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A little cough 3

Cedric was, with the help of his Mother and Princess Sofia, able to recover one month after falling sick.

The severity of the fever had left him severely weakened. He wasn't able to hold a lot down, so he had practically wasted away while he was fighting for his life. His mother told him that all he could 'eat' was liquid-y soup that didn't equate to much in the way of food, and even though he couldn't keep that down.

Cedric was basically skin and bones and had to work his way, slowly, to eating solid food. It also didn't help that he was bedridden for a long time, as he the fever sapped all of his strength for such a long time, and his muscles had atrophied. He had gone through weeks upon weeks of physical therapy and re-learning how to walk again.

It had hard, and he wouldn't have been able to do it without his family and Princess Sofia. They had helped him in his laboratory, helping him move back up to his bedroom after the physicians had told him that he was fine to do so. Sofia had been especially helpful when his parents had left, saying that there were things that needed their attention. The young princess had helped feed him when he would hit some bad days and was too weak to get out of the bed. While most people would look down at him with pity or sadness, Sofia looked at him hopefully, knowing in an optimistic way, that only kids like her believed, Cedric would get better eventually if he worked at it.

And work at it he did.

There were good days and bad days, of course. On bad days, which was when the weather shifted too quickly or during the pinnacle of winter, Cedric was far too weak to even sit up in his bed and needed the Princess to help him around his tower. She would busy herself with cleaning up the place, making potions and performing any spells on the chance that Cedric's bad fell on a party or massive event the King was holding. It became clear that soon, Sofia would surpass him as a sorcerer. While he was happy that the young girl was bettering herself and evolving into a better sorcerer that he never was, he was a little sad that he might be ousted from his position as the Royal Sorcerer.

He told his apprentice this one evening when she was helping him eat his beef and vegetable stew.

She just gave him a small, innocent smile. "Don't worry Mr. Cedric. I could never take your job away from you! You'll get your strength back, I promise!"

Cedric smiled back and ate his stew, feeling almost a thousand times better.