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As the Ashen One was about to leave the Northern Stronghold, he heard in the faint distance a roar of some sort that made him give pause.

He had no idea what it was that had released this noise he had heard, but it must have been something of-

"Hey, there a reason you stopping in the middle of the pathway?" A man wearing the Northern Army uniform demanded causing the Ashen One's gaze to lower and fall on him.

"... Did you not hear it?" He asked the soldier in a neutral tone that lacked all emotion.

At first, the man was silent, but after a couple of seconds, he couldn't help but inquire with curiosity in his voice. "Hear what?"

As he was about to respond, the Ashen One heard that roar once more, only this time it didn't sound as far off and was slightly louder. It also seemed he was not the only one to hear it this time around, for the soldier he was speaking to glanced up at the sky as if he would find whatever it was that emitted this noise up there.

He wasn't the only one that had done this, in fact, dozens of Northerners who were military and non-military had ceased whatever it was they were doing in an attempt to locate the source of this noise.

Several seconds passed, and it wasn't after they passed the man he had been talking to looked back at the Ashen One and asked him. "Was that what you had heard?"

"Yes." The Ashen One answered as he looked at the man as another deafening noise emitted across the skies with this one being louder than the previous ones.

The soldier would have asked him another question, but right as he opened his mouth to respond, another loud noise echoed across the skies, except this was one he was familiar with and brought back numerous memories for the Ashen One.

What they had heard was the sound of a bell going off that caused them to avert their gazes from one another and to where the bell noise was coming from.

It wasn't long very long after they had heard this, they heard another roar followed by what sounded like cries of distress in the distance.

Curious as to what exactly was going on in the city, the soldier began to leave his post only to see off in the far distance something in the sky getting larger and larger. He at first had no idea what it was, but after a few seconds it clicked with him and he muttered the word.


The Ashen One had heard him say this to himself along with everything else going on, and would have walked out of the gateway when people started shouting from above them on the battlements. "Close the gate!"

What would closing a gate do to stop a dragon? He couldn't help but wonder this as the guardsman quickly reentered the stronghold and went to close the gate along with a few others who were wearing the same uniform as him.

He didn't give voice to what was in his mind and instead stood there and saw right before the gate closed a wave of flames hit the city.

It wasn't long after he bore witness to this someone, who he assumed had authority, came marching out of the fort shouting orders which had caused the Ashen One to shift his attention towards him.

However, his attention did not linger on the man for long, for somebody shouted with all of their might. "Incoming!" Which had made him turn to see who had shouted this only to see a part of the battlements be set ablaze in orange flames and a large beast fly over the burning rampart.

He saw several things be fired at the source of the carnage around him, but none of it seemed to have an effect for the dragon did not falter at all and actually began to ascend slowly.

Contemplating on whether or not he should pull out his dragon-slaying bow and shoot it, the soldier who he had spoken to earlier grabbed ahold of his arm and said with concern in his voice. "What are you doing just standing here still!? Don't you see a dragon is attacking!?"

"... Yes." Responded the Ashen One as he shrugged the man off of him and ahold of the wooden box he carried on him and opened it. He then put one of his hands in it, and after a second or two, he pulled out something that caused the man's eyes to widen to the point they looked like they were bulging out of his socket.

Those that were around the two of them had also seen what he had done, and didn't bother hiding their surprise either.

What he had done was pull out from that tiny box a tremendously large bow that appeared to be made out of a large bone that was larger than him himself.

"What are you-"

"Give me some room." The Ashen One interrupted in the same tone he had always spoken in causing the man to frown and hesitantly accept his request. His gaze did not leave the dragon that was now starting to turn on them.

Believing this would be the best position, the Ashen One then planted his bow into the ground and opened his box once more only to pull out four large looking spears that appeared to be made purely out of iron and planted them onto the ground next to him.

Surprised once more, the soldier became tempted to ask what on earth he planned on doing, but instead decided to remain quiet and watch as the Ashen One knocked and then drawed the bow back all the way with what looked like ease.

He didn't fire immediately, but after altering the angle just a smidgen he let loose the metal projectile causing a loud snapping noise to crack across the courtyard.

Several watched the arrow travel across the skies with eyes full of interest, but the Ashen One did not. No, he had already grabbed another arrow and started knocking it.

Once it was knocked, he then finally looked up and saw his arrow hit the beast, but it was not where he had wanted it to. He had aimed directly for its center, but the arrow had gone off course a bit and crippled it instead.

Knowing he won't miss this time, the Ashen One began to draw the bow back once again and waited for it to stabilize itself a bit before firing. After a couple seconds had passed, the dragon's sporadic movements became a lot more controlled, and upon it doing so, he unleashed his second arrow.

However, before the arrow could hit its mark, a sheet of ice manifested in between the two of them which had effectively stopped his arrow and caused the Ashen One's eyes to dilate a bit.

Interesting, he thought as he stood up and wondered if this was something the dragon was capable of doing or not. He had never seen a dragon create a wall of ice before, but he had seen a dragon embed abyss magic into its fire breath before, so he was curious about this.

As he thought about this, the soldier that wasn't that far from him said in an understanding manner. "It all makes sense now. She's on that thing."

Curious as to what he meant by that, the Ashen One was about to ask for an elaboration when suddenly he saw an enormously large icy blue ball appear out of thin air above the dragon.

"Oh my-" The soldier began before being drowned out by several people who had yelled.

"Take cover!"

It wasn't very long after those two words were shouted did the ball begin to drop on the castle's position.

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