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{}{}{}{} John POV

Figuring out where to film Kalle's video had been a bit of a headache. There wasn't anything wrong with using my hotel room. Just that it would be more than a little cramped with six people and a droid. Luckily, I'd mentioned green robes to the hotel manager and gotten permission to use the big room on the ground floor. The one that was usually reserved for office parties and wedding receptions. No charge even.

Kalle had wanted to do it at the temple. Fortunately, even he wasn't stupid enough to seriously consider doing this where any one of the more traditional Masters might wander in and start shouting. I think… If he was then at the very least Corrina had reminded him of the obvious problems. Pretty sure she hadn't needed to though.

I'd set up the chairs with the crew and I, facing Kalle and Corrina, laid out as a wedge so R3 could properly film the whole group. Proper holograms would let viewers watch everyone equally without that arrangement, but lots of people relied on screens because they were cheaper. Not to mention holograms left everything blue. Most people preferred to watch videos in full color.

Kalle was trying, and failing, not to fidget in his best green robes. The main reason for said failure being Corrina's last minute fussing. She was taking a certain degree of joy in mercilessly straightening his every layer of cloth and lock of hair.

"I love it when you dress up for me, Kalle. Someday soon we should really go to dinner dressed in our best. Someplace nice, with a little floor space for dancing after the meal." She leaned in to kiss his cheek before dragging her own chair right next to his and claiming his arm with both hands.

Kalle stilled the moment her lips brushed his cheek and a rueful smile replaced his carefully blank expression.

"It has been a while since we've done something like that hasn't it, love? Did you have a place in mind? Or maybe a type of food or dancing you'd be partial to?"

"Well, some of the girls have mentioned a new place that serves wonderful Alderaanian food, they even have a dance hall that plays a good variety of music." Corrina's smile was bright and bubbly, but I'd bet even Anakin understood the sparks dancing in her eyes as she squeezed Kalle's arm against her chest.

"That sounds wonderful." Kalle's smile was warm like a spring morning as he stared into his fiancé's eyes.

I was happy for the pair of them. Really, I was. Tricking them into that hotel room had to be one the best things I'd ever done, but here and now there were other things to consider. I was beyond excited to get this video completed and posted as quickly as possible.

So, I cleared my throat, like an ass hole. I also got glared at, which, fair. But still, things to do now. They could plan a date night later. Maybe while I was busy helping Delia upload the video to the fifty and counting video sharing sites, she had set up an account on.

The ad revenue was starting to get…well it wouldn't take me long to pay off the new modifications to the Arcane Knowledge. Especially after Yoda's contribution had given the videos an overnight boost in credibility. I think the number of subscribers had nearly doubled, and it hadn't even been a week.

Delia insisted it was only going to pick up speed from here on out too. Kind of crazy. I'd hoped they would really take off. Expected it to an extent. But to see it happening so quickly… I'd assumed it would be a year or three until there were enough people claiming successes to lend me credibility. I'd thought I'd be fighting an uphill battle until the evidence started to build up. But here I was a few months in and already….

Shaking my head clear of those thoughts I grinned at the pair across from me.

"Ready to help change the galaxy?"

"You always were a dramatic shit." Corrina shook her head, but the fond smile on her face said yes.

"I suppose it's a bit late to back out now." Kalle admitted. "Oh, I'm going to catch six different kinds of hell for this, I just know it."

"Then why go through with it?" Obi-Wan's question was dry and pointed.

"Because someone needs to offer a more moderate view than your Grand Master. I doubt our lifestyle will work for everyone but… well, we might as well save the debate for the recording, yes?"

"I suppose…" Obi-Wan ran nervous fingers through his beard.

With no dissenting votes I tossed a thumbs up at R3. The little droid beeped and her recording light turned on. Delia tossed me a thumbs up after twenty seconds confirming we were also broadcasting live. Something I wouldn't want to risk on a lot of planets, but CoreSec being some of the best… Well, I was willing to chance it for the duration of our stay. Besides, interviewing a Green Jedi sort of told everyone exactly where we were anyway.

One more deep breath. Game face on. Time to change the Galaxy that little bit more. I'd started an avalanche. Now I needed to direct that damn thing as best I could. Limit the damage and maximize the benefits.

This would help. This would lay a foundation law enforcement across the galaxy could get behind. This would be a positive example for those who didn't want to dabble in the Dark Side of the Force. This was a direct challenge to the propaganda Yoda had tried to serve up to the galaxy, and it was backed by a history just as long and rich as the Coruscant Order's.

Game face. Smile.

"Hello to all my students out there in this big beautiful galaxy. After the last video I promised you an alternate viewpoint. I'd like to introduce two friends of mine."

I waved a hand at the couple sitting across from me.

"Everyone, say hello to Jedi Knight Kalle Staven of the Corellian, or Green, Jedi. Joining him is his lovely fiancé, Corrina Danvers. As you may have gathered from the word fiancé, or just from how adorable they are together," Kalle glared at me through his blush and Corrina positively beamed, "the Green Jedi do things a little differently than their Coruscant contemporaries. Which is why I reached out to Kalle to get all of you an… alternate perspective."

"Yes, well, hello." Kalle didn't quite stutter, but it was very clear he was uncomfortable.

Corrina squeezed his hand and offered up an encouraging smile. Kalle took a deep breath and smiled back before turning to look directly at R3's camera lens.

"This isn't something I've had much practice with so please forgive me if it isn't the most concise explanation. The Coruscant and Corellian orders have a long and… contentious history going back to a time even before the New Sith Wars. Unfortunately, much of that history has been lost. However, the most relevant bits to all of you come from the days of the New Sith Wars."

Kalle took a moment to gather his thoughts before continuing.

"In those days many systems, including Corellia, were under the protection of Jedi Lords. And all of the Corellian order followed the lead of its Lord. In those days all Jedi followed a different code. Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force."

Obi-Wan shifted uncomfortably, but Anakin leaned forward in interest. Delia only tilted her head with a look of curiosity plain across her face.

"I know that sounds similar to what you heard from Master Yoda, and it is. The difference between the two is the implicit denial of things or acceptance of things. There is no. Every line of their code begins with that denial, that rejection of fundamental truths. I do not doubt that students of the Coruscant teachings acknowledge there are in fact emotion, ignorance, passion and so on. To live is to feel, and no one can fully escape that. But by making that denial so paramount in their teachings there is, I feel, an inherent rejection of those things when they arise. An implicit suggestion to minimize their impact."

Kalle glanced at Obi-Wan waiting for an interjection. Instead, the man leaned back and cupped his chin. Kalle rolled right along as if he hadn't been bracing for an interruption.

"By contrast, the old code, the code we still follow, acknowledges that all these things exist. Emotion, yet peace. The Corellian order has always acknowledged that emotion, ignorance, passion, chaos and death are facts of life. They exist, they affect us. And if we allow them to control us in our thoughts and actions, they can quickly become a road to the Dark Side of the Force. They are a danger, a risk. But instead of denying them, instead of trying to prune away, we strive to acknowledge them, accept them, but never let them control us. I suppose the simplest way to describe it would be… deciding to keep an enemy close enough to watch, instead of trying to stay far away."

Anakin looked nearly lost in thought, and Delia was smiling. Clearly, she appreciated this mentality much more.

"To that end many of the things which the Coruscant temple forbids are allowed to us. Most notably we are allowed to marry and have families, which has often been a point of contention between our Orders. We can own property and receive a monthly stipend for our work which we can save up or spend. That being said, we are a religious order as well as peacekeepers, and we do tend towards being frugal and living simply. The majority of the order simply live in the temple."

"Before we began recording you were making plans to go out for an evening of fine dining and dancing with your fiancé." Obi-Wan finally chose to interject. "How does that fit into a frugal lifestyle?"

Corrina shot the bearded Jedi a withering look for threatening her date night.

"Passion, yet Serenity. We don't often go on extravagant dates. Most of the time we'll do something simpler." Kalle's lips twitched into a mischievous grin. "Or I'll find myself involved in whatever smuggling bust Corrina's work with customs turns up. Fire fights aren't exactly romantic, but they are very exciting."

"Like you're one to talk." Corrina huffed in mock offense. "My boss has been reduced to tears trying to file reports for how our date nights end with busting gambling dens, and drug dealers. He keeps threatening to get me transferred to CoreSec proper so I'll stop being his problem."

The couple shared the kind of smile that made me miss my ex. If things had played out differently…

Kalle shook his head and turned once again to face Obi-Wan.

"The point is that we don't often go on fancy dates like we were planning. Which makes them more special when we do. Another way of looking at it is something my Master often told me. Everything in moderation, including moderation. It's something I've tried to live by and I'd say it has been good for me."

Obi-Wan hummed something that wasn't quite agreement, but it sounded genuine, almost acceptance. Good, maybe he'd start to think now.

"How do you feel about John's use of the Dark Side of the Force?" Obi-Wan's question was not at all what I expected.

"Baffled concern mostly. I understand the underlying theory of what he's done, and I know he doesn't depend on it or immerse himself in it the way the Sith were said to… But the fact he can skip along the line between the Light and the Dark, stepping over and back the way he does… It's like watching a small child dance on a sleeping Gundark without it ever waking up. I know he's been doing it for years. I know he's always managed to come back from the brink, but everything I've ever been taught insists that it shouldn't be possible."

"Well, I suppose we have at least that much in common then." Obi-Wan's grin was mirrored only a moment later by Kalle.

"Hey, I put you two together on camera so you could take shots at one another. Not at me."

"And yet despite our differences in ideology you are still the most objectionable thing in the room." Obi-Wan's grin grew as he spoke.

Glaring at the man I spoke as casually as I could.

"Corrina, I've been meaning to ask, does Kalle still get flustered at the drop of a hat? Because I've got some good stories to trade about Knight Kenobi's struggles to deal with some passengers we transported awhile back."

"Hey now-"

"Not usually." Corrina cut Kalle off before he could get properly offended. Obi-Wan looked like he wanted to start sputtering denials. "Though if I surprise him, he'll still blush like he used to sometimes." She grinned cheekily. "How bad is Knight Kenobi?"

"Surprisingly not as bad as Kalle used to be before you started dating." I smiled back at the woman. "But we were playing transport for a group of young women going on vacation. Let's just say I might need to think about growing a beard after seeing how well it worked for him. Not that he appreciated the attention. Poor man took to hiding in the ship's turret to get away from them."

"Poor girls, a trip in your little ship with him stringing them along the whole way. For shame Knight Kenobi, getting the ladies hopes up like that." Corrina giggled into Kalle's shoulder.

"...Why exactly are you friends with the captain?" Obi-Wan directed the question to Kalle sidestepping Corrina's teasing.

"The man has a way of dragging you into his orbit, or haven't you noticed? Giving Corrina and I a push to get together didn't hurt either."

"You needed a push." Corrina poked Kalle in the side. "I just needed someone to cut off your escape for me."

"Of course, dear."

"Corrina, Kalle said you were practicing the Matukai forms and trying to strengthen your connection to the Force, how's that going?" Delia asked. "I mean that's how I got started too and I know it's helped a lot, still is really, but it took a few weeks before I felt anything at all. My ability to feel the Force is still pretty shaky."

"Mm, I go through the forms at least twice a day, and any time I exercise I treat it as another chance for moving meditation. It's only been a couple weeks for me. Can't say I'm certain I've felt anything just yet. I might have, but I'm not sure it wasn't just wishful thinking. Is there any way to tell?"

"Don't know, I wasn't sure right up until I was." Delia admitted.

Both girls turned to look at me for an answer, but I could only shrug.

"I picked up the basics of Matukai after leaving the Order. I could already reliably sense the Force. It took me months of effort before I saw significant improvement in my ability to use the Force. Though it did improve my physical abilities relatively quickly."

"Guess I'll just have to keep at it until I get results then." Corrina shrugged it off as if it didn't matter in the slightest, but I caught the hint of longing emanating from her into the Force. So did Kalle, going by how he leaned into her and squeezed her hand.

"Will you join the Green Jedi once you can sense the Force?" Anakin asked.

"I, honestly I hadn't thought that far ahead. I like my job, though the temple works with us often it's not exactly the same. I don't know. And if enough people start to practice… The Order can only support so many people. Eventually they would have to tell people to find jobs and houses."

"Which is the biggest flaw in Master Yoda's sales pitch." I cut in. "All well and good to say they'll take people in and that the temple provides what the Jedi need, but their resources aren't limitless."

"Right." Corrina nodded. "I mean in my case it might make more sense to join, especially because Kalle and I were thinking of moving into a larger room at the temple after the wedding, and my work overlaps with theirs a lot. But what about someone who wants to keep the job they already have? Kids might be excited to have a Jedi school teacher, but at that point is the teacher really a Jedi? Or just someone Force sensitive who agrees with the ideology?"

"Will Jedi start to be a religious designation only instead of doubling as a job description? And if that's the case can anyone just declare themself a Jedi simply because they believe in the ideology and don't dabble in the Dark Side of the Force? Or will Jedi stay a job description and leave us all needing a new term for the civilian practitioners?"

"Huh, that's a good question." I leaned back in my chair. "Given the situation it's probably down to us or the temples to make a decision on that, but I have a feeling whatever is decided will get ignored if people disagree."

"Definitely." Delia said. "Holonet naming things though? This will either be amazing or ridiculous."

"Usually non Jedi are simply referred to as Force Sensitives." Kenobi offered dryly.

"But that's when they don't follow the Jedi teachings." Anakin looked thoughtful. "They won't have a rank if they don't join the Order. But if they follow the teachings, isn't it unfair to put them in the same category as someone who just makes use of Force enhanced reflexes or intuition?"

"But if they don't join the Order then they are not Jedi." Obi-Wan made the obvious counter.

"Most religions let you join without committing to a full time job as a member of the church." I said.

"But most jobs as a Jedi don't focus around our beliefs." Kalle's fingers tapped an irregular beat against his thigh. "Most have at least some sort of duty outside the temple, usually working with CoreSec in some way. At least, that's how it is for us. I understand the Coruscant Order is more diverse, though many of those options are not normal occupations, and they certainly don't come with a normal paycheck or retirement plan."

"The Order does support its members who are no longer fit for active duty." Obi-Wan said.

"But it's not a normal retirement." Corrina shook her head. "There's no bank account or retirement fund. No big trip to see places you always wanted to see but couldn't because you had responsibilities to take care of. At least not the way your Order does things. Not from what I've been told anyway."

Obi-Wan grimaced but didn't argue the point. There was an awkward moment of silence. I honestly just couldn't figure out how we'd gotten onto the topic of Jedi retirement plans. Thankfully the moment didn't last long.

"Can I ask when the wedding is?" Delia asked. "And are we invited?"

"You have the opportunity to ask a Jedi Knight anything at all, and you ask for a wedding invitation?" Obi-Wan looked at her incredulously.

"Why not? You're a Jedi Knight, and I can ask you things whenever. I've never been to a wedding before."

Obi-Wan had no response to that. Anakin did a poor job of hiding a laugh at the look on his Master's face.

"We'll talk later." Corrina said. "Though it'll be up to you to make sure John's here for it. You might need to help him plan out his future trips in more detail. Last time he promised to visit it took him five months because he just kept taking whatever job he could find without planning ahead."

"... I want to be offended, but I really can't."

"Damn right you can't." Corrina pointed a finger at my face. "You should come visit more often."

"I'll do my best, so long as the Order doesn't pull strings with CoreSec and get me blacklisted from the system for this."

"They better not. You nailed Kalle's feet to the ground for me, so you'd better be at my wedding, mister!"

"Anything for the beautiful bride on her special day." I shook my head, more than a little bemused. Force, this wasn't going how I'd expected.

"Can I ask, ah, well," Anakin took a breath and squared his shoulders, "you said your emotions, attachments, are dangerous. Both our Orders agree on that, and you don't use emotions like John does, but, but you still act on them. Just, under control. Is that right?"

"Yes." Kalle said.

"Ok, so I kind of understand the idea, but if it's a risk like we both agree, why… uh, why risk a lapse in control instead of just trying to stay calm, I guess?"

"Ah, that is the question, isn't it?" Kalle offered Anakin a smile. "Life… It happens. We meet people. We get to know them. We get attached. We feel. And yes, someday we might lose those people, and that hurts. Just the idea is terrifying." Kalle pulled Corrina into a side hug which she returned. "A grieving Jedi shouldn't reach for the Force, shouldn't risk the temptation to turn those emotions loose and use them. But enough time can dull any wound, and denying ourselves happiness to prevent pain… that isn't healthy."

"Even if we tried to avoid forming connections it would be an effort in futility. You and your Master, you've been together for years, yes? Survived battles, gone on adventures, learned dozens of little things about one another that you find either annoying or amusing?"

Anakin nodded hesitantly.

"Then you've already formed at least one strong connection. Something, someone, that you would do your best to protect and support. It's an unavoidable part of life. So rather than try to deny that, we accept it, and simply do our best to maintain control of ourselves. And if I were to slip and start walking down a Dark Path? The rest of the Order will be there to either help me recover, or if necessary, stop me. Just as I would be there for any of them if they needed me."

"Does that happen often?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Very rarely. I won't say that it never happens, but often just being there to support someone until they have regained their equilibrium is enough. That can take years in some cases, but you can't rush grief."

Another silence settled over the group but this was more thoughtful and a lot less awkward. I let it drag on for a moment before speaking up.

"Well, this has been a lot more random than I really expected. But I do think we've hit all the major points I hoped we would. Did anyone have any closing remarks, or…"

Kalle cleared his throat and turned to fully face the R3 once more.

"I suppose I should remind your audience that the Corellian Order limits itself to the Corellian Sector. Coming here from the Outer Rim looking to join… I honestly have no idea how you would be received. If your system or sector decides to organize a Jedi Order based on our own, I do believe the Order would be more than happy to offer guidance if nothing else."

"...Please, understand that John is a good friend of mine, and I trust him… But I urge each and every one of you to think very carefully before you decide to follow him on his path. More than a thousand years of history have painted a very black and white picture of the Force. What he is doing is so very new and poorly understood. Only time will tell just how safe this new path he is charting truly is. Any of you following him on it are taking a risk, if you really must, then please do so with your eyes open and fully aware of the dangers." Kalle bowed his head to the R3 and by extension the audience. "May the Force be with you."

"Always with the dire warnings." I sighed. "He is right though. I know what I'm doing works, but it's not been stress tested often, and a sample size of one isn't great for statistics. At least he's not trying to chase you all away from practicing with the Light Side of the Force, so I suppose that's something. Remember folks, send Delia your questions. The next video we post will be a Q and A. So, we need things to answer for you all. We should hopefully have that ready shortly. Till next time."

R3 took her cue and cut the feed, and I slumped back into my chair. In a moment I'd need to help Delia go over all the accounts to make sure things were uploaded properly, but for just a second, I was going to savor the feel of things going more or less the way I'd hoped they would.

AN: yes that was an invitation for you all to suggest viewer questions.