It seemed like it was going to be another day in Mrs. Collins' class at Crosslands High School. But today, Mrs. Collins had an announcement. "Class, we have a new student joining us today. Please be sure to try and make her feel welcome." Ricky recognised this as the same speech she had given when he had joined, coming to the assumption she had it rehearsed. Then the new student entered, one who both Drew and his friend Daniel recognised. She was Chloe, the same girl they had helped out a few days ago. "Now then, how do you feel about introducing yourself?"

Chloe coughed, before speaking up. "M-my name is… Chloe Ambo. I-I don't have an easy time talking to other people. This is… my first time at a school, so I hope we can be f-f-f-f…"

"Friends?", Daniel suggested.

"That's right.", Chloe nodded. "Friends." She then took an empty seat without being signalled.

"Thank you, Chloe.", Mrs. Collins said as she went over to her desk. "Our student council president Raquel will show you around."

"But Mrs. Collins.", Raquel interjected. "The Council have a meeting after class. I won't be able to do it."

"I can do it.", Drew volunteered. "I already know Chloe from outside of the school, so I'm sure she'll be more comfortable with me as her guide."

Mrs. Collins sighed. "Normally, I wouldn't be able to excuse a student skipping classes. But given that you're already doing that as it is, Mr. Williams, I'll make an exception."

"Thank you.", Drew nodded, before putting his arm down.

At the Boma Palace, Malgramon bid Reptillia approach. "So, have you decided which of Malchemist's servants shall assist you in your plan?", he asked.

"Indeed, my Lord.", Reptillia nodded. "For this task, I have selected the Medievaliser. Step forth."

"Aye, m'lady." Medievaliser walked out of the crowd and onto the podium. "My liege, mine talents involve taking yon modern objects and regressing them 6000 rotations backwards."

Everyone was confused by this description. "Basically, he can transform things into their equivalents from the Middle Ages.", Hellivore explained.

"Precisely my plan.", Reptillia took over. "I'll use his powers to make the town of Crosslands positively Medieval. Then we'll be able to easily overpower the humans while they're still primitive."

"What about the Power Rangers?", Bugroth asked. "The Gryphon's power will protect them from the effects of the spell. They can still fight us with their advanced technology."

"Oh, I've got a way around them." Reptillia clicked her fingers, transforming into a business suit, with her hair in in a knot and glasses over her eyes. "I have infiltrated the school, posing as the new vice-principal, Ms. Seen. I have arranged for the Rangers to take a swimming class at the time Medievaliser will attack. They'll have to take their bracelets off to be able to participate. And there's at least one who isn't going to be there, but I'll deal with her."

"Oh?", Malchemist asked. "And how will you do that? Surely it'll be suspicious if you steal it from her in broad daylight."

"You'll see.", Reptillia said as she teleported out with Medievaliser.

In the school's science lab, Christopher was getting to work on the fragment he had recovered. "This thing feels powerful.", he thought as he continued examining it with the instrumentation in the lab. "If I can fully figure out the source of this power, then I can get even with that punk Ricky. No-one makes me look bad."

He was then disrupted by a ball of light flying through the window, leaving a hole in it and then landing in a sink. The light then dispersed to reveal a small humanoid girl, wearing a white robe and gunmetal headband, with a pair of wings on her back. "Man, Earth really isn't anything to write home about.", the small girl commented, before looking up at Christopher. "Wait, could you be-? No, you don't look like any of the mental images I was given."

"I have no idea what you're talking about.", Christopher commented. "What are you? How did you get here? Can you help me with this?"

The small woman ignored him, instead flying off with the wings on her back. Christopher shrugged this off, gathering some of the powder she had scattered around the sink to see if he could use it.

In the hallways of Crosslands High School, Raquel was on her way to the student council meeting. "I just hope I'm able to bring up some measures that limit the effects of these Boma attacks.", she thought. "I don't want a repeat of the recent incident Loveater caused." She was so deep in thought that she ended up bumping into someone. She came out of her reverie to recognise the woman as Ms Seen, the recently appointed vice-principal who took over after the last holder went mysteriously insane. "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking."

"That's okay.", Ms. Seen said in response, fixing her glasses and putting something into her jacket pocket. "I wasn't either." She then walked off, leaving Raquel to meet up with her deputy Harry. Beneath her disguise, Reptillia smiled. Not only had she managed to instantly swipe the magic holder part of the girl's Morpher, with the technological part being insufficient to protect her from spells. Furthermore, her phantom venom ensured the theft would remain undiscovered until it was too late. Soon humanity would be at their knees. And the Power Rangers would be powerless to stop the conquest.

Elsewhere, Drew had begun giving Chloe his tour of the school. "And here we come to the toiletries for this school. As I'm sure you know, you use this if you need to do one."

"Do one what?", Chloe asked in confusion. Drew's reaction to this was to break out laughing, to which Chloe nervously joined in.

"Good joke.", Drew said sincerely. "Anyway, how do you feel doing it among other girls?"

"I think I could handle it.", Chloe assured him. "That is, if I could find out what 'it' is."

Drew started laughing but quickly stopped when he saw she was serious. "Boy, you really have spent your entire life indoors.", he realised.

"Miss Beryl did say the outside world would be strange to me.", was Chloe's response. "Personally, I'm finding the learning process really fun."

"Well then.", Drew said, taking her hand. "Let's see more of the outside world."

Outside the school, Reptillia went over to Medievaliser. "I took care of those Rangers.", she stated, taking out the stolen Morpher and throwing it away. Unseen by her, the same small creature Cristopher had discovered landed nearby and found the device, picking it up. "You can use your powers without problems."

"Thank you m'lady.", Medievaliser nodded before stepping up to the school, releasing the cylinder on his head to float into the air. The cylinder enveloped the school in a field of energy, which caused the building to slowly dissolve into a castle. Inside the students' clothes began to change, with most of them becoming more akin to those of European peasants from 600 years ago. "The effect hath befallen all those on the ground covered with the field who possess no protection."

"Good.", Reptillia nodded. Then she noticed someone approaching. "Oh great, reporters. You'll have to deal with them too."

"Excuse me.", the lady in the cream uniform with the microphone asked Reptillia, as the man with the ponytail and the backwards baseball cap recorded the scene with his camera. "Stacey Field, Crosslands Evening News. Can you explain exactly what you did to the local high school?"

"Why should I tell you?", Reptillia answered the question. "I'll simply show you. Medievaliser, do your thing."

"As you wish." Medievaliser's cone flew over the head of the pair, enveloping them in its field. When the field dispersed, the pair were now dressed in the attire of a town crier and an artist. The reporter's camera had become a bell, while the man's camera had become a canvas, onto which the man was drawing the now town crier.

"Hear ye, oh hear ye.", the town crier declared. "Our castle and the Princess within hath been enclosed within a barrier. Tis must be witchcraft." She ran off, closely tailed by the artist.

"We'll get around to the rest of the world later.", Reptillia informed Medievaliser. "For now, we raise an army and sack the school."

Unseen by them, the small girl with wings flew off with the discarded Morpher. "This is bad.", she said, panicking. "I have to find help."

Within the school, Drew and Chloe looked on as the walls changed around them to become more archaic. "Is this a normal part of the day?", Chloe asked.

"Not by a long shot.", was Drew's answer. "Wait here, I'll call somebody." He ducked around a corner and opened his communicator. "Come in, anybody? Can you hear me?"

"I hear you.", the distorted voice of Mr. Beck came over the receiver. "The whole school grounds have been covered by a wave of magical energy that's turned everything medieval. I'm safe here, thanks to the magical shielding of the base, and you kids should be good to go due to the magic core in your Morphers."

"Ah.", Drew realised. He suddenly remembered that a new member of staff had added a swimming class to his schedule at around this time, meaning the other guys were likely overtaken by the spell. Thank god that Chloe had decided to join on the day that Raquel needed someone to carry out her tour-giving duties. "I can try and get a hold of Raquel. I'm sure we can handle things from there."

He was interrupted by a scream. Drew saw Chloe being menaced by a knight. "Thou hast treaded on these holy lands unannounced. For this, there can only be one punishment.", the knight announced as he raised his sword. "Death."

"Oh no Ya don't.", Drew called out as he kicked the knight back with enough force to render him unconscious. "Looks like this Boma can create minions in addition to his architecture remodelling powers."

"'Boma'? What're you talking about?", Chloe asked.

"Right, right. You've only just been allowed out.", Drew remembered. "Basically, the town has recently come under attack by ancient demons known as Boma. They want to wipe out humanity and replace it with themselves. This one not only turned the school into this castle, but he seems to have generated knights to go along with it." He lifted the visor of the unconscious figure, but was shocked by what he saw. "Daniel."

"Is that… your friend?", Chloe asked. She recognised him from the time she had first met Drew.

"Yeah.", Drew said with shock. "I was wrong. These knights are some of the kids from the school. They've been transformed by the spell. We've got to find Raquel quickly."

Before the two could get very far, they were surrounded by a whole posse of knights. "You managed to take out one of our brethren.", the leader stated. "The Princess will be interested with you."

Elsewhere in the school, Christopher had woken up to see the changes to the building around him. Aside from the sink from earlier, the room had turned into a cobbled brick room, with a cauldron and several vials on a shelf. "What happened here?", he asked. "And why was this sink untouched?" When he looked inside, he saw the same golden dust that he had picked up earlier. "So that gold dust somehow shielded me and the sink from the effects. If only I could spread this around a bit."

He was then confronted by a knight. "Another intruder? Do you and your ilk seek to undermine us?", he declared.

"Ok, time to test this out.", Christopher commented, fingering a sample of the gold dust and preparing to attack. He was knocked back by the knight, but he managed to leap forward, knocking the helmet off his opponent. "Jackson?", he said with confusion as he recognised his enemy. "This thing got you too?"

"I know not of what you speak.", said Ricky, fully under Medievaliser's spell. "You are a danger to security and will be detained as such." He then proceeded to karate chop Christopher, before punching him unconscious with a hit to the face. He then took note of the golden dust and decided to investigate.

In an elegant throne room, Drew and Chloe were led in, where they saw the figure on the throne, dressed in an opulent silk dress with a cone hat. "Oh Raquel, not you too.", Drew lamented.

"How curious.", Raquel stated. "You seem to know our name, but we are unaware who you are. Perhaps you would care to elaborate."

Drew struggled to come up with an explanation, but Chloe came up with one immediately. "My lady, we are travellers from a land far removed from yours.", she said in a formal tone. "Our land has been imperilled by a strange creature and we wish for the aid of your best warriors in repelling the creature."

"Nice speech.", Drew whispered to her.

"I studied up a bit on etiquette in my spare time.", Chloe whispered back.

"You risk in coming here while your land is imperilled is truly a great one.", Raquel said solemnly. "But alas, I fear we cannot help you. We have too few warriors and to let them join you would be to leave our land unguarded."

It was at that moment that a woman burst in. Drew recognised her as Mrs. Collins, but she was dressed in the outfit of a medieval serving wench. "Princess, we are under attack. There are demons with masks of bones and sickles for weapons. They're being led by a woman and a creature with a strange helmet."

"Reptillia.", Drew realised. "Princess Raquel, this creature she described is the creature we were telling you about. You have to mobilise your men to help me fight it."

"What you ask is foolhardy.", Raquel shook her heads. "We are ill equipped to deal with these creature and you are even more so."

Drew fumed at this. "I'll show you who's ill equipped." He presented the two parts of his Morpher and did his pose. "Start Up! Ready, Go!" He transformed into the Black Ranger, to the shock of everyone, including Chloe. "If you won't fight them, then I will." He then darted from the room.

"That armour.", Raquel realised. "It seems somehow… familiar. If only I could help him in this battle."

"What if I told you you could?"

Outside the school, Drew leapt down with his Gear Shift Saber, slashing at the Savants attacking the school. He then took out his Vroom Blaster and shot three more down. "Too easy." He then turned around to see a giant sphere heading towards him, which knocked him back.

Reptillia stepped forward. "So you managed to escape from my little scheme, did you?", she commented. "Too bad for you Black Ranger, that you're all alone." She charged her whip with energy before using it to hit Drew on the chest, knocking him backwards. "Your little sword won't work against me."

"Then it's a good thing I can do better than a sword.", Drew declared, summoning his new weapon. "Convoy Hammer!" He slammed his weapon against the ground, causing a stream of smoke to trail through it and hit the enemy.

Reptillia emerged from this, reverted to hier true snake-like appearance. "Curse you, Black Ranger. You've damaged my human disguise, but not too badly. I'll retreat for now, but you'll still have my servant to deal with." With that, she teleported out as Medievaliser approached.

"Prepare to meet thy doom.", the Boma declared as he launched his cone at Drew. But before it could make contact, it was hit by flying swords, causing it to fall to the ground and crumple as it exploded. "What the?"

"Exactly my question.", Drew responded as he looked around. He saw Ricky, Raquel, Artie and Roland all standing nearby. "Guys, you're back to normal. But how?"

"We'll explain later.", was Artie's answer.

"But for now, let's beat this guy.", added Roland.

"Right.", Ricky nodded, as the 4 prepped their Morphers. "Start up! Ready, Go!" The 4 transformed into their Ranger suits and joined Drew in doing their role call. Racing to the Finish, AVX Red Ranger!"

"Kicking into Overdrive, AVX Black Ranger!"

"Shifting into Turbo, AVX Blue Ranger!"

"Going for the Gold, AVX Yellow Ranger!"

"Driving for the Thrills, AVX Pink Ranger!"

"On the Road, Power Rangers A! V! X!"

Medievaliser was unimpressed as Reptillia returned, her face restored. "You can't defeat me. Let's go."

Two Savants jumped in and locked their sickles with Ricky's Saber, which he used to knock them back, before beginning to cut his way through them. Roland leapt up and did a backflip, managing to deal damage to a great number of them at once, blowing them up.

Bugroth appeared as a beam of energy, charging through Artie and Raquel. "I'm in on this too.", he stated as he stood opposite the two and fired his slingshot, causing an explosion. The two merely leapt to either side and jumped into the air.

"Double AV Kick!", he two cried as they knocked Bugroth back with the combined force of their consecutive blows.

Drew faced both Medievaliser and the two Red Savants. He stood opposite the three, brandishing his sword. When the two Red Savants combined their beams, he was blown forwards, but managed to catch himself and leap up, slashing both of them before flipping into battle with Medievaliser, with his sword changed with energy. "Gear Shift Super Attack!" He plunged the weapon into Medievaliser, before being interrupted by the two Red Savants leaping in. "Nice try.", he stated as he pulled out his Vroom Blaster and destroyed the two in one shot. He then delivered one last slash to Medievaliser.

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…", the Boma declared as he went up in flames.

"Hey, nice one man.", Artie said as the 4 approached Drew.

"It's not over yet.", Reptillia declared, as she unleashed a snake from her mouth, which created a tornado to revive Medievaliser. "Winds of Renewal, Blow!"

Medievaliser was restored, complete with his cone. "All the world's a stage and I'm about to wreck it."

"We need the Zords.", Ricky called into his radio. The Zords emerged from their cave, with everyone entering their own. "Combine into Megazord, now!" The 5 Zords initiated heir combination, forming the Racer Megazord.

"Racer Megazord, ready!", everyone called out as they wheeled into battle. A punch was attempted, but blocked by Medievaliser's cone, which was then thrown as a Diskus.

"To be or not to be destroyed? That is your question.", Medievaliser growled.

"The second thing.", Raquel called out as they used the Exhaust Cannon to shoot the cone down.

"Now for the Racer Punch.", Ricky called out as the robot span forward and delivered a punch to Medievaliser, knocking him back. Rev Saber, High Speed Slash!" The Megazord wheeled towards Medievaliser for one last attack.

"Is this a Saber I see before me?", the Boma called out as he died once more. As the robot stood triumphant, the castle turned back into a school.

Over in the town, a woman in medieval dress with a bell turned back into a modern woman with a microphone. "What am I doing here?", she asked.

In the Boma Palace, Malgramon fumed. "Yet another failure. Must I be associated with such incompetence?", he growled.

"I have a solution, sire.", Bugroth suggested. "All the minions we've sent out to fight the Rangers so far have been from Malchemist's Observation Brigade. Perhaps one from my Strength Brigade would be a better choice."

"We shall see.", Malgramon's eyes glowed as he said this.

At the Ranger's underground base, Drew reiterated the question he asked earlier. "In all seriousness, how did you guys get back to normal?"

"Well that's simple.", Ricky answered him. While I was in what was the lab, Christopher was messing around with some kind of gold dust. When I went to investigate, I took one of my gloves off and checked it out, and touching the stuff made me realise who I was. Then I went searching for our Morphers and then I found Raquel, who had already recovered her memory and located them. And from there, we restored Roland and Artie to normal."

"That's leads to another question.", Artie pointed out. "How did Raquel get her memory back?"

"That would be my doing.", said a feminine voice. Everyone turned to see a ball of light appear, clearing to reveal the little pixie that had helped before. "I found that the villainess Reptillia had taken one of your Morphers, so I went to return it based on the aura I sensed from it. When she took it back and returned to normal, I directed her to where she could locate the other two."

"Thanks.", Roland said with confusion. "Who're you again?"

The pixie sighed. "Look, the name's Kalia. I'm Pallagos' disciple. He sent me here to help you out."

Beck was intrigued by this. "Pallagos sent you?"

"Yeah, turns out he's not too into you guys calling on him for things that could reduce his power.", Kalia said somewhat indignantly. "So he sent me to ensure you can get what you need without wasting his energy."

Raquel couldn't even think of a good response. So she just said what was on her mind. "Well, this has been a day. Not only did Pallagos' disciple show up to help us, but one of Drew's friends now knows that he's a Power Ranger."

"He knows what?", Beck said with some anger.

"Cool your jets, I took care of her.", Drew assured him. "I told her that it was something she couldn't tell anyone and she said she had no intention of sharing the information. I'm safe."

"Well that's a relief.", Ricky commented. "Looks like things are going to get interesting around here."

"You can say that again.", said Kalia.