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Forbidden Love

Chapter 1 (Love at first sight.)

Babylon 5, a place of peace, a place of diplomacy, built to prevent mistakes from happening, the station is humanity's last hope for peace. Not built just for humans but the station is a safe haven for all species no matter what or who they are.

The Great War between the human's and the Minbari would open up a gateway for the future; two people from different races will come together and face the biggest challenge they will ever have to in their lives.

Babylon 5 is a complex infringe structure designed to suet all kinds of life forms and the technology behind this is vast. From communication systems to environmental controls a team of technicians are required to keep everything in working order. Part-time and full-time technicians all unite together to perform a similar goal, to keep the station running or they will all be out of a job.

A man can be seen standing in the hallway repairing some damage systems; his name indicated by his name badge is called James. Part-time station engineer and full Time security officer this individual tries his best to keep himself above water. Due to criminal activity he was called upon to do some repairs, but this pissed him off because he already repaired the damage the day before.

James: - "God damn Vandals, got nothing better to do but fuck things up," muttering under his breath,

Short while after another engineer turns up, and relieves James of his duties only in time for him to start his shift as security.

Mr Garibaldi is working on some latest case that he prefer not to be working on, he hates nothing more than a petty scrabble between two people to devote his attention for more averse activities. Nothing gives him more pleasure then to grab the latest scum or relieve an annoying feeling that he gets when something is about to go wrong.

Walking into the office James stands to attention, not expecting too much just the usual update on the next status report or another assignment.

James: - "You wanted to see me sir?"

Garibaldi: - "Yes!" Getting his feet of the table and placing the pad on the top of the computer console. "I want you to head down to the casino and keep an eye on things, we have a few of the odd balls that arrived last weak and I don't want them causing any trouble."

James: - "Why didn't you just beep my communicator sir," James thought it would have been a lot more easy if Mr Garibaldi just contacted him on his link, but because he just blurred it out without thinking it would give Mr Garibaldi a reason to show his authority, but he reassures himself with an added comment, "It would have been a lot faster"

Garibaldi: - "I also wanted to give you this," He hands James a device or to be more precise a rubrics Cube. "I want you to figure that out, it took me few hours to do it and I wanted to see how long it takes you." then he displays a little smirk on his face.

James: - "Umm, Ok" then he starts to twist all the bits. Taking him about 30 to 40 seconds he finally slips the last one in place and throws the thing back at Garibaldi.

Garibaldi: - "Smart ass,!" baffled and puzzled he sits back down and stares at a rubrics Cube to try and figure out how James did it so fast, not before giving him a pissed off look.

Looking at the casino James scans the area for any signs of the troublemakers, spotting the usual, Londo betting all his credits and drinking himself silly, the standard amount of people playing and betting, but there seamed to be a little less people than usual, and "what's this" he says to him self, out of the shock of his life spots two male Minbari in the corner chatting away which seemed to be making fun about the activities in the casino and drinking. "They look like two warrior cast members, this may be trouble." thinking to him self. He keeps a close eye on them but glazing around doing his job he was sent to do.

Moments later he glanced back to the two Minbari but they disappeared, all he can see is a cleaner cleaning up the mess they left, which was only a few half filled glasses of something not alcoholic. Looking at the door he spots them eagerly sneaking out like they are up to something.

James:  - "What are they doing!" he rises to his feet not before drinking the last remaining contents of his ordered drink.

Barging through the door he hopes to spot the Minbari before they can get away, which seemed that they have succeeded, but looking the other direction James catches them disappearing.

Following the two Minbari James wonders to himself, "what are they up to?" Looking ahead of them he can see a faint figure disappearing off into the darkness. From what he can make out it appears to be another Minbari and pondering over the current mystery he decides that it would be a good idea to return to his post before Mr Garibaldi finds out. So reinserting his shock stick back into the holster he turns to head back to the casino.

He brace fully turns around and gets ready to head back to the casino but is interrupted by a scream from a young woman. He pauses suddenly to make sure it's not a false alarm. Hearing more screams and the word help, he immediately rushed to the direction pulling his shock stick out of his holder. Rushing around a corner nothing can prepare him for the scene he is about to witness, to this disbelief he could see two of the warrior cast Minbari attempting to unjust fully force themselves onto another. The young Minbari female from the religious cast can be seen calling out for help. One word went through his mind "fuck!" as it is his duty; he approaches and attempts to bring law and order to the situation.

James: - "What are you two doing?" speaking in a tone almost close to shouting in rage.

Minbari thug 1: - "This is none of your business Human, go away!" he returns the gesture by an evil glare.

Minbari thug 2: - "You have seen nothing here, go away and leave us to our business."

Minbari Woman: - "Help me Please!"

James: - "Seems to me that your business is intending to force yourself on this Minbari!"

Minbari thug 1: - "What if we are?"

James: - " well, well, that is called rape, which means that you two assholes are coming with me." He then passes on another comment, " you two are despicable and who the hell do you think you are. Well anyway, you two are coming with me." He shows his authority and personality to the two individuals by looking at them straight in the eyes and showing no fear, he also taps his shock stick on his hand hoping that this would intimidate them.

Minbari thug 2: - "You are dead…."

The two Minbari get up and attempt to grab James, but in a flash he moves to his left and dodges the first Minbari who smashes into the wall, he shocks the second leaving him out cold and the first Minbari stands there waving his hands about like he's getting ready and showing off, but James stands there saying to him self "What the fuck," getting tired he just shocks the Minbari putting him out cold. He restrains them making sure they cannot escape.

Talking in his COM he informs security that he has two thugs to throw in the brig, then he attends to the distressed Minbari female. Seeing her on the floor crying and scared he walks up to her and gets down to her level and tries to comfort her. Her clothes seemed in-tacked and not ripped. Wearing a full body covered blue garment and a top gold in colour with patterns and Minbari writing, it brought out her features quite nicely, which made her even more attractive then he has seen before. She seamed very young and from what he could understand she could be some kind of Acolyte from training school from her people. "Get a grip," he said to himself trying to get into the professional mood.

James: - "Miss You OK, I'm James, station security, you'll be OK now, don't worry." he speaks calmly and professionally not to distress her any more than she is, even her looks distracted James just for a moment before he can continue on reassuring her.

But that did not seem to work, the female Minbari was getting more and more distressed and uptight than ever before, she was starting to panic, her heart was beating faster and faster, and she felt really unsafe, apart from that, she was crying and muttering in a Minbari language which he could not interpret. He knew he had to do something fast. Thinking back at all the Minbari information he read in his spare time he thought of an Idea, He placed his hands on the head bone of the female Minbari and started to gently stroke down the bone to the ear, making sure not to unease her. Then he ran his fingers back up, getting closer to her to block the view of the two offenders, he also was telling her to calm down in a gentle tone, not to loud and quiet and he was there to help and that she was safe.

This seamed to work, her breathing started to slow down, she looked straight at him in amazement, which indicated to him that the idea he had seamed to be working. She looked straight into his eyes and he looked back, repeating the words softly and calmly to her. She then placed her hands on his arm, as a reaction, but he did not stop stroking her head bone. Something was happening but he could not understand what, his reading about the head bone was not all extensive, he fell asleep reading the documentation, but as long as it calmed her down, that was good for him. Last thing he wanted was an attractive alien having a heart attack on him or being distorted for the rest of her life.

Four security men barged in and James got up and directed them to the Two-warrior cast Minbari.

James: - "Throw these two in the brig, for attempted rape and give me a hand to help her to the medical bay."

He went back to the female Minbari and helped her to her feet, and walked her to the medical bay. During the walk he did not know that the Minbari was looking at him, nor did the other security officer helping too, James can still feel her shaking a little and from time to time a touch of moisture from her body would catch his attention but he soon went back to escorting her.

The Minbari Female after being distraught was given a overwhelming love from the action that this man; Human gave her, it placed her body in a trance and made her fears go away and during this she opened up and let this stranger that was the only one that helped, into her and trusted, even getting attracted to in the process.

Unable to walk properly due to the ruff handling of the two Minbari that attacked her, they walked into the medical bay.

James, "Doctor, Over here!"

Then doctor Franklin got up from his desk and rushed over to the three people, James placed the Female Minbari down on the bed; then Franklin rushed up and attended to the female's injuries.

Doctor Franklin: - "What happened?"

James:  - "She was almost attacked, …. Am forced upon, By two Minbari ammm.. Rape, Warrior cast I think." those words, those few simple words were like the most difficult explanation he can give because a simple thought of two Minbari attacking another for sex was just out of this world, and if he could not believe it how the hell would the doctor believe him.

Doctor Franklin: - "What? You must be crazy. Minbari don't attack there own especially rape!!!!"

James:  - "Hay I got it all on station security and have the culprits in the brig, I didn't believe it myself, until I saw it."

"That's not possible" Delenn suddenly said from the backgrounds of the room observing in the conversation, the arrival of the Minbari female caught her attention.

Delenn:  - "Minbari, will never do a hideous crime like this to there own people."

James: - "Miss you need to get your facts straight, I saw them attempting to rape her and if it wasn't for me they would have finished it." Delenn got angry as this human she never saw before talked to her in a cheeky and rude way. James not even noticing that it was Delenn, like it is unmissable, would not allow this woman to contradict him in that way especially when he went out of his way to protect her.

Then the Minbari female got up and confirmed the story. After hearing the side of the story Delenn immediately went to the security deck to see Garibaldi not before getting these words out to James, "I will talk to you later about your attitude."

James: -  "What? Who's she anyway?"

Doctor Franklin: - "That's Delenn!"

James: -  "Ambassador Delenn" Really he should already knew, I mean a human and Minbari Highbred, there's only one, but this whole excitement made him forget that fact.

Doctor Franklin: - "Yes!" then he turned to the Minbari Female, "What's your name?"

Minbari Female:  - "Lalena, my name is Lalena."

Doctor Franklin: - "OK Lalena, you have a slight bruising and some cuts but it's nothing we cant fix, you will need to stay here for us to do more checks" he said in his usual calm and quite voice. The he turned to James and confirmed if he was all rite, which he was.

James was ordered to see Garibaldi to explain his side of the story and to apologise to Delenn, which took time to get James to do, but was done. He vowed never to do that again. He was right she was wrong.

During this time, he still had Lalena (The Minbari he saved) in his mind, all the time, is he falling for her? he confirmed to himself that he would never see her again, she is probably in Minbar by now and the chances of seeing that same female again was like winning the lottery. Several days passed and he did not see her again once during that time.

"James get your ass over here my old man!" a voice as heard across the zocalo. He knew the voice, clutching his try he went over to the table where a group of people from security officers to doc workers where all around chatting and eating anything cheep on the menu.

Fat Man: - " Yeah I was on the deck and this Narn came up and said he wanted this order today, I turned round and said he could stuff it, I have a schedule to keep ha, He did not like that, Haaaaaaaaa James my own mate How's things going with the Nut cracker then?" The fat man places his hand on James back giving it a pat but not known his strength. "I see Mr Garibaldi has got you apologising to ambassadors now, ha, that's a new step, I can see it now Ambassador James, ha, ha, it suits you…"

James then turns and replies to that nice little remark, "Very good, don't eat too many burgers or you might pop and give the cleaning crew a job."

The group have a go at throwing jokes to one and another, all dirty and some about other races.

"Do any of you know how sex is like with other races?" one man speaks trying to get the conversation going.

James: -  "You lot are unbelievable, I am eating, lets not talk about sex please…"

Fat man: - "Yer lets let him eat," and as a jolly response he does some disgusting gesture by using his body which is meant to put James of his food.

James: - "What are you doing?" James ponders a question over to fat man so he can understand precisely what he is trying to do.

The conversation changes to marriage, and then it filters on down to marriage with other races before the subject of into inter-species marriages.

"Minbari, now that's a race, would you marry one of them like Sheridan will." One man asked, "I mean their females are Hot, Boy they are hot, but hard to chat up, first you need to know the language, pretty easy! then they are so dull you get board after a while."

Fat man: - "Haaaaa they are hot, But I like the NARN Females, nice and hard on other races they got fire too, just the way I like it" he grinned with a very big smile.

The conversation about other races and about the Minbari carries on for about 10 minuets before the end is near and the shifts for work creeps up on them.

James: -  "Well dating a Minbari, for the human site if no problem, as humans could not give a shit, well most of them, since the war we had with them, their are still some that will object, but 80% of the population could not care less" He then looks at fat man giving him that look as a joke.

Fat man:  - "Hay, I couldn't give a shit, I like Narns, you like Minbari, I don't care."

James: - "Hay, I did not say I like Minbari, I am just interested that's all," Then they all tease "Hay, It's true."

Fat man: - "I see you eying them up!"

James: - "Can I finish my speech?" they all edge him on. "OK, but for the Minbari side,…. All I can say is watch your-self, that is where shit happens. Highly religious and problems will come out of the woodwork." A weary silence falls on the group but it is interrupted when one of the men on the opposite side of the table starts to talk.

"James, that Minbari, over there, has been watching you since you got here…." James turn's and he gets the shock of his life when that Minbari female is Lalena, the female he saved from the attack. He quickly turns and gets nervous.

Fat man: - "Hay man you all right?"

James: - "That's the same female I saved from that attack I told you about. I thought I would never see her again."

Fat man: - "Well good luck to you man, well I have to go, somebody has to be down there to unload the ships, even if it is minimum wage. Don't wait up for me."

James's friends all leave the table to carry on with their work, the only one left sitting at a table James cant help but take a quick glance at Lalena. Sitting at a table all by himself makes him feel a little out of place and finishing his meal he gets the courage to leave, but his courage is required to perform at test. If Lalena looks at him on the way out, that could indicate at she is interested. To James it was just a passing thought, so he just gets up and walks away but he passes Lalena's table. Passing the table James can't help but gets transfixed to Lalena sitting with her friends. Lalena lifts her head and looks into James's soft and gentle blue eyes, which causes James to do the same. Lalena's concentration gets diverted when one of her friends interrupts her. The question remains is who will act first?