I strap on one horse and prayed for luck

I dug another hole to bleed

I know exactly how this works

I need a new feel dirty
I don't need you crowding up my space

I just want to get inside you
You can't believe the hearts you save giving something away

Marie's doing her Rogue impersonation again.  Playing all big and bad and unaffected.  Like unaffected is ever something she is gonna be able to be.  Marie is passion.  She is like a sponge.  Everything she feels is right there, wet and soaked up for any one to see.  Anyone who wants to look.  I don't think that boyfriend is looking though.   She is pushing him away –and he is retreating.  He didn't know if it was because he didn't like the new attitude or he was a little scared of the powers he had recently been given a sample of but he was retreating.  The whole thing pissed Logan off.  He hated her anger, he hated that she had valid reasons to have it.  He hated that that boy was running and he hated that that boy had gotten close enough to want too.  In truth he had never thought the boy would get as far as he did.  That is why he hadn't bothered to scare the kid when he got back.  He knew soon enough Marie's powers would do it for him.  He had first hand knowledge of those powers twice.  And believe you me if they could put the Wolverine down for the count –they weren't anything a little frozen behind the ear twerp could handle.  So to say the least –things weren't getting much better.  He was feeling less numb lately.  Starting to adjust to life without Jean and life back in the mansion.  They were all still hurting but learning to move on, as she would have wanted.  Logan had found that his empty regret was being replaced by a nesting urge that he had thought himself incapable.  It seemed all he wanted was to be with Marie.  Talk to her, spend time with her, make her feel better, convince her that she could turn to him and that he needed to turn to her too.  But that was proving difficult.  She was so angry.  She spent hours upon hours in the work out rooms.  She was learning to fly the jet.  She was locked up in her room.  The professor had said that part of her problem was the brief absorption with that punk John.  The boy had been a ball of anger and teenage rebellion and the price Marie had to pay for saving those policemen had been this new personality running around in her head.  But Logan guessed that seeing Magneto again and losing Jean wasn't helping.  Whereas he had spent his weeks establishing routine and trying to focus on the person he had left, and Cyclops had sunk into depression and apathy towards his former life, Marie was blaming the world.  Logan had been merely concerned to start with but now he was getting pissed.  He wanted –needed Marie to be Marie.  Not this new aloof person who had no time for anyone.  He had never noticed until the change that he had liked Marie as much as he did the way she was.  They had spent such a brief amount of time together if you looked at a calendar –but it didn't feel that way.  He knew her.  She knew him.  And he was so grateful that she had liked him anyway.  He had come to expect warm smiles and concerned glances from Marie.  He knew she was always going to come over and speak if he saw her around the mansion.  He knew that if she needed anything he was going to be the first person she came too.  It was nice.  Especially to a guy like him, a guy that most wouldn't approach if they were on fire and he had the last glass of ice water.  He really missed her.  More than he missed Jean even.  He wanted Marie back.  And damn it he was going to do whatever he had to - to get just that. 

love don't change,

don't come around here

don't wear my heart on your sleeve like a high school letter

don't strain, cuz nothing ever comes from it

and the people we've become,

well they've never been the people who we are