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404 Error

Web Page Not Found

In web browsing, a 404 error message is the end of the road. It's the message that tells you there is a glitch, that something has gone wrong, that you need to backspace and reassess. It's the first obvious sign of a malfunction. Go back. Rethink. Change it, fix it, try something else.

But here's the thing that so many forget:

Life is an endless series of 404 error messages - and it's what we do with those dead ends that count.

Reload the page. Try again.

There is a hidden beauty to a 404 error. It gives you a chance to reload. It gives you a chance to find a new start.

A start is all it takes to launch a journey, which begs the question:

What happens when your online life intersects with your real life?

Here's a hint to the answer: You won't be encountering another 404 error any time soon.

Load the page. Reboot. Restart.

This is how it starts -

A/N: New story, new start, new romance. Take this author note for what it is - a fair warning that this story is going to be a stylistic experiment. The chapters will be an inconsistent length, some will be total interludes, and there will be something of a slow burn.

This is going to be a Social Media AU with college-aged characters and an exploration of various methods of online communication. You can even think of it being a social commentary on the socialization of Millennials and Gen Zs.

This story is also a homage to one of my favorite shows, a Chinese drama called Love 020. You don't need to have watched the show, just know that I've drawn a lot of inspiration from it with a few Western tweaks. I'm certainly changing up some things, but the overall story will be fluffy. If you have a chance, the show is currently on Netflix and worth your time.

Alright. That's all I really have to say. I'll probably be providing a key for the character handles as they are introduced, but everything should be clear from context.

Here we go.

As always, be brutally honest. I can take it.