Arimanius by Darth Kottaram

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Rated R for disturbing subject matter.

Chapter One Rewritten!

Order of the Phoenix Spoilers ahead!

Chapter 1

It was clear November night in London. Lily Evans drunkenly stumbled through Diagon Alley. She had spent the past few hours drinking at the Leaky Cauldron, alone. She decided that it was probably best for her. /It's not everyday you find out your fiancé also happens to be your brother./ she reflected.

Albus Dumbledore had approached her and James the day before their wedding. He had a look of sorrow upon his face, a look that Lily had never seen before.

"Ahem. Lily, James, I have made a most unfortunate discovery. It seems that Lily, you were adopted by the Evans family twenty years ago, and not born to them." Dumbledore had said.

"You're kidding! It's a blessing that I'm not blood-related to my twit of a sister, Petunia. What could be unfortunate about that?" she had asked naively.

"I have found that your birth mother happened to have you through an affair, and gave you away. It seems that a man named Tom Marvolo Riddle, one of my former pupils, is your real father." Dumbledore continued. He was about to say something else when James interrupted.

"I've read about him in the Hogwarts Archives. He earned the most O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s that anyone has ever received at Hogwarts. I imagine you got your brilliant mind from him." said James. "Imagine how talented our children will be!"

"I would hope you would bear no such children, dear Lily." Dumbledore had said sadly. "Your mother, the one who had the affair, was Angelica Potter, young James' mother. You are siblings."

She remembered staring at the Professor in shock, and then vomiting on James. The next thing she knew, she was in the Leaky Cauldron ordering round after round of "Gryffindor's Best Red Rum". Finally, after six hours Tom, the barkeep had kicked her out into the night, saying she had drank too much.

/Now what for I do with my life? I've been in love with James since third year. He and the Marauders were my best friends, even though I was a Slytherin./ thought Lily as she stumbled into Knockturn Alley. /Life just doesn't seem worth living, now that all my dreams are crushed./ she considered as she walked face-first into a street lamp.


Lord Voldemort was strolling through Knockturn Alley. The Ministry of Magic did not dare to enter into this realm of Dark Magic. He had a small home here, that was actually quite picturesque. The Dark Lord looked into one of the many store windows, where the he saw 'Lord Voldemort Action Figures' on sale. /An incredible likeness to myself./ thought the Dark Lord as he saw his toy self perform the Killing Curse on three toy Aurors.

He soon sensed a powerful witch enter his realm. Voldemort turned to see an incredibly beautiful woman with long red hair stumble into a street lamp. The Dark Lord smiled to himself, as he realized he had a new plaything. He approached the woman lying on the street, and pulled her up.

"You appear to need some assistance Madame." he said, waiting to see the reaction on the woman's face when she realized that the Dark Lord was right next to her.

/Ooh, this guy is handsome, and powerful./ thought Lily as she looked into the man's blood-red eyes. /Perhaps a little romp with someone, other than my brother, would raise my spirits/ "Thank you, kind sir." she said seductively, before kissing the Dark Lord's lips.

/Mhm, it has been a long time since a woman kissed me consensually. Perhaps, I won't kill her./ thought the Dark Lord. He began to kiss her back, and lifted her into his strong arms. /This more fun than torturing muggles./ reflected the Dark Lord as he carried her into his home.


The Next Morning

Professor Dumbledore had become quite worried. He had heard from Tom, barkeep at the Leaky Cauldron, that Lily Evans had been drinking quite heavily last night. He was even more concerned that she had not returned to the flat she shared with James Potter, or to anyone of her friend's residences. /Perhaps I should have given her the news gentler. Then again, I haven't even told her who her father really is./ reflected the wise Headmaster.

He thought back to the first time he had seen Lily, at the Sorting Ceremony just eight years ago. Her considerable height and regal gait, set her apart from the other first-years. However, her eyes were her best feature. The emerald green orbs were incredibly intense, exactly like her father's, so many years ago. /I should have seen the resemblance then/. The Sorting Hat barely touched her head, before it shouted SLYTHERIN. Her remarkable academic achievements over the next seven years were much like her father's, she finished only two O.W.L.s and one N.E.W.T. behind Riddle.

He had finally seen the resemblance when Diagon Alley was attacked by Death Eaters, two weeks ago. She had taken down fourteen Dark Wizards, before the remaining Death Eaters retreated. Mad-Eye Moody only got ten, and was quite upset about it afterwards. None but the most powerful of mages, could do such a thing. He knew then she could not be a muggle-born witch. Dumbledore had been forced to use Veritaserum on Mrs. Evans, and then on Mrs. Potter to get the truth. /Ah well, at least I know now. I just pray that Voldemort doesn't find that he has an heir./

As he entered Knockturn Alley, he used a simple Invisibility Charm to hide himself in the hive of villainy. "Busco Ownerum" he muttered using a hair comb. The comb flew slowly in the direction a quaint house. Dumbledore entered the house and followed the comb up the stairs and into the Master Bedroom, and was horrified by the sight he beheld.

Lily Evans was curled up in the arms of Lord Voldemort. Her head was tucked under his chin, and she had a look of utter bliss on her face. At that moment, Voldemort awoke, sensing that Dumbledore was near.

"Oh bloody hell!" he hissed, before leaping out of bed, and then out the window.

Lily awoke with a start, as her man-pillow left suddenly. She opened her eyes in time to see a naked man with blood-red eyes leap out a window. /Wasn't that Voldemort? Oh Merlin, what have I done? I didn't use a contraceptive potion did I?/

"I'm afraid the situation is worse then it seems, dear Lily. Lord Voldemort also happens to be Tom Marvolo Riddle." said Dumbledore, seeing the horrified look on his pupil's face. "I'm afraid we have much to discuss."


Nine Months Later.

Lord Voldemort sat deep within his Dark Fortress in Wales, contemplating the young woman, Lily, he had bedded nine months ago. One of his spies, Peter Pettigrew, was her friend; and had informed him that the girl had become pregnant and had given birth to a boy on July 31. However, the fool has not been able to inform him whether the child was his or her former boyfriend, Potter's.

/I suppose that's what I get for choosing such an idiotic spy. Thankfully, I've almost seduced Black & Potter, as well as that werewolf to the Dark Side./ He had begun to recruit the three after learning they had scored the highest on the Auror exams. /Their weakness is women, I can use that to control them. Just a little more bait, and they'll be mine. Now it is either this boy, or the Longbottom child who will be my rival. Ah, come the infamous Marauders. No doubt to join me. What a wonderful day this is./

"Welcome, young wizards. I have been expecting you." said Voldemort from his throne.

"Of course, my Lord." said the three, kneeling before the Dark Lord, and kissing the hem of his robes.

"We wish to join your circle of Death Eaters." said Potter, looking up at Voldemort. The Dark Lord could see the yearning for power and greatness in the young man's eyes.

/Losing his fiancée must have sent him over the edge. I doubt his friends are as enthusiastic as he is. Still, they will be useful./ Of course, but you must do something for me first." said the Dark Lord.

"Anything, Master." replied Potter. Black and Lupin seemed to agree as well.

"Tell me, who is the father of Lily Evans' child?" asked Voldemort.

"Well, from what we know, she was impregnated by her father, by accident." replied Black.

"A man named Tom Marvolo Riddle, if I'm not mistaken. He had an affair with my mother and produced Lily." added Potter.

"This has greatly disturbed her, my Lord. She has even gone so far as to take Riddle's name, for some reason." said Remus Lupin.

"You have pleased me a great deal, my servants. Hold out your left arms." the Dark Lord commanded. When they did so, he took out his wand and muttered "Morsmorde Tatoom" thrice. Soon the Dark Mark appeared on all three arms.

"Now, young Death Eaters, I'll allow my servants to entertain you for pleasing me so greatly. Diana, Eliza, Athena, take these three gentlemen up to their rooms." Three buxom women appeared from the shadows and led the salivating men into the residential towers of the Castle.

/Potter's mother? He must be talking about my relationship with Angelica. Yes, she had an affair with me, dear James, but she was under the Imperius curse at the time! Still, she was quite a tiger in bed. I suppose that she was pregnant, not just getting fat, as I originally thought. Either way, it would have been a drag to continue with her, I was better off without her. But I would have a daughter, had I stayed. A real family member that would love me./

/And now I have a son as well. A child born of a dark liaison. He is most certainly the One with the power to vanquish me. And yes, Lily has thrice defied me. One, by allying herself with the Ministry instead with my Death Eaters, as she is a Slytherin; two, by capturing fourteen of my Death Eaters at the Debacle at Diagon Alley; three, by simply taking my father's name. There can be no doubt it is my son that has the power to vanquish me./

/I'll have to kill him. There really is no other choice. As long as he lives I am in danger. As such, Dumbledore will probably keep my children at Hogwarts for some time. Then he'll use the Fidelius Charm to protect them. However, her four closest friends are all my servants. I must simply insure that she uses one of them instead of Dumbledore, which should be no problem. Yes, all is going well. There will be no stopping me from my destiny of ruling the world!/


One Year Later.

Potter, Black, and Lupin walked into the Ministry building concealing their Death Eater uniforms under their robes. Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange and Igor Karkaruff had been caught by Aurors and were soon to be put to trial. The Dark Lord had commanded them to set the Lestrange brothers free, but to terminate Karkaruff as he was willing to cooperate with the Ministry. Once the three Death Eaters found an empty room, donned their masks and robes, and returned to the crowded hallways of the Ministry.

"Avada Kedavra! Avada Kedavra!" they shouted, killing many, as they rushed to the dungeons on the second sublevel. The three easily defeated the guards, and soon had all three freed.

"Thank Salazaar, you're here friends. I don't know how much longer we could have held out." said Karkaruff, trying to sound as chummy as possible.

"Sorry traitor, you're not leaving this place alive." said Potter.

"Crucio" said the three in unison, giving Karkaruff a extraordinarily painful death. After giving the Lestranges their wands, the four Death Eaters made their way out of the Ministry building.

They were almost at the entrance when Peter Pettigrew intercepted them. "Sorry friends, but with you out of three out of the way, I will take your place as Commander of the Death Eaters. Avada Kedavra! Avada Kedavra!" he shouted, killing the Lestrange brothers.

Quickly, Lupin took out a poisoned dagger and launched at Pettigrew, hitting the traitor in the heart. "Come, we must get out of here before the Aurors arrive." he commanded.

However, it was too late. Six Aurors came up behind them, led by Mad-Eye Moody. The nine dueled and soon five Aurors were dead on the ground. In desperation, Moody finally used the Killing Curse, hitting Potter square on the chest. Black responded with the Killing Curse himself, and soon Moody was dead as well.

"James…" Black cried softly, upon seeing his dead companion.

"Take off his Death Eater uniform and leave him here, that way he'll die a hero to these fools. We're supposed to arrive here soon as Aurors, so hurry up." commanded Lupin. Black obeyed and soon they had removed Potter's uniform, as well as their own and hid them away.

A moment later, Albus Dumbledore arrived, looking quite tired. He surveyed the scene and noted the great sadness in his former pupils' eyes. "I suppose the three Death Eaters got away."

"Not before killing James." said Black, breaking up as he did so. Dumbledore turned away, not suspecting that three of his best pupils had killed twenty Ministry officials and fourteen Aurors.


One Week Later.

Lily Riddle sat with her young son, Harold James Riddle, watching the sunset from their estate at Demon's Dell. She had changed her name to Riddle, not wanting the name Evans a moment longer. Dumbledore hadn't been pleased, but her mind had been made up.

/It's been one week since James died./ she thought sullenly. He was quite supportive of her during the pregnancy and was there when Harry was delivered. She had intended on making him the Secret-Keeper, but Lupin has taken the position instead, as Black was far too emotional now. /I'll miss James. He was the best brother one could have. I'm glad I buried him here, at Demon's Dell. It's beautiful and peaceful, and a wonderful final resting place./ Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming her way.

"Hello sweetie, good to see you again." greeted Voldemort as approached the young woman.

"What do you want?" she asked defiantly, not willing to be intimidated by her father.

/My child certainly has courage./ thought the Dark Lord. "I have come for my son. He can live no longer. Soon, he will become a threat to me, and I cannot allow that to happen. However, I'll allow you to live. Petrificus Totalus." Lily was bound and unable to stop the Dark Lord from harming their child.

"I'm sorry my son, but this must be done." said Voldemort, looking down upon the one-year old. "Avada Kedavra."

The toddler took his thumb out of his mouth, and clearly said "Daddy."

/My son recognizes me! How can I do this to him? He's so beautiful, so innocent./ Just as the curse hit the child's forehead, the Dark Lord muttered the word "Volvio" brining most of the curse back to himself. The child began to cry as he was left with a bleeding lightning-shaped scar, while only the corpse of his father remained, his spirit sent flying away.


Next Day.

The headline of the Daily Prophet was "You-Know-Who Defeated By Infant Child". It seemed that the entire Wizarding World knew of the previous day's events, and it made Lily feel quite uneasy. She had left her now destroyed home to stay at Hogwarts, until the press coverage lightened. Lupin and Black were still in the medical wing, as it seemed Voldemort had tortured the information out of them. Dumbledore had found them unconscious in their shared flat.

Soon, Dumbledore entered the small room in the Central Tower, where the Professors stayed. "Are you feeling better Lily?" he asked.

"Not really, considering I have no home, no money, and no other family." she replied morosely.

"Well, I believe I can solve two of those problems. Both Mr. Potter and Voldemort had extensive fortunes. As you and Harry are their only living relatives, I have arranged it with Gringotts to put their fortunes into an account for the both of you." he said giving Lily two small keys. "As for the matter of a home, you could stay at Hogwarts. We are in need of Charms teacher, and you are far more talented than the other candidate, Flitwick."

"Thank you, Professor. I'm indebted to you for giving me this opportunity. I'm sure I'll make the best of it, Professor." responded Lily. /I have a future again./ she thought, looking into her son's emerald green eyes.

End of Chapter One.