Crosslands, a small town in the US countryside. Not much is in this town, save for a few schools, a train station and an array of factories. Ever since the town was founded 159 years ago, nothing of significance has happened within its borders, save for a brief Passover by the Portuguese Ambassador. But this was soon to change. Suddenly and terribly, the town of Crosslands was to host one of the greatest threats to humanity ever.

In a quarry near the town, archaeologists were at work. They were at the sight in response to someone stumbling upon what he though was proof of an undiscovered civilisation. But so far, they had found little to corroborate this theory. "There's nothing here. Just a couple of these stone seals.", one of them called out.

"Nevertheless, these designs are interesting.", the on-sight Professor responded. "I've never seen anything like these in my 20 years as an archaeologist. We must store these for future study."

And so the team placed the seals within a crate, which they loaded into a truck for the bumpy drive back. From underneath the ground beneath them, a sinister presence observed this. "Yes. You human fools don't realise it, but you're about to be the progenitors of your species' end and my species' return."

In another plane far removed from ours, a being looked down on the archaeologists as they worked. "It seems that my greatest concerns of the last 3 millennium are coming to light. I must call upon my own debts." He fired a beam, invisible but incredibly powerful, at the Earth's plane.

And in the study of a local teacher at Crosslands High School, a rusted old medallion, mounted on a mantle with a small gem in its centre, began flashing. The teacher in question, one Nathaniel Beck, sighed. " I suppose destiny must've caught up with me", he said to himself. He began to head off for a location that only he knew the significance of.

Elsewhere in the school, in the classroom of one Harriet Collins, something else significant was happening, but more mundane. "Class, we have a new student joining us today. Please be sure to try and make him feel welcome." She addressed her class as if they were still in kindergarten, mostly out of habit from her previous teaching job. Despite the constant number of times her daughter had bought it up at the dinner table, she had no intention of stopping the habit. "Now then, how do you feel about introducing yourself?"

The new boy coughed gently, before introducing himself. "Hi, my name is Ricky Jackson. I recently moved here with my family, which is my dad, my mom and my brother Randy. I don't really have a lot else to say, other than hoping that I can make a few friends while I'm here."

"Thank you, Ricky.", Mrs. Collins said to her newest student. "While you're still getting used to our school, I'm going to have our very own student representative Raquel Collins show you around." Ricky could see the girl he was indicating visibly wince at the suggestion, before sighing in resignation. He was confused until he thought about the girl's surname. It was the same as his teacher. He wondered if the two were related.

'Thank you, Mrs. Collins.", Ricky said as he sat himself down. He looked around and allowed himself to look around the world and register everyone's basic personality as a roll call was made. He saw a boy try to pass a note to a girl a few seats away, who simply threw it away without reading it. The roll call identified them as Roland McCormick and Samantha Hawkins respectively. He was also able to name a boy drawing pictures instead of focusing as Arthur Baldwin. He did pick up other names, but he didn't exactly identify who they belonged to. This seemed like it was going to be another school year.

On the road, the archeological team were forced off course. "I just hope we don't encounter any bumps in this road.", one of them mused. "Even the slightest shock could shatter the stone seals."

But unfortunately for them, there was one bump in the road. And this time, there was no way around it. Even though they were going very slowly over it, 4 of the seals were shattered by the impact. The truck suddenly stopped as it saw 4 new figures appear in front of it. They consisted of a squat, bluish-green creature, a woman in a snake themed outfit with a black cardigan, a bearded old man in a robe and a peculiar hat and a red warrior clad entirely in armour with orange silk pants and curved golden spikes on his shoulders. "At last.", the last of the 4 declared. "We're free."

"But the same cannot be said of our fellow Bomas, Hellivore.", the bearded man said. "These humans may have recovered some of our warriors from the battlefield, but it is a handful compared to the potential legions we could command."

"Then I suggest we start rebuilding, Malchemist.", the woman suggested. "After all, we have an army at our fingertips. We simply need to take it back from these fools."

The archaeologists were terrified by these figures. "Who are you people?", one of them asked.

"Me? You can call me Bugroth.", the blue creature said in response. "And these are my associates Reptillia, Malchemist and Hellivore. We were locked away inside those stone seals you were carrying."

"But then we were able to break free thanks to you fools.", Hellivore continued. He then brandished his twin swords at the men. "And we'll be taking the rest of the ones you've collected if you value your lives."

Back at the school, Ricky had a break at the moment, so he was being shown around by Raquel, as had been promised earlier. "And this is the trophy room.", Raquel continued. "We don't really have much to our name other than the regional American Football team. Though the real pride of the school is our music club. Now then, are there any questions?"

"Yeah, are you and Mrs. Collins um…?", Ricky began, but didn't finish, guessing that she knew how the sentence was going to end.

Raquel sighed. "She's my mother. Believe me, we try not to let it show in the classroom, but it's kind of hard when you get picked as class representative. Do you have a REAL question?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. How do I sing up for this music club? I'm a bit of a whiz at the recorder."

"You want to sign up for the music club?" Both Ricky and Raquel turned towards the source of the question. It was a boy from their year and his friend. Ricky vaguely remembered that they answered to Drew Williams and Daniel Rashton. "You're pretty gutsy to think you stand a chance in there.", the original speaker - Daniel - added.

"He must not have heard about Christopher yet.", Drew thought out loud.

Ricky was of course confused. "Wait, I'm confused. Who's Christopher?"

"Just a guy who thinks he's the king of the music club.", Raquel clarified. "He's very possessive about being in it, just because he managed to learn piano on his own and he basically refuses to share the stage with anyone else."

Ricky merely cracked his knuckles. "Well then, bring it on Christopher. I welcome the challenge." Raquel and Drew smiled at this.

"If you're going to think you can take on Christopher, then I'll show you to sign-ups.", Drew said. "I'll catch you later.", he said to Daniel as he led Ricky and Raquel away.

Back in the outskirts of town, the 4 Boma commanders had taken the seals and performed a chant to release the Bomas within. In total, they had released 23 minor Bomas. These were Granitrax, Possessor, Brute, Smashmouth, Mermix, Spiriterror, Feedor, Houser, Horror Hag, Clayf, Ringella, Loveater, Dollface, Scorpinax, Slamco, Metalner, Suckupede, Medievaliser, Zombocalypse, Revattack, Exotica, Switcher and Ultimos. "This isn't as large a force as it could be.", Reptillia hissed. "We need more soldiers."

"It would take too long for us to locate more seals.", Hellivore informed her. "We need to work on finding our leader Malgramon for the moment. We'll have to do with the minions we have."

"Hold on a minute.", Clayf stepped forward. "Did you call us 'your minions'?"

"Yeah.", Dollface added. "What makes you think we'll fall in line and serve you?"

"The fact we haven't fully broken you free of your seals.", Malchemist stepped forward, holding one of the seals in his hand. Sure enough, it was intact, unlike those of the four commanders.

"And if you think of rebelling against us, alrighty then." Bugroth began scratching the seal, causing Smashmouth to keel over in pain. "You're just hurting yourself."

"Don't do anything rash.", Ringella said, stepping forward and waving her arms around. "We'll do as you say."

"That's what I like to hear. You should all work together if we're going to claim dominion over the Earth." Everyone was left looking around them upon hearing the croaky voice, one they recognised all too well.

"My Lord.", Bugroth cried out in joy. "You're alive. But where are you?"

"Indeed.", Malchemist added. "How do we know that you're the real Malgramon and not some trick left behind by the gryphon that imprisoned us? Why don't you come out and show yourself?"

"Better yet, why don't you all come to me?", Malgramon's voice echoed once more. "I shall send you the directions to my castle so that you may reunite with me."

The directions appeared in everyone's head, causing them to turn around and head in the directions indicated. All except for Granitrax, a Boma with a body as hard as solid rock. "Why should we waste time with self-pleasantries?", he asked. "We should be filling the humans with fear at the prospect of our return."

Reptillia moved to scratch his seal, but Hellivore stopped her. "No wait. I like the way he's thinking. Humanity should be made aware of our presence sooner rather than later. Savants!" A group of Neanderthal-like minions emerged from the ground, led by two red-coloured ones at the head of several black-coloured grunts. All had masks and weapons made of bone. "Why don't you find the biggest gathering of humans and make an impression?" The simplistic grunts nodded and followed Granitrax towards the nearest large gathering of humans. Crosslands High School.

And at the school, Drew had finished with what he was doing with Ricky. "There. You are now member number dos of the music club. Sorry that you're not part of a large group?"

"Nah.", Ricky shrugged. "With a smaller group, that just makes me want to work twice as hard."

"That's a good attitude to have.", Raquel nodded. "And who knows? Maybe if you turn out to be a big thing around here, you might get others to consider…" But she was stopped when she saw someone running down the hallway. "I might be going crazy, but you guys just see…?"

"You're not going mad.", Drew clarified. "I saw him too and I think it was Mr. Beck, the engineering teacher. You'd think he'd know better than to run in a corridor."

Ricky merely shrugged at this. "Maybe he's just in a rush to get to his next venture. It's nothing to do with us."

But Drew was more insistent. "We should follow him. See what he's up to."

He dragged the other two along the corridor after Mr. Beck, only to come face to face with a rock monster and a group of honey creatures. "Well well, I managed to find three humans already. This should be a good start.", the creature declared.

Raquel moved backwards. "What are these things?", she asked, with some fear in her voice.

"I don't know.", Ricky answered. "But whatever they are, there not good news."

"We'll just have to get rid of them then.", Drew suggested. "Let's go!"

The rock creature pointed. "Savants, attack!"

And thus a fight broke out between the three teens and the Savants. Ricky, Drew and Raquel handled themselves for the most part, but were soon overwhelmed when faced with Granitrax. "Man, this guy's tough.", Ricky wheezed. "We need to keep trying though."

"But why?", asked Drew. "This thing is literally made out of rocks like you'd find in a quarry. We can't even scratch it."

Granitrax laughed at this. "Listen to your friend, human. You're no match for me. The Boma civilisation will soon control your entire planet."

"Boma?", Raquel repeated to herself.

"I don't care if you are stronger than us.", Ricky said, pointing at the rock creature. "If you're going to threaten humanity, then you're just asking for trouble. Because I'm not going to stop until you're just dust in the wind."

Drew sighed before saying. "This guy may not be too bright or attentive, but he has a point. I guess I might as well help him try and stop you."

Raquel didn't put up any arguments, instead adding. "I was elected to represent the students. And I'm sure I'd be letting them down if I let you hurt them. So you now have to go through three of us if you want to continue."

"That's a good attitude to have." Everyone turned around to see Mr. Beck coming back. He was holding a briefcase in his hand. "I was going to see if I could give these to the authorities, but I'm sure you'd probably get better use out of them." He opened the briefcase to reveal 5 identical braces, 3 of which he tossed to Ricky and co. "They're called the Race Morphers. You activate them by saying 'Start Up! Ready, Go!' and pressing on them. You'll get the power to face that thing."

"Thanks, I guess.", Ricky said in confusion. He quickly composed himself. "Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth, as I say. You guys want to do this?"

"Well if we did, it means goodbye to any semblance of normality for a while.", Drew said. He then laughed. "But I've found 'normal' to be boring lately. Might as well throw caution to the wind."

Raquel also nodded. "Like I said before, not stepping up to stop this thing would be against the basic principles of being a student rep. Let's do this."

"Okay. Start Up! Ready, Go!" A light surrounded the three, and when it cleared, they were now dressed in identical white outfits, with helmets of the same colour. The only break in the white were their visors, which were a matte black. They each had a firearm in their holsters.

"This is not what I was expecting.", Drew said as he looked over his outfit.

Raquel also inspected herself. "Yes, this isn't the most exciting design option."

"We'll have to see if we can customise these later.", Ricky noted.

Granitrax then coughed. "Excuse me, but we were about to fight, in case you forgot."

"Oh right." The three Rangers then engaged Granitrax in hand to hand combat and this time, there was less of a notable difference in power. "These suits are incredible.", Drew said with an almost childlike glee.

"I know, I feel like I can do anything.", Raquel concurred. She then pulled out the gun that was in her holster. "It might be a good idea to see what this can do." She aimed at Granitrax and fired, knocking the Boma back. "Wow, this thing is so cool."

"I see you've discovered the Vroom Blaster.", Beck noted. "It might be good if you know they have a second function."

"Oh really?", Ricky said, pulling out his Vroom Blaster and beginning to mess with it. He pulled off the top area and folded said top area out into a sword. "Sweet. I'm gonna call this the Gear Shift Saber." He then began swinging it at the Boma, knocking him back several feet. "Alright, now let's finish this thing off."

But Granitrax quickly recovered. "You beat me this time, humans. But be warned that I will crush you in our rematch." With that, he turned around and ran away.

"Should we go after him?", Raquel asked.

"Nah, he said he'd be back for more punishment.", Drew said. The three then powered down. "Besides, I think Mr. Beck here owes us some explanations."

"Yeah.", Ricky said. "Like for starters, what was that thing anyway? What's his beef with humanity."

"He mentioned something about the 'Boma civilisation', whatever that is.", Raquel noted.

Beck sighed. "Well, I guess that since I've already given you a Race Morpher each, you deserve to know the truth. But not here." He led them to a closet, ushering them inside and pulling on a lever embedded in the wall. "Nobody comes in here anyway, so I should be safe to show you this." A wall opened up within the closet, revealing a hatchway which Ricky and co followed him into. On the other end was a very high tech set-up, complete with computer arrays and a small work area. "Welcome to Highway Base.", Beck said to the amazed team. "We have a lot to talk about."

Elsewhere, the horde of Bomas had found their way to the castle of Malgramon, situated underground. "Come, come my children. Don't be afraid to enter my imperial residence."

"This could still be a trick.", Malchemist said. "After all, why would you have us come to you instead of appearing yourself?"

"You complain too much.", growled Hellivore. "Let's just go inside. It can't be anything too surprising."

But when they entered, everyone was shocked by what they saw. Malgramon was in there, but not as they remembered him. He appeared much older, with long, unkempt hair which was beginning to grey. And his lower body seemed to no longer exist, with his torso being fused to a large clump of gold, which seemed to resemble a throne. "Make yourselves at home, my Boma servants.", Malgramon croaked. "It's been an age since I had company."

Since Wing Force did moderately well, I decided that I might as well do a sequel based on Turboranger. I won't be updating in full until the series is fully subbed, whenever that may be. But for now, I'll be working on chapter's 1-3 of this story, since that's all I can do for now.

Also note that I am open for ideas on what episodes to adapt when I get around to fully working on the series. I have names prepared for every monster in the show, so nothing is off the table, provided you request it.