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*Files Accessed*

File 8: Saber Convoy

The leader of Dimension O-000's Cybertronian Empire, this mech is one to be wary of when in battle. When outside of battle, Saber Convoy is actually quite the diplomat should the need arise.

Earth Orbit

Saber Convoy's ship drifted closer to the cluster of ships, still transmitting its IFF signal. But he was unsure if these ships could even pick up on the signal. With that in mind, he looked to Jazz. "Jazz, I want you to try and open a communications line with the lead ship of that cluster of ships."

"But which one is it?" Jazz asked, making the Supreme Commander sigh at the realization Jazz had pointed out.

"Good point..." The Convoy muttered.

Bumblebee looked out. "What if we try transmitting on all channels in general? Surely one of the ships would pick it up and alert the commander, right?"

Ironhide frowned. "Or they could attack us instead."

Saber Convoy frowned at that. "That is true. But it is a risk we must take." He then looked to Wheeljack before turning his gaze back to Jazz. "Wheeljack, begin transmission message. Jazz, once Wheeljack is done with the message, transmit the message out on all general channels to the ship cluster before us."

The two mechs nodded before setting about with their assigned tasks. Ratchet drifted over, looking at his commander. "So, what do you think will happen with these ships?"

"There are a few things that could happen. One, they open up to communications. Two, they could open fire on us. Three, they could ask us to surrender. Four, we may be asked to just leave. Or five, we are ignored." Saber Convoy replied, listing off the possible situations. "Or six, none of the above happens."

"Do you think it will be the last scenario?" Ratchet asked.

Saber Convoy nodded. "It most likely is."

"Message is being sent." Jazz reported, making the Convoy look back.

Saber Convoy nodded at the result. "Good. Now we just wait."

On his ship Gantu looked out, only to see a ship that was of unknown origins approaching. It was mostly gun-metal grey with hints of silver on its sides. A big red logo was on the area just below the bridge, and the wings were the same color as the body of the craft, with blue lines that ran down the center of the wings. The ship had guns out, revealing the hidden weapons bays on the sides of the ship above and below the wings. The wings were equipped with missiles, and a few missile bays were opened on the underside as well as on the sides just behind the wings. But what was even weirder was that this ship had an odd logo on its rudder, a four-pointed star that was gold in color with matching wings, a dark grey Z emblazoned on top of it, with a red pentagon below the Z, with a light grey V-chevron emerging from the pentagon itself.

"Sir, we have an unknown vessel approaching us. Insignia on it is an eerily accurate copy of the Autobot symbol, and it is transmitting a message over all broadcast channels." A bridge officer reported as Gantu frowned.

"Does it say what it's name is?" He asked as the officer looked back at the message.

"The message says the ship's name is the Primarchial Defender, also called the Arc for short." The bridge officer replied.

Gantu frowned some more. "What is their allegiance?"

"That's the thing..." The officer murmured. "It's indecipherable due to likely differing technologies, but if we go off of the insignia on it, I would have to guess the Cybertronian Empire."

Gantu pursed his lips as he ran through a few plans in his mind. It was clear this new ship was armed and was ready to attack, or defend itself. He would have to approach this situation cautiously. "Open a communications link with this 'Arc'. I would like to see if they are who they claim they are."

The bridge officer nodded. "Yes, sir."

On the Arc, Saber Convoy perked up as the communications line beeped. Jazz looked over at it and saw someone from that fleet before them was trying to make contact. "Sir, we have a contact request."

Saber Convoy steeled himself for what was to come. "Open the line. Now we will see how these natives of this universe react to us."

The black and white mech nodded before opening the com-line. Up came a screen, which showed an alien none of the crew were familiar with. It was a giant, hulking alien resembling either a gray humanoid shark or whale. It wore a black spacesuit consisting of a tank shirt with thick red brims on his sleeves and matching linings vertically on both sides of it, and trousers with the same vertical linings on his leggings. It also wore a gray belt with a light gray "V" on the front, a holster on the right, and black wristbands.

Saber Convoy pursed his lips as the being spoke. "Primarchial Defender, this is Captain Gantu of the United Stellar Alliance. State what your allegiance is or risk being fired upon."

'If there is any time I need to be the diplomat I need to be, this is it...' Saber Convoy thought before he spoke up. "My name is Saber Convoy, and my crew and I are from the Cybertronian Empire, native to the dimension known as O-000."


Zero, Shute, Baku, and Guneagle were all busy, wondering how they could get back their ace-in-the-hole.

"So... how are we going go get our ace in the hole back?" Guneagle asked as he leaned back against a tree. They were outside around the old cabin, in an unseen clearing.

"That... is the mystery." Zero admitted. "None of us here know how."

Shute looked at Zero. "Can you try to summon your Mana to at least reveal the seal?"

"Alas, I cannot." Zero sighed sadly. "Even if I could, the Mana lei lines here are blocked by something, or at the very least infected by some sort of evil force that is slowly draining if not outright leeching the Mana away."

Baku frowned. "That doesn't sound good."

"Believe me, my comrades, it's not." Zero sighed.

Guneagle was deep in thought though, and that was what made the others look at him in confusion; normally he would have made a witty quip or a lame joke by now.

"Guneagle, is something wrong?" The Winged Knight asked as he approached the flying Gundam.

"Huh?" Guneagle looked up.

"You've been silent for a while." Shute pointed out.

"Oh. That's because I'm thinking about something. You see, before you two showed up, Bossanova here and I encountered something known as a Fallen." Guneagle explained as he folded his arms. "It was an elderly old lady, and she had this weird power; she could create wooden tentacles from her back. But what stood out about her were her eyes, which flashed red."

Zero looked disgusted while Shute looked quite disturbed. "Do you know what a Fallen is?" Shute asked.

"No, we don't." Guneagle said.

Baku folded his own arms across his chest. "But what I did sense was an evil force, an aura so vile, it set even Guneagle on edge."

Zero looked at Guneagle. "It was that bad?"

Guneagle nodded. "It was. She set off my sensors and radar, but even without those, I could get a feeling that she was not a human."

Shute and Zero looked surprised. "Wow... Never expected that." Shute mused as Guneagle nodded.

Nowhere Mountains

The Steelhaven hovered overhead, having escaped, albeit not without difficulty. The two Gundams, the Neo Blitz and the Bravo Raptor, were now onboard with their pilots resting.

Ultra Magnus looked over what damage the ship had sustained. It wasn't too bad but it was bad enough to where they would need repairs down the road.

"What is the damage status?" Prowl asked as he looked at his commander.

"We have some serious damages to the port side. Weapons there are offline, and the engines on that side are functioning at only 60% of their main power." Ultra Magnus replied gravely.

"So we are down some major weapons?" Prowl asked, concerned now.

Commander Lockheed walked up, his helmet in hand. "We're not down entirely. You guys can make it back to our dimension, and the lieutenant and I can head back to our ship. The jump-slip drive is working, so that should be no problem."

"Are you sure?" Ultra Magnus asked.

"We are." 1st Lt. Amalfi replied.

Prowl looked at his commander. "Sir?"

Ultra Magnus looked back at the two pilots. "You can head out. We will do the jump-slip back home."

Both pilots nodded and soon were taking off before the Steelhaven jumped back to Dimension O-000.


Heero was sitting in his room when General Allen entered. He looked up at her entering. "What is it?"

Mackenzie stood before him, the presidential air around her. "We should move locations to a new spot for the time being."

"Why?" Heero asked.

"I fear our current location is compromised." Mackenzie replied. "And it is not just because of Cree being on our ship. That Seer Grimm saw our location."

Heero pursed his lips at hearing that. He knew that was a good point, and one with valid concerns. "Then do you have any potential suggestions on where we could go to hide out in the meantime?"

Mackenzie nodded as she brought up an image of the city where one of the infiltration teams was located. "I am suggesting this place for now."

The ORB admiral's eyes went wide at seeing the suggestion location. He then slammed his hands down on his desk, his dark blue eyes flashing angrily. "And why should we head to the city of GrimmFall to hide from Sammael when this Mayor Sebben can see the fucking future?!"

General Allen didn't even flinch, giving credit to her nature as the former President of the United States. "If you just hear me out, I will explain why."

Heero growled, but let her do just that. "Fine, but it had better be a good reason."

Mackenzie gave one of her sneaky smirks. "In fact, that reason is why."

Heero cocked an eyebrow at her reasoning. "Explain."

"It's simple really. If Mayor Sebben is able to see the future, we could use that to keep our ship, and Cree, safe." General Allen explained. "At least, we could get close to him in a way, so if either of our spies got information on Sammael's actions, we can act accordingly."

Heero pursed his lips again. It did have some merit, but it was risky as well, too risky in his opinion. "If we do, we would have to find an out of the way location near the city, but from the geography of the area, that will be difficult."

General Allen sighed. "Yes, I know, but considering what is going on right now, we can't risk remaining near these ruins anymore. We have what information we could gather, and nothing else remains here for us. We studied all the weapons here, and found out what we could."

Heero sighed. "Very well. We will load up all of our vehicles and equipment and take off as soon as the last piece is on the ship."

The team soon began to dismantle everything and load up all the equipment they had been using. Cree watched as the crews went about their jobs, curious now. "What's with the loading up?"

"We're leaving the ruins." Mu replied from beside her. "It seems our cover is more at risk if we remain here than if we are in a location that is more... well... our cover is more at risk of being found out the longer we remain at the ruins."

Cree frowned. "So where is the ship headed after all this stuff is loaded up?"

Mu hesitated before he sighed. "Let's just say that things are a bit tricky with that. We have two places we could go; GrimmFall or an out of the way old ghost town."

Cree tensed up at the mention of the first location. "Why those two places?"

"It's more for security." Mu replied. "The ghost town, being out of the way and deserted, is perfect for us, as we could pretend to be the ghosts of the inhabitants long since deceased. However, being out of the way and deserted also makes it hard for us to find any information, and we can only learn so much by reading. GrimmFall is a large city with inhabitants we could blend in with, and we can observe the culture here more readily in the city. But, the fact there are so many people means we stand a higher chance of being found out about as well." Mu explained. "However, the chances of it being more in our favor are greater if we are at GrimmFall, so we have to take the chance."

Cree frowned. "You mean you have to take the chance so that Sammael doesn't reveal you guys on his terms."

Mu nodded. "Yes. It's odd I know, but that's what General Allen figured would throw Sammael off our trail for at least the time being."

"He will reveal you somehow," Cree pointed out.

"Yes, we know, but as I said, if we can reveal ourselves before then, it will be harder to paint us as invaders." Mu replied as he leaned against the wall of the ship's main corridor.

The Fox Faunus frowned. "But I'm a wanted criminal! If you head to GrimmFall with me on your ship, it will be found out and you will be painted as sympathizers to Sammael!" She exclaimed.

Mu raised an eyebrow. "Really? We never said we would reveal you are on the ship."

Cree blinked. "Huh?"

"You are a prisoner right now." Mu pointed out. "You're only allowed to move about the ship because you haven't caused any trouble and have followed the rules we set for you so far."

Cree frowned. "Yeah, so?"

"So, despite being on Sammael's side, you aren't that bad a person." Mu replied gently. "You care about your sister, but you went to the wrong people for that help. You're a victim of your own actions as much as you are a victim of Sammael's control."

Cree sighed. "Yes, but I don't know if what you are doing will help me." She sighed again. "I mean, Sammael probably is going to try to use my betrayal against you guys for all you know."

Mu blinked, taking in that information. He then frowned. "Yes, Yuy mentioned that a while ago. We have to be careful here more than ever now."

Cree looked back at Mu again. "But what I don't understand is why you want to head to GrimmFall with me on your ship."

"It is for your protection." Mu replied. "From not just Sammael, but the others hunting you down as well."

Cree frowned again. "But you guys don't have Auras or Semblances. All you have is your military training. How can you expect to stand a chance against skilled Hunters and Huntresses?"

Mu gave a bit of a mysterious smirk. "That. Cree, is our secret."

Within hours, the Constitution was loaded up and everyone was onboard. Heero stood before the entire ship in the main briefing room. "Now, as you all are aware, we have been compromised by the being known as Sammael. Or at least, he is attempting to compromise us. As it stands, we have gained all knowledge we could from this place, which isn't much. So, there is no need to remain here any longer."

"So what are you saying? We're heading to a new location?" Nisha asked.

Heero nodded. "Yes. And the destination is the city of GrimmFall."

Everyone looked shocked. "The main city here?!" Yzak demanded. "Why are we headed there?!"

"It's because we can gain more information, and blend in." Heero explained.

Athrun frowned a bit here. "I think I see the plan. We can blend in and learn more about the culture, and it will allow us to keep tabs on what is going on because we would be at the heart of what is to come, if anything does happen."

Heero nodded. "That's the plan."

Yzak gave a grunt. "It seems everything we do is half-assed, but... given where we are, it makes sense I guess."

Tao looked back at Heero. "You do know that Mayor Sebben may be aware of us arriving, right?"

Heero gave her a bit of a smirk. "That's what I'm counting on. If we show up there, then, even if he is aware of us arriving, we can use his ability to our advantage."

Tao frowned, but didn't bother to counter his argument or reasoning. It was sound, in a way.

"So, do we leave now?" Kira asked as Heero nodded.

"We do." Heero confirmed.

Tao looked back at Captain Ramius. "Well, you heard the admiral."

Captain Ramius chuckled a bit. "Very well." She then looked at the assembled crew. "All crew, we are taking off. Prepare for take-off preparations at once!"

The crew members ran to do just that, Leo and Cree not among them.

As soon as the ship was ready, the GN Drives powered up. Once the Constitution had enough power, the ship lifted off, leaving the ruins behind, including the once lavish tomb of the late King Ozric, the body of whom they had on their ship.


Omnimon looked at Shannon and Donnie, the threesome all willing to catch up. "So, it sounds like you had some tough fights." Donnie noted.

"Yes, I did." Omnimon confirmed. "The hardest one was against Blue Diamond, one of the Gem leaders."

Shannon gave a bit of a wince. "Yikes. Makes me glad you survived it."

"Believe me, if not for my Omni Force Semblance in its Brave Shield form, I would have not survived." Omnimon said grimly, no pun intended.

"Did you find your missing friend?" Donnie asked as Omnimon shook his head.

"No. In fact, I forgot about my search for him with what went on during that time." Omnimon admitted sadly.

Donnie frowned. "Well, hopefully you will find him soon."

Omnimon nodded, his mind elsewhere. 'I may find Gallantmon, but it won't be easy to beat him or snap him out of his brainwashed state unless I have help of some kind.'

The Grimm Slayer only hoped things would be that simple, even though he knew they wouldn't be.

Agunimon, Lowemon, and Kazemon were all in the training room, each sparring with each other or against the training drones to try and get stronger or to test their skills.

It wasn't until they each decided to take a break that they could talk. Lowemon sat on the ground while Kazemon sat on top of a pile of destroyed drones as Agunimon leaned against the wall.

"So, what teams do you think we will each be assigned to?" Kazemon asked as she looked at her two fellow Legendary Warriors. Agunimon frowned at the question.

"I'm not sure..." He admitted. He then looked down. "But I hope they are teams we can work with..."

Kazemon looked nervous, which made Lowemon give her a concerned glance. She was currently not exactly the strongest, although he himself was the weakest, as he had yet to achieve his Beast Spirit form.

Agunimon looked back at Kazemon, and worry was on his face. He then looked down, his hands gripping his upper arms tightly. He hated to admit it, but he was nervous; he was nervous about going out to fight against these Red Caps, he was nervous about who Kazemon would be paired with, and he was nervous for Lowemon's safety, considering the Warrior of Darkness had yet to reach his Beast Spirit form.

The Warrior of Flame hated feeling this way, but it couldn't be helped. Deep down, Agunimon wondered if he or Lowemon would be paired with Kazemon. 'It would be best if one of us was...'

The three Digimon were silent for a while before the doors to the training room opened, making them look back, revealing Valhallen. He had a smile on his face, which meant it was something good.

In his room, Akira opened his eyes, revealing their usual golden color. He sat up, wondering what had happened. "Ugh..." His hand went to his head, only for his eyes to snap open as memories of the cyber attack came back to him. "Aw slag!"

Getting up, Akira felt dizzy for a moment before he steadied himself and made his way over to his laptop, which was now turned off. He booted it up, only to see all programs were still running, or rather, in a standby state. Sighing, Akira then ran through the history of the programs, only to see they were untouched. The Coordinator shut down the programs before shutting down his laptop.

He leaned back in the chair before opening his eyes again. It had been a harsh cyber battle, but he had done what he could. Looking back, Akira saw his sunglasses on the table. He reached over and picked them up before putting them on, just as this odd pressure filled his mind, coming from his SEED. Akira looked back, only to see the door open seconds later. It was Major Glory. Akira frowned as he saw the major.

"I see you're awake Alex." Major Glory noted as he walked in.

"Yeah... Why do you want to know?" Akira asked.

The symbol of peace smiled. "I want to thank you for your actions yesterday."

Akira's eyes went wide beneath his sunglasses. "I was out since yesterday?!"

"Yes, from the stress of your defense of our cyber network it seems." Major Glory said somberly. He then smiled again. "But you did more than just save our network. You saved the lives of everyone in the Hall of Heroes."

Akira looked down. "I just did my job..."

Major Glory smiled again. "Your skills with computers are truly something else, like someone who is a prodigy with them, if not more so."

Hearing that, Akira's pulse went up in anxiety. "You... you t-think so?"

"Oh, absolutely!" Major Glory declared. "In fact, that may be why all of us survived that malfunction in the Sparring Chamber."

Akira looked back at his laptop. "But it wasn't a malfunction. It was a deliberate attack, and from the one who helped Jimmy."

Major Glory frowned at hearing that. "Yes, and it was discovered that Jimmy escaped."

Akira groaned at that. "Yeah, I know. I was aware of the fact the attack was a distraction, but..." He gritted his teeth here. "I couldn't just sit back and let everyone die to stop some kid from escaping!"

Major Glory walked over to the undercover Coordinator and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You did what you had to do. Yes, it is a shame that Jimmy escaped, but he can always be recaptured. Your actions of saving more lives weren't wrong."

Akira laughed grimly, no pun intended. "Sure they weren't..."

Major Glory then looked at Akira again. "When you were brought back here, I caught sight of your computer, which had an odd symbol on it."

The pilot froze. "Oh... Y-you did?"

The symbol of peace nodded. "Yes. Would you care to explain that?"

Akira ran through several lies before he settled on one that seemed plausible. "It's just a symbol for one of my programs I wrote. It's nothing special."

Major Glory blinked, but he accepted the story. Or so it seemed...


Tsuranuki was impressed.

That much he could admit.

"Wow..." he muttered, looking around. "And I thought Tokyo was something else..."

Blossom giggled as she hovered close to him. "Well, glad ya think so," she admitted. "It's not much, but it's home to us."

"So, where would you like to go first?" Bubbles chirped from beside her sister. The Driver looked to her and shrugged.

"Wherever," he remarked. "You're leading me on this tour, remember?" He grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head at this.

"Then I know where!" Bubbles chirped. Her hand lashed out and she grabbed onto the boy's arm. "C'mon!" Tsuranuki yelped as Bubbles and Blossom took to the air, dragging him along for the ride. He let out a yelp as he was pulled airborne.

The boy glanced down and his stomach twisted itself in knots. This was his first time flying, and it kind of terrified him. But the more he looked down, the more he could see of the city, and his engineering brain took over. He mapped out some possible locations of where Grimm could strike, or where a Kaiju could strike, and he filed those away for later use in his mind. 'Better to be safe than sorry,' he thought.

Blossom and Bubbles flew for a few minutes more before descending to where a large theater sat abandoned in the middle of the downtown area.

Tsuranuki was let down first before the two landed beside him. "Huh... why'd you bring me here?" he asked.

"This is the place where we first battled a Grimm," Blossom remarked, gesturing to several overturned cars and craters close by. "And it's also a historical landmark that's been scheduled for demolition since its original owner disappeared some time back. It was Townsville's first theater, and it served as a concert hall for many singers and performers until twenty years ago."

Tsuranuki could see the significance of the place, as Tokyo had several such theaters of their own, as well as Tokyo Tower.

"I see," he mused. "But if the place is condemned, we can't go in, remember?"

"I know," Blossom admitted. "I wasn't thinking of that. I just wanted to show you one of our historical landmarks before it was torn down to make way for a new apartment complex."

The boy pursed his lips. "Surely if this place has such significance, people are petitioning to have it restored, right?" he asked.

Bubbles shook her head. "The rumor here is that it's haunted by the ghost of its owner... and that the owner's body is hidden somewhere inside."

Tsuranuki felt his body freeze at that, and a shudder raced down his spine. He gulped nervously. But he managed to remain calm as best he could. "Is there any validation of this rumor?" he asked.

Blossom looked back at the old building, then shrugged. "No one can say for sure," she admitted. "There have been strange things happening here over the last few weeks, but most just chalk it up to the fact the place is falling apart."

However, Tsuranuki wasn't liking this one bit. He swept his gaze over the old building, taking note of the decaying structure and floors. Already weeds were poking through the old parking lot, and vines were starting to crawl up the sides. Nature was reclaiming its former spot, and windows were broken along the first floor. Everything else was in just as bad a shape as the first floor. The sign was barely holding together and he instinctively inched back, as if expecting the old letter M to come plummeting down to the pavement below.

His eyes narrowed as he looked up at the third story windows...

And his heart leapt into his throat.

One of the old windows was open...

And something was staring back at him!

The boy yelped and staggered back in shock and fright.

"Tsuranuki?" Blossom tilted her head. "You okay?"

"Y-Yeah... but what was that?" he rasped, clutching at his racing heart. The LinkNode pulsed in time with his rapid heartbeat, and he shuddered, trying to calm himself down.

"What was what?" Bubbled asked as she looked at the window. "I don't see anything."

But Tsuranuki knew he had seen something up there.

And it looked too ghostly to be a Grimm or organic lifeform...

Nowhere Mountains

Ikki and Metabee soon were filled in on what Van Kleiss was capable of, and the two brothers were stunned.

"So, this guy can create these EVOs?" Ikki asked. "Wow... that sounds scary."

Metabee shivered. "Yeah. We're just lucky he couldn't do so to you, Ikki."

Rex frowned. "Yeah, you two were lucky."

Six looked at the two off-worlders. "From what we are hearing, it seems Van Kleiss may be planning something, but as to what, we don't know."

Metabee looked back down at the ground. "I don't think Ikki and I can fill you in, because we have no clue ourselves."

Six sighed. It would appear it was a dead-end then...


The famed cloaked ship was flying through the air, heading towards GrimmFall. As it made its way there, Heero was looking out the main window of the bridge. Cree was beside him, looking out the window as well.

"What's your plan when you get to GrimmFall?" The Faunus asked as Heero looked back at her.

"That, Cree, we cannot reveal." The Enhanced human replied. "But what we can say is that it will be something only Mayor Sebben will be aware of, with his Gem of Sight."

Cree raised an eyebrow. "You do realize he can see many futures at once, correct?"

Heero smirked. "That, Cree, is what we are counting on."

Cree blinked in confusion. "Huh?"

"Let's just say we have a reputation for making the impossible possible." Heero said vaguely, remembering Mu's own words. Cree blinked at that, wondering what it meant.

But the admiral didn't give anymore explanation, instead returning his gaze to the scenery below the ship. He was silent for a moment before Technical Sergeant Haww spoke up. "We have radar contact. It appears to be coming from an airport of some kind. We're nearing the city outskirts."

Heero looked back as he walked over to her station. Sure enough, there was radar activity on the screen. He nodded. "Find us a clear spot to land, even if it is not in the city itself. We just have to be near it."

Technical Sergeant Haww looked over the radar data and maps of the area, Cree coming over as well. The fox Faunus looked over the maps before one spot stood out to her. She pondered on how it would be useful to Sammael though before she saw another spot. It was more open yes, but at the same time, it would be useful because Sammael would be counting on there being trees around. However, if he attacked in plain view, then it would seem like the ship was the bad guys. Cree frowned before she looked back at the secluded spot. It was tempting yes, but in the end, the more open area won out, namely because it could be used against Sammael more clearly.

"There." Cree said as she pointed at the map. "Land here."

Heero looked back at Cree. "And why should we land in a more open area as opposed to the secluded one we are looking at?"

"Just think about it." Cree insisted.

Heero looked down, considering the options. 'Sammael would be able to use the fact we were hiding in the woods against us. He could claim we were trying to launch a sneak attack, and thus justify the attack on us. But if we were to go into a more open location, not only would Sammael be attacking people around our location, he would be attacking us as well. Basically, if Sammael attacks, it will look like he is attacking the civilians around our location. Therefore, we could use that as justification for our own defense.'

Heero pondered her words before he made up his mind. "Very well. We will land in that clearing ahead."

Cree gave a nod, hoping that Sammael wouldn't figure out whatever the admiral had figured out from her suggestion. As it was, she was certain Sammael was aware of the possibility of an attack from such a location. But what did work in the ship's favor was the fact that this clearing was close to the Hall of Heroes. It was in an open park area that was large, so it was perfect.

Heero could see it and while he didn't like the idea, it did have merit. 'You had better be right on this Cree...'

Once the ship was descending, Heero stood on the bridge, watching everything going on outside. He looked back as a form came up to him. It was an older man, one who looked to be in his sixties if not early seventies.

"Something on your mind, Admiral?" The man asked as Heero sighed.

"Can we trust Cree? And can we even make a difference in this world?" The younger Admiral asked.

The older man smiled. "If you just keep moving, you might be surprised. And as for Cree, well... isn't it hate that breeds hate, bigotry that breeds bigotry? After all, hating an entire race for an irrational reason will only bring down others, even those who have done thing wrong.. Our universe learned that the hard way, didn't we?"

Heero looked back before he closed his eyes and smiled. "Heh... I guess we did, didn't we?"

The older man laughed as he reached out and patted the admiral on the back. "That's the way to look at it, son!"

Heero then looked back at the older man. "But what does that have to do with Cree and our issue of trusting her?"

"Well, if you can't trust her, then aren't you proving to be just as bad as those humans who hate Faunus?" The man retorted.

The admiral frowned. "This isn't about her genetics, it's about her working for Sammael."

"Even if she wasn't, would you trust her?" The older man asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Heero sighed. "Look, just tell me. Can we trust her because of her past association with Sammael?"

The older man put a hand on Heero's shoulder. "Only you can determine that, Admiral Yuy." He said solemnly. "Because if you don't, then what would that say to Cree? She is in need of help, and there are humans here who can help her, but yet they won't because of who she worked for. Her mind becomes filled with hatred and she goes back to Sammael, bringing with her your secrets. But what if you did help her? What would that say about humans to her? Humans have vilified her because of her desire to help her sister by going to the big bad of this universe. But humans can help her despite that. She is not trusted by her home universe. If we can show her understanding and help her, then we can show that there is still hope for her."

Heero looked back up into the man's eyes, giving a solemn nod. "You're right. We can't hate her because of what she has done, or because of who she works for. We have to show her acceptance despite who she worked for. However, many hate her because she is also a Faunus too, one that works for Sammael. That has created tension between humans and Faunus here. If we can show her that we are willing to be understanding, we can show she is not irredeemable as well."

The older man smiled at hearing that. "Now that is what I like to hear!"

Heero laughed at the man's reaction. "Shouldn't you be getting back to working on the Gundams and their maintenance?"

"I probably should." The older man laughed. "I'll see you around, Admiral! Excelsior!"

With that, Chief Mechanic Lee walked off to get back to his duties, leaving Heero alone with the bridge crew in the bridge once more.

In the Hall of Heroes, Akira and Flay met up, with Akira feeling an odd pressure in his mind. He knew, on some instinctual level, that it was Flay's presence he was sensing. He looked back, just as he saw her approaching.

"Hey." Flay said. It was just the two of them, so they were free to use their real names. "You okay, Aki'?"

Akira sighed. "No, not really..." He admitted. "I've been getting this odd pressure in my brain lately, first around that Johnny guy, then around Major Glory and Valhallen, and now around you, Flay."

Flay frowned at his words. "What's odd is that I sensed a new presence, but imagine my surprise when it came from you."

Akira looked down at his hands. "What is going on? Why are our SEEDs acting like this?"

Flay then perked up. "Wait... You said you were aware of this pressure when Major Glory and Valhallen were around?"

Akira looked back at Flay. "Yeah. Why?"

Flay thought back to when her Newtype senses first awakened. It had been an odd pressure in her mind, much the same as Akira's. But now that she thought about it... She looked back up at him. "Aki'... I think you're awakening Newtype abilities..."

Aki's eyes widened as he heard that. "What?!"

"Think about it for a moment." Flay insisted. "That odd pressure when around beings of great power, you being able to sense me, doesn't that sound like Newtype abilities?"

Akira frowned. "Flay, just because..."

"And being able to see Thor's specter. I was able to, but so were you." Flay continued. "And if you think about it, I think the reason we have been on edge is because of the fact that we have the SEED. Remember that theory that the SEED and Newtype abilities were once one and the same?"

Akira looked down. "That's just a theory with no solid evidence." He countered as he looked back up at her.

Flay frowned as well. "Just think about it." She insisted. "If not for that pressure, you wouldn't have known about Major Glory coming in, or Valhallen. And you wouldn't have been able to sense me."

Akira looked down again. That last part did have some merit to it... "So, provided your theory is correct, how do we test for if I have Newtype abilities?"

Flay looked down at his words. "Oh..."

Just then, Akira perked up as he got that odd pressure in his mind again. Flay looked up as well, her Newtype senses picking up on the same thing. "The others..."

Akira frowned. "You sensing a familiar presence? Like it's calm, but easy going and competent?"

"If you mean Mu by that, then yes, I am." Flay replied with a bit of a grin.

Akira looked back at her with a bit of a deadpan look. "Just because I picked up on that it doesn't meant I have Newtype senses."

"No, but we can go to the ship to get confirmation if we so choose to~!" Flay pointed out in a sing-song tone.

Akira groaned. "Flay, I am not just heading to the ship to prove a theory you have!"

Flay sighed. "Well, one way or another, it will have to be addressed sooner or later."

Aki' looked back out the window, hoping that this was just an odd coincidence. But something told him it was not...

Mayor Sebben perked up as he felt the Gem of Sight kick in again. This time, an open space was shown before it showed that same space again, but with a shimmering form that slowly became visible before it abruptly changed to show several forms in shadow, but among them were Alex and Fiona, each clad in a white suit of some kind that bore the same symbol as those that threatened Satyra before. Then the images changed to show a form attacking the city, only for a winged form to launch from what looked like the silhouette of a ship of some kind before a massive golden beam of energy sped towards the attacking form. Then, the visions ended.

Frowning, the mayor pursed his lips. It seemed his hunch on the two being members of this group was spot on. But what this group wanted, he didn't know. 'But that begs the question, why did they come here to GrimmFall itself? Is there a reason?'

Looking out the window, Mayor Sebben could see the open park nearby, but there was no shimmering form, which was to be expected. Nothing was there. 'But soon there will be...' Mayor Sebben mused with a grim look on his face, no pun intended.

After the feast, Agunimon was in his guest room again, lying on his bed. But his mind was not on any mission or tactics. No, he was wondering if his family was okay. Tilting his head back, the Warrior of Flame let his gaze wander to the outside, where he could see the sky above. It was dark out, just like it was in his room, and the stars shone down on the city, even if most could not be seen due to the city lights that remained on.

Agunimon could only wonder what his little brother was doing right now, and if his parents were worried about him. Thinking of that sent a pang of guilt through his heart. Then again, he couldn't help the fact that he and his friends had been abducted by some interdimensional entity.

Sighing, the Digimon rolled over and sat up, putting his head in his hands. 'Mom, Dad, Shinya... Are you guys doing okay? Do you wonder where I am...?' Closing his eyes, the Legendary Warrior hid his face with his hands as tears ran down his cheeks.

Looking up again as he removed his hands from his face, Agunimon wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, standing up as he did so. Slowly, he walked over to the window and sat down on the ledge, his right leg on the ledge, his right arm resting on his knee as he leaned against the wall and looked out the window. He was not sure how long he sat there in silence, but he was sure it was for quite a while before the door opened, throwing his room into light. Looking back, Agunimon was surprised to see Kazemon enter his room, the door sliding shut behind her. "Kazemon?"

"Hey..." Kazemon said as she looked away for a moment. "Um... You doing okay?"

Agunimon blinked his eyes, wondering why she would ask that. "Yeah, I am. Why?"

"Oh... No reason..." Kazemon murmured, looking down.

Her fellow Digimon became a bit concerned at that. "Is something wrong?"

Kazemon gave a squeak of surprise. "N-no!" She stammered out, but she was unable to hide what she was feeling. Agunimon could see the way she was trying to avoid his gaze as well as her nervousness.

Getting up from his seat on the window ledge, Agunimon walked over to Kazemon. "Kazemon... is something wrong?"

"N-no! Nothing is wrong at all!" Kazemon stammered again, but Agunimon didn't believe her.

"Kazemon... something is wrong. I can tell." Agunimon said as he reached her. "Why else would you be here?" He reached up and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I want to know what it is so I can help. I don't like seeing you like this, so please tell me, what is wrong?"

Kazemon remained silent for a moment before she finally sighed with a slight hiccup. Now Agunimon could see something glistening in the dim light that barely shone into his room. The shimmering was coming from her cheeks, which was indicative of crying. Concerned now, Agunimon felt worry cross his features. "Kazemon...?"

In a sudden turn of events, Kazemon wound up suddenly jumping onto Agunimon, knocking him back onto his bed with a surprised yelp. The Warrior of Wind sniffed slightly before she just wrapped her arms around him. "H-hey... Kazemon, what's gotten into you?"

"It... It's nothing..." Kazemon tried to lie, but found it difficult to continue to lie, especially to her best friend.

Agunimon frowned at this. "Kazemon… what's wrong?"

Kazemon couldn't speak, instead just shaking as she tried to keep herself together. But slight hiccups came from her every now and then, making the Warrior of Flame worried now. Gently, and hesitantly, Agunimon reached out and wrapped his arms around her shaking form. As soon as Kazemon felt his arms encircle her, she let herself fall onto Agunimon's body fully, her head burrowed into the crook of his neck, resting on his broad shoulder. It was clear now that Kazemon was scared and she needed the comfort of a familiar presence, which was probably why she had sought him out.

"Kazemon… it's going to be okay..." Agunimon whispered to her, his voice soothing and gentle. He reached up and his left hand found its way onto her head, resting there gently and stroking it in a calming manner. His other hand remained on her back, rubbing gently right between her wings.

"I..." Kazemon hiccupped slightly. "I'm scared..."

Agunimon felt his heart ache at her words. "I..." His voice trailed off, his words getting caught in his throat. Instead, he just hugged her a bit tighter, still rubbing her head gently with his left hand. "It's going to be okay..."

"I... I just want to go home..." Kazemon finally admitted. "I miss my family, and the Digital World..."

Agunimon could sympathize with her, as that had been what he had been thinking about just a few minutes before she came into his room. "I know... I do too..." He admitted at last. "I want to go home too..."

"W-why... Why did we get sucked into that portal thing and end up here?! Why couldn't we have just been left alone?!" Kazemon rasped out, her form shaking even more how. "I just want to go home and never come back here!"

Agunimon couldn't help but feel bad for her. He just remained where he was, rubbing her head gently still. "It's going to be okay. We... We will get home." He told her gently. "I don't know how... but we will... somehow..."

The two Legendary Warriors remained like that for some time, Agunimon just comforting Kazemon. He was not sure how long they remained like that, but it was obviously quite some time. After some time like that, Kazemon's crying had settled down and she lifted her head from his shoulder. Agunimon and Kazemon stared at one another in the dim light that shone in from the city lights outside. Kazemon swore that she was seeing things in the light, as she was sure Agunimon was not that handsome. And yet, she could clearly see that he was. Gently, Kazemon's hand drifted up to his face, cupping his cheek tenderly.

Agunimon on the other hand, swore Kazemon didn't normally look so angelic. Her wings glimmered in the dim light, looking sort of spectral and yet entrancing, which only added to her mysterious allure. He felt a lump form in his throat before he swallowed nervously. He could feel her hand gently cupping his cheek, and slowly, she leaned in towards him. The Warrior of Flame felt his heart beat pick up as he saw that and he began to feel something stir within him. "K-Kazemon?" He rasped out, nervous now.

Kazemon's other hand landed on his lips gently, silencing any protests that he had yet to say. Then, when she removed her fingers, she smiled softly, and yet sadly, at him. "You know as well as I do that we won't get home so easily."

Agunimon could feel her breath close to his face and he gulped slightly. "We... we will find a way..." He murmured. He could see her face more clearly now, and the tear streaks on her face glistened in the dim light, making it look as though she was giving off light herself.

The male Digimon gulped again, forcing down the lump that was in his throat. "Kazemon… Don't worry. We... We will get home. Somehow, someway, we will get home..."

In the dim light of his room, Kazemon could see Agunimon's face more clearly. His blue eyes were sparkling in the light, making it seem like they were aglow with the light itself. She could also see how well defined his face was. Of course, he didn't have the square lantern jaw that Major Glory had, but it didn't matter. His facial features didn't look like they were chisled out either, which only made him seem more attractive to her. Gently, Kazemon reached up with her free hand and brushed aside a loose strand of blonde hair that had fallen in front of his vision slightly. Then, she found herself leaning in towards Agunimon again. And before she knew it, her lips met his, causing his blue eyes to widen in shock before slipping closed. Agunimon held her closer to his form in response, returning the kiss. Kazemon finally pulled away after a bit, only to wipe her eyes. "I... I'm sorry..." She sniffed. "I... I just..."

Agunimon, for his part, just reached up and wiped away her remaining tears from her right cheek. "It's okay..." He murmured before smiling softly. "You just needed someone to be there for you."

Kazemon gave Agunimon a soft smile in return before she laid her head on his broad chest, letting him hold her in comfort. His left hand resumed stroking the back of her head gently, the gentle strokes lulling her into a sense of security and safety. The two remained like that for a while before Kazemon finally fell into the depths of sleep. Her gentle breathing and the warmth of her against him also lulled Agunimon into a sense of security before sleep too came to claim him.

The heiress is hunted down

(A young blonde-haired woman wearing a pink outfit is shown)

Her protectors are no more

(Shows seven short men laying in the ruins of their crashed car)

And her arch-nemesis is closing in

(A man wearing a purple hat, mask, and cape laughs as he looms over the woman, who is bound up on a table)

With only one person standing in his way

(A male form in shadow is shown, sharp blue eyes glinting before something is thrown, metal gleaming in the dim light)

"Say your prayers, Penelope Pitstop!"

(The masked man holds up a rat, which begins to naw on a rope holding a large spiked bed above the woman)

"Now, the Pitstop fortune will be mine!"

(A gleam of steel flashes past, cutting the ropes of the woman, allowing her to roll off the table)

"My name? It's-"

(A blonde-haired young man is shown, looking down, his eyes filled with guilt and remorse)

"I'm Penelope, Penelope Pitstop."

(The woman smiles at the young man, who looks back up at her)

With her fortune on the line, she tries to stay alive

(Her guardian, wearing a green suit with a purple tie, smiles he looks at her in what is a falsely caring manner, a shadowed image behind him)

And her only aid is a newcomer with no known past

(The young man is knocked back, landing against a cavern wall, looking up as he wipes away blood running down from the side of his mouth)

But can the heiress last until her 18th birthday?

(Her guardian sneers as he reads the newspaper, which reads 'ANTHILL MOB ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!')

(The blonde-haired young man stands in front of the heiress, a strange knife-like weapon in his hand)

Or will her arch-nemesis claim her family fortune?

(The masked man laughs as he stands in his current lair, his cloak billowing out behind him, the white interior revealed)

(The white interior of the cloak is shown on the young man, but with the purple exterior on the inside)

(The young man looks up, an odd head-band on his forehead bearing a leaf-like symbol on it)

The story unfolds

"Me? I'm-"



Saber Convoy goes to find out what the new ships are while the Gundam Force ponders on what to do next. Zero Squadron heads to GrimmFall while the two agents there theorize the evolution of their SEEDs. Ikki and Metabee find out what they can about Van Kleiss while in Townsville, Tsuranuki learns more about the city as Agunimon and Kazemon have a small moment together!~ What happens next? Read on to find out~! :3 Don't forget to read and review! ^^