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Chapter 5 – Devil's Mass-Control

The devil parked the car outside a huge mansion outside of the city, surrounded only by so many trees that it looked like an abandoned mansion in a forest. No other house or property could be seen near the mansion.

"Say hello to your new house, at least while I'm on earth." Catra spoke after she got out of the car and started walking towards the front door. "Your things must be here already, I sent a demon to get them earlier."

Adora couldn't believe her eyes. Her little apartment couldn't even compare to this monstrosity she had in front of her. It was so huge that she couldn't see it entirely because of the darkness of the night. She could see light coming out of some windows, telling her that they might not be the only people there.

"This thing is huge! I can't live here!" She walked towards the door following the devil. The door opened as soon as the dark haired girl stepped on the big porch and a blonde guy dressed in a suit went out of the house after bowing to Catra, holding the door open for them to enter.

"Of course you can and you will. There's no way I'm driving to your pigsty every day to make this work." The devil entered the mansion and she followed, watching the guy bowing to her too before closing the door again. They both stopped there for a second before a girl with dreadlocks and also dressed in a suit entered the room.

"But, what about my brother? I can't leave him alone. Also, how am I going to get to work? This thing is way out of town for me to do it and I don't think I can take the bus anywhere near here!" Catra took out her jacked and gave it to the dreadlock girl, who then approached the blonde as if she was expecting her to do the same, something she didn't catch and just thought it was weird that the girl got so close to her and then stopped moving.

"Your brother should be here already. When I sent my demon to get your things I told your brother to come with his stuff too." The devil snapped her fingers and both workers left the room. "I actually bought the building you live in and I'm thinking about remodeling it, so you should be grateful." The smaller girl started walking towards the stairs that were on the left of the entrance and Adora followed her.

"Why did you need to do that?" She actually had a ton of questions now, but she decided that it would be better to take it slow. After all, the other girl always seemed okay with her asking things.

"Because I think that place is a shithole and I'm beginning to think that you're not going to wish for money. Seriously, you get a wish from the devil and you refuse to ask for money as your first option so, of course you and your brother would be back to living there after I'm gone. I did it as a little favor." They got to the second floor and Catra turned to the left. As they walked, the lights of the corridor started to get lit by themselves, a thing that amazed the blonde.

"And what did you tell him then? Also, I'm not an idiot, if you think that. I just thought that money was not the issue."

"I told him that I had just bought the building and wanted to demolish it to build a new one. A better looking one. Of course, I told him that the rent would be the same after I'm done rebuilding." The devil stopped in front of a door and opened it. "This is your room, by the way. Your things are here." She entered the room after the smaller girl, who turned on the lights.

"Why did you go through all that trouble? Also, what did you do with all the other tenants? I mean, they could fit here, but I don't think they're all here." The dark haired girl giggled and sat on the big bed that was in the middle of the huge room.

"I already told you why. All the other tenants were moved to different properties that I now own." Adora was left speechless for a few seconds. Catra got up from the bed and started walking towards her. "Also, I told your brother that I wanted you both here since we're dating and I wanted to have you as close to me as possible." She saw the blonde with lust and put her hand on the taller girl's cheek, something that made her blush as she had never before.

"I… I actually had another question about that that involved the contract, but I have so many questions now and… honestly I think I don't know where to start." She felt nervous having the devil's hand on her cheek. A kind of nervousness she had never felt before. Luckily for her (or maybe not), the dark haired girl took off her hand after huffing loudly and rolling her eyes, getting back to the bed and sitting on it again.

"Sometimes I regret telling you that I was obliged to answer all your questions. You're the first one asking so many." The blonde breathed deeply, getting back to normal but still paralyzed in the spot. "Now, ask." After a second, she felt better and walked towards the bed, sitting left next to Catra.

"You said you could kill me now even if we don't have a real contract yet but, wouldn't that mean that you could also have sex with me if you wanted? I mean, you mentioned that you would do it after my soul was in hell, but I didn't get why…" The dark haired girl seemed surprised for a second, but composed herself quickly and answered.

"I think you're not as dumb as I imagined at first." Adora frowned at that comment and Catra giggled before continuing. "This is pretty easy to explain; I can kill you given how we made a verbal arrangement for that. As you can see on your arm, you still have my mark, symbolizing that our contract has not been made, but you're still my soul, so to speak. Anyhow, our arrangement only covered the part of me killing you if you couldn't decide your wish before I was done with my business here on earth, but we never spoke about other obligations we had to fulfill on that agreement. If I had sex with you now, I would be breaking the rules and I would be punished, even if your soul is already mine and I can be around you without worrying about a deeper connection. My punishment would come from 'taking advantage of you', or something like that. That is, unless we made another verbal arrangement before our contract that included that." The smaller girl put her hand on the blonde's left thigh. "I wouldn't oppose, to be honest." She looked at the mismatched eyes in front of her and could feel the lust on them. Catra's hand started to move in circles in her thigh, as if she was tempting her.

For a few seconds, Adora couldn't think straight. She felt really temped to make an agreement now. Her body was asking; yelling at her to make it and jump to tear the clothes out of the devil with her teeth, but her lucid part (what little remained of it) told her not to do so.

Adora was a virgin. Not because of the lack of trying from other people, but because she had never felt the need to have sex. She felt horny sometimes, like everyone, but she had never felt attracted to anyone to have sex. And she had lied to almost everyone about it. It seemed like being a virgin at her age was seen as a bad or impossible thing, so she always told everyone that she had had sex before. And now that she was in that situation, something in her mind started to wonder if maybe that was why she felt like dying. What if the thing she needed was to feel like this with someone? To have sex with someone. Again, her lucidness told her that it was a stupid thought, but at that moment, her lucidness was losing the battle, so she didn't really know what to do.

"I… I will think about it…" She felt Catra's hand getting off her thigh and heard the girl giggling a little before she stood up in front of the blonde, looking at her eyes.

"Maybe you would like me more in my real form?" She saw the cat ears coming out of her messy hair and the tail wiggling behind her as she put her hands her face. A lustful smile was on the devil's face and the blonde could see that her fangs were also longer than normal.

She would be lying to herself if she said she didn't feel even more turned on now, but she was frozen in the spot, not knowing what she had to do.

"I see you like what you see…" The smaller girl got closed to her face. "You know, since your soul is already marked as mine, I can create that deeper connection with you like I told you before, so I could give you an orgasm that would make you fall in love with me…" Catra pushed her to the bed and she let her upper body to fall on it entirely. The devil then kneeled on the bed on top of her, trapping her with her thighs and getting her face as close as she could to the blonde's. "What do you say…?" The dark haired girl bit her ear a little, not enough to make it hurt.

Adora was on fire. Her entire body felt like that. Specially one part of her body that was yelling at her to accept already and have sex with that hot girl on top of her until she could no longer move. She also was really embarrassed in that situation, not knowing how to act.

"You're overthinking, like you always seem to… Maybe you need some more incentives…" Catra snapped her fingers and her clothes suddenly disappeared, leaving her only with her lingerie. Adora felt the room get a little hotter again. Or maybe it was just her.

"I…" She had to say something, but she didn't know what to say. Her brain was overflowing with thoughts. And the very first thing that came out was: "Would you really want me to fall in love with you?"

The devil looked at her with a surprised look on her face for a couple seconds before bursting into laughter, even louder than the one she had let out on the car before.

"What the fuck was that!?" Catra moved to the side, falling to the bed beside the blonde and kept laughing for a while.

The taller girl could only look at the ceiling as she did her best to calm down. She didn't know why, from all the questions in her head that one had come out first. She felt embarrassed but now for a different reason. She kept breathing deeply while she heard the other girl laughing at her side. After a couple minutes, she was back to normal and the other girl had stopped laughing, making the room silent with an uncomfortable atmosphere, at least for her.

"To be honest with you, it's been a while since the last time I had fun like today." The devil started speaking, breaking the silence of the room and calming the blonde a little, given how the other girl's first words where not about her stupid question. "Humans have really changed over the years, but you are so different from everyone else I've known." Adora managed to look at the almost naked girl beside her, letting her embarrassment behind after hearing what she was saying and she realized that the girl had a faint blush on her face. "You are… so genuine… like… people don't get the better of you. I don't think there's even one person in the world who knows you well enough to know what you will do next, because you're so genuine but yet so secretive. I feel weird when I'm with you, girl. Honestly, I don't know why…" Catra got up and snapped her fingers, making her clothes reappear on her. "Do I want you to fall in love with me? I don't know. What I know is that you're the first human that I want to know, and I mean really know."

There was another silence for a while in the room. They were so far from the city that there was no other sound right now. The room suddenly felt colder for the blonde, but it also felt good.

"Can I ask a question?" Adora asked, breaking the silence.

The devil sat back on the bed and looked at the wall in front of her while the human girl kept looking at the ceiling.

"Go ahead." There was a little silence after the smaller girl's answer, but it was broken quickly by the blonde.

"What if my wish is to find my perfect partner and you turned out to be it?" She heard Catra giggle in amusement.

"In that case, to be honest, I don't know what would happen. I don't think it has happened before. I don't think it is possible. There's no such thing as a 'perfect partner' given how you have free will and you're not really destined for anything, so that wish would become something like wishing to find love."

"And how does that work?"

"I don't know. No one ever does. Everyone wants money and power. I guess I would have to improvise or ask Lucifer."

"Do you know what it is like? To love, I mean…"

"I'm not obliged to answer that."

"Yeah, sorry…"

"But I don't know…"

"Me neither…"

Silence overtook the room again, longer this time.

Neither of them knew what else to say, but none of them wanted to leave the other right now. They both felt as if they were in company of a dear friend right now. Someone they hadn't seen in a while and, even if they didn't have anything else to say, they just didn't want to part ways.

Catra started to feel stupid because of what she was talking about with a human after a while and she decided it was time to sleep and maybe think about what she had said and why, so she got up the bed and sighed loudly.

"I will leave you to sleep. Good night, girl." She started walking towards the door but was stopped by Adora's voice.

"Wait. I have one last question for today." The devil turned to look at her and the moment their eyes met, she looked away without knowing why, but she could see from the corner of her eye that the blonde had done the same.

"What is it?"

"Well… I asked you before but you didn't answer… I just want to know, how am I going to get to work while I'm here?"

"I can drive you there." The blonde nodded and then there was silence again, shorter this time.

"Well… thank you… and good night to you too…" Catra just nodded too and then walked out of the room.

She couldn't help but feel like an idiot. How had she lost control of the situation back there? Why had she answered that question she didn't have to answer? That girl had something that made her feel weird…

"Here comes my little heartbreaker!" Glimmer almost yelled as soon as she saw her enter the shop which was still closed. She was sitting in one of the tables and Bow was beside her, smiling with malice while he looked at her.

"Oh yeah, our little girl has finally started dating!" The boy spoke in a playful tone and the pink haired girl beside him just squealed in excitement.

"You've got to tell us every little detail right now! We still got fifteen minutes before opening so, be quick but don't leave anything out." Adora walked towards them with a smile while she tried to fake annoyance on her face. She sat in the same table as them and sighed.

"There's not much to tell. We went to the arcades and had some fun. We never made it to the movies though…" Both of her friends gasped in surprise at what she had said and she realized the mistake she made by not explaining herself correctly.

"Oh my god! My little girl got some yesterday!" Glimmer clapped with enthusiasm and squealed again. "You have to tell us more. Was it at your place or at hers? Is she as beautiful as I remember? Was she good?" The blonde couldn't help but face palm herself and sighed again.

"Nothing happened! When I said we didn't make it to the movies is because we just spent the day at the arcade. After that…" She paused, not knowing how much she could say about what happened yesterday or how could she explain her new living arrangement. "I realized that she just bought the building where my brother and I live and she's planning on demolishing to build a nicer one."

"Oh, way to ruin a first date…" Glimmer lost her enthusiasm and Bow could only nod at the pink haired girl's words.

"And then?" Bow asked, being a little bit more pushy than usual, a thing Adora didn't miss. He usually let them speak and only asked something if he didn't understand something, but she figured that in this situation it was normal to ask instead of just listening.

"Well, she lives in a freaking huge mansion outside the city and she said that Adam and I could live there until the new building is finished. And we kind of agreed…" Her friends gasped again in surprise.

"What!? You just met her! When are you going to start living with her?" Glimmer asked with worry in her tone.

"We already are living there… she actually drove me here…" She was looking at the table in embarrassment knowing that she was lying to her friends and also her lie was not very good. She looked up and saw her friends looking at each other with worry and then they both looked at her.

"Why so soon? Your building was fine yesterday, right?" Glimmer asked, kind of worried but also curious.

"She said they would start the planning to demolish today and so she didn't want the tenants there. She also got everyone else a temporary place to stay." Her friends nodded and stood silent for a minute until Bow spoke again.

"Well, if you think that's the best, you know we support you. Anyway, you will have to tell us more about her if you're going to live at her place. I'm pretty sure her intentions are clear for everyone here." Glimmer nodded and looked at her with an insinuating look that made her giggle.

"Sure, I will tell you everything once it happens, but don't go around making a fantasy for me."

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