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In his lair, Sammael frowned to himself. There was something off about those people who were excavating the ruins. He could sense it. Looking back at one of his trust followers, he waved her over. It was none other than Cree Lincoln, a fox Faunus who was now a member of his forces. She walked over.

"What do you want, Sammael?" Cree asked, trying to keep the bite out of her voice. Ever since it was revealed that Sammael had killed her parents, or rather, had their bodies in his lair, she was filled with nothing but regret, shame, and rage towards him. Regret at her own actions, shame she had turned her sister against her, and rage at the fact Sammael had her parents' bodies in his lair.

However, Cree was trying to plan her escape, if only to help protect her younger sister, the Candy Elemental Abigail Lincoln.

Sammael gave her a smile, despite it not being tender. "I have a mission for you." He said as he turned to face her.

"And what would this mission be?" The fox Faunus asked as she gave a look to the Majesty-class Fallen, trying to hide her rage at him.

The image of the archaeologists came up, surprising Cree. Sammael pointed at the image. "I would like you to observe these archaeologists. They claimed to have found the Gem of Destruction, but there is reason to doubt that, because it could be a fake. There are reports of fake Spiral Gems, and it would appear these guys found one, but mistook it for the real thing. Or it could be the real deal, but that will only be determined through further study and testing." He then looked back at Cree. "It makes me suspect they are after the Spiral Gems for their own gain."

'And like you aren't?' Cree thought to herself bitterly. "So you want me to keep watch on these humans to see what their goals are?"

"And to see if we can use them ourselves." Sammael replied. "After all, if they are looking for the Spiral Gems, then it would stand to reason we could make an alliance with these people."

Cree didn't like that, as she wanted to spare these guys from becoming Sammael's pawns. "But what if they don't want to make an alliance?"

Sammael sighed. "Then regrettably, we will have to kill them."

The fox Faunus knew what that meant. Anyone who was not useful was killed, or if Sammael had plans for them in the future, he let them live until those plans came about.

Cree then swallowed hard. "I... I understand." She said at last. "I will do what I can to get information on them."

Sammael looked back at Cree again. "I expect no less." He said before he waved for her to go. The fox Faunus was glad to get out of there was fast as she could go. Cree didn't even look back at Sammael as she ran out of the lair. She had to get to those archaeologists to warn them that Sammael was after them! Then a thought made her feel dread. 'Oh, Glob... what if Sammael has a Seer watching me?!' She didn't like the implications of that.

Cree shook her head. She had a mission to do, and she would carry it out. However, she hoped that her secondary objective could be accomplished as well.


Admiral Heero Yuy was standing beside Leo as the two of them watched 1st Lt. Nicol Amalfi removing some dust and dirt from an old pictograph. This one showed the humans, Faunus, Mobians, and other creatures that were unknown fighting against the Grimm and Fallen. There was a big battle depicted on the wall, showing what looked like tanks, fighter craft, and even these 'Metal Men' that were about the size of a Mobile Suit, but with all the stereotypical robotic appearances of the late 1950s in the AD era back in their home universe, Dimension O-000.

Leonardo, a turtle Mobian, glanced at the Enhanced human beside him. "What do you make of this?"

"Make of what?" Heero asked as he looked back at the Mobian next to him.

"Those depictions of the Metal Men." Leo clarified as he pointed at the images.

Heero grunted once. "Hn." He then looked back at the images himself. "They might look powerful, but until we can translate the pictographs, we can't determine how strong they actually were." The admiral clarified.

"Do you think they can stand up to your versions?" Leo asked, curious now.

A Prussian blue eye glanced back at the ninja turtle. "Based on images alone, we are not sure. There is a chance they could, but again, that is still up in the air." Heero replied.

Beside Nicol, Rear Admiral Yzak Joule was running a translation program that had been cobbled together by one of their own, Lt. Colonel Nisha Itsuno. The translation program was scanning the pictographs, translating it to modern English as well as Cybertronian and Japanese. Nicol looked back at Heero as the translation program began to bring up the results. "Hey, we have a translation staring to come out!"

Running over, Heero and Leo came to a stop as the program's text began to come up on the screen.

Leo was impressed as he looked at the data coming in. "Wow." He whistled. "That is some impressive programming."

Nisha gave a sheepish chuckle at that. "Eh, this? This isn't anything too special. If you want real programming, look no further than Admiral Yamato, or retired pilot Saul Kessel. Those two are some of the top programmers in the unit."

Leo smiled. "Nonsense. You have a knack for it as well."

"Only because Heero insisted we know some basic programming skills." Nisha admitted.

Looking at the admiral, Leo chuckled. "You really want them to succeed, don't you?"

"Hn." Heero grunted. "It's only for missions, and for their survival if the need should arise."

Leo chuckled again. "Then that shows you care."

Heero gave a bit of a small smile, something that he rarely did even when around his unit. "You could say that."

The two smiled at each other before Nicol spoke up. "Sir, we have a full translation of this wall."

Looking back, Heero and Leo glanced at the 1st lieutenant. "Can you read it?" Heero asked as Nicol nodded.

"Yes." Nicol then turned to the screen. "Years have passed since the Grimm began to attack our last bastion of defense, Base Epsilion. The base fell, all because of a traitor in their midst. The traitor disabled the guns that would have taken down the Dark Dragon, thus allowing the Grimm to spread at the whim of the Black Mother."

Then, Leo felt something odd, like he could see the images of the battle that was raging in his mind. It was unusual, but when Leo looked at Heero, he could see the Admiral had his eyes closed, and he looked transparent. In Admiral Yuy's mind was a small dark blue light that glowed, and a golden light that pulsed as well, but that one was not as bright, showing it was dormant. Glancing at the other members of Zero Squad, Leo could see Nicol and Nisha were in the same state as Heero, but with small brown lights glowing inside their heads. Looking over at Commander Tao White, he saw she had a greyish-blue light in her mind, while Yzak had a blue light glowing in his mind. Captain Stella Yuy had a magenta light in her mind while Commander Dearka Elsman had a purple light in his mind. General Mackenzie Allen had a hazel light in her mind, and Commander Derek Lockheed had a green light in his mind. Staff Sergeant Liz Dante had a greyish-green light in her mind, and Admiral Athrun Zala had an emerald light in his mind.

Next to Heero, Leo could see Commander Mu la Flaga, Colonel Hela Kingston, Commander Lockheed, and Petty Officer Second Class Brett Van Marshal all had small glowing lights in their hearts as well, and these lights were linked to lights in their minds, lights that were multicolored in appearance; they never stayed one color for long. But of those four, only Commander Lockheed also had the single colored light in his mind.

"The battle came to this last base, unnamed because of the urgency of the Grimm threat growing each day. But here we have hidden our secret weapon, one that could hopefully turn the tide against the Grimm and the Black Mother. It is not an ordinary weapon either, for it was forged by our greatest scientists, mages, alchemists, and engineers. Using the enium we had managed to salvage, we boosted its power with spells and amplification arrays using alchemic equations and formulas. Sadly, we never got to deploy this weapon, for the base fell under attack. We were forced to abandon the base, leaving the weapon sealed away forever more." Although Nicol's voice was reading the translation, the 1st lieutenant's mouth was not moving.

Leo was unsure of what was going on, but as he looked around, he could see the battles raging at the unnamed base before him. Brown eyes narrowing, Leo watched as the two sides, one in a desperate attempt to survive and one taking its time to eliminate the first side, duked it out. In the end though, it was becoming clear that the Grimm were winning. Leo watched as the last of the defenders ignited an explosive that then sealed off the large underground cavernous area where the weapon was, sealing both it and himself, inside forevermore.

"This is our last tale, a story of our last great hope to defeat the Black Mother and her Dark Ones, and how it all was for naught. Had we a bit more time, even a few days at the least, we could have changed the world for the better. But, alas, that future is no more. The black-veined ones shall inherit the Earth, unless the Great Metal Warriors with their genetically different soldiers can be found. It is but a mere formality that they be sought out, but sometimes something that is a formality can become something more. Whatever abilities these soldiers have, hopefully they can be of help to the final mission that was unable to be carried out." The voice that Leo was hearing in his head faded, just as the images faded as well. He found himself opening his eyes, which made the Mobian wonder if that was some kind of vision.

A nudge made Leo look back, only to see Nicol looking at him with concern. "Leo? What happened?"

"What do you mean?" Leo asked, confused as to why he was being looked at like that.

"You were in some kind of a trance." Nicol replied, worry evident in his tone. "Even Heero was unable to snap you out of it."

Leo perked up at hearing that. He looked down at his hands. "So what I saw was a vision..."

"A vision?" Yzak questioned in a skeptical manner. "And yet you are not a Newtype? That's odd."

Leo cocked an eyebrow. "'Newtype'?"

Heero then sighed. "Yes, one of two genetic abilities we have in our universe."

Leo frowned. "If I tell you what I saw in my vision, will you explain these 'genetic abilities' you guys claim to possess?"

Yzak grunted. "Sounds fair."

And so, Leo explained what he saw. While Zero Squadron's members came from a world where science ruled, they had to admit there were some supernatural forces in their world, including the abilities of Newtypes. This made it possible for the explanation to be more believable for the unit, but it was still met with some skepticism on their part.

"So, what are these genetic abilities you guys claim to have?" Leo asked after he finished his explanation. "Does it have to do with the word 'Newtype'?"

Heero nodded. "It does." He then looked back at four members of the unit behind him. "In fact, three of the members of my unit are Newtypes. The rest have what is known as the SEED/STAR Factors. And three members have both the SEED and Newtype abilities."

"So, what is the SEED/STAR Factor?" Leo asked, curious now. "And is it different from Newtype abilities?"

"It is. The SEED is a small seed-like object that explodes in a person's mind if they have a particularly strong desire to kill or defend someone, or if they enter battle with a particularly strong resolve." General Allen replied, taking up the explanation from here. "The first method shows the seed-like object falling and bouncing once before exploding, and users of this method are almost always driven by their desire to kill or defend. The second method is when the seed-like object explodes with a red vertical ring around it while spinning in place, and users of this method have control of their actions, as in their desires do not overrule any rational thought. These are the two methods of entering what we call SEED mode."

"And what of the STAR Factor?" Leo continued to ask. "Is that the same as SEED mode or is that it's own thing?"

"The STAR Factor is an evolution of the SEED Factor." General Allen explained. "This is signified by the user's SEED appearing and pulsing three times before exploding and revealing a small pinprick of light that pulses three times before exploding into a nova, or star, whichever works best to explain it."

Leo was surprised. "And how does one activate the STAR Factor?"

"Extreme emotional resolve." The general replied softly. "It is basically activated by feeling such a strong drive to defeat an enemy and protect those around the user."

Leo blinked, surprised at how hard it was to actually access the STAR Factor. But there was something else on his mind. "What do SEED and STAR stand for?"

"SEED was originally Superior Evolutionary Element Destined Factor, but it has since been changed to Superior Evolutionary Element Decisive Factor because the SEED is often a decisive factor in battle. And STAR stands for Superior Tactical Accelerated Response/Reaction Factor because of the fact that the human body's reaction time is so fast when using it." General Allen replied as she looked back at Leo.

"And how about Newtypes?" Leo pressed. "What are their abilities?"

"Newtypes have higher spatial awareness, and as such, have unique abilities like reading minds, sensing emotions, sometimes telepathic communication with each other, or even increasing their power output for their weapons, called DRAGOONs, which are also telepathically controlled." General Allen explained. "And that is where the differences between these abilities and the SEED/STAR come into play. The SEED/STAR Factor is about precision, accuracy, and reaction/response time while Newtype abilities are all about being more aware of the battlefield at large."

Leo looked down. "And it's possible to have both abilities?"

"Yes. Those who have the SEED and Newtype abilities are called SEED-types. But it comes at a cost; their SEEDs cannot evolve to reach STAR mode." The Natural clarified. "You see, the SEED and Newtype abilities are counteractive to each other. The SEED prevents Newtypes from using their abilities on the SEED user, while Newtype abilities can stunt the SEED's chances of reaching STAR mode. Newtypes can get insanely strong if they don't have the SEED to keep their abilities in check."

"So if someone has both, then they cannot get stronger." Leo mused. "It's like a genetic failsafe because if those people did not have the SEED, then they could become so strong, something bad could happen."

"You could say that." General Allen admitted. She then looked back at Leo again. "Anyway, those are the two genetic abilities we have in our universe."

Leo looked contemplative. "I think the SEED and Newtype abilities are like your guys' Semblances."

"I doubt that." Yzak grunted. "Either way, what you said you saw in the vision, about us having the pinpricks of light in our minds, my best guess is that you either saw our SEEDs, or the STAR Factor, and for three of us, you saw the light that showed they are Newtypes, or a SEED-type in Commander Lockheed's case."

"And don't you forget it!" Derek joked, making Yzak roll his eyes, but there as faint hint of a smile on the silver-haired rear admiral's face.


Mayor Phil Ken Sebben looked up as he removed his hand from his eye patch. He had foreseen a new conflict coming, but one that was of interest to him. 'It seems Cree will be making a fateful encounter soon.' He mused as he looked out the window at GrimmFall. 'But what will she do? I have foreseen most of her actions, but a few are muddled, including the best outcome possible.'

The mayor stood up and walked over to the window, his hands clasped behind his back as he stood there. 'And this came not too soon after the fight with Crom. Is this a sign the future we all seek, the best possible future, is getting closer? No, I cannot hope for that, lest time and fate conspire against us all.'

However, this had given Mayor Sebben a slight sliver of hope, despite all of his best attempts to avoid having such feelings. But only time would tell if this was indeed a good thing or not.

Mayor Sebben turned as he heard the door open. In came a familiar form he knew all too well. It was Callie Briggs, his deputy mayor. "Good to see you again, Ms. Briggs." The mayor said with a warm smile.

"I'm sorry I am late." Callie apologized. "But I was just finishing getting the reports all organized."

"It's perfectly understandable." The mayor assured her. "Anyway, take a seat." Callie did just that, Mayor Sebben doing the same himself. "Now, I have something extremely important to tell you." Sebben said as he tented his fingers in front of his mouth.

"What could be more important than the reports on the battle with Crom?" Callie asked.

There was silence for a moment before Mayor Sebben finally spoke. "There was another I had today."

"You mean..." Callie trailed off, not wanting to spill anything, lest it not come to pass.

"Yes, I do." The human replied. "Only this one was...interesting to say the least. All I can reveal is that someone whom is now wanted will find a way to redemption in an unexpected way."

Callie frowned, knowing that many people, Faunus, Human, or Mobian, were wanted for different things, but if anyone of them had the chance for redemption, it would have to be a minor criminal. "I...understand, I think."

"I will not say who it is, or what they are wanted for. All that I will say is that they are going to be reaching for that chance soon enough." Mayor Sebben said cryptically.

Callie looked out the window of the mayor's office, wondering if this was good or bad thing that was to come...

Hall of Justice

In the Justice Friends HQ, a trio of Digimon were sitting around talking. As it was, Lowemon, Kazemon, and Agunimon were exhausted after the fight with Crom, and each of them just wanted to rest.

While they chatted, Major Glory was in his room, at his desk looking over what had been sent to him by Mayor Sebben. It was an urgent message saying the Gem of Destruction was in the hands of Sammael, and it would appear he obtained it from some archaeologists whom had found it by accident and didn't know what they were getting into when they did. 'Perhaps these people should be talked to about what they just did...' The major thought grimly, no pun intended.

Major Glory looked at his tablet, which was beeping with a call coming in. He accessed the tablet, allowing Mayor Sebben's image to come up. "You got my message I take it?"

"I did." Major Glory confirmed. "And it disturbs me that some civilians got their hands on a Spiral Gem, only to be forced to give it up to Sammael."

"Yes, it is disturbing." Mayor Sebben admitted. "And that is all the more reason to go and find them to find out what they were thinking when they did that."

Major Glory rubbed a hand over his massive chin in thought. "If they are civilians, surely they have their Auras awakened at the very least, right?"

"According to Leonardo, who is with them, they do not have Auras or even Semblances." The mayor replied, making Major Glory look at his image in surprise.

"By Washington's axe, no wonder they felt they had to give it up then!" The major exclaimed in alarm. "Sammael could have killed them had they not done as he asked!"

Mayor Sebben's image nodded. "Yes, but I doubt he would have actually done it. He might be a Fallen, but he seems to have uses for those he meets. I believe he would have spared them even if they had refused, because these people might be after the Spiral Gems themselves."

Those words made Major Glory frown in response. "So these 'archaeologists', if that is what they even are, could be planning something with the Spiral Gems?"

"It's highly possible." Mayor Sebben's image replied. "But as you know, I cannot reveal what I have foreseen, lest time turn against us."

Major Glory nodded before the line went dead, leaving the major alone to his thoughts. He put his arms on the desk, resting his chin on his hands as he pondered what these 'archaeologists' wanted and who they really were, if they were even archaeologists at all.

Mayor's office

Mayor Sebben placed a hand on his eye patch again as he stood in front of the windows. Yes, he had foreseen the future, but what was odd this time was that he had foreseen something he could not describe; a close ally of Sammael's would turn on him, and give their side an edge, no matter how small it was. 'Well, Ms. Lincoln? What is your decision? Will you make the right one? Or will you forfeit your chance at redemption?'


'Because this is your one chance, and your only one at that...'

It showed Zero Squad working on excavating the ruins some more, with the necklace Staff Sgt. Dante had found gleaming in the light of the portable light generators the unit was using. It sat there, looking innocent and innocuous, hardly anything important in the grand scheme of things. But there was more to that amulet than met the eye, literally too...

Admiral Yuy was standing near what had been found to be a grave of sorts, with three bodies in it, all of which were just bones now. He had a frown on his face as he watched Derek slowly remove a leg femur bone, wearing gloves as he did so. "So, how do you think these people died, Yuy?" The commander asked as Heero grunted once.

"Until we can get these bones back to the ship for analysis, we can't say for sure." The admiral replied as he looked at the boxes that held the bones in a delicate state.

Nicol looked up from where he was examining an old vase. "Well, regardless, we have learned quite a bit about this place over the short time we have been here." The green-haired pilot pointed out. "Like we found out this was an unnamed base that holds a weapon that is said to be extremely powerful."

"Yes, but what that weapon is, we don't know." Heero countered with his steely gaze. "We have to find it, but that is assuming the thing is inert. That is why we have to tread carefully here. What if we find where it is hidden, or we are just above it and don't even know it, and the thing is actually live? What if our excavation of this place causes the thing to explode?"

Nicol's face paled somewhat at those words. "Oh..." He trailed off here. "That would be pretty bad..."

Heero gave a nod of agreement. "But that should show how sensitive and careful we have to be here."

Leo came up at that point. "Either way, if the goal of finding this weapon being accomplished is reached, what are your plans for it?"

The admiral looked down at that. "We will have to study it, do some tests to see just how powerful it is, and then see if we can do one better."

"You mean recreate it?!" Leo gasped.

Heero looked back at the turtle Mobian. "Not recreate it. See if we can create our own version of said weapon. Because we might be able to create something that could literally remove a Dark Pool from existence if we do it right." Leo could hardly believe what he was hearing. 'These guys think they can make a weapon that can remove a Dark Pool from existence?! That's supposed to be impossible!'

"You do realize that sounds crazy if not downright mad, right?" Leo asked nervously.

Heero gave a bit of a smirk. "Well, we do have a habit of making impossible things seem to be possible..." He replied vaguely.

As the team continued to work on the excavation, a fox Faunus was making her way back to the ruins, intent on finding out what she could about these humans. Cree felt her fox ears twitch as she picked up the slight sound of a Seer Grimm following her. She was aware of it, not that Sammael minded. No, it was supposedly there to make sure she was safe from anyone who wanted to get rid of her now that she was a wanted criminal. However, Cree knew better. The thing was there to make sure she carried out her mission to the letter.

Stopping at what was the outskirts of the ruins, Cree could see tents were set up, and there were people, no doubt these archaeologists, milling around. They were even coming and going from what had to be an underground chamber, if the subterranean entrance was any indication. Cree crept closer, her Faunus eyesight allowing her to see just what the humans working here looked like. She was quick to note they had unusual hair and eye colors, which made her wonder if these were dye jobs and contacts, or if there was something more at work here.

But as she peered closer, her foot hit a rock, sending it tumbling down to the ruins' floor. Thankfully, no one heard it, or so she assumed...

Sammael sends Cree to investigate the 'archaeologists' as Mayor Sebben has a vision of Cree. Meanwhile Zero Squadron is working to uncover the secrets of the ruins at the same time. How will these individuals handle their first meeting? Read on to find out~! :3