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Part 2.

Naruto trudged along the worn path towards the large expanse of forestry that even thought seemed like a small distance away before turned out to be several miles away. Finally, after managing to dig through the rough terrain and close-set vegetation surrounding the forest, it was hardly any better inside of it. He lifted one heavy foot after another, and squirmed through small spaces between trees, thistles, thorns and other bugs that found him to be an easy victim. Naruto began to think twice of his sacrificial decision as he scratched in irritation at suspicious red blotches on his arms.

"Maaa- Where am I supposed to go anyways?" Naruto muttered bitterly, before he halted fully at the dawning of the realization that he held no clue as to where he was supposed to be, not accounting for when either. He felt a desperate sort of worry begin to enclose on him, ice-cold fingers wrapping around the quickening pouncing of his heart.

He didn't know where he was supposed to go. Hell, he probably couldn't even turn back.. He was sure that he was lost at this point, and this realization sunk down to the pit of his stomach and made him slightly sick. For all his courage and bravery, Naruto wished desperately that he had thought more about what he had chosen to do. Small miscalculations like these were going to make him pay.

Pay a lot. Naruto shivered unconsciously and he took a long looks at his surroundings, it only graced him with large and tall imposing trees that resembled a skeleton of some sort. Bare branches at the bottom whipped at him in the dry wind, like bony arms that reached for him. Naruto tilted his head up, hoping for some sort of way to find the time of the day, but he found that he could not see the sun because of the leaves that were as plentiful as they were not at the lower trunk of the tree. He could see though, that the sky had begun to recede to a purplish hue, and that sparked panic inside of him once again.

Naruto decided to turn the other to, not caring to bruise his pride by admitting to the fact that he should not have made such crude assumptions in the beginning. He had made a mistake, and he was willing to accept as long as he was out of the damn forest.

" Shit." Naruto uttered one single word as he looked around him and only saw the darkness of the coming of night slowly close on him. The already little light that had been filtered out by the leaves at the top was beginning to weaken, and Naruto feared of the possibility of having to wander around in the dark.

Shit. Shit. Shit. This situation was deserving of several curses, if not aloud. Wandering in the dark (something that Naruto was not exactly comfortable with already) in this forest? Naruto knew that he shouldn't be that afraid, but hearing the stories throughout his childhood about how the forest was cursed was bound to put 'some' sort of impression on him. And unmistakably, Naruto began to feel a cold sort of terror slide through his veins, chilling his blood.

Demons live in the woods. Ones with razar sharp claws and ten inch teeth and black fiery eyes that seem to burn you when you look at them. That was what someone told him before when he was a child, Naruto pondered briefly for a moment on whether it was his best friend Shikamaru, it was likely that he would tell him outrageous stories to pass time.

Outrageous? Hopefully.

Naruto picked up his pace, he was wary of the fact that even if there were no demons in the forest, there were plenty of other things that would harm him in the dark. The dark. Where he wouldn't be able to fight back. Naruto began to walk faster, his legs carrying him to some distance he was not even sure off.

A sudden chill made him shiver as his blood went cold. He could have sworn- that someone was following. A sudden image flickered in his head of black fiery eyes following and tracking his every move, Naruto shuddered. He swore that if he was to ever meet Shikamaru again, he would beat the boy to a pulp.

Still, the feeling of being followed still lingered at the pit of his stomach, and Naruto began to run, afraid to look back at this point. The woods were barely visible at this point, the dark enveloped the trees like a blanket, making Naruto feel blind and vulnerable. Naruto did not cease his running though, because he could hear a fluttering behind him, and suddenly, he was hit by the possibility that this may not just be a figment of his imagination.

" Ieeee---!" Naruto was cut short as a foot hit air as he was running and he lunged forward into a pit of darkness.


"Huh?" Naruto woke up drowsily, lifting a sore arm upwards to rub his head and found his hair to be tangled with dry leaves. He opened his eyes with some trouble, and his heavy-lidded eyes scanned his surroundings. He was his back, and looking up, he saw a small clearing of trees just above him to expose the inky sky and a pale glowing orb that glowed a deep yellow-orange. It was a vaguely unsettling colour, like the yolk of an egg.

" You're awake." A soft but deep voice stated.

Naruto gathered his strength to pull his upper body up and steadied himself with his elbows. He could still barely see, even with the moonlight, but he could see someone standing several feet away. As he rubbed his eyes, he blinked several times for good measure and returned his attention to the man in front of him. The figure had a thick cloak with a hood that adorned his head. The hood shadowed his face, and Naruto was instantly suspicious.

" Who are you?" Naruto said groggily, his voice sounding like he had just awaken from a deep sleep and was still not in full control of vocal cords yet. The man did not answer, and Naruto found annoyed by that.

 "You come in the place of Iruka?" The smooth voice rolled out to him, and Naruto nodded, answering also with a bitter glare at the man. Hatred boiled up inside of him, the man standing several feet away from him was the man who ruined everything that was good in his life. The blond boy clenched his fists tightly, digging his nails sharply into his skin and drawing blood from his palms. The hooded man watched him intently as if studying the boy intently. He saw the blind fury that burned like a deep-set fire in those dark blue eyes, but made no notice of them. He nodded slightly before pulling his hood down so that Naruto could see his face.

Naruto swallowed a startled gasp as his eyes quickly scanned over the delicate features of the boy that surprisingly looked near his age. Pale flawless porcelain skin contrasted starkly with raven dark hair, and eyes that carried the wisdom of centuries. The grey pools that held an air of cool indifference, yet holding a constant and distinctive awareness of everything around him. It was almost ethereal the way the boy held himself, and he without even knowing it, was able to steal Naruto's breath away.

He was… beautiful.

The boy's mouth stayed a grim line, as he studied Naruto more closely, and the blond boy flushed slightly to be so carefully scrutinized. The dark-haired boy inclined his head slightly, his hair fell to the side and then gave a brief nod.

" Follow me then." The boy swung his black hood back over his pale face, and Naruto found himself feeling disappointed for a split of a second. The dark-haired boy waved a hand for him to follow and began to fast steady pace towards a small opening of the clearing. Naruto's senses came back to him quickly as he regained composure with an angry flush and jumped up onto his feet, ignoring the ache in this back.

" Wait a minute!" Naruto yelled angrily and stomped his feet in anger, not caring about how childish it looked. " Who the hell are you? You never answered my question!" The boy paused in mid-step, his long cloak swirled his feet and he tilted his head to a side so that Naruto could see his soft profile.

There was a brief moment of silence.

" Sasuke."

The dark-haired boy then resumed his walking. And Naruto was bewildered for a moment at the warped emotions stirred up by the name in his stomach, before he gave chase after Sasuke and walked into step beside him. Slightly puzzled, but unwilling to show it, Naruto remained quiet for a while, his face scrunched up in thought. They continued to walked through the forest, and there were several times whereas Naruto had to pick up his pace to keep up with the other boy. Sasuke seemed to walk with an undefined grace that set him apart from anyone else the blond boy had ever met, though he kept his eyes still on the unmarked pathway, he seemed so practiced at it that he did not miss a step, nor did he falter in any of them. They were firm, and Naruto struggled to walk like the other boy.

Practiced. Naruto pondered the word he had used. Practiced in what? In life? Naruto felt a chill run up his spine, to be practiced at life, how much wisdom must you gain to reach such a point?

The chill came not from only the morbid thought, Naruto realized, he had gone out wearing nothing but a shirt and shorts. The coldness bit at his exposed skin, making his teeth chatter and his hairs prickle up. He wondered where they were going, Sasuke made no sign of wanting to stop any time soon. In fact, the hood made it impossible for Naruto to see his face, and Naruto suddenly felt very tired, the pains from falling creeping back to him.


Sasuke for the long period of time did not speak a word, but he did manage to notice that the blond boy was slowing down. He noticed many things, he kept track with slight amusement that the other boy although was not able to keep at the steady stride worked hard to stay with the same pace as him. Sasuke did not even know what to with this strange blond-haired boy, he was not used to someone who made his already blatantly obvious feelings show so harshly with his face.

Sasuke had taken in people who tried to hide themselves behind masks, sometimes easily penetrated, at other times hard to crack. He always managed to see through them though, aware of their fear and insecurity, anger and resentment, as well as confusion and hopelessness. And in all situations, he had felt unreasonably annoyed with these emotions, and was always unable to keep anyone for more than half a year because of his lack of patience with such things.

But… he has seen no one yet quite like the boy he had just picked up. Of course, he had expected someone else. But there were often similar reactions in each of his victims, at first uncertainty, then a wild fear, possibly anger, lastly hopelessness. Sasuke was a little unused to the boy's lack of regard for hiding his emotions, instead, the blond-boy was had a vibrancy in his loud-spoken requests, the feeling was not sought to be hidden behind that voice.

Sasuke also wondered about exactly why the boy was willing to come in place of the other dark-haired man he had expected to receive. Could it have been a bribe? Could the soft-spoken seemingly kind-hearted man have a different persona to him and tricked the blond boy into taking in place? Sasuke was uncertain.

Uncertainty. Something else Sasuke was not used to. He didn't like things he wasn't used to.

Sasuke felt a trifle bit irritated already, he wondered briefly just how long "this one" would last.


" Iee." Naruto couldn't help whining after a while, his limbs were failing him, and he felt a comfortable drowsiness slowly drift over him. He didn't try to fight it because it was so cold, his feet were numb to a point that he could barely stand anymore.

Sasuke did not seem to notice him, and continued to walk along the endless path. Naruto tried again, anger welling up as he rubbed his freezing arms rapidly.

" Sasuke," Naruto paused for a moment, for the name tasted so foreign in his mouth, yet it gave him a tingling of exhileration that swept down to the tips of his toes and fingers. " Where are you bringing me?" Naruto finally ended off loudly, his patience wearing down.

The other boy finally stopped at the sound of his name and whipped around, casting slightly widened dark eyes onto Naruto. Naruto stared back at those eyes defiantly, uncaring of a small voice at the back of his head telling him to look away. The grey eyes were entrancing, and bottomless, and Naruto felt like he could almost fall into them somehow. Sasuke did not speak for a moment, and they stood staring, before the dark-haired boy finally walked forward and draped the cloak around Naruto's shivering body so swiftly and quickly Naruto almost did not notice. But the blanket of warmth that came rushing back to him nearly made the boy feel light-headed, and the sting of the cold throbbed back into numb body parts.

" Here." Sasuke said quietly, his voice like liquid silk. His face was just as impassive as ever, and Naruto was startled to find that the cold boy was standing so close to him that their toes were almost in contact. He was also a little puzzled to find that Sasuke was not as tall as he thought the boy would be, from afar, the aura and power that radiated off him made him seem far taller and imposing. Although the dark-haired boy was still a couple of inches taller, he stood at a height of most boys Naruto could easily beat up.

Naruto did not know what to do, and scanned his mind for the appropriate words to say. Would a thankyou be in order, Naruto wondered. But memories flooded back to him, and he remembered with fury that Sasuke was in fact keeping him captive. So Naruto instead looked away ungratefully without a word, feeling a spark of regret for doing so.

He could feel Sasuke's eyes boring down on him for some more time, though he had inclined in head to a side so he could not see them.

                Sasuke exhaled slowly, his shallow breath fanning across Naruto's flushed cheeks, before he stepped back to a more comfortable distance. " What is your name?" Sasuke requested calmly, as though the question was only an afterthought. Naruto felt suddenly small and insignifcant.

                " What's it to you?" Naruto said, making a nasty face without looking at Sasuke.

                Sasuke stared at him stonily only for a second, before he grabbed Naruto's chin tightly in one hand and forced it to face him. The dark eyes drew out the startled blue ones once again, Sasuke leaned in close and whispered over the boy's lips.

                " I don't like my toys talking back to me." Sasuke whispered harshly, his dark eyes searching, before he released the chin and glanced at him coldly. Naruto was stunned, he also felt unusually excited, the feeling of being watched by the quiet young man gave him an electrifying feeling that he was unaccustomed to. But boiling anger took place of that puzzling emotion, and Naruto instead drew back a fist to punch it squarely into Sasuke's face.

                There was a crunching sound, before a yowl sounded out from the dark-haired boy's throat, hardly from pain, but because he was caught completely off guard. Sasuke did not fall, but he drew back several steps as he clapped a hand over his nose and gave a bewildered glare at the blond-haired boy.

                Naruto cracked his knuckles threateningly, baring his teeth as he grinned in satisfaction of finally doing the very thing he had been wanting to do ever since he saw the other boy. He also enjoyed the look on Sasuke's face, he was finally able to see something apart from that boring empty gaze Sasuke had set on his face the entire time. Sasuke's eyes had widened almost comically, and for once, he looked quite unnerved.

                " I'm not toy dammit." Naruto retorted indignantly. He ungracefully tore the cloak off of him and threw it towards Sasuke. The other boy caught it unflinchingly, and when Sasuke took his hand away, Naruto was saddened by the fact that there was no physical mark left of the other boy's perfect face. " My name is Uzumaki Naruto asshole, and if you're gonna turn me into some slave around here, I demand that you do it right." Naruto finished off triumphantly, though he ended off in an uncertain note.

                He then walked off towards where he saw Sasuke heading to, taking a few steps before looking back and beckoning with waving arms at Sasuke. "Come on slowpoke, we better get there soon, I'm freezing my ass off." He yelled impatiently, he continued after he finished as he muttered under his breath curses about how evil walking is.

                Still in a rather shocked mode, Sasuke clutched his cloak to himself as he left an unfaltering gaze on the other boy's retreating back. He did not know what to think, and for once, he felt no need to. He had almost forgotten what it was like to be completely caught off guard, and somehow, he enjoyed the thrill that had come from it. He may have nearly gotten a broken nose from it, but Sasuke rethought over his former prediction:

                Naruto Uzumaki. How long will I "make" him last?

                Sasuke gave a chilling chuckle, one that almost scared himself. When had he ever had so much fun with one of his victims? He felt a wetness dribble from his nose to his lips and swiped at his quickly to find blood on his fingers. He then felt something unfamiliar form on his face, muscles not used in decades stretched unto use.

                He was smiling.

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