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If somebody had told the staff and students of Galaxy high that they would be donating every bit of their food to some random planet they would have laughed you out.

Now here they were.

"I made sure to find the most suitable planet where we can get some money for the donation as well, since can't use our cards" said Brett. "And we need to go to a junk yard to find pieces for me to build a tower so that I can connect to the intergalactic internet"

Once the internet was up and running, they could make money and cover any building costs.

"Well, I can't wait to answer to somebody else when it comes to doing crazy and reckless stuff. " said Josh.

"I can't wait to start a new road to being a intergalatic pop sensation with my new voice" said Yoko.

The now rock dog Fluffy, laid down and rest.

They turned the engine on and blasted out of there, it felt like so long since they saw the reaches of space when in reality it had only been a day.

"Space, how I missed you" said Josh.

An hour later they landed on a cowboy styled planet in a parking lot, the stuff for donations was right of them.

"Wow, this place looks like it needs some cheering up" said Yoko, as they came out.

"Er, guys. Is it just me or are there a bunch of people staring at us?" Said Josh.

However it wasn't just him, a bunch of people at the side were in fact staring at them.

They got out the container they dumped the food in and wheeled it to the donation food machine.

When they got close enough they saw it.

Plastered on the board was their images, styled like a Wanted poster but thankfully no 'Dead' option.

And it wasn't just them, in little places mixed with other folks we're students and staff from galaxy high with their own rewards.

Josh, who was the son of the principle, poster was coloured in gold.

All of them felt a chill.

However, those who wanted their reward we're cautious, they had different hair styles and a rock pet.

Due to training, all of them managed to unload the food calmly and split their reward three ways and make it calmly back to their ship.

They buckled up and left, within a minute several ships we're following behind them.

"Should we try to lose them?" Said Yoko.

"If we do, its going to look super suspicious" said Josh.

"Jo- I mean Lightening is right, " said Brett. "We should go about our day like we have nothing to hide. If they scanned us we won't even come up as human anyway"

The queens words bound them all, it was the reason why they didn't go to Earth straight away and tell the authorities what was going on.

"Alright, junk yard it in" said Yoko, before she said. "Eww"

15 minutes later, they landed in a pile of junk but to Josh and Brett it was a gold mine.

"Ah, sweet!" Said Josh running. "Its a space roover wheel, why would anybody throw this away?"

"No way. A perfectly good glamour mirror!" said Yoko to think she would find something here.

Even Fluffy found something.

Another man's trash, was indeed another man's treasure, here.

"Lightening, Empress. We need to focus and collect what's on my list" said Brett. "There are hundreds of parts and all of them need to be put in the past food bunker"

"Yes, Eisten" all of them said, with as much energy as a dead fish.

They all went haunting for Brett stuff, they used the classic way of paper and pen to find the stuff.

Or something that would do just fine, all the while they made sure to call each other by their alien names.

The sky was clear but they didn't believe for one second that their stalkers had left.

However even their watchers could not wait for hours for them to finish collecting what looked like random parts and left.

The four spent a whole day gathering parts and put them all in the bunker before flying off back to their home planet.


They used to see that sunny and water planet, now they saw nothing but a mud ball.

They landed at the dock and unloaded the bunker, there wers some people back but not everybody was here yet.

From the talks, it became obvious that those posters weren't just posted on that planet, it was all over the galaxy in different forms.

They were all touched that the galaxy cared for them that much.

They couldn't imagine the panic on Earth.

Team galaxy made their way to the principle office, they knocked and they were let in.

In the seat was none other than the queen and Josh's dad was..

He was dressed a butler.


Father and son eyes met for the first time that day.

Josh was gobsmacked and his father wasn't meeting his eyes.

The woman had used her power over him to get him into a servant uniform and made him take on this role, he was waiting on her hand on and foot.

This was the same man who spent his whole life being taken care of by servants or by robots and all he could do was make sure he looked presentable, cleaned his work space, brushed up on laws and continued to have a space driving license.

Now he was this.

"What is it?" She said.

"Your highness, we finished gathering parts for the tower." Said Brett. "Once its up, we can make money and fix our other problems. It will finally be a proper civilisation"

"That's amazing Eistein. I can see why you became a galaxy high marshal at such a young age" she said, watching teeth grind. "I'll tell everybody who is here to help you build the tower"

"Thank your highness" all three of them said.

And than that left.

And she did, over his intercoms while looking the man straight in the eye.

She loved ever second of it and she just needed to look out the window to see them obeying her orders and splitting each important part into groups.

The ships who came in later, eventually joined in as well but she had no idea if they needed sleep or not so she ordered them to go to bed and resume this tomorrow.

They obeyed and turned in for the night, everybody slept, completely oblivious that a romour about people who look like the missing people was being spread through the galaxy.

When morning came, everybody went to work while she watched and had her former employer messerge her feet from a distance away.

The man was terrible but she wanted him to get used to the fact he was a servant now.

And with hundreds of people working together and not needing to eat, they were done in 3 days.

"Ready?" Said Brett and than he pulled the switch.

The large tower turned on and the internet was opened to them.

The devices that were not destroyed got connected to the internet on this side of the galaxy.

It would actually take a satellite to connect to Brett intergalactic web.

However it was a massive start and Brett could trade now.

"Hold on" he said, getting everybody to look at him, he had actually charged his analyser even though they had limited power.

He pointed to the ground.

"That's weird. There is a huge massive power surge coming from the hole we dug." He said.

What? People crowded around including the queen.

"Its picking up black hole energy" he said, shocking them all. "And its not just a speck. It's a lot. A whole lot. Massive amounts. Enough to power a few dozen planets worth. Holy cow. Its a mother load"

Everybody was gobsmacked.

Black hole energy was potent, dangerous and rare, a small pebble could go for thousands.

They can not imagine how much a planet covered in black hole energy would go for.

"I'm rich!" Said Bobby.

Excuse me?

"I forbid, this getting out." the queen spoke up, stopping them all their tracks. "This is my planet and you want to destroy it for money? Over my dead body. We'll use the energy to replenish our energy supply. Somebody draw up something to stop people picking this up. This will be our planets secret."

Who would have thought her grandfather had eyes when he brought this planet? But she also know they would all be in danger if it was discovered what they were standing on.

As they were now, it was impossible to protect the whole planet.

Everybody stared at her.

"Do I make myself clear?" She said.

And they replied back. "We, hear and obey, our queen" like they were in a trance.

"Now go and do whatever you can to hide this energy." She said. "I'll try my best as well." And she gained the former principles attention and he followed her.

Ships going to the scrap yard we're out in a mere hour.

She was on alert in case something approached the planet.

Brett used the power and money he had to open up a trading account under a new name and began trading.

The staff helped create devices to set up around the planet to block the energy.

By the following morning, Brett had become a terror in the intergalactic trading world.

He made millions in one night and had ordered plants that didn't need water to grow and a drone came and everybody had fun sprinkling it across the planet by their ships.

Within a week, the mud ball was breeming with lush green grass.

Material were brought and made out of scraps, robots we're made to build things for people no matter how ridiculous it look on paper.

When the robots took over, everybody could stop working.

"Alright, everybody you'vr worked well" the queen said, addressing all of them. "So to celebrate how far we've gotten, I'm giving you all permission to go out and do your own thing." Before she said. "Of course, you must not lead people back here or tell them who you used to be. Your residence of the planet Shan Lee. You are dismissed"

And than she watched as hundreds of feet ran to the ships.

Team Galaxy entered their ship.

"So where to first?" Said Josh.

"Ur, well. Can we go to an amusement park?" Said Brett stunning them all.

Suddenly they got it.

He wanted to know if he was tall enough to go on the adult rides.

These rides weren't a big deal for them but it was to him who was cursed with being his age.

"Well, an amusement park it is" said Yoko. "And than I can enter a singing contest and get famous"

"I just want to hit something" said Josh.

And they flew off.

They flew to a local amusement park that Brett had searched.

They touched down and it was just sun and thrills from the moment they got out.

Fluff had to stay in the ship to guard it.

They all came out of their suits and dressed more in holiday beach themed clothes and than walked through the gate after paying admission.

They saw a big rollercoaster and Brett immediately pointed to that.

They joined the line, only flinching when they saw hovering screens with the pictures with missing on it and ignoring anybody who looked at them too long.

Eventually they got to the front of the line and everybody walked in however Brett was stopped by a member of staff.

The board of safe height came out.

The bane of his existence.

Brett held his breath when it came under him, however he than heard the words he had been waiting for years.

"Well, it looks like you just made it" said the man. "Please have a nice trip"

Brett grinned the largest he had ever done before he ran to join Yoko, the bar came down minutes later and Brett lived his dream.

However when they were at the heightest point, his dream became his nightmare, the instant it dipped.

The kart want upside down, jumped through the air, rocked down and spun, before coming to a halt.

They all got out and Josh said. "How was th-"

They were all stunned when Brett ran to the nearest bin and throw up pebbles.

Both of them comforted him and handed him a sick bag, but it quickly filled with pebbles.

Humans beings don't throw up pebbles.

Those watching remembered.

"Do you want to go on something else?" Said Josh.

Brett shook his head.

He was done.

He was taken back to the ship and vowed to never dissed the tea cup ride ever again.

And scene!