Julia Recto

EDUC 572

New Girl Fan Fiction

"I am Jessica Day, a bright-eyed gal!" Jess exclaimed. She power-posed with her fists on her hips and her chest puffed out, wearing a colorful polka-dotted dress and a matching headband.

Schmidt responded, "Yes Jess, we know who you are. You don't have to introduce yourself every time you walk in. It is very unnecessary." Schmidt then rolled his eyes and tightened his Kimono.

"Well I have something very interesting to tell you guys." Jess responded. Silence fell through the room as everyone in the apartment returned to what they were doing before Jess interrupted. Jess angrily stood there, stomped her foot, crossed her arms and yelled, "Isn't anyone gonna ask me what's so exciting?"

Nick looked up from his notepad and said, "I'm in the middle of an idea for my new Pepperwood book, it's really important that I don't get distracted Jess!" His gaze fell back on the notepad as he scribbled down his idea and aggressively flipped the page.

Cece put down her phone and asked, "What's so exciting Jess?"

Jess threw her hands up as she shouted, "I had a dream!" Winston, Schmidt, Cece, and Nick all collectively whispered under their breath in annoyance. Jess continued, "I had a dream that I got promoted to head principal!"

Nick, with his eyes still glued to his notepad responds, "That's great Jess, can we all get back to what we were doing?"

"No, you may not. And do you know why you may not?" Jess asks. Silence fills the room once again with Cece lifting only her eyes from her phone to look at Jess. Without waiting any longer for a response, Jess says, "Because when I got into work this morning I found out that Principal Jones got a job at a private school across town!" Everyone immediately dropped what they were doing and Schmidt jolts up from his chair.

Schmidt inquires, "Does that mean what I think it means?"

Jess jumps in excitement and screams, "Yes! I got promoted to head principal!"

"Well this calls for a celebration!" Winston shouted.

Nick responds, finally with his attention on Jess, "All-American?"