Nelson's Follies

Chapter one

Captain Lee Crane was still trying to figure out the Admiral's orders three days into the Seaview's cruise heading for Ireland to stop off at the Naval base to pick up three scientists working on plant food and other nutrition. Lee was trying to understand why head to Ireland when there were two other submarines in the area running tests for the Navy.

Standing at the plotting table with Commander Morton and Commander Adams had received a message from the base advising Admiral Nelson that everything was all set to send the FS-1 to pick up the science personnel after a special dinner with the commanding officer Jordan O'Rourke in charge of the base for the past five years and the hub of activity.

Sparks called over Captain Crane to come to the radio shack with a message. Crane walked down passing the different stations in the Control room. "What's up Sparks?" Asking the question to his communications officer of a long time.

Placing a hand to his head for a brief moment. "Sir Commanding officer O'Rourke sent a message that everything is all set for you and Admiral Nelson to land on runway two with the FS-1 before being taken over to meet with the doctors before the dinner." He stated calmly, even though Captain Crane shook his head at the entire idea. If it was his idea, he would head on home after spending the past two weeks away from his family, as with the rest of the crew.

The past two few weeks was mostly an money issue with the Nelson Institute to finish up the promised work requested by the Naval department and including the Institute itself. "Thank you Sparks, I will go speak with Admiral Nelson about it in his cabin. Please let him know I am coming now."

"Aye, sir." Sparks said with pressing the private line to Admiral Nelson's cabin. "Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane is on his way to your cabin to speak with you."

"Thanks Sparks, I will be ready for him." He disconnected the intercom to finish up his file on the latest cruises. He knew this cruise was going to be rough on the entire crew and including the command staff. There was the knock on his door as Nelson told Lee to come on inside.

Opening the door. Lee walked in to see the Admiral's desk piled sky high with files. Nelson has been spending a great deal of time in his cabin in order to finish reading them all before arriving home back to Santa Barbara, California. "Sir, I am sorry to have disturbed you at this time. Sparks received a message for the FS-1 to land on runway two when we arrive to meet with the doctors and dinner."He exhaled perched on the end of the desk that has been his niche for a number of years.

"Has the FS-1 been checked out Lee?" Nelson asked with offering his friend a drink for which he refused having to be on duty still for another one hour and twenty minutes.

"It has Admiral, Chief Sharkey and Commander Jeff Adams checked it out earlier to be 100% in great working order. We won't be reaching Ireland's Naval base for another 26 hours with the Seaview. When do you want to leave Admiral in the FS-1?" Lee asked with moving off the edge of the desk feeling slightly stiff with his right leg and back.

"12 hours Lee, I suggest that you try to get some rest before leaving. I will try to do the same once I am done reading this damn file." Nelson heard his long time friend chuckle slightly before heading out of his cabin.


Doctor Seamus age 61 was currently alone in the lab across the ways from the Communications building on the military base. He wanted to be sure that all of the equipment that had been using with the project will be placed proper onto the FS-1 when it arrives.

Moving over to the radiation device to control the growth of the plant materials. It was turned off by the doctor hours earlier in order to recharge the power cells with-in. It was oddly quiet inside the lab for which he always hated over the years. Doctor Seamus always wanted to be around noise to keep his mind sharp and clear.

Turning it on for a moment to check the levels. The device started to hum as part of the way it works. The dials showed that it was working correctly at 100%. Turning it back off and grabbing the clipboard that was hanging down. He made a note on the clipboard letting the other doctors that everything was fine.

Looking at his watch on his left wrist. He needed to get some sleep before the party with the two Seaview command staff. Doctor Seamus had heard a great deal about Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane of the Institute.

It wasn't until now after all of these years, he will have a chance to finally work with the Admiral. Turning out the lights and walking outside, he had made sure that the door was locked before heading for his own quarters.


Admiral Nelson was stiff and sore waking up from a hard sleep. He had fallen asleep on the wrong side with having a hard cover book in the way to cause the discomfort. He would of thought after all of these years alive and well that he would stop with the bad habits of sleeping in his uniform, books on his stomach or chest and other bad habits that Captain Crane and the good doctor complains about at times.

Checking the time, he slowly moved off his bunk needing to take a quick recycle hot shower. Removing his soil uniform and placing it into the laundry chute. He walked into the shower with the steam building making his skin feel tender. However he turned it down to suit his needs before taking the white washcloth to wash off the dirt from his sensitive skin.

Moments later he emerged from the shower having placed the towel around his waist. He began to dry himself off before starting to get dress and his uniform with the four Admiral's bars.

Making sure all was in order with his hair and other items. He was now ready to tangle with the day and the flight to the base and party.