Come September

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Statement: Hey guys! Okay this is my first attempt to write a multi –chaptered fic. I will try to update quickly. But I may be quitting my job today so…

Credit: Song; Black Water, Cary Ann Hearst and the Borrowed Angels

Oh Black water, black sky

Reminds me of the darkness and the glitter in your eyes

Your smile I long to see

Oh and I missed you when I was walking down the street

Down to where the water meets the sand

Oh at night I dream that I jump right in

And I sank down to the floor

Oh I would not be tied anymore

Well as summers went. This one had sucked. His list of why was a long one –but if he wanted to tell the truth it was mainly for one reason only. It was the first summer he'd ever been in love. And it was the first summer he'd ever been alone. Steven Hyde pretended like he was always alone. Like a lone wolf, he didn't need anybody. But he'd always had his friends. But their first summer of adulthood had changed all that. After Red had his heart attack Eric and Donna had stayed in Point Place. All plans of a pre-newly wed bungalow were finished. They stayed but the carefree days of basement dwelling were over. Red's near death had put a lot into perspective. Laurie and Fez had amazingly stayed together even though they were the cause of all the chaos. Amazingly Laurie was turning out not to be completely hell spawn. They had found an apartment across town and were busy paying bills and everything else that came with making a life work. Kelso, who would never fully grow up, was still much the same. He had spent the summer cruising for chicks and trying to beef up for his future cop career. And Jackie well, there was reason number one. She had left for New York after graduation to spend the summer with her Aunt. She was due back any day now but Hyde didn't hold out much hope. After a summer of meeting rich New York guys he was sure she would never consider getting back with some no-future cheater like him. So his summer had sucked. He'd worked and worked and worked some more. He had a lot of money saved –since he wasn't spending money of things like dates, or "film", or you know eating. He had pretty much just worked and slept. Which had got him nothing but a clean shave and loose clothing. But he was still tired. Tired of being alone.

"Hey man" Eric said as he came in the basement looking older somehow, a look of concern in his eyes for his friend.

"Hey" Hyde greeted back apathetically.

"So still missing Jackie I see" sitting on the couch near Hyde Eric picked up a magazine and started flipping.

"She still isn't here" was Hyde's response. He was over pretending like he didn't care about the girl. The only thing he didn't care about anymore was pretending.

"Yeah she is – Donna just called me. She should be arriving from the airport any minute now"

"What?! Man why didn't you say that when you walked in?"

"Well I said it shortly after"

Hyde jumped up and started pacing. He wasn't ready for this. A whole summer of wishing her back but…what was he gonna do now. He really didn't feel like getting his heart trampled on. He may have changed a little over the summer but he was still Hyde. He still had defense mechanisms that would always want to kick in. Run. That is what they said. Get the hell out of here. And whatever you do dumbass don't show her you care. But he couldn't. He couldn't let them. They were what had got him in this situation to start with. And he wasn't going to let them keep him there. He was going to see if Jackie still loved him. Even a little. And if she did he was going to do everything in his power to get her back.