Forbidden Darkness: A Jasper and Bella Fanfic

What if in New Moon Bella started seeing Jasper in secret, but still made everyone including Edward believe she was still with him? When her birthday comes around and she visits the home of her lover a small incident happens but it shows just how much he cares for her. Soon enough after the incident, the family decides that they have to go away but he promises to return to her. What will happen when he's away and what will await him once he returns?

Chapter 1: The Secret Rendezvous

Bella P.o.v:

I awoke to the rays of the sun peeking its way through my curtains as it signals that the day has begun. I sit up and stretch as the sound of Charlie calling for me downstairs bellowing to wake up or else the days gonna pass right by as he heads out to work yelling happy birthday through the door. Getting up I hear my phone go off and the light flashes signaling I got a text or in this case texts. Mom had messaged to wish me a happy birthday along with others who had left voicemails or texted. While I don't mind all the cheery or cheesy texts to me my birthday feels like just a normal day. As I go through them all one, in particular, catches my eyes, it's from Jasper, and I can't help but crack a smile as I read it, "Happy Birthday my beautiful Bella. Meet me outside in the forest behind your house. I want to give you your present before anyone else has a chance." As I finish I set my phone down to change quickly out of my PJs and into something comfy for the day. Once done I rush downstairs and out the door to see my love.

Jaspers p.o.v:

I can't help but smile as my thoughts of how surprised she'll be once I give her the gift. I run the small trinket through my fingers in my pocket as I chuckle softly hearing her walk down the path into the brush of the forest. I wish we didn't have to sneak around and keep this a secret, though I could understand why it needs to be this way. My thoughts are interrupted, snapping back to reality as I feel her arms wrap around my waist, not even realizing how close she is. I smile and return the gesture,

"Hello my darling" I say with my southern accent that I knew she loves.

Bellas p.o.v:

As soon as I heard his voice it made my stomach fill with butterflies and a light pink hue dusts my cheeks. He knew just what to do to make me feel happy and fuzzy.

"Hello, my darling soldier." I giggle a bit as I feel him hold me closer and chuckle at the nickname I had given him when we had started dating in secrecy.

"I missed you too love"I hear him mutter as he rests his head on top of mine.

"I missed you too, Jazz" he looks down at me, holding my hands and smiling as the love and happiness we share is apparent in his eyes.

Jaspers p.o.v:

As I had pulled back to take her hands I looked down and noticed the outfit she was wearing and I was in awe. She wore a white tank top with tight black leather pants, a leather-like jacket with a grey hood, and black 3-inch heeled boots. The outfit may be simple but to me, she looked like an angel and it was then that I realized my gift for her will be a perfect addition. I reached into my pocket for the trinket from before and slowly pulled it out for her to see.

Bella p.o.v:

I watched him pull something from his pocket and gasped once I got a good look, it was a beautiful necklace. It was a heart-shaped locket embellished with diamonds. Taking a closer look it has "With you I am complete, I need you like the air I breathe" engraved on its surface.

"Oh Jazz," I say with a small smile on my face as I look up at him

"it's beautiful. But what will I tell Edward when he sees it?" I say as a concern expression now replaces my smile.

"Don't worry," he says calmly with a smile on his face,

"Just tell him that Jacob got it for you. He'll believe that." I smiled as I feel him take the locket from my hands and go behind me putting it on me and clasping it. I look down at it and touch it one last time before I look at him with a smile knowing he's right. As i looked up into his eyes, the golden color shining in the light, i sighed not wanting to leave his embrace.

"Jazz,i should before Charlie starts to get worried."Jasper smiled

"You mean before you're late to go meet up with Edward. I understand my love, I'll see you later tonight." I smiled and gave him a kiss goodbye and walked back down the path to the house to grab my backpack before heading off to school.