Life seems to enjoy throwing me through loops. I was born from a not so normal family in a not so normal world. But I suppose my idea of normal is different from others. I was born alone in Empire City which is next to Empire State. The city was large and never seemed to sleep. Filled with skyscrapers and taxis. Wherever you went you could always see someone. There was no such thing as a silence in this city. My life never started out happy, I was a forgotten child with no one, I suppose that's why the Matrons named me Suha.

I grew up in an orphanage and always felt different. I had medium brown skin color with a dark gray tint and dark eyes. I looked like a normal child, accept with one exception, I was born with a gemstone in my lower back. The gem was dark grey in color, maybe even black and was in the shape of a rectangle. This abnormality left most of the orphanage confused. I was ignored by most children and bullied by the rest. After many years of being ignored and bullied by my fellow orphans, for the first time there was a dark light that was radiating off my gem and it seemed as though everyone stopped looking at me.

I went to school and no one had spoken to me. This dark light was ignored by everyone at school, it was as though I had faded into the darkness. There were many times I wanted to run away from this orphanage, so many times, but whenever I did I was caught by the police or child services. I took a chance at recess and ran away from the school. No one seemed to notice as I walked on the streets of Empire City, police officers ignored me and I was able to walk back to the orphanage perfectly fine.

I stood where I could see my bedroom window and took a leap. I was blessed with super strength that I hid, fearing I was going to be experimented on by the government, yes I watched too many tv shows. I grabbed onto my window and pulled myself up. It was always unlocked and was the only room in the attic of the orphanage. I shared the room by myself. It was nothing special about it, a tiny bed filled with a little bit of clothes. I changed my clothes into a black overcoat that extended over my arms, a long dark grey scarf, a black hat, and gray leggings. I kept my all black shoes, the colors of my clothes weren't my decision, but the same colors given to all the orphans. Black fit with everything and gray was cheap. I took a leap off my window and landed on my feet, making a small crater where I stood. I was pretty durable as well.

I gave one last look at the building I spent my entire life at and continued on. I knew there was an old train that ran across the Delmarva Peninsula. All I had to do was stay there and not get caught. It took a few hours to reach the old train and due to my gem still glowing I was able to sneak inside. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

By the time I woke up the train had stopped. I wasn't sure how long I had been asleep but I jumped out of the train for a little bit. I needed to stretch my legs. I was about to get back on the train when I saw two… people? Get off the train and start walking. The first person seemed to be a boy, he looked like he was ten to twelve years old, but I wasn't entirely sure. He was overall pretty short with a thick, stocky build. He had curly dark brown hair with matching eyebrows and full black irises. He wore a salmon-pink T-shirt with a gold star in the enter and cuffed blue jeans and the same salmon-pink flip-flop sandals.

The other.. Person.. was around the same height as the boy beside her. Her build was stout but her face was older than the boys. She looked in her late teens, early twenties. She had bright lilac skin, dark indigo eyes and thick, messy pale lavender hair that went down to her ankles. Her bang was large and it made it difficult to see her left eye. She had pump lips and an upturned nose. She wore a mauve, oversized, off-shoulder gray tank top with a black bra underneath. She also wore black leggings with star-shaped cutouts on the knees, with a tear above the left star and small, pointed, white boots.

The most interesting part about the two of them, that made her jump out of the train and follow them and a gem they had on their bodies. The purple one's gem was light purple and was centered in the middle of her chest where her heart would be. The boy was a little harder to see, a deep pink almost rose color and was located where his navel should be.

Suha kept a few yards away from them, just in case they turned around and noticed she was following them. The weird glowing from her Gem stopped for some reason. The moved towards what seemed to be a dead canyon.

"Here we are!" The purple one said happily, running forward with the boy behind laughed happily and raised her arms up. "Welcome to the Kindergarten! What do you think?!"

They looked forward. "Uh…. It's great!" The boy said looking at his friend.

"Sure is!" The woman said and grabbed her friend's arm, running forward.

The canyon was large with numerous holes in the shape of humans and were carved out of dark, dull purple rock faces. There were large machines that looked like the photos of viruses in science class. The bottom of the machines had one large drill surrounded by smaller ones. Thin, jointed appendages were located near the drills, like legs, while the upper structure had a large, red, gem-like ornament on the top. The body of the rig had a clear panel that looked like it contained organic hearts, or an artificial womb. These acts were attached to the head and feet of the machines, via red and blue tubes that resemble arteries and veins.

"What is this place?" The boy asked curiously.

The girl shrugged. "It's kind of where I'm from?"

"But… I thought Gems were from space?" The boy asked confused.

"Pearl and Garnet are but I was made here on Earth." She said. I started to be more and more confused as their conversation went on. Why was she purple, why do they have gems, who are Pearl and Garnet? What is this weird place…? "Like you!" She let out a loud gasp. "Check it out!"

They ran forward towards a large boulder. She laughed happily. "Aw man! I miss this guy! Aw! It's my climbing rock!"

"Eh… Hello!" The boy said happily. The girl pointed to different rocks.

"And over there… That's the sitting rock! And that was the one rock, I kicked into two rocks!" She climbed up the large boulder. I took a chance to hide in one of the large man shaped holes.

"Uh, how long did you live here?"

"For a while I guess… Until I met your mom and the others!" The girl leaned back and did a backflip, she landed back onto the ground. She laughed happily and ran forward. The boy moved forward but stopped, looking at the large virus-like machines.

"Whoa…. What is that thing?" He asked, walking closer to it with the purple girl. I walked forward and hide behind her 'climbing rock'.

"Eh… It's just some old Gem junk from a long time ago. It's probably busted by now." She explained. The boy stopped and looked up at the giant machine.

"Hey Steven!" The girl called and pointed at a hole around the same shape as her. She let out a happy laugh. "Look! Here's the hole I came out!"

'Steven' ran forward and looked at the hole. "Hang on… what?"

"It's. My. Hole!" She said as though it was obvious. "Hey look! It's me sized!" She dragged out the 'sized' and leaned down into the hole. Steven poked his head through."Forgot that good hole smell."

"You. Came out of. This. Whole." Steven stated.

"There is where I was made dude!" The girl said. "One day I just-" She made a popping sound with her mouth. "Right out of this hole!"

Steven took a step back looking at the thousands of other holes. "So… what about the other holes?"

There was a bright blue glow and a strange bell-like sound. I turned my head and saw a strange teal, crystalline platform on the ground. The top half resembles a brilliant-cut of a diamond. It seemed like it was made out of solid material. A strange person… or should I say Gem… faded into existence. This Gem had a slender, thin build, ivory skin, sky-blue eyes and a pointed nose. She had thin lips and was rather tall, or at least taller than the rest of them. Her hair was peach in color and looked like a pixie-cut in the front while the back lead up to a point. She had a white ovular gem in the middle of her forehead with no facets. She wore an aqua blue tunic with a small yellow star on the center of her chet and a lighter satin sash ribbon around her waist. Her leggings were amber colored and she wore pink socks with pale blue slip-on ballet flats. She looked between her mid twenties to maybe even forties. Though none of them had wrinkles.

"There you are!" The other mystery woman said and looked around at the Kindergarten nervously. She jumped down from the pad and landed skillfully on the ground. The purple woman pulled herself out of her hole.

"Great… here comes the fun police." She said, her mood taking a one eighty.

"Garnet said you'd be here but I didn't want to believe it." I guessed she was Pearl said, walking forward. Steven ran over to Pearl and stood beside her. "Amethyst, what were you thinking bringing Steven to… a Kindergarten."

"I don't know… we were in the neighborhood." Amethyst said and kicked a rock childlessly. Her body was in a defensive state while Pearl was in a stiff one.

"Pearl." Steven said making her look at him. "Was Amethyst really made here?"

Pearl paused for a moment and stared at Amethyst angrily. "How much did you tell him?!"

"What?" Amethyst said looking at Pearl with a strange expression. "You mean, about the bad thing?" She looked around at her home. "How this bad place was used by bad gems to grow more bad Gems?" She accented the 'bad'. "Is that what you're talking about?!"

"They grew other Gems here?!" Steven asked confused.

"Amethyst! He's not ready!" Pearl said angrily. I couldn't help but feel guilt I ever got off the train.

Amethyst walked forward, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Oh! But don't worry Steven! EVerything's just fine now!"

"Amethyst!" Pearl warned, her temper rising but Amethyst only moved closer.

"But it all worked out! We won!"


"And we shut this place down-"


"So the Earth would be safe from parasites like me!" Amethyst said angrily with a wife smile on her face. Pearl moved towards Steven and placed her hand in front of Amethyst.

"Amethyst! That's enough!" PEarl said and placed herself in front of Steven, as though she was protecting him. Amethyst pouted angrily and walked away.

"Pearl?" Steven said nervously, grabbing her arm. Pearl crouched down, placing her hands on Steven's shoulders.

"Steven I'm sorry. I never wanted you to see this horrible place!" Pearl said.

"Then why don't you just leave!" Amethyst yelled angrily and her gem, which I guessed was an Amethyst as well, glowed purple and out of her Gem came a whip. The whip was multi-tale dark violet and had one tail. It had a cross-guard in the form of a lavender star. The lash was dark purple and was divided into three different segments with spiked balls on the ends. There were multiple shards embedded in the main lash and had a purple amethyst pommel and a purplish gray handel. The whip circled itself around Pearl and with a simple tug she was sent flying into the virus machine. There was a loud metallic sound that came from the impact and Pearl fell to the ground.

"Admit it!" Amethyst said and twisted her body, allowing the whip to follow her and head towards Pearl. "I'm just an embarrassment to you!" Pearl rolled over, doing the whip and landed with a knee on the ground. The whip cut through the metal machine's leg.

"Amethyst!" Steven said and grabbed onto her but she lifted him up into the sky. "Wait!" And threw him on the ground a few yards away from them. Steven landed on his feed but the impact made his body flip over and he landed on his stomach. It didn't seem that it hurt that much, which meant Amethyst didn't really want to hurt Steven.

Pearl hovered her hand near her gem and it glowed white in color. A white spear came got of her gem. It was a glowing blade with a white grip and a cyan, gold and white pommel shaped like a star. The head of the blade spiraled down the upper shaft becoming less sharp on the lower shaft. It was a few heads longer than Garnet was.

"I don't want to fight you!"

"I wouldn't want to fight me neither!" Amethyst said angrily and rolled her body and whip into a ball like Sonic. She raced forward towards Pearl but she dodged her. Pearl aimed her spear towards Amethyst and it shot out white dodged all of them skillfully and jumped into the sky. Once she was about fifty meters into the sky she released herself and aimed her whip down to the ground at Pearl. Peal stepped onto the whip and sliced it.

"You guys! Stop it!" Steven yelled and ran forward. Amethyst landed back onto the ground on her hands and knees. She turned her body towards Steven, aiming her whip towards him.

"Stay out of it!" She yelled and released her whip. It twirled around and landed onto Steven's knees, making him fall forward. Pearl jumped forward towards Amethyst, her food aiming towards her head. But she ducked and did a round off. Pearl landed gracefully, her face calm while Amethyst glared at her and took out another whip from her gem. Amethyst tried three ties to hit Pearl with her whip but Pearl dodged them effortlessly with her eyes closed. Pearl kicked Amethyst sending her to the ground.

Amethyst landed once again on her hands and knees, taking a deep breath.

Pearl twirled her spear. "Amethyst! Stop this! You can't beat me!"

"I. Don't. Care!" She yelled angrily and took out two whips with two tails each. Steven stood up and watched as the tails of the whip latched onto Pearl's spear. "I'm not going to stand there and watch you remind me of everything I hate about myself!" She lifted the handles of the whips up sending a violet wave towards Pearl. There was a large explosion and Pearl went flying. Smacking into the large machine and falling to the ground in pain.

"I never asked for it to be this way!" Amethyst said, a mixture of anger and sadness, large tears forming in her eyes as Pearl stared at her. "I never asked to be made!"

"Amethyst…" Pearl said looking up at her sadly.

"Amethyst!" Steven said, tears rolling down his eyes. He ran forward and stood protectly over Pearl, like she did for him. "Please! No more! I know you're upset… but I can't bare to watch you two hurt each other!"

The leg of the machine broke due to Pearl's impact and it fell towards Amethyst. Steven formed a pink bubble around his friends but Amethyst backed away.

"AMETHYST!" Steven yelled as he and Pearl looked on in horror. He continued to yell his name as she ran away from both them and the machine. The machine broke under Steven's bubble and he ran forward looking for her. "Where are you?!"

Steven looked over to where a large rock was blocking Amethyst's hole. He pushed it away and called her name again.

"Go away!"She said. "I'm bad and you shouldn't be around me!"

"What?! That's ridiculous!" Steven said. "Look. I don't know what any of this really means but... I-"

"Yeah you don't." Amethyst said bitterly. "Cause if you did, you won't want to talk to me."

"Pearl. Get in here. You gotta help me." Steven said looking at her.

"But-" Pearl said and Steven pointed at her.

"You have to talk to her."

Pearl crouched down on her toes and went inside the hole.

"Amethyst?"Pearl asked. "Amethyst, I had no idea you've been upset about this."

"What?!" Amethyst yelled angrily and glared at her. "You had no idea?! This is like- my entire existence! You want to pretend like this never happened! You think I'm just a big mistake!" She grabbed her head in anger as more tears rushed down her face.

Pearl gasped. "No, no, Amethyst. You're not a mistake. You're just a byproduct-" She blushed blue, releasing what she said. "Of a big mistake."

"Wow she sucks at this." I whispered as Amethyst glared at her.

"No, that's not-" She let out a small sigh. "I just never thought of this- as you. None of this is your fault! You didn't build this place! I- I'm sorry Amethyst." Tears formed in her eyes. "I hope you can forgive me. You're the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that." She put stretched out her hand towards her and Steven backed away with a smile on his face.

Both Amethyst and Pearl came out. Amethyst's hair was covering her face so she looked over towards Pearl, a tear in her eye and hugged her. Pearl blushed shocked but put her arms around her. Once they released each other they held hands together. Steven, Pearl and Amethyst walked towards the pad.

I realized that if I didn't speak to them, there would be no way for me to know about myself or my parents. I felt my heart race through my chest as they stepped onto the pad.

"Crystal Gems forever!" Steven yelled.

"Wait!" I yelled and all of them froze.

"What was that?" Pearl asked scared.

"There's no way someone is here!" Amethyst yelled. "I'm the only one! It's been too long!"

"Where are you?!" Steven yelled and I blushed behind the rock. What am I doing, I can't… they'll know I've been following them. I collapsed down on the sitting rock and felt my heart beat even faster in my chest. I can't do this. They'll hate me… just like everyone else did… But.. I heard them land onto the ground.

"Hello?!" Steven yelled and looked around. I covered my face with my hands and said nothing.

"We won't hurt you!" Pearl yelled. I heard the bell-sound that same from the pad and all of them yelled.

"Garnet!" They walked over towards 'Garnet'. I looked over and blushed. There was a tall woman. She had two gemstones embedded in the palms of her hands and a black cube-shaped afro and maroon-brownish colored skin. She wore a triangular futuristic, translucent orange-tinted shaded, which covered her eyes. She wore a black and crimson bodysuit, with cubic shoulder pads )the right one magenta and he left one crimson), and a pink star with a magenta outline on her chest. She also wore long, elbow-length black gloves that covered her middle fingers. She prominent lips, thin arms, large thighs and a very thin waist, as though she was wearing a corset.

I would have mistaken her for humans, she looked the most human out of all of them. I crouched down again, making myself into a little ball.

"There might be another Gem here!" Steven yells excited. "We heard a voice, but she won't say anything! You know where she is, don't you?!"

Garnet said nothing and I heard someone land near the sitting rock. "Found you." The other three rushed over and looked at me. I looked over at them nervously.

"She's a Gem!" Pearl yelled. Steven stretched his hand towards me.

"No she looks more human to me! What are you doing here?" Steven asked, giving me a big smile. I looked at his hand nervously and took it.

'She doesn't look a lot like a Gem, but maybe she's like me!' I heard Steven say but his mouth didn't move. That was something that always happens whenever I touched someone, their thoughts I can hear them. I suppose I look much like a Gem, but he didn't. If anything, I looked at them, they looked a little human. They waited for me to say something but I kept silent. I released Steven's hand.

"Strong and silent type huh?" Steven asked and laughed. "Just like Garnet!"

"But this doesn't make any sense." Pearl said nervously. "No humans have ever found this place."

"First for everything," Amethyst said, I noticed I was about a foot taller than both her and Steven, but still much shorter than Garnet and Pearl. "Still not gonna speak even though we caught you?"

I took a nervous deep breath and looked at Steven. "You don't look like a Gem." I said quietly.

"That's cause I'm half!" He said proudly. "My mom gave up her physical form so I could exist! I have a human dad too!"

I gave him a confused look. "What does that even mean?"

He scratched his head. "It's hard to explain!" He laughed and all of a sudden he had stars in his eyes. He looked over at the rest of his… friends…family..? "Maybe she's like me!"

"That's impossible!" Pearl said. "After all, we're the only Gems on Earth!"

"What about Lapis?" Steven asked and she gave him a look.

"She's older than you are Steven, Lapis has only been here for a little bit."

"But that would be sooo cool." Amethyst said looking at Steven. "Another half Gem like Steven!"

"I just thought it would be nice." Steven said looking down. Pearl starts making an explanation as to how I was able to be in the Kindergarten. I was going to how them my Gem, but I might as well wait until they're done.

"Our new friend has something to show us." Garnet said and all of them stare at her.

"Well… I mean…" I trail off nervously, not used to the attention. I turn my back to them and lift up my black overcoat. All of them gasp and Garnet places a hand on my head.

'A new Gem, this timeline is much different than I expected.`` Garnet thought 'After the many Stevens incident, it seems like timelines I didn't expect are coming true.'

"Let's go back home." Garnet says. "I'm sure she'll explain more at the temple."

'I don't recognize her Gem. Maybe she's a rare Gem or perhaps a newer one than Amethyst'

"Wait don't you have a family?" Steven asks and I say nothing in return.

'I knew she wasn't going to say anything.' Garnet thought. 'But maybe once she becomes closer to Steven…' Garnet picked me up, making me flinch and jumped into the air. I held my scream as we landed onto the pad. Pearl grabbed Steven and did the same thing as Garnet. Amethyst jumped onto the pad by herself. There was a bright light and we landed in a completely different area. Garnet placed me down as Steven grabbed my hand and gave me a tour.

"That was your first time on a Warp Pad right?!" Steven said happily. 'I'm not the only one!' "This is the Temple Gate!" He pointed at the door that was directly behind the Warp Pad. Gems were arranged within a star-shaped symbol, with the top point containing Steven's gem, the upper left Amethyst, upper right Pearl, lower left and right must be the two gems on Garnet's hand. Around the door was a beautiful multicolored glass-like walls that reminded me of an underground cavern, the outline of the walls were a dark purple color, the same as half of the floor.

The rest of the house was modest, with one large interior room and an upper level. The upper level seemed to be Steven's bedroom while the main interior was a lounge with a fireplace and kitchen/bar. The bathroom was on the back left side, past the fireplace, it was built directly below the upper level. Steven's room was slightly messy, with dishes and clothes scattered all over the wooden floor. He had a legless wooden bed with a white comforter, TV set and gaming console on the floor, nightstand, dresser, circular rug, as well as different merchandise and miscellaneous items. There was a large window that took up about a third of the wall running beside the loft, and the loft could be reached by a staircase inside the house.

Steven had a Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. There was a green Nintendo Game Boy Color above his bed. There was a Sailor Moon manga on the shelf of his nightstand and a Cookie Cat alarm clock. There was also adhesive star stickers stuck to the wall for decoration.

The bathroom had a red sink, shower with a red curtain and many yellow stars like Steven's shirt, a bathtub mirror, toilet and a red rug. The room had a citrus scent to it.

The most interesting part of the inside of the house was a giant photo of a beautiful woman. She seemed tall with a heavier build than all of the other Gem. She had bright-peach colored skin, defined lips with a pale pink color and very long, curly pink hair styled in thick, tube-like ringlets. Her gem was located on her stomach with a star cut out of her shirt. THe gem seemed the same color as Steven's and her eyes were closed. Steven must have read my face because he explained that she was his mother. I felt jealousy but pushed it down trying to forget about it.

Outside was a balcony/deck that had some seating and an umbrella. The house was surrounded by a beautiful and luscious beach. "Do you have any Gem powers?" Steven asks me and my face most have looked confused because he started explaining some of the powers that he, or his mom, has. He explained that apparently he can change his age with his emotions, he told me he was 13 years old, he doesn't like shapeshifting but he can do it, he's pretty strong, durable, he can summon a shield, he can heal with his saliva (which I thought was gross), he can grow and control pant life and can make a bubble shield.

"I can show you one pretty easily." I said and held out my hand. He looked confused but grabbed it.

``what's supposed to happen?' Steven asked. 'I wonder if her powers are different than mine since we don't have the same Gem. I guess that makes a lot of sense. I wonder how old she is, she's about as tall as Connie. How old is Connie anyway? Nothing's happening…'

My gem glowed a dark grey color which made my skin glow slightly. 'Well I'm turning fourteen soon. I don't know who Connie is but she sounds pretty cool.'

"Woah!" Steven yelled and his eyes turned into stars. "I can hear you in my head! That's amazing!"

"It's not that cool." I said. "My name is Suha by the way and I can hear anyone's thoughts when touching them. I think I'm stronger than most humans, pretty fast and pretty durable. I don't know what some of your powers mean."

"Wait what am I thinking?!" Steven yelled and focused on his hand.

"This is so awesome!" I said the same time as Steven thought it. "Wait! Is she- woah! Awesome!"

I gave him a small smile and released my hand from his. We went back inside and I noticed that the Gems made the couch into a bed with red and black bedding while we were talking outside. Pearl and Garnet were having a quiet conversation near the Warp Pad while Amethyst was eating a mountain of pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and popcorn with strawberries on top.

"What are you doing?" I asked confused.

"It's getting late and we can't let you just sleep on the ground!" Steven said. "Hope you don't mind using the couch as a bed."

"No I don't but- you don't have to do this." I said to Steven. Steven smiled happily and went up to his bed and tossed a pink pillow down.

"No problem!" He said happily. I looked over at the full-Gems and noticed that they went to the door with the star. The doors lit up.

"Goodnight Steven." Pearl said nervously as Amethyst and Garnet led her away from the room and into the door. I leaned down on the couch-bed and before I knew it I had closed my eyes.