Chapter 1: Welcome to Forks

Sighing softly, I take a quick look around my room. It's been an exhausting day. There was the tearful good-bye with my mom, a four-and-a-half-hour flight, a welcoming hug from my dad, followed by a two-hour drive to Forks.

It was hard leaving my mom, but I knew this was for the best. Besides, I love my dad. He and I were just as close as mom and I were. We talked over the phone at least twice a week since the divorce that had me and my mom moving from Washington to Arizona.

Smiling softly to myself, I knelt down to finish hooking up my gaming systems. My mom never really understood me that much, but she loved me anyways. When I told her I was only attracted to boys, she was accepting. She didn't understand it, but she accepted, which is all I could ask for.

Dad on the other hand. He did understand. He grew up with a brother who was gay. He was no longer with us due to a sad accident a few years ago. I never met him. Uncle Steph lived over in Maine, so it was hard for him to come to holiday dinners.

Wiping my hands on my jeans, I stood back up and examined the now finished room. There was a full-sized bed with grey and teal covers pushed up against the right side of the room. Across from that was my small entertainment center and my 50-inch TV. I was a huge gamer. Not so much with war games, but I loved horror games and other action games. Games like Resident Evil, Dead Space, Heavy Rain, and Detroit Become Human. I like story-based games a lot.

To the right next to the TV was a lovely hand-made rocking chair. Grandma Swan made that ages ago. It was actually fairly comfortable. It was probably going to be my favorite reading spot.

There was also a small six-by-three closet as well. It was filled with my shirts and the three pairs of shoes I owned.

Which reminds me. I gotta go shopping for warmer clothes. I was used to dry and hot weather, not the cold and wet weather of Forks.

Next to my bed was a small end table with a lamp and a digital clock that I only used to tell what time it was and to play music through my phone.

On the other side of my bed was a small dresser with four drawers. The top was filled with my boxers, and socks, and the rest had my shorts and pants.

And finally, my favorite part of the room. Two antique book shelfs filled with my books, anime, manga and video games. My babies. On top of each shelf was my anime figures. My pride and joy. My collection that I was still adding to. Soon I'd have to find more space for them.

Smiling to myself, I move over to the large window. It faced the front of the house, showing my dads police cruiser and the front lawn.

I had a feeling I was going to like it here. Although I was sad to leave my home in Phoenix, mostly due to my mom not being with me. But I wanted her to be happy. And right now, that was off traveling with her new husband Phil. She deserves this after taking care of me for most of my life. I was happy for her.

"Beau!" I heard my dad shout from downstairs. "Come here for a sec!"

I make my way down the stairs and walk into the living room to see my dad along with two other people.

"Oh!" I gasp before throwing myself at one of them. "Jake!" With a large grin, I pull back to see his lips matching my own, showing off his pearly whites.

"Wow, you've grown a lot." I playfully squeeze his bicep. "No longer are you the scrawny boy who made and threw mud pies with me."

Jake chuckles and lightly punches my left shoulder. "I believe you also made me eat a worm or two." His smile was wide and playful.

"Wah! I didn't make you! You totally did that on your own free will."

I let out a laugh as he teases me with a look of horror.

Jacob and I have always been close. Even when I moved away, we stayed in touch. I did have people that I hung out with at my old school. None of which I was very close to. I never really hung out with people outside of school. I stayed to myself either studying, reading, or playing games. I guess you could say Jake was my best and only real friend.

After chatting with Jake for a bit more, catching up on the newest things going on in our lives, I went over to hug Billy.

"Gosh, I've missed you Billy!" Pulling back, his smile greeted me.

"It's great to see you again Beau. You've grown up well." He nodded towards me and I grinned. Running my hand through my hair, I stood beside Jake.

"Yeah, well, not so much in the height department." I gesture to Jake and then myself. "What are you Jake, like seven feet tall?" I joke as he lets out a chuckle.

"Six foot two actually."

"Well, you've got me beat. A lot of women now-a-days dwarf me. I'm only five-eight. My mom is literally only an inch shorter than me. Hell, even Phil is taller than I am."

I glance over to my dad and march over to him. "I blame this guy. He's not too much taller than I am." I say, pointing my thumb toward him as we stand side by side.

He ruffles my hair and pouts at me. "Is that anyway to treat your father? Maybe I should take your present back."

I swat his hands away and grin up at my father. "Oh! Present! Give me! Please?" I begged and giggled as he smiled down at me with kind, warm eyes. Eyes that matched my own muddy brown orbs.

He leads us outside where an old yet beautiful red pick-up truck sat. How did I not see that while glancing out my bedroom window? Oh well.

"This is mine?" I ask as I run my palm delicately over the hood. There was some rust in certain spots and some paint flecking, but it looked to be in good conditions. No dents or anything.

My dad grins. "Yup, just bought it off Billy here."

Jake grins and runs towards the passenger side, narrowly avoiding me nearly bashing him in the Shin with the driver's door. "Whoops." I giggle.

"I completely rebuilt the engine for you." He quickly shows me the ropes on how to drive with the touchy clutch before we both get out.

I wave good-bye as Jake finished helping his dad into their own truck before taking off.

I glance back at my truck one more time before closing the front door.

"Dad, I know it's early, but I'm gonna go lay down. Maybe read a little before bed. It's been a very tiring day." I whisper softly as he blinked up at me from the couch, looking just as tired as I was.

He stood up slowly and brought me into a hug. "Sleep well, Beau. It really is great to have you here."

I smile and give my dad a little squeeze before pulling back.

"I'm glad I'm here dad. I really think I'm gonna like it here."

He smiles and sits back down to watch whatever game he had on. I wasn't a huge sport fan. Though I wouldn't mind watching it if it meant hanging out with dad.

"Have a great day at school tomorrow. Maybe try to make some friends. I'll be gone by the time you get up tomorrow. I have the early shift at the station. We'll go to the diner tomorrow for dinner. "

My face splits into a grin. "Wow! A nice dinner at my favorite diner! I'm game. Man, I do love Bettys homemade Oreo cream pie!" I do a little happy dance, bouncing in place. "They still own that place?"

My dad meets my eyes and grins. "Uh-huh. You still on the veggie diet?"

I roll my eyes and smile softy at his teasing. "It's called being a vegetarian dad. I just don't like eating meat. I still eat eggs and milk products. I am not a vegan or whatever."

Making my way up-stairs, I enter the only bathroom in the house, take a quick shower and brush my teeth. Once in my room, I glance out the window and close the blackout curtains. I like the room pitch black when I sleep. So much so that I have to cover any lights from my tv or game systems and turn the clock away from my bed.

I strip the towel from my waist and hang it on the hook on the back of my bedroom door. Sliding into a pair of boxers, I shiver as I pull the covers back. I slide in and decided to just get some sleep. Man was I glad I didn't have to get up extra early to buy school supplies. My dad had managed to get everything I would need ready before I arrived, which included my school books and schedule.

I turn the box fan that is on top of my dresser on and make sure it's pointed at my legs. I needed the noise. Couldn't sleep without it. Though it had to be the noise of a fan. I can't sleep with the TV on at all. Didn't work. I turn the clock and shut the lamp off, snuggling down into my warm blankets.

Searching blindly along the bed, I finally find Teddy. He was a light teal valentine bear that my father always sent me every year on valentines' day. The rest of my teddy collection was still in a box in my closet. There was close to ten or so bears in there. I was thinking of placing them on the rocking chair when I wasn't using it, and on my bed when I was.

Wow. Look at me. A seventeen-year-old boy who couldn't sleep without his teddy and collected them too. I smile to myself. Oh well, not like I'm going to care if anyone finds out. I'll tell them if they ask though. Who cares what they think?

I turn over to my side and snuggle into my bear. Yeah... I think I'm going to be just fine here. I could feel the excitement of this new life of mine coursing through my blood. Just fine.