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Chapter One: A Wand

The gate to the little cottage opened noiselessly, swinging inward to allow the robed man to walk up the pathway to the home. The light from the living room window spilled onto the grass, illuminating his way to the front door. He could hear noises from inside the house, banging and crashing. He lifted his wand, pointed it at the door, and calmly said, "Bombarda," blowing the door off its hinges.

Lord Voldemort crossed the threshold, stepping into the Potters' cottage in Godric's Hollow on Halloween night 1981.

Voldemort could hear a man shouting upstairs, "Lily, he's here, take Harry and go!" He followed the voice, moving through the living room and to the stairs the led to the second landing.

The house was quaint and warm. A small living room filled with toys and games, both muggle and magical. Voldemort could see a wand laying on the couch, thoughtlessly abandoned despite knowing he would eventually come. He sneered at the Potters' carelessness; these are supposed to be the ones who have thrice escaped his grasp? The people who have created the one who is prophesized to be his greatest enemy? This will be even easier than he thought.

Voldemort walked slowly up the carpeted stairs. There were photos hanging along the wall; two people getting married, a small baby with green eyes squinting at the camera, still red from birth. Voldemort looked away and moved over the landing, looking left and right. He saw the open door at the end of the hallway and moved towards it.

He called through the dark, the thought of what was to come exhilarating him, "Leave your son to me, neither of you must perish tonight. If you do not fight me, I have no problems making this a quick endeavor. I do have other matters to attend to as I'm sure you know." He could feel his blood pulsing, the excitement; he could smell their fear.

"James, please!" Lily pleaded.

"Lily, it's the only way. Go, now!"

Voldemort entered the room with a cool grace, his face alight with excitement and rage. He quickly took in the sight before him. The raven-haired man, who must be James Potter, was trying to hand the red-haired woman, Lily, the small child who was holding his blanket. The boy looked at Voldemort with his green eyes, refusing to break eye contact. Voldemort turned away from the boy and looked back at James just as he turned back to Voldemort raising his wand and holding his son close to him, trying futilely to shield him from Voldemort's gaze. Voldemort raised his own wand.

"Give me the child and I will allow you both to live. There doesn't need to be any more murder tonight. Give me the boy and I will reward you greatly for your sacrifice." Voldemort said, holding his other arm out in what was intended to be a welcoming motion.

"Over my dead body, Tom," James spat. Turning to Lily he continued, "Please, go, I'll hold him off!"

Lily frowned and shook her head, "Not without you, James!"

Voldemort laughed a cold, high laugh and said, "Hold me off! As if you could." He flicked his wand and knocked James back into the wall. James bounced against it, taking a knee, his wand never leaving Voldemort's direction.

"If this is what you choose, then so be it." Voldemort pointed his wand at James and said, "Avada Kedavra"

"No!" Lily shouted before diving to block the curse from James. The green light hit her full in the face, immersing her in the green glow, before she fell to the floor, lifeless.

"Lily!" James screamed, falling onto both knees while holding his son close, never lowering his wand.

Voldemort raised his wand and pointed it at the child, its cries growing louder as he called for his mother. Smiling, Voldemort says, cooly, "Tonight, Harry Potter, you die. Avada Kedavra."

James looked up just as the green light hit the child right in the forehead and then everything was green, everything was bright and loud. Like a bomb. And then, everything was black. Everything was pain. Ripping. Everything was ripping away from him but he could still hear that incessant crying. Why was the child still crying? And it was pain beyond anything he could have imagined and he was floating, flying, above the man and the screaming child.

Why was the child still screaming! He killed the child but the child won't be quiet. And he looked down again. And he saw himself lying, apparently dead on the ground. Bits of rubble and wall surrounding him. He tried to go back to his body, to go back into it; he's not dead, he can't be dead. He had ensured that that would never happen. And yet, he was a ghost. No, more than a ghost but, yet, less than a man.

And James looked up at the ghost that is now Lord Voldemort and watched it leave, flying out of the house where the ceiling used to be. Where did the walls go? Harry, what happened to Harry? James thought. He turned to try to find Harry and saw him lying next to him, bleeding but breathing. He briefly reveled in that comfort before the pain overwhelmed him, engulfed him, and he lost consciousness.


Sirius ran into the collapsing house, panic and fear racing through him as he waved his wand to stabilize the staircase before dashing up to the second floor. He could hear Harry's screams coming from the nursery. He was hoping, praying, that the house didn't collapse before he could reach Harry, James, and Lily. Hoping beyond anything that all three of them were alive, uninjured.

Sirius came to the doorway that led to Harry's nursery and found it blocked with parts of the roof. Using his wand, he cleared away the blockage and pushed his way into the room and surveyed the scene. Lily lying under rubble at an awkward angle, still staring ahead seemingly into nothing. Dead. James behind her, slumped against the wall, legs trapped, eyes closed, and freely bleeding from the head. And Harry, little Harry, crawling on his dad, screaming as blood dripped into his eyes from the cut on his forehead.

"Harry," Sirius yelped as he waded his way through the rubble and drywall towards his best friend, "Harry it's ok, I'm here, Uncle Sirius is here."

Harry turned towards the noise and cried more. Unable to open his eyes, Harry couldn't see where Sirius' voice was coming from. "Siri, Siri!"

Sirius finally made his way to James and Harry, carefully stepping over a large chunk of drywall and stone before scooping Harry into his arms. "It's ok, Harry, it's ok. What happened here?" Sirius asked, more to himself than to Harry, as he wiped the blood off Harry's face. Sirius noted that the blood was coming from a cut on his forehead.

Sirius looked down at James. His friend was pale and bleeding but he leaned down to see if he was alive, his own heart pounding in his chest. James was cold and clammy, the blood warm and slick, but there was a pulse. A steady pulse. And Sirius breathed a sigh of relief before shaking his best friend.

"James. James wake up. James! Enervate!" Sirius shouted as he shook James and then pointed his wand at him in an attempt to revive him. "Please, James, I'm terrible at healing charms and Harry's hurt, you're hurt, and I don't know—" Sirius stopped midsentence as a thought occurred to him. He straightened up and pointed his wand to an empty space in the room and said, "Mittite expecto tutorem Dumbledore." A patronus in the shape of a dog burst out of his wand and turned to him before he said, "He found them. The location is collapsing. Lily is dead but James and Harry are alive. Send help."

Sirius watched as the patronus dematerialized, hoping he had done the spell correctly before turning his attention back to Harry who had finally stopped crying. Sirius picked up baby Harry and held him close before speaking softly, "Hey little prongs, it's ok, I've got you."

Harry pointed down at his mom and dad, "Siri! Mama, dada!"

"Dad will be ok, Harry," Sirius said. Sirius knelt down beside James and sat Harry on the floor before turning his attention back to his friend. He looked around and noticed the dresser next to them; he opened it and pulled out one of Harry's pajamas and held it against the wound on James' head. Sirius pressed down, hoping the pressure would alleviate some of the bleeding.

Suddenly there was a sound from downstairs. Sirius looked towards the nursery door and then back at Harry and James. "Harry, sit very still behind me. Don't make a noise, and don't move. Do you understand?"

Harry stared at Sirius before hugging his leg and hiding his face.

Sirius looked back at the door and pointed his wand towards it, ready to stop whomever comes through.

A large shadow came into the room before the person did. The shadow looked larger than it should for a human; dark and daunting. Then, someone with a large brown coat and a big black beard came through the door followed by a plump woman who Sirius recognized as the school's matron Madam Pomfrey. Sirius let out a deep breath that he hadn't realized he was holding in, his body relaxing as he turned his attention back to James.

"Madam Pomfrey, he's bleeding an awful lot and I can't get it to stop or for him to wake up. Help, please!" Sirius pleaded with the matron.

"Step aside, Black, let me have a good look at him," she replied as she carefully climbed over the rubble. "How is the child, is he injured in any way?"

"Other than the cut on his forehead, I don't think so. It's stopped bleeding." Sirius replied as he brushed the black fringe off of Harry's forehead to inspect the cut. He noticed for the first time that it was oddly shaped, that it looked very much like a bolt of lightning.

"Sirius, I'm 'ere to take 'Arry. Dumbledore says 'e's to go to his aunt an uncle in Surrey until James recovers." Hagrid said gruffly to Sirius, putting his large hand on Sirius' shoulder.

"No, I'm his godfather. He needs to stay with me."

"Sirius. This is Dumbledore's orders," Hagrid argued, pulling out his pink umbrella, "Give Harry to me."

Sirius looked at Madam Pomfrey, "Will he be ok?"

"I don't know. This is an extensive headwound. I need to get him back to the castle so I can do a proper work up. I don't want to risk doing too much with all this rubble. Is Lily gone? What about that other person?"

Brow furrowed, Sirius looked around, "Yes, Lily—Lily's dead. What other person?"

Pomfrey pointed behind her, her eyes focused on James, "The one under the rubble, in front of Lily."

Looking where she pointed, Sirius noticed, for the first time, the person in the black robe under the partially collapsed roof. "I don't know, I didn't see them there."

Sirius moved over to where the other body was and looked at the face of the person, or what must be a face since that's where faces normally are. But the features were not face like. In fact, they looked more like a snake than a person's. where there should have been a nose were vertical slits and the eyes, the blank, staring eyes, were red and slitted like a snake's. Sirius backed up and looked over at Pomfrey, "Yeah, no. I think that's Voldemort and—and I'm pretty sure he's dead."

"What do ya mean tha's You-Know-Who?" Hagrid asked.

"It's Voldemort." Sirius replied.

Hagrid picked Harry up and moved to where Sirius was sitting and looked into the face of Lord Voldemort and gasped, "Well tha's just down righ' scary. Ar' ye sure 'e's d—dead?"

Sirius kicked the body and it moved forward and then back, yielding and broken. "Yeah, he's dead. What the hell happened here?"

"I don't know but I need to get 'Arry to Surrey."

Sirius turned back to Hagrid, holding his arms out, "Hagrid, please, he belongs with me; I'm his godfather."

"I'm sorry, Sirius, it's Dumbledore's orders."

"Can I at least say goodbye?" Sirius plead.

Hagrid held Harry out while Harry reached for Sirius, "Siri! Stay! Mama, Dada!"

Sirius took Harry and held him tight, "I'm sorry, Harry, you need to go with Hagrid. I need to stay and make sure your dad is ok, alright? We'll pick you up soon, I promise. I love you Harry."

With tears in his eyes Harry shook his head, "No, Siri, no go. I stay! Mama, Dada, Siri, Reem-Shush!"

Sirius pried Harry's hands off of him and passed him back to Hagrid while Harry reached for him. Sirius' heart breaking, he turned away from Harry. "Take my bike, Hagrid. I won't need it right away and it'll get you there faster and more safely."

"Thank you. James will be ok." Hagrid said as he left the room.

"Sirius, I'm going to be transporting James to Hogwarts so I can give him better medical attention. I need your help apparating there."

Peter. Sirius thought. I need to find Peter. That the hell happened? "Madam Pom—"

"Call me Poppy, please. We need to go now!" Poppy attempted to lift James on her own so that she could transport him but nearly dropped him in the process. Sirius bent over to help her.

"Poppy, then," he said as he helped her lift James. "There's something I need to do; someone I need to find."

"And that's more important than getting this man medical attention? Well, then, I will get him to Hogwarts on my own."

Sirius paled and looked down at James whose head was lulling to the side, his face white and sunken. "No, no it can wait."

"I'm glad to hear it. Now help me apparate to Hogwarts." Poppy put her arm around James on one side, Sirius on the other, and they both turned on the spot and disapparated from Godric's Hollow.