Balto Sword Skills

'Didn't expect the Stacia Window to get an improvement like this. It even shows my Skills in Aincrad Style and Balto Style', Eugeo contemplated to himself. All things considered, his Stats are actually well balanced. Not one Stat being too low and or too high, which makes sense in a way why almost all the Integrity Knights are Swordsmen. A Jack of all Trades that can adapt, depending on what kind of enemy to face or whatever situation it happens to be.

'No wonder the Sword is widely regarded as the Greatest of the Four Cardinal Heroes. The Bow, Spear and Shield Heroes all have obvious weak points while I have none of them. How I take advantage of this fact to make myself stronger depends entirely on me.'

"Ahh Level 1, seriously how are we supposed to fight the waves at Level 1?" Motoyasu moaned out.

Eugeo snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the other heroes talking about their Stats in their respective Stacia Windows. He took note at the fact that their Stacia Windows seems be invisible to him. Looking very closely at his own Window, he found the switch that will make it visible for everyone to see. 'I guess this serves as protection so others don't see our abilities and weaknesses'

Tuning out the other heroes for now, Eugeo opened his Weapon Skill Tree which showed a massive list of different swords and skills which are unsurprisingly locked. He has to work hard in unlocking them. 'I have to look deeper on how this Legendary Sword works later. Perhaps looking for information on my predecessors would do me some good while raising my Levels as I do so.'

"You will each have to go out on a journey to strengthen your weapons." The king announced.

"Well until our weapons are stronger, we could use different ones that aren't this weak." Motoyasu suggested with Itsuki and Naofumi nodding in agreement.

'I guess they missed the Label that says "Locked" , which most likely means we are quite literally stuck with these weapons with no way of using anything else. I wonder if some kind punishment is in place if we break that specific rule?' Eugeo asked himself.

"If we have to go out to power up our weapons, I guess we could form a party." Naofumi suggested with some excitement only for someone to shoot down his idea by what seemed to be an advisor to the king.

"I'm sorry but that won't be possible, legends claim that when the weapons are within close proximity to each other they interfere with one another and as a result neither will grow stronger. Meaning all of you will have to venture out into the world separately."

A new window appeared in front of each hero confirming that what the advisor said is true.

"That's not very assuring. Are we seriously supposed to go out by ourselves when we're only level 1?" Motoyasu complained.

"Fear not heroes. We will make sure to find worthy adventures to aid you in your endeavors. For now, please enjoy a grand feast tonight." The King assured the heroes about that part but Eugeo decided to add his preference into the mix.

"Your majesty, if it's not too much to ask, I would like to give the people who want to join me a test. A first strike dual, those who failed to meet my expectations will be denied to join me." Eugeo gave his terms, the King and nobles are somewhat intrigued by his suggestion. While Naofumi looked amazed by the Sword Hero's decision, he can hear a faint scoff of "What a show off." coming from one of the two other heroes.

"That can easily be arranged, but might I ask why you want to do so?"

"A common belief in the Sword Craft Academy where I'm from is that when two skilled fighters face of in combat, they see the inner self their opponent possess." Eugeo explained then added, "I want to make sure that the people who fight alongside me, are people I can proudly call my companions."

Seeing the logic behind this belief, the king accepted the Sword Hero's explanation and whispered an additional order to be carried out to the other nearby soldiers.

With that, the four heroes were lead to a dining area where they soon saw that the king was serious. There truly is a grand feast waiting for them, prompting all of them to take their seats with Itsuki and Motoyasu on one side whilst Naofumi and Eugeo on the other.

As Eugeo ate his meal, enjoying the never before seen cuisine that doesn't exist in his world. He started to wonder how Kirito and the Other Alice is doing back in his home. 'Hopefully they managed to finish what we started after I was able to injure that Evil woman.' Going back to the present, Eugeo looks at his fellow heroes and is genuinely confused as to why they are so excited about becoming this World's heroes. Carrying the fate of this World's future is a heavy burden to bear, so why are they so oblivious to that specific fact.

"I really hope the adventurers they send tommorow are cute girls." Motoyasu declared, causing Naofumi and Itsuki to chuckle while Eugeo just rolled his eyes whilst the heroes continued eating.

'I really find it hard to believe that this guy is actually older than me.'

"Here's one of the rooms we've prepared for you tonight and the others is just the next few doors over there" A maid said leading the heroes to one the bed rooms prepared specifically for them.

"I could get used to this type of special treatment." Motoyasu said taking a long look at the pretty maids that are doing their duties.

Naofumi simply took a seat on one of the fancy sofas and raised both hands behind his head, "This world feels a lot like a game."

"That's because it is a game, haven't you all noticed the resemblance to Emerald online?" Itsuki asked with a sly grin

This earned confused looks from Naofumi and Motoyasu whilst Eugeo just remained stone still as he couldn't believe his ears, 'These people actually think this is all a game! This explains a whole lot of why they don't seem to be taking this entire thing seriously! They don't think any of this is real!'

Said Sword hero decided to stay silent and try to understand what they are talking about

"Huh? I've never heard of it. This world is a lot like Dimension Wave." Motoyasu countered.

"You're kidding right? You know about some game that hasn't even made it into the mainstream but you have no idea what the biggest online game is?" Itsuki argued back.

"That's my line, there practically isn't a soul that hasn't heard of Dimension wave." Motoyasu turned his eyes to the other two occupants. "You two know about the game right."

Naofumi just made an awkward smile. "Actually, I haven't really heard of either of the games you mentioned."

Eugeo with a more serious tone, replied, "I don't have the faintest idea of this so called "online game", "dimension wave" or "emerald online" you are talking about but nothing like what you're saying make any sense. I'm a dedicated Elite Swordsman in training, so the closest thing I know for a game is when I spar with my fellow Trainees using the wooden practice swords or going out in picnics with my friends and Sword Apprentice."

The three other heroes all stopped and just stared at Eugeo while processing his words. Then coming up with the one conclusion that they silently regarded as ridiculous but now seems to be a high possibility of being true. Surprisingly, it was Noafumi who broke the silence, "You're from a world where magic and monsters exist aren't you?"

Eugeo got confused about such an odd question but decided to go on with it, "Yes I do, although we call them Sacred Arts instead of magic. Monsters do exist but they are being kept mostly at bay by the Mountain Range that separates the Human Realm from the Monster's Realm. Those who were given a calling of Swordsman or any combat oriented jobs are normally sent to the Capital City Centoria where they are trained. Those who managed to climb the rankings and become champion of the yearly competitions are given the right to become Integrity Knights. The highest possible rank and honor a warrior can be given."

There was another moment of silence before things become hectic again.

"Seriously? Is everyone here from a different world or something?"

"Most likely. If I'm reading this correctly, magic and monsters don't exist in any of your worlds. Because of this fact, none of you 3 were ever given a reason to train in combat and a great majority of your people only do non-combat jobs for a living. Am I right?" Eugeo made an educated guess and by the looks on their faces, it was fairly accurate.

"No wonder you seem to be more at home in this world compared to the rest of us, this world is very similar to yours." Naofumi thought out loud and Eugeo simply nodded in confirmation.

Itsuki then started testing this theory, "I guess this means we're from different versions of Japan aren't we. Let's see... who's the prime minister of Japan?" Motoyasu and Noafumi both gave different answers before the bow hero divulged a third name.

"Ok whose face is on the one thousand yen bill?"

Again all three came out with different answers. After several failed tries, Motoyasu then allowed himself to fall back at his bed before adding, "I guess that settles it, we're all from different versions of Japan with the exception of Eugeo. Who is from another magic and monster filled World."

Naofumi then shares the best explanation he could think of, "Since magic and monsters don't exist in our worlds, our people created different types of devices where there are artificial Worlds that we can play with as artificial characters and go on adventures within these said devices. Somewhat creating a watered down version of what it feels like to be actual warriors."

"That... is actually a really good way to put it. Good job Naofumi." Itsuki praised with a chuckle.

"I think I understand what you mean now, thank you for explaining it to me in a way that I can understand." Eugeo thanked gratefully.

"You're very welcome." Naofumi feeling really good to finally help someone. "Just out of curiosity, what were you guys doing before you got transported here?"

To Naofumi's surprise, all 3 of his fellow heroes suddenly had grim looks.

Itsuki answers with his head falling a little, "I was on my way to school when a truck took a corner too fast and hit me… next thing I knew I was in that chamber with the rest of you."

"Ouch." Naofumi said with a wince and Motoyasu nodded in agreement.

"What's a truck?" Eugeo asked, being unfamiliar with the word.

The mood lifted a bit at Eugeo's cluelessness, "It's like a really big carriage made of metal that normally delivers heavy loads of products." Motoyasu answers with a chuckle.

"Oh." Eugeo imagined it in his head and winced, "Ok, that has got to hurt by quite a lot."

Itsuki then joked, "It was supposed to be. Fortunately I didn't stick around long enough to suffer the pain and came straight here afterwards." No longer feeling very down.

"I'll go next." Motoyasu said with a more cheery tone and gestured to himself. "Before I came here, I had a lot of girlfriends, you know?"

"I figured as much." Naofumi said while Eugeo felt very annoyed, already guessing what goes next.

Motoyasu ignored him and just kept going. "And so, because of that..."

" were two or three-timing them and got stabbed, right?" Itsuki said, finishing off for the guy. It seemed like his comment was supposed to be sarcastic, but Motoyasu just blinked his eyes in surprise and nodded.

"...Women are scary." Motoyasu said nervously. Naofumi and Eugeo looked at the guy with disgust.

While having more than one wife is technically legal back in the Underworld, it was strictly said in the Taboo Index that 'the Husband must treat their wives fairly.' It was also implied that an understanding must be reached between the wives so all of them can be happy with their husband. 'Just as my opinion of Motoyasu is starting to go up, it goes crashing back down.' Back at the present Motoyasu then turns to Eugeo, "So what about you Mr Elite Disciple, did some hideous monster caused you to kick the bucket too?"

"In a manner of speaking." Eugeo's tone became harsher reminiscing about the events that happened. "A woman in my world, one who achieved Unbelievable power when she mastered the Sacred Arts to a degree beyond what a human should have. To the point where she's basically only a few steps below the Goddesses that my people worshiped in my world."

"I think I know where this is going... She abused that power didn't she?" Itsuki said with a very sympathetic look.

"That's a massive understatement." Eugeo's voice now laced with a healthy dose of anger, "So many lives were ruined because of her. She even managed to use a Mind Manipulation Sacred art on the girl I love and forced us to fight each other."

"Yikes... That is one line... that one should never... EVER... cross." Naofumi said with a somewhat frightened face. Just imagining what it would feel like, if he himself got forced to fight someone he dearly loves sent chills down his spine. Motoyasu and Itsuki could only nod in agreement.

"B-But she was defeated right? Justice was served in the end right?" Itsuki asked in distress.

"I don't know... But I'm optimistic to say that my best friend slash mentor managed to deal the finishing blow. Before I died and got summoned here, an ally of ours combined her power with mine. I attacked and pushed with everything I had. I succeeded in destroying her secret weapon and cutting off one of her arms." Eugeo had a pleasant smile of satisfaction on his face, which creeped out the other heroes for a little bit.

Itsuki sighed in relief that Eugeo's sacrifice wasn't in vain, the jealousy he felt before now turning into a small feeling of admiration. Motoyasu and Naofumi patting him on the shoulders for a job well done.

Motoyasu then turned to Noafumi. "So how did you end up here?"

"Well you see…" the shield hero trailed off.


"This is a bit embarrassing since all of you met your ends, Eugeo's being the most exciting and meaningful. But I was basically reading a book depicting the four cardinal heroes before being transported here."

This caused both the bow and spear heroes to laugh, "Seriously! That's so lame."

Feeling a bit offended, Naofumi shot back, "At least I didn't have a very shameful end! Besides, all our stories are lame when compared to Eugeo's."

"Naofumi's got you there Motoyasu." Itsuki chirped in good humor

Eugeo checked the time on what he now refers as the Stacia Hud that now also displays his HP, SP and MP on the upper left corner of his vision. Guessing that HP means his life and MP means his capacity to use Sacred Arts and most likely this world's type of magic since it dropped by a very small amount when he used the [Sound Amplifier] a couple of hours ago. Still not sure what SP meant. "We should really get some sleep now. If I find any companions to join me tommorow, we'll be hitting the fields and doing some combat training."

"Fair enough, cutting down low level monsters should be a good place to start. But I don't know how Naofumi will manage to do that." Motoyasu said glancing at the shield hero with pity.

"Wh-what makes you say that?" Naofumi inquired with a slight hint of worry.

"You have the worst weapon out of all of us here. In Emerald online, shielders were only good at the start of the game since all they can do is block and that became obsolete when players encounter stronger monsters so there were never any high level shielders. To be blunt, the shielder is a useless class that only losers use."

Naofumi turned to Motoyasu. "What about your game?"

"Same, the shield class was useless since it couldn't attack."

Naofumi sighed before walking toward the outer balcony. Eugeo is starting to get worried for the shield hero because of how his fellow heroes are basically calling him useless. So he decided to speak up, "Tommorow morning, I plan to teach my possible companions about my world's style of combat. You can join us if you want. Who knows, you just might learn something useful while you're there."

"Really!" A bit of Naofumi's enthusiasm returning to him as he turned around. Eugeo nodding with a smile before facing the other heroes, "My offer is open for both of you too."

"Thanks for the offer man, really. But I want to go out there in this world my own way. Maybe later on down the line when I hit a roadblock, I just might take you up on that offer." Motoyasu politely declined but considering it at a much later time.

"I decline as well, I want to get a head start as soon as I get my companions tommorow. But just like Motoyasu, I just might accept it in the distant future." Itsuki said with an apologizing expression.

"Alright then, but my offer will always be open." Eugeo declared before they all went to their respective rooms to get some much needed sleep.

As Eugeo slept, he began to dream.

He found himself in some kind of meadow, one that looks very similar to the one that existed in his hometown of Rulid. Eugeo looked around in slight confusion, but then correctly guessed that this is just a dream until...

"Eugeo..." a very familiar voice was heard a short distance behind him.

He hastily turned around and saw Alice, or to be more precise, what she would have most likely looked like if she was never taken from him all those years ago. Her face being more soft and innocent compared to the Integrity Knight Alice that he met back in Centoria. Not to mention her clothes being a much more mature version of the dress she used to wear during their youth. Looking like the perfect wife for any man lucky enough to have caught her interest and love.

"Alice... I'm sorry. But I guess I won't be reunited with you for a good long while. This world needs me and I just can't turn my back on them." Eugeo apologized with a few tears dripping down his eyes.

But Alice just smiled and approached Eugeo, grabbing one of his hands and pressing it against her cheek. "You dummy, we are already bonded forever. This time, I can finally fight alongside you instead of just watching you from afar and being totally helpless to do anything to aid you."

Eugeo's head perked up, "What do you mean by that?"

Alice just smiled as her eyes started to glow, the rest of her body followed shortly after. In a very bright flash, her body seems to burst in light particles.

"Wait!" Eugeo tried to retain his touch on her cheek when he realized that he's back in his bedroom that Melromarc provided for him. In his grasp is the Legendary Holy Sword, which is glowing a yellow aura with the blue gem shining very brightly.

"Alice..." Eugeo crying tears of joy as he hugged the Sword very tightly on his chest.

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As it was being implied, Spirit Alice is mentally the same age as Eugeo here unlike in the anime where she's stuck in her child form. The only reason I can give is she received fragments of the Integrity Knight Alice's memories. She is also shown in the anime to be conscious while her memory prism is stuck at Quinella's ceiling, so she technically aged during all those years that passed. It was also implied that she was right there and had a front row seat to witness every Sexual Activity that Quinella has ever done on that fancy bed of hers. So yes, she knows what having Sex with a man means and where babies comes from.

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