After a heated battle, the beaten Saiyan prince, Vegeta, escaped and Goku was left badly injured.

Meanwhile, the Z-Fighters went to Kami's home planet, Namek, to find the Dragon Balls and wish back their fallen friends.

Freeza Planet 218 and then inside with Vegeta in a healing tank.

DR. BIRDENHEIM: Yeah, he landed here a few days ago. He was pretty messed up, I'll tell ya what.

RUDY: But, what happened to his partner?

DR. BIRDENHEIM: Well that's the screwed-up part. They say he killed his partner and that his ghost still haunts him to this very day.

RUDY: What? Really?

DR. BIRDENHEIM: No! What are you, stupid? We're doctors! Scientists! Now inject this man with some science! Delicious, magical, science!

Vegeta: (thinking) Gotta... get... out of here... Gotta... get to... Namek... Gotta... get the... Dragon Balls... God... dammit... Nappa!

Vegeta's muffled screams are heard.

DR. BIRDENHEIM: My God! We have to get him out of there! His heart rocket is skyrating!

RUDY: Uh, don't you mean his heart rate...

DR. BIRDENHEIM: Dammit, man, I'm a doctor, not an English teacher! (fluid drains out of the healing tank) Good to see you're awake, Vegeta. We have to apologize, though. We... couldn't save your tail.

VEGETA: (putting on his armor) It's alright. I can live without it.

DR. BIRDENHEIM: If you call that living. You'd walk around a shell of your former self, everyone calling you a "tail-less freak"!

VEGETA: ...You know, I could probably kill all of you and Freeza wouldn't care.

DR. BIRDENHEIM: Yeah, but that still wouldn't get your tail back.

VEGETA: (now smiling) ...Tell me something, which is your favorite internal organ?

DR. BIRDENHEIM: What a odd question! But if I had to choose I guess I have to say my liver.

Vegeta's shadow approaches Dr. Birdenheim.

two soldiers as Dr. Birdenheim's painful scream is heard off-screen. Vegeta is seen walking past the two soldiers.

VEGETA: (thinking) You know, it's the simple things in life.

Cui: Well, Vegeta. I hear you took quite a beating recently. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You couldn't even take over one measly planet. And if all the rumors are true, which I'm sure they are, you couldn't beat a third class Saiyan.

Vegeta to Cui: Drop it Cui. I don't have time to waste gossiping with half-wits like you.

Cui: Just a minute. (Cui puts his hand on Vegeta's shoulder) The word is that Frieza isn't too happy with you and your attitude Vegeta.

Vegeta: Ha ha ha. Just let Frieza try to do something about it.


Vegeta to Cui: Now get your hand off me.

Cui to Vegeta: Your mouth is big, but I think you're biting off more than you could chew. You don't know what you're up against Vegeta. Nobody has survived a fight with Frieza.

Vegeta: Hm.

Cui to Vegeta: You just don't seem to get it, do you? Let me put it plainly...Frieza is utterly indestructible.

Vegeta: Enough. Now tell me where Frieza has run off to hide.

Cui: Hm. The planet Namek.

Vegeta: (to himself) What? But how could he know? If I don't beat him to the dragonballs, then I'll never be able to defeat him.

Cui to Vegeta: Why don't you do the smart thing and just give up because you will never get those dragonballs. Believe me, Vegeta. Frieza will most certainly find them first, and when he does, we'll destroy the planet Namek.

Vegeta: Huh! I can't give up. Ha.

(Vegeta runs off)

Cui: Wait, Vegeta!

Malaka: Vegeta?

Vegeta: Wha...wait, on second thought I think I'll be needing this doctor! (Vegeta snatches his scouter back and runs off to his pod)

Cui to Vegeta: Vegeta!!!

Vegeta to Cui: (in his pod) Alright, Frieza! I'm coming for you!

Vegeta: (in his pod) Alright, Frieza! I'm coming for you!

Vegeta didn't know that Cui was following him to Namek.

To Be Continued...

A/N: the prince of Saiyans had to get his revenge on not just Goku Lupin and Raditz, the entire Frieza Force as wellincluding Frieza.