Mark, Randy, and Mr. Waverly were in UNCLE's main control room. April walked in.

"You wanted to see me?" she asked.

"Yes, Miss Dancer," said Mr. Waverly. "This is a very serious matter. We have reason to suspect that THRUSH has activated a double of you."

"A double?"

"That's right. She is said to look and talk exactly like you—even down to your fingerprints."

"Oh, my!"

" Now, I'll need to known your movements, for the last 24 hours."

"OK. Well, yesterday, Mark and I came back from Paris, on completion of the Louvre Affair."

"What time?"

"The plane got in a 4:20PM, EST."

"That's true," said Mark.

"Good. What happened after that?"

"We went to this office to debrief with you."

Mr. Waverly nodded. "That's right. Then, what?"

"Mark and I left. We were very jet-lagged, so he dropped me at my apartment and left. I went to sleep for a few hours."

"That's true," said Mark. "I did drop her off."

"Good," said Mr. Waverly.

"Then, in the morning—"

She stopped and looked up, as did the men.

A girl walked in. She was the spitting image of April; she could've been her twin sister!

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Waverly—HUH?!"

Both Aprils were brought into a special examining room. Because they looked so alike, and even wore the same outfits, they were issued different colored caps. April #1's was gray; April #2's was black.

"We will ask the two of you a series of questions," said Mr. Waverly. "April #1: When did you begin your service with UNCLE?"

"April 29, 1964."

"Correct. April #2: Where was your training held?"

"Arlington VA."

"Correct. Mark, do you have any questions?"

"Yes. April #1: What was the name of the painting at the Louvre where the THRUSH bomb was impregnated?"

"The Green Goddess. And it was a statue, not a painting, Mark!"

He nodded. "Right."

"This is futile!" said Mr. Waverly. "I think we'll have to take the two of them to medical."

"I have an idea," Randy suddenly said.

"Let's hear it, Randy," said Mark.

"Both Aprils, take off your shoes and socks."

"HUH?!" Mark and Mr. Waverly said together.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Mr. Waverly nodded. "Do it."

The girls did this. Randy looked at their feet, closely. Then he faced April #2.

"The doctors did a good job."

"I beg your pardon, Randy?"

"On that mole you had on your big left toe. You told me you wanted it removed."

"Oh, yeah! I did it last week."

"AHA! I lied! April #1, you are the real April Dancer!"

"Oh, Randy!"

She hugged and kissed him.

Suddenly, the false April pulled out a gun!

"That was very good! Hands up!" She spoke in her real voice, which had an East European accent.

The three of them raised their hands. She went to April.

"I should kill you right now, sweetie!"

April, however, had an ace up her sleeve—or rather, a small spray can in her left hand. She quickly sprayed it in the girl's face, and the girl passed out!

The girl was identified as Eva Bogerov, a THRUSH agent. She was immediately jailed.

Randy got a bonus for his perceptiveness—and a second kiss from April!