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She walked to the driver check point and showed her badge.

The person on the other end said. "Your- Let me tell the principle your here. Have a nice day Ma'am"

She waited and than the barrier lifted and she entered.

She entered into the most prestigious schooling ground on planet earth, Galaxy high.

She ignored the students dressed in space suits who turned to look at her.

She glanced at the Ultra Pets, robotic companions who were happy slaves to the humans, and walked through the crystal door.

She made her way to the principles office with calm steps and than she knocked on the door.

"Come in" said a man's voice.

She opened the door and walked into the office, the office was posh and the man with gray hair and suit looked posher.

The man stood up.

"Sheerleen." Said the man. "I havent seen you in years."

She said. "Yes, it has been a long time Mr Kirkpatrick. I was once washing your sons underwear and now he's 17 and travelling to different planets to fight crime. You must be so proud"

And the man did look proud before wipping that look off his face and saying. "So...why are you here? I havent needed your services in years. Are you looking for a job? All the teaching roles have already been filled and anything beyond that, the ultra pets ca-"

A blaster was activated and she pointed it at him.

His eyes went wide as he said. "Hey, what are you-"

She opened fire and the world went black.

#Another Planet some time later#

She could tell all of them were slowly walking up.

She didnt just kidnap Galaxy High Principal, she kidnapped his son, his son friends and pet and everybody at Galaxy high.

She watched them wake up fully and realise they were in a droopy place, they were magnetically handcuffed to the wall, and she had made sure to ransack all devices from them.

Even the pet, she had disassembled him so that he couldn't even shoot a eye beam.

She did not want any of this miraculous escaping bull she keeps hearing about, everybody was in their undergarments.

"Sheerlen?" Said the man. "What the? Where Am I?"

"Dad?" Said Josh, the man's son.

"Josh?" Said the man.

It was the first both of them had been kidnapped together in one place.

"Everybody one?" Said Josh seeing his friends and than he saw Fluffy.

Dear God, he saw Fluffy.

"Fluffy!" He said.

He saw his best pet in pieces on a table.

"Hello, brat." She said, drawing their attention. "Do you remember me? I was your Nanny from age 2-8."

The boys eyes went wide, and everybody else did to.

"Wait. Nanny Sheerlen?" He said, she was older and had some gray hair coming in but the face was her alright. "Wait, you kidnapped me and the school? But we were always so tight"

"Tight? Hah!" She said, menacing. "In your childish view, we were friends but I absolutely loathed you and your father"

Everybody eyes went wide including the man himself.

"I was born with nothing to my name but I struggled my way into the Kirkpatrick household" she said, turning around. "It was supposed to be an easy thing. Serve the household for some years and than have the Kirkpatrick recommend me for a higher paying job and I can finally take a break." She paused and said. "Why wouldn't I believe other wise? Mr Kirkpatrick was famous for being an outstanding individual and I imagined that he would have taught his son at least some manners"

Well, even years later, that certainly didnt describe Josh.

"But I was wrong" she said turning to him. "For the next 6 years I went through hell. The child wouldn't sit still and nobody could punish him. Burn the house down? Who do you think got yelled at? Me! My employer gave me a lecture on how it was my responsibility to stop this as his nanny. How!? One word from this brat about mistreatment and I would have been fired. 6 years of smiling at the child I loathed, six years of getting yelled at by a man who had his own Spaceship. Words could not describe how much I endured in that house"


"But I didnt hate you both" she said. "As long as I got a recommendation, I would think of that period in my life as a small sacrifice. But when I wanted to get that nice job, the feedback the employer got from you, was basically 'She's okay'. On the letter, Mr Kirkpatrick even dared to write how out of control his son now was. Words can not describe how mad I was. But it got worse. I couldn't even be a Nanny any more, the creation of the ultra pets had gone mainstream. People were no longer needed to clean and cook. I lost my job to a bucket of bolts. And the creator of that bucket of bolts was later hired by your principle. He even gifted one, to his out of control son. Screw the both of you. I was living in a shoeboxs for 6 years and every night I was tormented by that brats laughter."

More silence.


The Kirkpatrick family were known for wealth and the interesting dynamic between father and son.

Who know they had unknowingly screwed somebody over in the shadows.

"Look, Sheerlen. I am very sorry about what happened to you" said the man. "But kidnapping us and dragging my students into this, isnt a healthy way to resolve this."

"Please, save me the lecture." She said. "All my life, I have been nothing but disrespected. I have played by the rules, I've never even stolen a shoes before." She than paused and said. "Well, I see now, the world only rewards the lucky ones. Isn't that right Kirkpatrick?"

And the man unvolunteerly said. "Yes, Mistress"

The man blinked owlishly as everybody turned to stare at him with wide eyes.

"You've finally noticed, huh?" She said. "My rant wasn't just a Rant. Soon, you'll be my puppets and I would have taken over the whole school." Before she said. "Maybe, being at the bottom has it privileges. You tend to be smarter than the average villain. After all, even after so many years, I know to never let Josh touch anything that can be picked up. Good night my little soldiers"

And than she walked out and the door closed behind her.

Everybody wanted to believe that she had been careless.

They all wanted to believe, somebody could figure out how to get out of these binds.

They wanted to believe somebody could move not just their mouths.

They wanted to believe some space force would bust through the wall or their Ultrapet would come and save them.

They believed it to the very last thought they had, because that's what always happened.

But there was a difference here.

Before they had been up against rich assholes who had money to out do the galaxy police.

But now they were facing a normal person who had reached her breaking point.

Even the planet she was using wasn't special and was actually given to her by her grandfather.

Anybody who worked for 30 years can afford a plant that was just a big rock.

But nobody came.

Noting happened.

She came back several hours later with a space magazine and walked in.

Those burning eyes, were now dazed and their mouths let out a slight drool.

She removed the tape from their mouths and waited for the shouting and cursing.

But it never came.

There was silence.

Even the pet had a dazed look.

"No resorts or how I won't get away with this?" She said.


She deactivated the beams and everybody fell down onto their feet.

In her hand was a blaster waiting for them to attack her.

But it never came.

"Alright, than." She said. "We're going to be spending a lot of time together but first your guys need to do something for me"

#Several hours later#

Everybody walked into Galaxy High, and began destroy every form of communication and everything that had a possible tracker inside it.

And than the principle used his Key, to lift the whole campus off the ground and fly it out of the atmosphere.

He completely ignored any possible attempt to find out what was happening from those outside.

His superior could only see the school appear in the sky in disbelief before it blasted off.

With suits on, it landed on the planet and locked down.

Now they had a place to live.

She was waiting for them.

"Have you disabled all connection and trackers?" She said.

"Yes" said the principle slowly.

Than she turned to the machine beside her and said. "Can you all form a single line. I know you are well aware of the outside world but can't control your bodies. So I'll tell you what's going to happen now"

They all formed a line and listened.

"You see, if I go back to Earth, it won't be long until I'm taken in for questioning. After all, I flew a spaceship when I dont have the license to" she said. "If I let you guys back to Earth, as much as I dont want to admit it, you're recognisable because your from the famous Galaxy High and who knows how many finger print scanners are on earth or face scan. People let you on their planet when they see your outfits and there are machines in the galaxy were memories can be retrieved. And I'll be arrested"


"So say hello to my only option" she said. "This machine turns matter, into a rock matter. Basically you step in here and you become a rock alien. Your DNA completely changes, and that includes hair particles. Different DNA means, they can't tell it's you unless you speak up so I dont get put into a holding cell. Your going to be living here from now"

She could see some of them twitching their eyebrows trying to shake it.

"Don't worry though" she said. "You'll keep your memories. You'll just be unable to tell the galaxy who you truly are or what happened. Maybe one day you'll accept your new home and your new bodies. Now you know how I feel losing your home and have somebody screw you over indirectly." Before she said. "Now, Observe"

She picked up what was left of Fluffy and throw him in.

He came out the other end all rock but with a electrical undertone, his scattered remains started to link back into place.

He sat down obediently.

"Off you go" she said and one by one, all of them began to walk through.

Their organic forms, even the aliens changed, they came our rock and than a skin like surface burst out and coated them to look human again.

But they didnt look the exact same as they did before.

Everybody got new hairstyles, Bratt actually grew several centimeters taller and some people experienced other changes.

It took two hours for all of them to get through.

And than she went through and became a rock person.

"Now before this wears off. I want you all to go to your rooms and sleep it off" she said. "By tomorrow morning, your lives as humans, and other species will be over and I will be your queen. Feel free to try and punish me or go against my orders tomorrow. I'm going to be sleeping in the principles accommodation and the principle will be sleep in the students"

And than she further mocked the lack of will and pulled her previous employer into a kiss on a lips.

Right in front of his son.

The man himself was nothing but a puppet and just let it happen.

And than she broke it off and walked away.

She chuckled, she was looking forward to freak out tomorrow morning.

And scene!