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The Ashen One said nothing as he sat up against the back wall in a dark and cold cell. It had been about an hour since he got here, and so far, no one of high rank has yet to speak to him.

The guards that had escorted him here had told him before entering this room that someone would talk to him soon, but no one has came to see him yet, which was starting to agitate him a little.

He had understood the need to question him, for how he had handled the situation earlier was somewhat ruthless, but to throw him into a place like this and make him wait when he was the victim was unnecessary. He was willing to reveal all the details of what had happened the moment the guards came running down the alleyway, so why were they making him wait?

It made no sense to him, but luckily, he needed to wait no longer, for he heard the sound of the metal door to him room unlock and saw it open.

Upon the door opening, he was greeted by the sight of a young, and good looking man that had long black hair and blue eyes. He wore a grey suit of armor on top of a purple high-collared shirt along with a metal headpiece that looked kind of like a circlet. It had a symbol on the center of it, which were identical to the ones on his chest plate and shoulder guards. He also wore a purple cape.

"Good evening, Mister..." The man declared before trailing off and leaving the Ashen One a chance to speak.

"... Uldren." The Ashen One revealed after a few seconds of silence.

"Uldren, yes. Good evening, Mister Uldren," the man declared with a couple nods of his head. "I've heard quite about from my men, actually, I've heard a lot about you from them."

"You're a lot younger than I was expecting." The Ashen One stated in a neutral tone. He had been expecting someone that looked older than him, but the person before him looked no older than twenty, so he was a little taken back.

"I get that a lot." The man answered with a smile. "When people hear about the Northern Hero, they usually think of a battle-hardened man with multiple scars going across their face, and not me."

The Ashen One said nothing at this. He wasn't that surprised by this statement, and could now understand why he was a high ranking personnel, for he was once a champion too.

"Anyways," he continued as his expression stiffened. "Who exactly are you and why are you here?"

Ignoring the hostility in the man's voice, the Ashen One answered his two questions. "I'm nobody of importance, and I'm simply looking for someone."

"Oh? And who's that someone you're looking for?" His interrogator demanded while still giving him a sour look.

"... A woman." The Ashen One revealed after a few seconds. He had been half tempted to tell the man to stop treating him like this, but decided not to in the end.

At this, the Northern Hero furrowed his brows and said in a skeptical manner. "A woman? You're telling me you came to my city, my stronghold to find a woman?"

"Yes." The Ashen One affirmed with zero hesitation.

The Northern Hero was quiet at first, but it wasn't long after a smile crept up on his face and he began to laugh loudly. "She must be something special then if you came all the way here where the war is at."

"She is." The Ashen One declared almost immediately. He didn't bother bringing up the fact that he had actually came farther from the North, but that was simply because he saw no need to do so.

Once again, the Northern Hero laughed, although this laughter was more along the lines of a chuckle than a full-blown laugh like the one a few seconds ago.

"Alrighty then," he started as his giggling slowly came to a stop. "If you are truly here looking for your woman, then I guess I can let you go and continue your search, but first I want to offer you something."

The Ashen One tilted his head in response to this, and said, "and what is that?"

"A place in my ranks." He boldly declared as he offered him a hand up. "As you're aware I am in the middle of a war and I need every good fighter I can get my hands on, and somebody who can take on six armed men and not kill them is someone definitely a cut above the rest."

At this, the Ashen One was quiet. He had already made up his mind the moment he had been given the offer, but he didn't want to be seen as rude, so he waited a couple of seconds before replying.

"Thank you, but I'm afraid I will have to decline your offer. The woman I seek is very important, and I need to find her immediately." The Ashen One stated with a tiny tinge of regret in his voice.

"Unfortunate, but I understand." Numa declared with a bit of disappointment in his voice. "I'm sure if I was in your position I'd say the same thing."

"... Thank you for being understanding." The Ashen One stated after a few seconds of staring. He hadn't expected this type of reaction from the man, so what he had just said was genuine.

"Think nothing of it." He assured as he offered Uldren a hand up. "I may be in need of good soldiers, but I'm not that desperate. However, I do ask that once you find your woman you do reconsider the offer. The Empire is something that needs to be defeated and destroyed."

The Ashen One didn't say anything as he accepted the hand up, but once he was on his two feet, he said, "I will consider it."

To Be Continued.

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